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A cold glint flashed from Wang Ming’s eyes. He stepped a step forward and said with a stern tone, “You can humiliate me, but if you dare to humiliate our Chief Wolf once again, do you believe that I won’t fuck you up?”
"What a blockhead!"
Tang Xiu sneered. “Society is run by law, and you want to make me a waste? Do you think you’ll end up better? Much less that you’re just an ant in my eyes. You think you can waste me relying on your trivial, useless martial art? Are you joking with me?”
At this moment, Scarblade Qiang, who was in the driver's seat, quickly came over after hearing the quarrel outside. He glared angrily at Wang Ming. Even though he knew that Tang Xiu didn’t need his protection, but he still stared and shouted angrily regardless, “Who the hell are you? Do you dare to be arrogant before my Boss? Do you believe that I can’t fuck you up dead?”
Wang Xiang’s expression suddenly changed, his eyes were a bit shocked as he looked at Scarblade Qiang, and called out, “Y-you, you are… are you Big Brother Qiang? Boss Scarblade Qiang?”
Scarblade Qiang’s brows pricked as he glanced at him and replied, “You know me?”
Wang Xiang, who was not sure about Scarblade Qiang identity, quickly revealed a panicked expression as Scarblade Qiang personally admitted it. He pulled Wang Ming’s hand as he squeezed out an obsequious smile, saying,“Big Brother Qiang, I really never thought that it’d be you. I was with my Boss—Crippler Liu when I first met you. Anyways, it should be a misunderstanding. My older brother doesn’t know that he’s your Boss. Let me advise my older brother to let him join and follow your Boss also.”
Scarblade Qiang replied, “So you’re one of Crippler Liu’s boys. That kid has gone astray recently, and I heard that he will run into bad luck soon. But since my Boss took a liking to your older brother, I’ll tell you now in advance, quickly take your time to prepare and leave this place, otherwise…”
Wang Xiang’s expression turned pale and hastily asked, “B-big Brother Qiang, what do you mean? C-could you tell me… about the specifics?”
Scarblade Qiang sneered, “You heard me clearly. Crippler Liu’s lover is involved with some shitty powder behind his back, but that thing surely will be his downfall! I heard that some of his boys are also involved with it secretly. I have some connections in the Police department—my drinking buddies. They told me this when we had a drink.”
Wang Xiang’s body shivered. However, he understood what Scarblade Qiang said. If Crippler Liu’s lover was met with some bad luck, then all shit deeds he had done would also come to light. He and some other boys also had committed some crimes when they were following Crippler Liu. And if…
Tang Xiu glanced at Scarblade Qiang’s eyes and said indifferently, “Cut it off. Don’t scare him! At first, I thought the army had made a man out of him. But I didn’t expect that he would be such a good-for-nothing trash. Let’s leave!”

Upon seeing Tang Xiu was about to turn around and leave, Wang Ming suddenly shouted with a deep tone.
Tang Xiu turned back and sneered, “What is it? You wanna have some practice?”
Wang Ming said with contempt, “You want to exchange blows with me with your frail body? I warned you! I told you that no matter who you are, if you dare to humiliate Chief Wolf, I will make you pay the price.”
Tang Xiu gave him a crooked finger and sneered, “I’ll give you an opportunity. You and I will spar. If I win, you’ll go with me and tell me the whereabouts of this Chief Wolf of yours. But if you lose, not only I won’t kick your little brother’s problem to the pit, I also won’t let him be dumped into jail for the entire of his life. I can even straighten him out.”
Wouldn’t make the problem more severe and help him avoid prison for life?
Wang Ming instantly understood the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s words as he shouted angrily, “Are you threatening me? You’re shameless and despicable!”
With an apathetic expression, Tang Xiu replied, “Talking with you made me realize some problems. You might be a retired special force member, but you’re not really one of the elites. But it’s fine with me. Those soldiers who are involved in secret ops missions in foreign countries putting their life on the line and facing death back and forth—they are the true elites and the real soldiers! I’ll cut the crap with you now, do you dare to have a bet with me or not? You decide!”
Shaking his head, Wang Ming said, “I can promise you that I’ll work for you if I lose. But I can’t tell you anything about Chief Wolf. Moreover, I won’t do anything against the law.”
Tang Xiu ridiculed him as he turned toward the SUV and left.
Wang Ming gripped his fists tightly as anger flashed from his eyes. Just as Tang Xiu walked for three or four steps, he instantly dashed, and within a short two breaths, he blocked Tang Xiu’s way. His legs fiercely swept toward Tang Xiu’s cheek.
Tang Xiu moved as fast as lightning. He accurately caught Wang Ming’s bare feet without mistake. Along with pulling him closer, his palm instantly hit Wang Ming’s chest. With the tip of his toe, he lightly picked Wang Ming’s other naked foot and instantly took him down.
“Is this all you can do?”
Tang Xiu didn’t continue attacking but asked with contempt.
Wang Ming was actually astounded with Tang Xiu’s strength. It deterred him, but the humiliation and anger in his heart were much stronger. He leaped up from the ground as though a carp and violently sent a barrage of fists toward Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu used his hand to catch his fists. As he shook his head, his feet flew and kicked Wang Ming’s chest, sending him flying backward. Then, he indifferently said, “You’re not at the same level as me. To average people, you might be considered to have some ability, but in front of me, you’re not even as good as ants. If I were not in dire need of manpower, I wouldn’t have tried to look for you.”
