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Cheng Xuemei realized she misunderstood his words and intended to apologize. But after she was struck by the following lines, she was at a loss whether to cry or laugh. She couldn’t help but smile and scolded.
As Tang Xiu observed her, only then did he realize that, even if Cheng Xuemei was in her police uniform, she had a beautiful face and indeed was a bit seductive. What made him quite interested was that Cheng Xuemei’s buttocks were quite big. It was said that women who had big buttocks were fertile and able to have children. Marrying her in the future, he wouldn’t worry not having children.
“Well, if there’s an opportunity to introduce you to my mother, I’m sure she’ll be very happy to see you.”
Tang Xiu said half serious.
Cheng Xuemei rolled her eyes at him as she shook her head and went toward the hall’s door. She was truly curious about Tang Xiu, wishing to crack open his head to see what was inside. But to think he would say he wanted to take her to see his parents… what a joke!
With a smiling expression, Tang Xiu send Cheng Xuemei and her colleague off with his eyes. After the two figures went through the door and disappeared, the smile faded and his expression turned dark.
He took out his mobile. After he called Kang Xia and Chen Zhizhong to ask them to come to South Gate Town, only then did he return to the second floor.
After an hour, Kang Xia and Chen Zhizhong arrived at the villa. Tang Xiu took them to his study room and closed the door after Mu Qingping served tea. Then, he said, “Chen Zhizhong, Long Hanwen should’ve contacted you, yes?”
“Yes, he called me last night! I’ve begun to prepare my own side so we can go all out once we begin to move.” Chen Zhizhong nodded and said.
“Anyways, some people have come by today, I’ll introduce you to them tonight.” Tang Xiu said.
“Boss, what’s this all about? What’s this starting to move and going all out? I don’t get it.” Kang Xia said with a confused expression.
“I conjoined five forces, we’re preparing to storm over Star City’s Zhang Family.” Tang Xiu said indifferently.
“Why?” Kang Xia was surprised.
“You should know about the murder case in front of South Gate Town’s entrance today, yes?” Tang Xiu said.
“Yes, I heard that three people died.” Kang Xia nodded and replied.
“I killed those three people.” Tang Xiu said with a grim smile.
“You what?” Kang Xia was shocked and scared.
“Those three were assassins sent by the Zhang’s princess—Zhang Deqin to kill me. You also know the grudge between me and them, Kang Xia. I have always lived with a creed. I won’t violate others if they do the same. Since the princess of the Zhangs wants me to die, then I won’t give any mercy either.” Tang Xiu said.
“How come that Zhang Deqin dared to do that?” Kang Xia angrily said.
With a grim laugh, Tang Xiu replied, “Why wouldn’t she? I can tell that she has done it before. You wanna know what for that 200 million yuan I asked you before? It was the price I paid to buy the information from the middleman about the mastermind behind this. You think I’ll swallow this in silence and do nothing?”

“Then, what do you want me to do, Boss?” Kang Xia suddenly realized it as she nodded and replied after hesitating for a moment.
“You’ll be my spokesperson in the deals with the other five. When the Zhang Family has been removed, their assets will be divided to all of us. Also, I will call those 20 men I gave you earlier to deal with some things.” Tang Xiu said.
“Which five people?” Kang Xia asked.
As he pointed at Chen Zhizhong, Tang Xiu replied, “Him, the Long Family, Ouyang Family and my other two friends. You will see them tonight.”
A glint flashed in Kang Xia’s eyes as she asked, “Boss, are you the one who is leading this endeavor?”
“Yes!” Tang Xiu replied.
A smile revealed on Kang Xia’s face as she nodded and said, “Understood Boss, I know what to do.”
Shortly after.
Ouyang Lulu and Ouyang Lei arrived at South Gate Town. As they came to the villa and saw Tang Xiu, Ouyang Lei approached him and gave a big hug as he said with a smile, “My future brother-in-law, since our family knows that you’re going to do a big move, we also have prepared to join in. So my family send me here. Since we—brothers have joined, the Zhangs are as sure as fallen already.”
Tang Xiu stepped back and released himself from Ouyang Lei’s hug. With a weird expression, he looked at Ouyang Lulu who was blushing and forced out a smile as he said, “Brother Ouyang, right? I think you made a mistake, I’m not your future brother-in-law. What you said can stain the reputation of your sister.”
Ouyang Lei was struck with surprise as he stared blankly. The smile on his face quickly faded away as he shouted angrily at Tang Xiu, “What the hell? What nonsense did you spit out? My sister has slept with you, and you don’t want to admit your mistakes and clean your mouth after you eat something?”
Tang Xiu was struck dumb.
_Has she even slept with me?_
_I ate up something and not cleaned up my mouth?_
_When did I eat her up anyway?_
After coming to his senses, Tang Xiu forced out a smile and said, “Ugh, there should be a misunderstanding here, no? Ouyang Lulu and I are only friends, we did not… “
Ouyang Lei shouted. He turned his head and glared sternly at Ouyang Lulu, saying, “What do you want me to say about you? That you’re getting dumped by him? Go home with me now and see if I don’t tell this to Mom and Dad. I’ll just let them fix you up.”
With a quite humiliated and angered face, Ouyang Lulu loudly said, “Brother, what the hell are you talking nonsense here? I told you many times already that I and Tang Xiu are only friends. Well, slightly better than ordinary friends. It was you who misunderstood this, and you wanna lecture me because of this?”
