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Looking at Kang Xia’s high fighting spirit and the happy expression on her, Tang Xiu asked with astonishment, “Didn’t you say your hands are full already? And you still want to manage this?”
“Well, just say the word and I’ll squeeze some time for it. It should be fine.” Kang Xia said.
Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry. “You won’t get burnt out?!”
With a high spirited manner, Kang Xia replied, “Boss, you can rest assured. I’m well aware of my own well-being and the situation. I know I have to ensure my own health to do my job to the best of my abilities.”
Tang Xiu thought for a moment, then slowly asked, “Anyway, do you mind if I ask you something private?”
“What private question? You can ask me anything…” Kang Xia replied with a puzzled expression.
Tang Xiu asked, “I’ve never asked about your family, do you have family members?”
For a moment, Kang Xia looked distracted as a touch of desolation and grimness flashed from her eyes. But then she shook her head and replied, “I was brought up by my American foster parents. But they have passed away a few years ago in a plane crash. I do still have a maternal grandmother- she’s married a foreigner old man. It’s been nearly a year since I visited her for the first time.”
Tang Xiu nodded and made a decision in his heart. Then, he said, “In order to ensure your health, I’ll teach you a set of cultivation exercise. But do remember that you are the only one who can practice this cultivation technique, and not in any way must you pass this to someone else. Also, you’re not to tell anyone that you’re also a practitioner!”
Exercising a cultivation technique?
Kang Xia was quite dumbfounded as she replied, “Uh, Boss, you’re kidding me, aren’t you? You think we’re still in ancient times, exercising cultivation practice, using True Qi and becoming a martial world’s expert?”
Tang Xiu’s brows slanted. His body then instantly appeared at her side. With a lightning fast move, he grabbed Kang Xia’s shoulders and threw her to the air. Along with the turning of his wrist, Kang Xia also rotated in the air. She screamed, but Tang Xiu ignored it. In next to no time, he already flashed and took along Kang Xia as they appeared outside the front gate of the villa’s courtyard.
Tang Xiu put Kang Xia down. Her body staggered and then fell down with her bottom on the ground.
“This is…”
After she fell down, Kang Xia looked dizzy and distracted, but there was not the slightest anger on her face. Instead, her face was full of shock. She looked at the surroundings while her delicate body slightly trembled.
She was frightened! Yes, what she had experienced just now was as though a dream. If she hasn't experienced it first hand, she simply wouldn’t have believed it.
Tang Xiu said lightly, “You see that we’re at the courtyard outside?”
"Yes!" Kang Xia nodded with a dull expression.
Tang Xiu grabbed her shoulders once again. He raised his speed to the limit. And within just two breaths, they had returned back to the villa’s hall as he even had Kang Xia back on the sofa.

“Now you believe that the martial experts still exist in the world?”
Kang Xia straightened up her sitting body and looked around. An alarmed and frightened expression was revealed on her eyes. After looking dumbstruck and tongue-tied for a while, only then was she able to speak. “Boss, I know that you’re a powerful martial art expert when you took me to kick the plaque of the Rising Dragon Martial School. But… to be this powerful was beyond my imagination. I can tell that even those martial world’s experts can’t achieve such a level.”
Tang Xiu smiled. “You do have a good vision and judgment. I indeed am not a martial art expert, but an Immortal cultivator. Perhaps, you haven’t seen such people in reality, but you must have seen these Immortals in Xianxia TV series or in the movies. But, the real Immortal cultivators are much powerful than those in the movies. They can control the forces of nature and can fly with flying swords. The truly powerful ones are even literally able to pick the stars and the moons and easily traverse everywhere in the starry sky without problem.”
“Immortal?” Kang Xia exclaimed out loud in disbelief.
“Correct. Gaining enlightenment and becoming Immortal isn’t a difficult matter. I’ll teach you an Immortal cultivation technique. If you practice well, you have the possibility to ascend and become an Immortal in the Immortal World.”
With a shocked expression, Kang Xia asked, “Boss, does our world really have the Immortal World just like the one that’s passed down in the fairy tales?”
Tang Xiu said with a smile, “The Immortal World in fairy tales is way too small. Wait until you obtain enlightenment and become an Immortal if you wanna see what would the real Immortal World looks like. You will see what kind of marvel and magnificence it has. By the way, I’ll teach you after the dinner. And do bear in mind to never mention about this to anyone, ever.”
Kang Xia nodded. Suddenly, her expression moved as she asked in a whisper, “Boss, you just asked about my family, are you afraid that I’ll tell this to my friends and family members?”
Tang Xiu continued tranquilly, “I want you to become my true subordinate instead of an employee who just seek wages. I can assure you that your world will be unceasingly expanded. If you follow me, in the future, even if you want to tread into the void and adventure in the vast and boundless universe, it will be easy.”
Kang Xia furiously swallowed her saliva down as her breath turned faster. Then, she asked, “Boss! Can you teach Andy too? She has been following me for years, and she’s absolutely worth the trust. Also, her background is much pitiful than mine. She has no family left. And she has no other friends aside from me, Jack, and a handful of others.
Tang Xiu recalled the beautiful angelic-looking girl as he slowly nodded and said, “Call her then!”
He didn’t ask more details about her case. Even though he had heard from Andy that she and her parents had once lived in China for a few years, but just like the changes in fate and time, people had their own fortunes and misfortunes. Since Kang Xia said that Andy was also an orphan, perhaps, her parents also encountered unexpected misfortunes.
