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Noon of the next day…
Long Hanwen contacted four bank’s leaders in Star City. He invited them to Long’s Dining Hall and revealed his purpose of getting a loan from them.
Since the four banks also wanted to cooperate with the Long Group, they officially expressed that there was no problem with their side. But when they heard the sum of the loan Long Hanwen wanted, each and every one of them gave up.
Five billion from each. Altogether it was 20 billion yuan.
The leaders of these Star City’s four banks were frightened by Long Hanwen’s ambition. And when they heard that Long Hanwen had gathered 8 billion yuan and learned that he was ready to develop a huge project, instead of feeling happy, they were worried about it.
Tens of billions worth of investment in a project was by no means something to joke about. If the progress of the project ran smoothly, then it would be fine; but if the project ended up badly, they simply couldn’t afford to lose five billion. Therefore, they could only promise Long Hanwen that they would give the answer later after thorough consideration.
At night.
Long Hanwen also invited numerous government officials to dine in Long’s Dining Hall, during which he tried to build a bridge with them and exploited his connections. He also faintly revealed that he was preparing to carry out a big project. And it was expected that the project plan should be completed in the next few days. When the time came, he said he hoped to get official approval from the government.
These officials naturally hoped that Star City could have better development. As Long Hanwen himself had good reputation and personal contacts, they promised to give a lot of care to the project.
The third day.
Long Hanwen and Long Zhengyu separately contacted several rich Big Bosses in Star City, proposing and wishing to cooperate with them. However, the conditions they gave were not particularly appealing.
Those several Big Bosses didn’t give clear answers, but they told Long Hanwen and Long Zhengyu that they would consider it first and would then give their answers after a few days.
Whilst Long Hanwen’s side carried out the plan, Tang Xiu and the others were also not idle. Chen Zhizhong stood up and was reported to be willing to invest 200 million. On the other hand, the people brought by Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen were scattered nearby the Zhang Family’s industrial sites throughout Star City.
Ouyang Lei himself went to Blue City in these two days, and after having some talks with several friends who were very famous and powerful there, he then met with Long Hanwen at Long’s Dining Hall. As for the specific details of the talks between the two parties, a lot of Big Bosses from the business circle seemed to be well aware and showed their interests on it.
Following that and unbeknownst to all, a set of building architectural design had been photographed with mobile phones by someone and spread out everywhere.
At the Zhang Family, in Star City…

Zhang Fengxian was sitting upright in his study room, listening to the report from his secretary in front of him. His eyes glinted as he looked at the architectural design spread out in front. The design was printed, and each and every design in this architectural complex design was truly almost perfect.
“That’s all?”
Whilst listening to the report from his Secretary, Zhang Fengxian’s eyes finally landed on the architectural complex design in front of him as he asked quietly.
“Yes. We’ve investigated these. Ouyang Lei from the Ouyang Family is now with Long Hanwen in Long’s Dining Hall. The development of the Ouyang Family’s businesses in Jingmen Island has reached the limit and they want to expand further. It’s a necessity for them to seize others’ businesses. For this purpose, Ouyang Lei went to Blue City to have a meeting and presentation with several people before he directly came to Star City. Their talks seemed to have gone very good, and I think it’s highly likely that they will reach cooperation.”
"How about the state of the Long Group’s stock price?” Zhang Fengxian asked thoughtfully.
“It has risen in today’s closing session.” The young secretary replied.
Zhang Fengxian stood up slowly whilst carefully rolling up the architectural complex design. Then, he said, “Call Deqin here, I’ll go with her to visit Long’s Dining Hall.”
The young secretary complied and left the study room.
Two minutes later, Zhang Deqin arrived in the study room with a pale complexion. After which, she asked Zhang Fengxian, who was standing motionlessly and watched through the window, “Dad, is there something you need me for?”
“Have you heard the recent moves from the Long Family?” Zhang Fengxian said.
