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Scarblade Qiang exclaimed, “One million yuan annual salary? Also with 10% shares? How much money will you invest actually?”
“I don’t know how much, but I don’t think I can allocate much for the early investment.” Tang Xiu said.
At the side, Miao Wentang said with a confused expression, “Brother Tang, we’ve transferred one billion to you before and 1.5 billion just now. How come you say you don’t have much money? Besides, listening to your talk just now, you seem to be preparing to settle up a new business. What type of business is it?”
“Well, it’s winemaking. I want to build winery.” Tang Xiu said calmly.
Scarblade Qiang was shocked as he watched Tang Xiu and Miao Wentang with a look of disbelief. One billion plus 1.5 billion was 2.5 billion. Such amount was still not enough to be considered a lot?
Looking at Scarblade Qiang’s expression, Tang Xiu understood what he had in mind as he said lightly, “Anyway, I have a 2.5 billion yuan debt, while I also have just started my company and am in need of additional investment. So I won’t be able to invest much funds for the early phase of building a winery. But at least, it would be around 100 million yuan.”
Scarblade Qiang sucked in cold air upon hearing this.
An early investment of 100 million was just only a small investment? How big the winery this Boss wanted to build, and how large this liquor business he really wanted?
Miao Wentang looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression and probed, “Brother Tang, if you’re really short on money, I’ll think of a way. Gimme a couple of days so I can gather several hundred million yuan. Anyways, how about I buy some of the shares from you? I won’t meddle with the management, and will only get my dividends from the shares. How about it?”
Shao Mingzhen quickly said, “I’ll also prepare one hundred million to buy shares.”
Scarblade Qiang’s body was trembling. He was thinking about the promise Tang Xiu gave him about 10% of the shares. Such an amount was enough for him to have a well-off life for good. 10% of 100 million was 10 million, and if it was added with several hundred million again, then he would become a millionaire quickly.
This… could this be what the Heavens say that good people will have good retribution?
However, the reply from Tang Xiu astounded him.
“Both of you, you can always contact me at any time if there are other adventures in the future. But you can forget about things related to business. I’m a businessman myself.”
Looking at each other with dismay, Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen could only smile wryly. They had a hunch that the winery Tang Xiu was planning to build was definitely not simple. He was highly likely to have many means that could make this liquor business bigger and great. And such a kind of opportunity apparently had just slipped away from them.
Tang Xiu looked at Scarblade Qiang and said, “Anyways, what’s your name? I don’t know how I should address you!”
Scarblade Qiang quickly said, “Boss, I’m called Dai Qiang. But you can also call me Scarblade Qiang or Little Qiang if you want.”

Tang Xiu casually replied, “Since people in your circle have been calling you Scarblade Qiang when you were socializing with them, so I’ll call you the same! Anyways, I will soon leave Qingshan Town and go to Cangbei City as I still have something to take care of there, and then go back to Star City afterward. So, are you going to go with me now or you still have to take care of your things first?”
“I’ve arranged everything yesterday. I’ve also talked to my wife. Once I’ve settled in Star City, I’ll be taking her and our child there and let my son study in Star City.” Scarblade Qiang replied.
“Okay, when your son has arrived there, I’ll help you arranging the school for him.” Tang Xiu said.
With a grateful expression, Scarblade Qiang said, “Thanks a lot, Boss.”
Tang Xiu waved and said, “Let’s go now!”
Looking at Miao Wentang, Shao Mingzhen, as well as their men, Scarblade Qiang was secretly feeling timid and dread. He indeed was used to robbing others, and his hands were even covered with blood. But he didn’t know as to why Tang Xiu, Miao Wentang, Shao Mingzhen or even those strong men gave him a dangerous feeling.
As he looked at Tang Xiu who was about to board the car, he spoke with a low voice, “Boss, should I drive my car and follow you from behind?”
“You have a car?” Tang Xiu asked.
Scarblade Qiang pointed to a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that was parked on the nearby roadside and said, “That’s my car.”
Tang Xiu thought for a moment as he looked at Miao Wentang and said, “Since he has a car I’ll take a ride on his! Let’s drive to Cangbei City and part ways there.”
Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen nodded.
Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Scarblade Qiang immediately became a bit attentive to please him. He ran to the SUV’s trunk with one of the strong man as he reached out his hand to take Tang Xiu’s travel bag.
“Let me do it!” Tang Xiu also came to the trunk and calmly said.
Scarblade Qiang forced out a smile and said, “Boss, let me do the little things such as carrying your bag!”
After having said that, his hands moved to carry the travel bag.
“Ugh… what’s this?”
Scarblade Qiang was stunned. He had exerted quite a bit of strength and even tried lifting the bag twice. At this moment, he even used all of his strength, but he could only lift the bag a few centimeters high. Since he released his grip, the bag fell again onto the trunk.
Tang Xiu patted his shoulder as he said with a smile, “Well, let me do it!”
Scarblade Qiang’s face instantly turned square, red and full of embarrassment upon seeing Tang Xiu carrying the bag easily, as though it was as light as a feather. He wanted to be attentive, wanting to flatter him, but he ended up ridiculing himself big time, just like a foolish person who made a fool of himself.
However, he was secretly shocked inside. Even though he didn’t know what was inside the travel bag, but the strength Tang Xiu showed him made him secretly flabbergasted. As he watched as for how Tang Xiu did that effortlessly, he daresay that Tang Xiu was definitely a few times stronger than him- he could even be compared to Hercules!
