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Miao Wentang was ecstatic and replied without hesitation, “I believe Brother Shao will be pleasantly surprised and certainly will agree. Anyway, wait until we return back to Qingshan Town, I’ll transfer the money to your account.”
Tang Xiu was satisfied and nodded as he asked, “Anyways, you still have the medicine for your wounds from before? This thing’s injuries are quite severe. It needs that medicine to heal it.”
“Yes, I still have it!” Miao Wentang cautiously took out a small porcelain vase from his arm.
Tang Xiu received it. He poured out a pill from the small porcelain vase as he stuffed it into the baneful creature’s mouth. Then, he gave the rest back to Miao Wentang, saying, “I’ll remove this array now and then we’ll go back! Tomorrow, we’ll enter the Sky Cavern, and hopefully, we can have a good harvest there.”
Miao Wentang said with a smile, “Being able to buy this secret art to subdue spirit beasts is already the biggest harvest I can get. No matter what kind of harvest we get tomorrow, I’m already content!”
Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and no longer talked.
Miao Wentang might feel satisfied, but he didn’t. Although he got a spirit beast by accident, he also had to sell the Spirit Beasts Subduing Secret Art for one billion yuan. But now, what he wanted the most was those precious ores.
After returning to the camp, Shao Mingzhen welcomed them extremely fast. He loudly shouted from far away, “How was it? Have you killed that…”
He was as though being his neck was suddenly grabbed by a big invisible hand. His throat emitted choked sounds a few times and was unable to let out any clear words. It was because he could clearly see that the baneful thing he hated was in Tang Xiu’s embrace.
Miao Wentang quickly explained everything to him from the beginning. As he teased Shao Mingzhen’s shocked expression, he finally said, “How is it? Do you also want to learn this Beasts Subduing Secret Art or not? If you want it, then we’ll take out 500 million yuan each.”
Shao Mingzhen’s breath turned rapid. He replied without a moment’s hesitation, “Definitely! I’ll be a fool if I don’t want it! When we get back to Qingshan Town, I’ll have the money transferred to Brother Tang!”
He was acutely aware how powerful spirit beasts such as this baneful creature was. Regarding Tang Xiu who was able to get one, he was already beyond envy. One must know that the ominous spirit beast’s combat strength was extremely terrifying. At least, with his strength now, he was not its opponent. If he could get one, then it’d be the same as making him more powerful!
“Well, since the danger has been lifted, we can relax and sleep now. Tomorrow we’ll enter that natural maze inside the Sky Cavern and look whether it has anything inside.” Miao Wentang said.
Tang Xiu, who stood beside the two of them and was silent all this time, finally spoke, “In fact, I suddenly have quite the urge of not going to this Sky Cavern.”
“Huh? How so?” Miao Wentang was surprised and asked.

Tang Xiu let out a forced smile and said, “Before I made this beast submit to me, I faintly sensed a trace of menacing aura. At first, I thought that it was brought by this beast. But after it submitted to me, the feeling didn’t go away, and instead, it turned more intense. Remember when we were in the Evil Dragon sea territory? I have the same kind of feeling when I faced that three islands.”
“Ah, could your perception be mistaken, Brother Tang? So, you’re going to back down now?” Miao Wentang asked in a surprise.
“No, I won’t back down. Since I’ve already come, no matter what kind of existence in the Sky Cavern would be, we’ll still go. But I want to stress out that we definitely have to pay more attention to our safety. Otherwise, the probability of us dying there will be very high.”
Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at each other as the two then discreetly nodded their heads.
Tang Xiu gave them an extraordinary mysterious and profound feeling. Not to mention that when they were together with him, they had always gotten a great harvest every time. Thus, they seriously paid attention to his words and deeds.
In the next day’s early morning…
As the first ray of sunshine shone down from the back of the mountains, Tang Xiu came out of his tent. He secretly sighed inside upon seeing the six big middle-aged men preparing food. He felt somewhat jealous inside. Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen’s men could definitely be regarded as outstanding people in today’s society. They were elites amongst elites. But still, they were working under the two of them and brought quite a lot of convenience.
It was all about money!
Tang Xiu secretly felt helpless. Although he did sell the Beasts Subduing Secret Art for an outrageous price of one billion yuan, however, his company was still in need of money. Kang Xia herself literally always asked him for funds everyday. Not to mention that he also owed Chen Zhizhong 2.5 billion yuan. For this one billion yuan, he decided to give 500 million to Kang Xia and pay Chen Zhizhong back another 500 million.
In the end, he had no money left. Before he came to Qingshan Town, he actually had a few million yuan. But after paying the expense for the four steward instructors, as well as buying five or six jade materials from the jade shop in Qingshan Town, all of his money had been spent.
At Star City Airport.
Long Zhengyu was leaning on the front of his Hummer. As he saw Chu Yi coming out of the airport entrance, he waved his hand. Behind Chu Yi, two men were carrying a black suitcase with solemn expressions on their faces.
“Young Master Chu, why did you want me to pick you up when you came to Star City? I was just sleeping before dawn last night. I even almost fell asleep driving on the way here.” Long Zhengyu yawned and snapped at him.
With a forced smile, Chu Yi replied, “Well, I’m also doing a chore for someone else. If I don’t drag you along with me, I won’t feel comfortable you know. Anyways, do you see those two black suitcases? Those suitcases are loaded with valuable things!”
“What things?” Long Zhengyu asked in surprise.
“Do you remember what Tang Xiu asked us before? He gave me a list of medicinal ingredients. There was a full one hundred types of herbs. I found a couple of dozens of types of herbs for him. But I didn’t expect that these things would be so expensive. These medicinal ingredients in these two suitcases cost me nearly 200 million yuan.”