Ouyang Lei knitted his brows as he looked at her. Then, he turned and looked at Tang Xiu. After hesitating for a while, he asked again, “So, you really didn’t…”
"Yea, we really didn’t do it.” Tang Xiu said.
Ouyang Lei rolled his eyes and snorted, “Hmph, even if not now, then let it happen tomorrow. In any case, my parents have regarded you as our Ouyang Family’s son-in-law. So you can never escape from this identity. Tang Xiu, my sister has a high standard and she rarely likes anyone, so you must never abandon her.”
Tang Xiu could only sigh helplessly. Trying to reason with an unreasonable and misfit guy such as Ouyang Lei gave him a headache. If he was not Ouyang Lulu’s big brother, he really would have kicked this guy out.
To no longer be pestered with this subject, Tang Xiu said, “Anyways, did your Ouyang Family really decided to join in the action?”
“Yes! Since a member of our family has been bullied by others, how can the family overlook it? Worry not! In the next two days, a lot of our men will come to Star City gradually. I came in advance to prepare the accommodations for them. In addition, our family has prepared five billion for fund, so once we execute the plan, we can immediately use the money.”
Really generous!
Tang Xiu could only smile wryly inside.
As for Ouyang Lei’s warmhearted display to regard him as his own family, he really couldn’t stand it. But it was also improper to not give face to someone who was smiling and offering him a hand, lest that he couldn’t drive him away.
Standing next to Tang Xiu, Kang Xia looked at Ouyang Lei with displeasure. If not for realizing that flaring up was bad, she would have scrapped this guy’s ears and slapped his face. Her boss had no intimate relationship with Ouyang Lulu whatsoever, and he dared to spit out such rubbish talk.
Somehow, ever since the fight with Ouyang Lulu previously, she couldn’t stand to see her flirt with Tang Xiu. The more aggressive Ouyang Lulu acted, the more she incensed felt inside. If there were no outsiders this time, she would have held Tang Xiu’s arms and showcased it to this Ouyang sibling.
At the evening, a group of five drove to Lakeview Manor. The manor’s owner was a rich-looking, plump middle-aged man. He was surnamed Sun, with straight eyebrows and a mustache shaped like 八 and somehow looked quite comical.
“Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Old Man Long has ordered to take you directly to the meeting room in the innermost manor. If you have any requests you can always call the staffers. Tonight, all the staffers here are our own people.” Sun Zhengquan motioned from the side whilst smiling.
Chen Zhizhong was a regular patron here so he also handed over the issue to him.
Soon, Tang Xiu and the other four arrived at the meeting room as they saw Long Hanwen and Long Zhengyu there. After some courtesies, everyone sat down. Then, Long Hanwen asked, “Tang Xiu, when will your other two friends come?”
“They should be coming soon.” Tang Xiu looked at his watch and said.
As expected, the moment Tang Xiu finished speaking, Sun Zhengquan, who had not yet left, received a notice from a security guard, saying that Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen had arrived.
“We apologize for coming late.”
Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen apologized after entering the meeting room.
Tang Xiu was the first to stand up. He looked at them and said, “It’s alright. We also have just arrived. Anyways, let me introduce you to everyone, this one is…”
A few minutes later, Tang Xiu had introduced the two of them to everyone. After some small courtesies, everyone finally talked about today’s main purpose.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s issue was initiated by me. I proposed to uproot the Zhang Family since I don’t want to be bothered to be bugged by them anymore. So I’m very grateful for everyone’s assistance. If anyone of you needs my help in the future, you can speak to me freely.” Tang Xiu said first.
“Well, the Zhang Family has long been having disputes and has quite a deep hatred with the Long Family. I wished to uproot them from a long time now. Since the opportunity has arisen, naturally, we won’t give this up. Tang Xiu, everyone here is our own people. So tell us about the first move you already have in mind.” Long Hanwen said with a smile.
“Alright. I’ll tell you about the ideas I have in mind first. Then, we’ll discuss and have a brainstorming about it to make a perfect plan. The Zhang Family has deep roots in Star City and they have stayed here for decades. The first step we’ll do is to tempt them with profit prospects. As long as the gains are big enough, the Zhang Family naturally will bite the hook and want it for themselves. A few days ago, I, Long Zhengyu and Ouyang Lulu have agreed to a joint venture to buyout a plot of land and are preparing to build an edifice there. So, for the following…”
Along with Tang Xiu’s explanation, everyone nodded repeatedly. After he had finished explaining, Long Hanwen said with a smile, “Everyone’s knowledge about the Zhang Family, perhaps is not as deep as mine. It’s true that the one who understands us the most is not your friend, instead, it’s your enemy. Now, since I’m the one who’s their opponent, I’ll speak about my idea…”
A full two hours passed by.
Everyone discussed in the meeting room and quickly made a good plan. Following that, each and every one of them also spoke about the money they could contribute to the plan. Long Hanwen agreed to provide 5 billion, while Chen Zhizhong would come up with 2 billion. Ouyang Lei himself brought 5 billion, so the total now reached 12 billion. Unbeknownst to all from where Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen got the money, they also brought 3 billion.
Even so, they also had arranged a lot of manpower, so, whether it was force or business warfare, everything was ready to be set in motion.

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