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Star City Train Station.
Ouyang Lulu was wearing a black-colored leather attire, black duckbill cap and big black sunglasses that blocked part of her beautiful face. Holding her own arms, she leaned on the pillar near the stopping platform in the station, watching the visitors going out unceasingly. Her mind was occupied with the thought as to how to bring Tang Xiu along with her to Jingmen Island.
A few days ago, her mother, who she had not seen for all year around, returned home. She stayed at home and had a chat with her. Her mother even knew that Tang Xiu went adventuring in Primeforest Mountain Range and told her to invite him as a family guest.
She knew that Tang Xiu had just finished his College Entrance Test. And she also knew that Tang Xiu would return to Star City today, so she hurriedly rushed to the train station right after she arrived at the airport.
“This great lady has personally come to Star City to invite him. If he dares to refuse I surely will bite him a few times!”
As she thought about it, a tinge of a smile was revealed on her face.
Suddenly, she left the stopping platform as she found Tang Xiu’s figure amidst the crowd that was going out. Her eyes immediately shined and quickly greeted him.
"Eh? How are you here?"
Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lulu with her cool appearance. Even though she was using a duckbill cap along with big sunglasses that covered almost half of her face, he still could recognize her with a glance.
Ouyang Lulu took off her sunglasses, revealing the looks of a beauty that could bring disaster to a nation and its people. A curved outline was drawn on her mouth as she said with a charming smile, “Of course, it’s to see you! Anyway, how about it? Are you surprised? A big, pleasant surprised?”
“It’s indeed a pleasant surprise. I was thinking to catch a cab or a bus to go home!” Tang Xiu said.
The smile on Ouyang Lulu’s face froze as she kicked Tang Xiu’s foot and angrily said, “Are you still thinking to make me your coach woman again?”
Tang Xiu didn’t dodge nor he felt pain. He smiled and looked at Ouyang Lulu as he said, “Well, if you want to know, being able to be my coach woman is truly an honor for you, don’t you think so? A lot of people cry bitterly just wanting to become my driver and I refused all of them. Anyways, let’s go, you’ve got yourself a lot of eyes looking at you!”
Ouyang Lulu turned and looked around. She did see that a lot of visitors looking at her. To be precise, looking at her breathtaking looks. However, she also found that Scarblade Qiang behind Tang Xiu was also the same. Her brows pricked as she asked, “Tang Xiu, who’s he?”
Tang Xiu turned his head and looked at the dumbstruck Scarblade Qiang. He was obviously charmed by Ouyang Lulu as he lightly laughed and said, “Well, he’s a talented man I came across in Cangbei City, so I brought him back to Star City to work for me.”
Scarblade Qiang furiously swallowed his saliva with eyes reluctantly parting from Ouyang Lulu’s face. He was quite a serious and famous boss in Cangbei City, but at the moment, he was actually defeated by Ouyang Lulu’s appearance. It made him embarrassed as an awkward expression was drawn on his face.

If he was in awe toward Tang Xiu because of his martial skills and financial resources before; then at this moment, that awe turned into respect and worship. He had seen numerous women, but he had never seen such a beautiful girl like Ouyang Lulu. Even this femme fatale unexpectedly rushed to the train station to pick his boss.
And surprisingly, the Boss was making this belle his coach woman?!
Outside a high-end hotel in Star City.
Tang Xiu sent Scarblade Qiang off. He arranged for him to stay at this hotel for a few nights and told him that he would pick him up tomorrow. Then, Tang Xiu himself went with Ouyang Lulu, who drove her car toward South Gate Town.
On the road…
Tang Xiu dialed Chen Zhizhong and Kang Xia’s numbers and told them to visit his villa in South Gate Town. The harvest he got from this adventure was quite a lot. He had received a text message notification that 2.5 billion yuan had been transferred to his account. He also had made the arrangement as for how to allocate this sum of money.
At the courtyard of his villa in South Gate Town.
Ouyang Lulu parked her car in the parking spot as she asked curiously, “Is this your home? Quite classy!”
Tang Xiu opened the trunk and took a big black travel bag from the inside. Then, he said, “Long Zhengyu gave me this villa.”
Ouyang Lulu smiled. “Long Zhengyu truly has good vision. Well, the rate return of his investment is absolutely great, I think. I heard you helped him with a big one, giving his family’s company quite a fortune, no?”
Tang Xiu smiled but didn’t pick the topic up.
After entering the villa, he saw that Mu Qingping was busy in the kitchen. Then, he came directly to the kitchen door and said, “Big Sis Mu, we’ll have some guests tonight so prepare more meals for later.”
“Alright!” Mu Qingping revealed a smile upon seeing that Tang Xiu had come back. When she saw Ouyang Lulu behind him, she smiled all over her face, saying, “Ah, it turns out to be Miss Ouyang. Welcome Miss.”
Ouyang Lulu said with a smile, “Hello, Sister Mu! Where’s Yinyin, I haven’t seen her around?!”
“She’s in the conference room with her course tutoring! Looking at the time, it should be finishing soon.” Mu Qingping replied.
Watching Ouyang Lulu entering the kitchen, Tang Xiu no longer spoke. Then, he went to the study room on the second floor and took out the two blocks of sky sandstones from his bag and placed them on the topmost rack of the bookshelves.
_“I don’t have a safe box.”_
Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and made up some decisions in his mind.
He went back to the first floor.
Ouyang Lulu was still in the kitchen, helping Mu Qingping with the cooking, while Chen Zhizhong had arrived and was waiting in the living room.