Long Zhengyu didn’t know much about the price of medicinal herbs. But with 200 million yuan as the price, how precious would they be?
“Chu Yi, when you were with Tang Xiu, didn’t you ask him why he’d need so many medicinal ingredients?”
Chu Yi shook his head and said, "This is his private business. I didn’t have the luxury to ask about it. In short, I just tried to help as best I could within my capabilities.”
“You’re flattering him, aren’t you?” Long Zhengyu said with a laugh.
Chu Yi showed his white eyes as he ridiculed back, “Haven’t you done the same? If you didn’t flatter him, why did you give him the grandest King Villa in South Gate Town?”
Long Zhengyu waved repeatedly and immediately changed the topic, “Well, I’ll call Tang Xiu and ask him where he’s now. Let’s send these stuff to him directly.”
“I tried calling him, but he shut down his mobile.” Chu Yi replied with a forced smile.
Long Zhengyu hesitated, “Then, how about we send these to South Gate Town? If he’s not at home, we can hand it over to his housekeeper!”
“Tang Xiu actually has a housekeeper?” Chu Yi was astounded.
“Well, you didn’t imagine that he has a lot of things, did you? Anyways, let’s go to South Gate Town now, we’ll chat slowly on the way there.” Long Zhengyu replied with a smile.
At one upscale neighborhood in Star City.
Su Shangwen was lying on the sofa with eyes that had lost its luster. Nobody knew what he was thinking inside. His wife, Zhang Meiyun, was sitting on the opposite sofa, crying. As their children, Su Xiangfei and Su Yanning, they didn’t say a word as they wore expressions filled with anger.
The Shangwen Real Estate had been driven out of business.
It was as though a shocking punishment from the heaven, causing the whole family to be like fools.
They were perfectly aware that Su Shangwen had fallen to someone else’s machinations. The purpose was definitely to make the Shangwen Real Estate collapse and drive their family to poverty.
“This is definitely because of that Tang Xiu punk! He should’ve made this bastard named Chen hammer our family’s company!” Su Yanning suddenly cried out angrily.
Zhang Meiyun stopped crying. As an expression of hatred appeared on her face, she angrily shouted, “Right! This is exactly what that bastard has done to make us suffer! I—this old lady will find him now and rip him alive!”
Su Shangwen looked up and roared, “SHUT THE HELL UP! Do you think that I—Your Father didn’t know that this bastard Tang Xiu has instructed Chen Zhizhong to fuck me up?! Give me the evidence! Do anyone of you can speak with evidence?”
Zhang Meiyun furiously glared at Su Shangwen as she scolded back, “What the hell are you shouting at us for? If you really have the balls, why don’t you go out and look for that damned bastard Tang Xiu? You’re already hopeless. I thought I could live happily if I were with you. But where did I end up now? Not only have we got no money, we even owe our own asses and are drowned in debt! If we can’t provide 80 million yuan by tomorrow evening, then our family will be doomed!”
Whilst pointing at Zhang Meiyun, Su Shangwen cursed in a rage, “You fucking bitch! Do you blame me for all this? If it weren’t for your instigation to invest in that big project, this Big Daddy wouldn’t have sacrificed everything and gone bankrupt! And now you want to go just because of a banknote? You even dislike this Big Daddy because I have no money? Why the hell isn't you getting fucking lost now?!”
Zhang Meiyun jumped up from the sofa and stood. With one hand on her waist and the other pointed at Su Shangwen, she screamed, “You bastard! You blame me because you lost your money? This old lady has always let you do anything you like, and now you also want me to suffer? These days I’m always at a loss. This old lady can’t endure much longer for your persistent and pointless impetuous behavior. Divorce! I want divorce!”
Su Shangwen looked at Zhang Meiyun with disbelief. He suddenly felt that his wife at present was just like a stranger. Zhang Meiyun had always been obedient to him before Shangwen Real Estate went out of business. Always sticking around and coaxing him all day. But now, she turned her face and didn’t recognize him after he had no money?
Also… she wanted a divorce?
"Ding, dong..."
The doorbell sounded.
With anger covering her face, Su Yanning ran to the door and forcefully opened it. The anger on her face froze as she saw several policemen standing in front of the door.
“You… who are you looking for here?”
One of the policemen spoke with a deepened tone, “Does Zhang Meiyun live here?”
"Yes!" Su Yanning replied in hesitation.
The policeman pushed her. After entering the living room and seeing Zhang Meiyun with her angry face, he directly took his police officer card and spoke with a sinking tone, “Zhang Meiyun, we’ve received a report. Two and half a years ago you were suspected to be involved in a hit-and-run case. We ask you to go with us for the investigation!”
Zhang Meiyun was stunned, and Su Xiangfei and Su Yanning were also taken aback.
Su Shangwen, who stood at the side, suddenly burst into laughter and loudly spoke, “Hahaha, Zhang Meiyun, Zhang Meiyun, never thought that you’ll also have your day huh? Hahaha, you turned your back on this Big Daddy eh? So this Big Daddy will also turn my back to you. The hit-and-run case is a grave crime! To think that you want to divorce me. Fine! I’ll give what you want! I divorce you! Later on, when this Big Daddy go to jail and look at you, I won’t feel bad anymore!”
Zhang Meiyun’s face instantly turned pale as paper. A fearful expression flashed from her eyes as she strode fast in front of Su Shangwen and burst into tears, bitterly speaking, “Husband, I was wrong. I did wrong just now. I shouldn’t have lashed out my anger and talked some rubbish. Please don’t blame me. Tell these policemen that this is a mistake, a misunderstanding. I’ve never been involved in a hit-and-run case…”

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