Chen Zhizhong was sitting quietly on the side with a smile on his face. Tang Xiu was pulling Kang Xia to be his direct subordinate. This made him quite happy as Kang Xia, after all, had quite formidable capabilities. She was definitely one of the proud women that could lift her head up high in the business world. If she could be made dead set on following Tang Xiu and worked for him to the best of her abilities, Chen Zhizhong believed that Tang Xiu could make a lot of money. Which, in the end, will become the tool for an endless stream of access for cultivation resources. [1]
Suddenly, his expression moved as he glanced at his mobile screen and asked, “Master, since you want to build a winery, could you let me invest in it also?”
“You have your own medicinal herbs business, what do you want to invest in the winery for?” Tang Xiu said.
Chen Zhizhong let out a forced smile and said, “Actually, I think my Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical has already expanded to the limit. I have long planned to expand to other fields, but I haven’t found any suitable targets for investment. This is why I have quite a lot of spare liquid funds. If I don’t invest in your winery, perhaps, I’ll invest in other projects.”
Tang Xiu thought for a moment before he slowly nodded and replied, “Take out 500 million, I’ll give you 10% of the shares. You don’t need to worry about the management since I’ve found the manager for the winery. So you’ll have the dividends every year. If you still have some spare cash and you’re interested, you can contact Long Zhengyu. He and I have a cooperation in a little real estate business. I believe the prospect is good and can make quite a fortune.”
Originally, Tang Xiu didn’t have the intention to let other people be involved in his winery business. After all, he was very optimistic about its prospect. However, he was short of money right now. If even Chen Zhizhong was going to invest, giving him the shares was truly not a problem also since he was, after all, his own in-name disciple. So to say, it could be said that the water and the fertilizer wouldn’t flow to the outsiders’ fields.
Chen Zhizhong was overjoyed. He realized that acknowledging Tang Xiu as a Master was truly worth it. Not only would he be able to tread on the path to Immortality, but he was also able to gain harvest in business. Without a minute’s hesitation, he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll contact Long Zhengyu then.”
Tang Xiu said, “About the matters related to business, you can directly contact Kang Xia. I have too many things at hands- I have no time to manage the businesses.”
At this moment, Ouyang Lulu came out of the kitchen wearing an apron. When she saw Chen Zhizhong, her eyes brightened up slightly. After all, she had seen him quite a lot from his interview in Financial Magazines. However, when she saw Kang Xia, her brows slightly pricked.
It was because she was beautiful, to the point of extreme.
She had no choice but to admit that whether it was the bodily figure, looks, or even bearing, Kang Xia was not bellow her. A few days ago she also had heard that Kang Xia was working for Tang Xiu- he even handed over his newly set up company to be managed by her. But this was her first time meeting Kang Xia here.
“Boss, this one is?”
Looking at Ouyang Lulu, particularly seeing her in an apron, Kang Xia couldn’t help but have an inconceivable irritated feeling without her realizing.
“Oh, she’s Ouyang Lulu, the gal who, well, ignores the proper occupation in Jingmen Island. But anyhow, she’s my friend. Lulu, she’s Kang Xia. My right-hand woman.” Tang Xiu introduced each other.
Ouyang Lulu rolled her eyes at him. If it wasn’t for Tang Xiu’s remark of “my friend” as well as “Lulu”, she would have snapped already. However, she was also quite happy inside even though she still pretended to look dissatisfied and resentful. She snorted and replied, “Hmph, what’s not a proper business here? My Paradise Club is a decent and honest business, okay?”
“Opening a casino is a decent business?” Tang Xiu said with a bit of surprise.
Ouyang Lulu replied, “Of course it is. Every time they gamble, we’re in international waters. So we don’t violate any country’s laws, no? Also, you know that gambling is legal in Taiwan too, don’t you?”
Tang Xiu secretly shook his head. He was too lazy to refute Ouyang Lulu’s glib rationale. But for Kang Xia herself, she was quite curious toward her upon hearing Tang Xiu’s explanation.
"How do you do, Miss Ouyang."
“How do you do, Chief Kang.”
The two women shook hands for the first time. With a trace of peculiar thoughts in their minds.
On the dining table.
Gu Yin had just finished her tutoring course. Tang Xiu also invited the tutor to have dinner together, while also asking the progress of Gu Yin’s learning once in awhile.
"Mr. Tang, Gu Yin is truly very smart. She has an eidetic memory and good comprehension. This is the first time I’ve met such a student like her. About the Second Grade Curriculum, we’ll have it finished in the next two days, and we also have started preparing the Third Grade one. However, the teachers for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Curriculum won’t be handled by the three of us anymore.” The middle-aged female teacher showed a bit of a forced smile. Then, she continued, “It’s not because we can’t teach the curriculum for the Fourth Grade and above, but it’s because we have come to our limit and are too tired after preparing the first two Grade Curriculums.”
Tang Xiu said with a light laugh, “Hahaha. It’s alright, as long as the next teachers are also as excellent as you, I’m content.”
Ouyang Lulu looked at the both of them and asked with astonishment, “The speed of the lesson prepared by the teachers cannot follow the student’s learning speed? What’s this fallacy?”
The teacher smiled wryly and said, “It’s because her learning speed is really too fast. Judging from her current learning speed, if we keep going like this, perhaps she really can complete all the courses from the Second to Sixth Grade before September 1st.”
Ouyang Lulu looked at Gu Yin with disbelief, and asked with astonishment, “She has yet to finish the Second Grade Curriculum now, no? How come she could finish all the contents for next four grades within two or three months? Even the other child prodigies wouldn’t be able to do it, right?”
* * *
I don’t like the literal phrase of heaven’s proud daughter in this paragraph since it’s not suitable for the line. So I changed the line a bit as one of the proud women who can lift her head up high. It’s because everything she has gotten was not taken for granted because of her origin and such, but because of her efforts. Thus, it’s fit better with her background and abilities also.

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