After Chen Zhizhong acknowledged him as a Master, he was very respectful toward Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu waved his hand and motioned him to sit on the couch, saying, “Tell me your bank account number. I just got some money recently so I’ll pay you back first.”
“Master, I consider that money as my filial piety to honor you. By principle, in no way must it be returned! Besides, I’m not short on money.” Chen Zhizhong hastily said.
Tang Xiu replied, “I’ll give you the money nevertheless, and I’ll keep some of it for emergency uses. Don’t you also have a medicine business yourself?! Later on, you also have to send me some medicinal herbs from the list of medicinal herbs I’ll give you. Those herbs will be used to make some concocted pills that will aid you.”
Concocted pills?
Chen Zhizhong’s eyes shone as he respectfully replied, “Thank you, Master!”
Immediately after, Tang Xiu transfer 2 billion yuan with e-banking to Chen Zhizhong’s account, and then asked, “How’s your cultivation practice recently? Have you transformed all of your True Qi into True Essence?”
“Yes, I’ve already transformed it completely, thanks to the recent intake of medicinal herbs soups, but I still have to forge ahead diligently. Master, my strength is at least twice as strong as before.”
Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Your cultivation level is just barely a step onto the Immortal cultivation threshold. It’s still far away from the future path! Respectively, until you have reached the Golden Core Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage, it would be just a small and great accomplishment for you. Only after you’ve reached the Immortal Stage will you be considered to have met my minimum requirement.”
A longing expression was revealed on Chen Zhizhong’s face as he firmly said, “Master, this disciple will do everything to meet your requirements in cultivation. I’ll never dare to neglect it. I’ll also wholeheartedly find those medicinal herbs you need.”
"Ring, ring…"
Chen Zhizhong’s mobile ringed.
As he took out his mobile and saw the transfer remittance notice, he looked up at Tang Xiu and asked with astonishment, “Master, you… you just transferred 2 billion yuan to my account?”
“I did. You received so quickly?” Tang Xiu said.
Still shocked, Chen Zhizhong replied, “No, not yet. But I just received a remittance transfer notice that the money should arrive in my account tomorrow. Anyways, Master, what did you do that you can make so much money within such a short time?”
Tang Xiu lightly said, “I just sold some things to two cultivators.”
Chen Zhizhong was astounded. "What did you sell that’s worth so much money?"
“Nah, it’s not that valuable. One is a set of Immortal cultivation technique, and the other is a Beast Subduing Secret Art. Unfortunately, those two cultivators are too poor as they can only come up with a few billion. Otherwise, I could have gotten a few more billions.” Tang Xiu shook his head and replied.
A few billions’ worth was still considered as too poor?
Chen Zhizhong could only smile wryly inside. The total net worth of his wealth was only around 10 billion yuan. But in Tang Xiu’s eyes, this was not necessarily at the level of the well-off!
Ten minutes later.
Kang Xia had arrived at the villa. Upon seeing that aside from Tang Xiu there was also Chen Zhizhong, she nodded at him and then looked at Tang Xiu, asking, “Boss, is there something you're seeking me for?”
Tang Xiu said, “Well, isn’t the company short on liquid money?! Anyway, I got some money recently, so I’ll transfer 300 million to you. You can use the fund for now. Call me again if it’s insufficient.”
“You have 300 million? That’s great.” Kang Xia was pleasantly surprised.
Tang Xiu replied snappily, “It was not easy to make that money you know! So you must give your best to save and fully utilize it. Manage the company to the right tracks as soon as possible.”
Kang Xia laughed. “Boss, since I got this 300 million from you, I guarantee that before September 1st, our company’s initial stage will be completely implemented. Also, I have already contacted some banks in Star City. As long as we can show them some legal proof about our company’s health and strength, we should be able to borrow quite a big sum of loan from them.”
“Huh? Bank loan? We also need to borrow some loans from the bank?” Tang Xiu knitted his brows and asked.
“Yes, according to my business plan, the estimation of the investment funds we would need is at least 3 billion yuan. And the liquid funds our company has at present is far less than this number. So, we will need the loans from the bank to implement the plan.” Kang Xia nodded and explained.
Tang Xiu said, “Alright, you’ll handle and arrange this issue! Also, are you still busy right now?”
“Pretty much! I must go back quickly after this!” Kang Xia replied.
“Well, forget it then. It’s just that I still have another project that I’m preparing. Originally, I was going to give this project to you as well, but since your hands are still full, I’ll find another person to handle it! Alright, since everyone has arrived, let’s have some dinner first and then you can get to your work again.” Tang Xiu said.
Kang Xia quickly said, “Boss, you have another project? What project?”
It should be a good project!
She had never expressed, but all the projects she had right now, such as the health care products, clearly had an obvious huge profit. Even if it gave her quite the hardship and was quite tiresome, but she was willing to do her best. In addition, she was also deeply impressed by Tang Xiu, and she believed that every project Tang Xiu thought would certainly be very good.
“Well, I want to build a winery, producing and selling wines.” Tang Xiu said.
Wines and liquors?
For a moment, Kang Xia stared blankly. Then, she asked, “Eh, Boss, do you have a recipe and formula to brew wine? How’s its flavor?”
“I have a recipe and formula. You can be sure that it should be a very good wine! Also, I want this drink to be considered as the world’s best wine.” Tang Xiu said.
The best in the world?
It was the word Kang Xia liked the most. Her laughing expression and beautiful eyes turned crescent shaped as she said, “Boss, the mark hung on the winery’s name must be our Magnificent Tang Corporation’s! Also, I can make it as a subsidiary company, so I can still control its general management- we can pass the minor things to the lesser management under us.”

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