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Tang Xiu quietly went back to South Gate Town and didn’t disturb anyone. As he went to his room, he immediately took his mobile and dialed Miao Wentang’s number.
“You haven’t slept, Brother Tang?”
Miao Wentang’s cheerful laughter came out of the phone.
“Not yet. I need to talk to you about something.” Tang Xiu said.
“What’s up? Tell me!” Miao Wentang replied.
“Are you short on money right now? And do you want to get your hands on some?” Tang Xiu asked.
“I do. Never been like this before. But anyway, what kind of good business are you offering me?” Miao Wentang replied with a light laugh.
Tang Xiu said, “I’m preparing to pull out the roots of my personal enemy. I have contacted some people and am now preparing to act in the next few days. Do you have any interest in joining?”
“Which family?” Miao Wentang asked.
“The Zhangs, Star City.” Tang Xiu said.
Miao Wentang was silent for a moment before he slowly spoke, “Never heard of this family. It should be a big, respected family in the country. But regardless of any family, since Brother Tang has openly spoken about it, naturally, I’ll join the fray. By the way, do you want me to call Brother Shao also?”
“I’ll call him myself. If you want to join, then come to Star City tomorrow, we’ll meet in the Long’s Dining Hall.” Tang Xiu said.
After Tang Xiu hung up, he dialed Shao Mingzhen’s number, and just like Miao Wentang, he also agreed to join.
“Now, the Ouyang Family!”
Tang Xiu paused. He was somewhat hesitating. His plan to remove the Zhang Family was definitely a big move. Even though he had invited four forces consisting of the Long Family, Chen Zhizhong, Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen to join this endeavor, but the Zhang Family was a local tyrant in Star City and had deep roots here, so they might still be able to counterattack before dying. He could tell that their resistance before death would be very powerful. He was hesitating whether to pull the Ouyang Family in this, as he would then owe them a favor.
Owing money was still okay, but owing a favor of gratitude was very difficult to repay. As reluctant as he always was to have it, Tang Xiu didn’t want to owe any gratitude from others.
Finally, he decided to talk with Ouyang Lulu first in order to sound out this problem.
Tang Xiu looked through the window, watching the white Land Rover in the parking lot. Then, he turned around to leave his room. As he arrived at the guest room where Ouyang Lulu was staying, he knocked the door.
The door was opened from the inside as Ouyang Lulu, in her sexy pajamas, stood at the door with sleepy-watery eyes. She muttered out of discontent and said, “What do you want from me in the middle of the night? This young lady came to your home and is only spending the night here temporarily, I won’t give up my chastity for you!”
Tang Xiu passed by her toward the sofa. As he sat down, he said, “I need to talk to you about something important. Wash your face first to sober up!"

Ouyang Lulu rolled her eyes at him as she went to the bathroom to wash her face. She came back more spirited afterward, even though there was still a trace of dissatisfaction on her face. She then snorted and said, “What is this serious business that you can’t even wait until tomorrow? Don’t you see what time it is now?”
Tang Xiu replied with a straightforward manner, “The deal is big, are you interested?”
Ouyang Lulu confused, "What big deal?"
“To tell you the truth, it’s not a serious business, but you can be sure that it will bring you money. Some people from a certain family in Star City have crossed my line and I’m preparing to remove them. This family is very rich and powerful. I’ve already contacted some people and will act in the next few days. Even though your Ouyang Family isn’t based in Star City, you have deep capital. So, if you want the share of this endeavor, I can let you join on this.”
Ouyang Lulu asked curiously, "Which family?"
Tang Xiu lightly said, “It’s the Zhangs.”
“Zhengyu told me that his family has some friction with this Zhang Family. The people you’ve contacted should also include the Long family, shouldn’t it?” Ouyang Lulu said.
Tang Xiu replied with a nod, “Yes. If the Zhang Family is to be completely destroyed, the Long Family will have the biggest benefits. This is a heaven-sent opportunity. If Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong are not stupid, I’m sure they will join.”
Ouyang Lulu pondered for a moment. As she sat at the opposite side from Tang Xiu, she asked, “Can you tell me as how the Zhangs have offended you?”
“I once gave a lesson to the Zhang’s arrogant princess, Zhang Deqin. I also taught their young master twice before. And yesterday, when I brought Yinyin outside to buy some books in the bookstore, I was being spied on by three assassins. Even though I’ve killed those three assassins, but I also have spent quite a lot of money to find out that Zhang Deqin is behind this. You tell me. She wants me die. Should I not kill them also?” Tang Xiu said with a tranquil expression.
Ouyang Lulu was surprised, “You’re the one who killed those three people at the front entrance of South Gate Town today? Those three were actually assassins? Ah right, I heard that there were firearms found at the scene, so it turns out that those people are the evil kind. But this is kinda a big issue, so I have to discuss this with my family.”
“If your family join in, then we’ll meet tomorrow night at the Long’s Dining Hall with the others.” Tang Xiu said.
“You haven’t told me who are the others who’ll join aside from the Long Family.” Ouyang Lulu said.