Wang Ming was completely flabbergasted.
The pain in his chest made him sober up. He realized that what this young man said was true. Compared to this young man, he truly couldn’t be considered as an ant. He had faced countless of opponents in his entire life, but to have lost so miserably against one was the first time. He also had never come across such a strong expert like him.
In his heart, Chief Wolf was very strong. Even if three or five people, along with him, had to face Chief Wolf, they wouldn’t be his match.
However, he was certain that Chief Wolf also wouldn’t be able to make them unable to fight back and lose strength like this. This young man was even more terrifying than Chief Wolf.
"Who are you?"
Wang Ming covered his chest as he looked straight at Tang Xiu, and asked.
“If you wanna know who I am, you have to follow and work for me. You have my word that in regards to committing crimes, I have had and never will touch that on my own initiative. But if there are any who resort to crimes to offend me, never will I give them mercy. Loyal men are what I need, and they have to firmly obey my commands.” Tang Xiu said.
Wang Xiang, who was near Scarblade Qiang, could see that Tang Xiu didn’t even use his full strength. He was worried for his big brother, but he held back his urge to help him. He was extremely shocked, because he knew what his big brother—Wang Ming—was capable of. A few days ago, he and his friends were being ganged up and beaten by another group of thugs, but his big brother then came and beat a dozen gangsters armed with knives bare handed, and only got a few bruises.
But now, this powerful brother of his was beaten up by this young man easily without even being able to fight back? What kind of strength this young man had?
“Big Brother Qiang, what’s your Boss line of business? How could he be so powerful?” Wang Xiang asked with a low voice.
Scarblade Qiang glanced at him and said indifferently, “I don’t know.”
He didn’t know?
Wang Xiang was astounded, saying, “How come you don’t know? You work for him, but you don’t know what he does? Big Brother Qiang, are you joking with me?”
“I really don’t know. I only know that my Boss is very powerful and rich. He’s the Boss of a large corporation. But other than this, I know nothing about him.” Scarblade Qiang said apathetically.
“But, you still dare to follow and work for him?” Wang Xian was surprised and continued asking.
Scarblade Qiang squinted his eyes and lightly said, “The Boss is very generous and also a good man. I can tell that my future will be promising if I follow him.”
"Ugh…" Wang Xiang was stunned with his answer.
Tang Xiu looked at Wang Ming and calmly said, “You don’t need to answer me now. What I need is not one or two men. I need a team. If you comply, take along your Chief Wolf to Star City to find me. I live in South Gate Town. Do bear in mind that you only have three days. Passing three days, even if you come, I won’t accept you anymore.”
After having said that, he turned around and walked toward the Toyota. The moment he had boarded it, he suddenly paused and turned his head, saying, “Well, I seem to have not spoken my condition. If you work under me, I’ll give your brother a stable life and your own place to live. I can even guarantee both of you a future.”
The off-road car’s engine was started.
Wang Ming and Wang Xiang looked at the leaving SUV with complex expressions. Wang Xiang actually didn't mind everything Tang Xiu had said, but Wang Ming fell into silence. He was struggling inside. He used to live with guns and spilling human blood. He was 30 years old. And every day now felt like years. He felt really uncomfortable living as a commoner. He had been struggling and suppressing this feeling in the last few months, but to live each and every day that felt like years was truly nothing but a torture.
_Should I contact Chief Wolf?_
_What’s the origin of this young man?_
Wang Ming’s expression was constantly changing.
Wang Xiang elbowed him and said, “Big Brother, I dare say, if we go work under that Big Boss, later on, we really can live a good and colorful life. I know that Scarblade Qiang, he’s a ruthless and merciless big brother in Cangbei City’s streets. But now, he’s following that person, so I think we should also give a shot.”
"Shut up!" Wang Ming scolded him with a low voice.
With a resentful expression, Wang Xiang replied, “Big Brother, take a look at our shitty looks! Our bodies are full of dirt. We also have shitty pays. Don’t you want to live a dignified and good life too? Besides, I’m still young and I don’t have anything. But you- you’re more than 30 years old now, and you don’t even have a wife. Do you want me to be just like you and still a bachelor when I’m 30 years old?”
"This…" Wang Ming hesitated.
He knew very well that his younger brother was right. But he didn’t know the background of this young man. He also realized that the other party goaded him, trying him to move him with promises. But still, with such a powerful martial arts foundation, he still wanted to employ him?
“Big Brother, if you don’t agree, I’ll go to Dad and Mom’s graves and complain!”
Wang Xiang glared angrily at Wang Ming and shouted.
For a moment, Wang Ming was silent. Then, he slowly replied, “Gimme some time, I’m going to find some of my comrades and then go to Star City. Even if I ever work for him, it will be after I’ve clearly investigated his background.”
"Great, then I'll go with you!" Wang Xiang was overjoyed and blurted out without thinking.
Wang Ming looked at him coldly. He shook his head and said, “No. You can’t go. I’ll find my comrades, they’re the ones who’ll go with me. And you- you’ll stay obediently in Cangbei City. If I find you didn’t listen to me, you can be sure I won’t take you with me after I work for that rich boss.”

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