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Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "That’s already in the past, but thanks anyway. Also, I don’t have much time, and in the near future…”
He suddenly stopped talking.
Gu Yan’er’s pale face as though paper, suddenly appeared inside his mind and pained his heart. After being silent for a moment, he changed the subject. “In the near future I will go to Jiangmen Island. But I’ll have to squeeze some time for it. Anyway, we’ll talk about this later, after the time comes.”
Ouyang Lulu, who previously thought that Tang Xiu would refuse, suddenly showed a happy smile upon hearing the following reply. “Okay then! We’ll go to Jingmen Island tomorrow.”
“No, I don’t have time tomorrow. Wait for a few days. If you have nothing else to do here, go back first. After I find some time I’ll contact you when I’ve arrived in Jingmen Island.” Tang Xiu said.
Ouyang Lulu replied, “Ah, the reason why I came to Star City is to take you there, to begin with. If you don’t want to go tomorrow, then I’ll stay in Star City and wait for you. Besides, it’s not like I have nothing to do in Star City.”
“Eh? You got something to do here?” Tang Xiu asked in surprise.
Ouyang Lulu raised her small face and proudly said, “Did you forget that Long Zhengyu and I have a joint venture for the project? I heard that recently Long Zhengyu has been trying to buyout some plot of lands around the building. Surely I’ll involve myself in this. Besides, I delegated the management for Paradise Club to my subordinate, since I also want to have my own legal business. So, I have to consider the site for the business and also the concrete preparations.”
Tang Xiu said with a smile, “You’re really a rich young woman. You need not worry though! I assure you that cooperating with Long Zhengyu will only give you profit, you won’t have any losses.”
“You’re so confident?” Ouyang Lulu asked with a smile.
Tang Xiu replied, “Don’t forget that I’m the one who drew the blueprint design for the building as well as the business district and residential area in the surrounding! If those buildings cannot become the landmark of Star City, I won’t have the face to receive that promised 10% share from this project.”
Immediately after…
Tang Xiu sent off Ouyang Lulu to the guest room to rest, as he then headed toward the living room in the first floor. From Mu Qingping, he found that Andy had arrived and was in the study room with Kang Xia. He didn’t hurry to see them, but headed to the storehouse. Chu Yi had found a batch of precious medicinal herbs for him, so he needed to look at their grade.
A few minutes later, Tang Xiu was standing in the storehouse with a satisfied smile. The medicinal herbs Chu Yi had helped him to find were truly good. A lot of them were wild herbs, and the ages were also satisfactory. With these batches of herbs, it was sufficient for his cultivation in the Skin Strengthening Stage, and even enough for the Flesh Strengthening Stage.
“I have to cultivate and reach the peak of Skin Strengthening Stage as soon as possible. I’ll have to register to the university before September 1st, so I have to break through from this stage to the Flesh Strengthening Stage.”

A resolute expression was revealed in his eyes after he looked at these herbs.
In his mind, he could refine several concocted pills from these. The pills won’t have much effect for his cultivation, but rather will give him a very strong foundation, solidifying his spirit and body. Thus, he wanted to break through from the Skin Strengthening Stage to the Flesh Strengthening Stage earlier. However, he also needed to find a place with rich spiritual qi, so it would be easier to absorb the force from the stars.
Not only did spiritual qi act as a medium for Star Force, but it could also be fused within. The more solid his spiritual qi, the smoother and easier the absorption of Star Force would be. Also, spiritual qi would bring a good effect on him. It would nourish his internal organs, to be fused with his Star Force and speed up his cultivation practice. However, the efficacy of concocted pills wouldn’t give much effect to his cultivation, it would benefit his body. The stronger his body, the faster he would be able to absorb the force of the stars.
After leaving the storehouse, Tang Xiu returned to the second floor and went straight to the study room. As he saw Kang Xia and Andy seriously trying to identify and memorize the acupoints on the mannequin, he asked them, “How is it? Have you looked at it?”
Kang Xia turned and smiled, “Boss, there are too many acupoints in the human body. Even if you give us a few days more, I don’t think we can identify them completely. Besides, we only just tried it a moment ago.”
“Come, I’ll teach you then! The cultivation technique I’m about to teach you would only need to pass through a few meridian channels. All in all, it would be 108 channels only. These 108 points in a whole are called as the Great Heavenly Circuit, while the smaller ones that branches out of it is called as the Lesser Heavenly Circuit. I’ll explain these to you in detail when I have the time later.”
Two hours later…
Tang Xiu taught the two women about the acupoints as well as the cultivation technique. Certainly, the both of them became the human body models, as his finger touched their bodies’ acupoints many times. There were also some points located on some sensitive spots of their bodies, but Tang Xiu didn’t stop because of it- there was not the slightest ripple in his heart. As for Kang Xia and Andy, these two couldn’t help but blush and tremble for numerous times while in the learning process.
“Alright. Both of you put away those dirty thoughts and follow the meridian channels according to the cultivation technique I’ve taught you. Slowly and quietly let it wander and float in your chest. Keep this in mind. Imagine that you’ve already produced this qi and now are going to induce and sense its flow. After you can control and sense the qi flow, circulate it slowly everywhere according to the route in the cultivation technique.”
Dirty thoughts?
Kang Xia and Andy glanced at each other. This remark caused them to be at a loss whether they had to laugh or cry inside. They couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Their bodies were constantly being stroked as well as ignited them. And the one who did that was also a grownup man. How would they possibly not feel embarrassed? Who wouldn’t have ‘ideas’ when those spots were being stroked?