“It the Longs, Chen Zhizhong and my other two friends. They have their own forces, but I don’t know about their strength in detail.” Answered Tang Xiu.
“You didn’t invite Chu Yi and Bai Tao?” Ouyang Lulu asked with surprise.
“No, their family in Beijing perhaps have their own hostile adversaries, so I don’t want them to participate in this.” Tang Xiu said.
Since Ouyang Lulu herself was the eldest daughter of an affluent family, she was also well aware about this problem as she nodded and said, “I know. The Chu and Bai Families are very close, but they too have some respected families that pose a threat to them. If their actions catch the attention of their enemies, perhaps they will also face some big troubles.”
At Jianning District, Star City.
Inside a three-storied building, Zhang Deqin was sitting on the soft sofa with a cup of red wine in her hand. However, there remained more than a half of it. Her expression was unsightly as anxiousness and worry could be seen on her face. In front of her, Zhang Yongjin was walking back and forth restlessly whilst glancing from time to time at Zhang Deqin’s mobile.
They were waiting for news about the removal of their enemy.
However, even after late in the night, there was not even the slightest bit of news.
“Can you just calm down? If you can’t stomach it, just go sleep! I’ll handle everything myself!” Zhang Deqin snapped with an irritated expression.
Zhang Yongjin stopped, then sat opposite her. He took a cigarette, lit it and puffed a few mouthfuls as he spoke, “Big Sis, could it be something happened? It’s already the middle of the night, but how come there’s not even a bit of news at all? These assassins you’ve hired, aren’t they very good?”
“You ask me, but who should I ask?” Zhang Deqin replied angrily.
“The murders in front of the entrance of South Gate Town, could it be related with that surnamed Tang? I heard that three people died there, maybe there’s someone named Tang, his friends or relatives?” Zhang Yongjin hesitated as he said.
Zhang Deqin herself had heard the news, but she was unsure as who the victims were. She had spent 20 million to hire assassins from the Philippines. The other party only told her that they would do the job but didn’t say as to how many they would send.
What made her restless was not Tang Xiu getting killed. She was worried that the middleman would sell her if the assassins were killed. If Tang Xiu didn’t die and he figured out that she was the one who hired them, her fate would definitely be very miserable.
"Ring… ring… ring…”
Her mobile sounded, shocking the siblings.
Zhang Deqin quickly grabbed it and immediately pressed the answer button upon seeing the caller ID. She then asked with a sinking tone, “Have you clearly investigated the three people who were killed in front of South Gate Town’s entrance?”
“Their identities are unidentified. But they are not from our country.”
A low and deep voice came out of the phone.
The phone was hung up!
The phone was dropped from Zhang Deqin’s hand, but it was as though she didn’t realize it. If these three killed people were not domestic, then they should be the assassins she had hired.
But they… wouldn’t sell her out, would they?”
No! They shouldn’t be!
The one she contacted were not them, but a middleman. As long as the middleman didn’t sell her out, she would be absolutely safe.
She quickly picked the mobile back and dialed the middleman’s number. However, she was at a complete loss and restless as the other party unexpectedly shut his phone down.
What was happening exactly?
Zhang Deqin looked at Zhang Yongjn’s eyes with a restless expression. A few minutes later, she suddenly stood and quickly spoke to him, “Leave Star City tonight. Do remember that, even if something huge happens here, you mustn’t come back to Star City for a short while. You must go to…. Northern Jiangsu. I have a friend there, she’ll take care of you for a while.”
“Big Sis, what’s happened exactly? We’re the one who hired the assassins, but why do I feel that we’re the ones being targeted?”
“I have a bad premonition that this will create a big trouble. Look, don’t think and don’t ask. Leave Star City tonight and go to my friend’s in Northern Jiangsu. Pack up your things and prepare, NOW!” Zhang Deqin replied with a bitter expression.
“But Sis, how about you?” Zhang Yongjin hurriedly asked.
“I can’t go anywhere. Firstly, we aren’t sure whether Tang Xiu has figured out that we’re the masterminds. Secondly, our family has our own shelter here, so I’ll be alright. Also, I will try to appear amidst the public in the next few days with more bodyguards around me. Thirdly, even if Tang Xiu knows that I’m the one who hired those assassins, he won’t be so brazen and reckless as to act against me, for he’s also well aware that our Zhang Family will absolutely retaliate without mercy.”
“No, Sis! I don’t wanna go. If Tang Xiu can’t do nothing to you, then he also won’t dare strike me! Going or staying, we must stay together!” Zhang Yongjin replied.
Zhang Deqin felt warm inside, but she still shouted angrily, “Cut the crap. I said you must go tonight. I’ll tell Dad and Mom about this.”
“NO! I don’t need you to tell me what to do. And don’t threaten me! I’m a man. I must stay here!” Zhang Yongjin talked back angrily.
“You want me to tie you up and send you there, or do you want go there obediently yourself? Choose!” Zhang Deqin replied with a sneer.

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