“Boss, what did you put in the bag? How could it be so heavy?” Scarblade Qiang asked with a stammering manner to conceal his embarrassment.
Tang Xiu replied lightly, “Only two stones.”
Scarblade Qiang stared blankly and simply couldn’t say anything inside. He was truly unable to think of anything as to why these rich, Big Bosses would have such a distinct hobby. They certainly had a well and good daily life, but they ran to Qingshan Town only to get two stones back home? Did these people had nothing to do in their idyllic life and wanted to have some fulfillment in doing so?
In Cangbei City…
Stone Road of Banner Pass District. At Grand Fortune Auto Garage…
Wang Ming took the envelope the Boss handed him. He didn’t see the amount of money inside and stuffed it into his greasy auto workwear. After he retired from the army, just like his other comrades-in-arms retired, he declined the job arrangement provided by the country and returned to his hometown. He was not without family, and had a younger brother who had just grown up.
Unfortunately, his younger brother was neither well-educated nor was had any skills whatsoever. Ever since their parents died in a traffic accident a few years ago, nobody managed this younger brother of his, so he frequently hung around with some delinquents and thugs. Because he ditched school for too many times, the school expelled him and he ended up becoming a rascal and unemployed vagrant.
He already did what he could to teach him. Scolding, and even hitting him, but to no effect. Now, he could only force him to work in the same place and became mechanics in this auto garage. Now that he could put him under his eyes, it became easier for him to control his attitude.
“Big Brother, give your money to me.”
After Wang Xiang stuffed his share of payment into his pocket, he took a plier and came over in front of Wang Ming as he stretched his hand directly and asked the money.
Wang Ming frowned and replied dimly, “What do you need the money for?”
“I wanna buy a new phone.” Wang Xiang said.
For a moment, Wang Ming was silent. He glanced at Wang Xiang’s pocket and said, “I recall you already bought a new phone last month. That was more than 3000 yuan.”
Wang Xiang snorted coldly and said, “That one isn’t up-to-date! Can I not buy a new, good one? So, will you give the money or not? You never give me other alternatives to make some money!”
Wang Ming sighed inside. He took the payment he just received from his pocket and gave it to him. He was sure that his younger brother—Wang Xiang definitely wouldn’t use the money to buy a new phone, but hang around having meals and drinks.
“I’ll request a day off today.” Wang Xiang left these words and prepared to leave after taking the money.
At this moment…
A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado stopped and parked in front the auto garage. Tang Xiu got off and recognized Wang Ming, who was standing in front of the garage. He had seen Wang Ming’s photo on the name list Yuan Zhengxuan had shown him before.
“Wang Ming.”
Tang Xiu came over and called him.
With indifferent expression, Wang Ming glanced at Tang Xiu and said, “I am. Who are you?”
Tang Xiu said, “I’m looking for you. I know your past so I hope you can work under me. About the treatment, I can assure that you won’t be disappointed.”
Wang Xiang, who was about to leave, suddenly asked quickly with bright eyes upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, “What treatment can you give to my brother? How much money can you give monthly?”
“Wang Xiang, shut up!”
Wang Ming shouted at him in a low voice.
Wang Xiang let out a resentful snort and said, “Big Brother, do you know how much money we get as mechanics in this garage? The pay’s not even enough for me to drink a few wines! For whatever it's worth, you were a soldier who had carried a gun, don’t you think you deserve to have a good life? Maybe you never thought to have one, but I do!”
Tang Xiu looked at him and said indifferently, “So, you turn out to be his good-for-nothing younger brother eh? But what you said have its own truth. You can live and abide by the rules, but oftentimes doing so will only make the talented people successful. Even if you were once a soldier who carried a gun, killed people and had your hands covered with blood, but it doesn’t mean that you must live in the past. After all, life will still force you to look back to face it.”
Wang Ming’s brows wrinkled deeply. He stared at Tang Xiu and asked with a sinking-deep tone, “Who the hell are you?”
“A businessman! Someone who can give you a different life. So, should we talk about the conditions?”
With a cold and detached expression, Wang Ming shook his head. Then, he said dully, “No matter what conditions you spit out, you won’t have what you want, neither will I work for you. Leave now.”
Tang Xiu said with a ruminating tone, “I thought that real soldiers know how to seize and cherish the opportunities. I used to think that they are mature and stable, having meticulous ways of thinking, with excellent forbearance and vision. But since you don’t even want to hear the conditions I’m about to give you, it means that you don’t even have any good spirit nor have a great goal in life. Your eyes have been shrouded by glory and pride. And that very pride of yours has been etched deep in your bones, causing you to handle matters with a rigid and stupid manner just because you heard lines that are not pleasant to your ears.”
Wang Ming said with a sneer, “What the hell do you know about me?”
Some disappointment revealed on Tang Xiu’s face as he shook his head and said, “I indeed know nothing about you. To tell you the truth, I originally had high expectations of you, but the facts now are much to my disappointment. It seems that I don’t need to find your team leader—that legendary Wolf Head. Since he takes a person like you under his wings, that means that he’s also a waste.”
Suddenly, green veins protruded on Wang Ming’s forehead as he furiously glared at Tang Xiu and shouted, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! Chief Wolf is not someone you can humiliate!”
Tang Xiu replied with a sneer, “What? Did you feel wronged being addressed as a trash by me? Shame? Do you even deserve to be humiliated?”

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