However, these two women also perfectly realized that Tang Xiu didn’t have such thoughts toward them. Otherwise, they would have left full of anger already.
In accordance with the instructions given by the cultivation technique, the two women slowly imagined it. After a full of ten minutes, they opened their eyes at the same time as they turned toward Tang Xiu and nodded.
Tang Xiu said, “Keep in mind these meridian channels. Later on, practice it at least ten times a day. Also, since the two of you are still unable to sense your qi; therefore, I’ll have to teach you the method as for how to perceive and sense it first. Only then will you try to control it again. According to your aptitudes, it would take perhaps two to three months at least, before you’re able to perceive the existence of qi.”
"Two or three months?" The two women exclaimed.
Tang Xiu said, “What? Are you not determined enough? Alright, I’ll tell you this. If you can’t persevere, you’ll only be an average person in the future. You must have the dream to achieve the Dao and become an Immortal first at least. Only from then on will you be able to reach an end.”
Kang Xia and Andy looked at each other. Both of them especially had firm determination, to begin with, so they gave their assurance in unison, “You can be certain that we will get through this.”
Tang Xiu replied, “This is your matter either way. I’ve taught you the cultivation technique as well as instructed you. So I hope that you two would really be able to become my right hands later. Therefore, the final result will be depend on your efforts and good fortunes only. Ah, right, it’s already quite late, so you should go back now.”
With a smile that was yet unlike one, Kang Xia said, “Eh, Boss, you don’t want us to stay overnight here?”
Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “You have your own place, why should you stay here for? Go home. Besides, we all have things to do tomorrow.”
Kang Xia replied with some dissatisfaction, “Boss, are our charms really unable to make you interested? Could it be that these two great beauties are unable to make you aroused or moved?”
Tang Xiu said with a confused expression, “Why would I have to be aroused? I admit that the two of you are very attractive, but what I need are subordinates, not women to warm my bed! Anyway, it’s better if you don’t let your minds run wild. If such thoughts control your mind over and over, how will you be able to help me make money?”
“Boss, are you telling me that we’re just tools for you to make money?” Kang Xia angrily spoke.
Andy also spoke resentfully, “Boss! Men can’t wait to pull us to their bed when they see us. But you, how come you’re like… a stone? Yes… you’re just like a stone!”
Tang Xiu calmly said, “No, I have never thought of you as tools to make money. But I regard you as my subordinates, my own people. I do need a woman, but not now. In the future, maybe I’ll find a woman for myself, a woman that’s nice to look at for me to marry. But that would only be to fulfill my mother’s wish and to carry on the family line. But don’t talk to me about feelings and love, for I don’t need it.”
Listening to Tang Xiu’s reasoning fallacy, Kang Xia refuted with unfathomable disbelief, “You don’t want to talk about affections and feelings. But then, what would be that marriage for? Even if you want descendants to carry on the family line, it mustn’t be like this, no? It should be perfectly justified, right and proper. How come you…”
Tang Xiu apathetically said, “In the future, fidelity and chaste love will fade away and then disappeared along with time--even soulmates most intimate with each other will betray the other. I need a woman. But love… I don’t need it. And if I don’t accidentally die, my lifespan will be very long. In the long years of life, having a woman at my side will mean nothing but trouble.”
Kang Xia and Andy looked at each other in dismay.
The two of them were exceptionally intelligent. Even though they had never been in love before, but it didn’t mean that they never heard nor were unable to understand it. They were acutely aware of something. Tang Xiu seemed to have been hurt by a woman, for which the wound and pain inside his heart were way too dark and deep.
Who was she?
And judging from Tang Xiu’s age, shouldn’t he…?
Suddenly, Andy showed a smiling expression as she looked up and stare at him, saying, “Boss, do you see me as a woman who’s nice to look at?”
Tang Xiu stared blankly. Even Kang Xia couldn’t help but have a strange expression.
“You look good!” Tang Xiu nodded.
Andy said with a grin, “Boss, since you see me as pleasing to the eye, if you wish to find a woman who will give you a child in the future, then find me, okay! Although I’m much shorter than Big Sis Kang Xia, I’m very cute and lovable. So I believe the child we’ve should also be very cute. Our little baby.”
Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Before I graduate from college, I don’t wanna talk about this. Anyways, you’d better hurry! I also have to rest early.”
Shortly after…
Kang Xia and Andy left South Gate Town after Tang Xiu drove them away. He didn’t take the jokes from the two women seriously. But what he had said was the true feeling from his soul. He didn’t dare to invest any affection whatsoever regarding women, for the betrayal he suffered was something he never wanted to experience again, ever.
In the first floor corridor…
Ouyang Lulu was standing before the window, watching Kang Xia and Andy through the curtain as they walked to the courtyard. Looking at them, they boarded a Lamborghini and quickly left. Only after they left did she finally relax.
She was quite shocked after seeing Andy’s delicate and lovely looks. But she was also startled upon seeing as how Tang Xiu was still able to control himself. She had never thought that Tang Xiu would be able to stay firm and not succumb to the beauties, Kang Xia and Andy’s temptation. He even asked them to leave later on.
However, she was really satisfied and very happy inside.
_“Damnit. How come I let my imagination run wild? Tang Xiu is very good, but he’s a few years younger than me. If I ever marry him in the future, it would also be a few years later. Bah, pooh!... What the hell is going on with me? Why do I want to marry him…”_

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