“Yes. In fact, I heard that Long Zhengyu had bought those plot of lands as early as half a month ago. I know that the Long Family is preparing a big move, but I didn’t expect that they would act this fast.” Zhang Deqin nodded and said.
“Have you looked at the architectural complex design that has been leaked? Tell me what you think about it,” said Zhang Fengxian.
“I can say that this is truly an exquisite workmanship. If the Long Family is able to build all the requirements in the design and build all of the buildings drawn there, it will create a huge sensation throughout the country. No, it should be able to create a stir worldwide. However, the funds needed for the constructions would be astronomical. Let alone one Long Family, even if there are ten of them, perhaps, they wouldn’t be able to provide such a huge sum.” Zhang Deqin nodded and said.
“The Long Family can’t provide such astronomical sum now, that’s for sure. But the project can be done separately. If the building clusters in this design are to be divided into 10 or 20 clusters, it won’t be a problem to complete the project despite taking a long time. Once this blueprint design is known to the public and the project begins to construct the business district and residential area, I can tell that all real estate prices will skyrocket greatly. Do you think our Zhang Family will be able to join in and take shares in this project?” Zhang Fengxian said indifferently.
“Dad, you want to cooperate with the Long Family?” asked Zhang Deqin as her eyes brightened up.
“It’s a must! If we let the Long Family freely raise the capital to fund this project, it will be inevitable they will surpass our family in the future. We are businessmen. For us, profits will always be our purpose. Since the benefits and profits are there, why can’t we cooperate?” nodded Zhang Fengxian as he said.
In this instance, Tang Xiu’s face appeared in Zhang Deqin’s mind. She recalled the complicated relationship between them with Tang Xiu and the Long Family. After hesitating for a while, she said, “Dad, could this be a trap?”
“A trap? By all means, with only Long Hanwen’s abilities, there’s no way he can set a trap for us. Otherwise, he must have been preparing to build up resources and move. Come with me to the Long’s Dining Hall now.” Said Zhang Fengxian with a sneer.
“What are we gonna do there?” asked Zhang Deqin with a confused expression.
“Jingmen Island’s Ouyang Family wants to expand their business. They originally wanted to target Blue City. But after having talks with some of their friends there, they now have arrived in Star City and are talking with Long Hanwen. In business, everyone will have to cooperate to make money and riches. But even if the Long and Ouyang Families were to cooperate, they wouldn’t be able to gather such big capital on their own!”
Zhang Deqin herself was quite alerted inwardly. But she was also well aware of her father’s disposition. Once he decided something, no one could stop him him, even though there were also others with authority in the family.
However, using the excuse to change her clothes, she dialed someone’s number and asked to investigate Tang Xiu’s whereabouts in the last two days.
Just as she followed her father to Long’s Dining Hall, she received a report that Tang Xiu didn’t go out even half a step from South Gate Town in the last two days. The message gave peace of mind to her.
At Long’s Dining Hall.
Holding a glass of red wine and smoking a cigar in the bright and spacious presidential suite, Long Hanwen was chatting and merrily laughing with Ouyang Lei while a set of architectural designs drawn by Tang Xiu was placed in front of them.
"Ding, dong..."
The doorbell sounded.
Ouyang Lei opened the door. After seeing it was Long Zhengyu, he nodded his head and let him enter the room.
“Dad, I’ve received calls from two banks. Both of them said they can only give the loan for a maximum of two billion, so the total would be four billion. However, the interest is not low.”
“And the term?” Long Hanwen squinted his eyes and asked.
“Two years.” Replied Long Zhengyu.
"Tell them to either increase the term to three years or reduce the rate. Otherwise, I’ll take the loan from the other banks.” He said.
Long Zhengyu nodded. He cast a sidelong glance at the door and toned down his voice, “I just received a report that Zhang Fengxian and his daughter—Zhang Deqin, along with some high-level members of the Zhang Family, have arrived in Long’s Dining Hall. If they’re coming to see us, they should be here shortly.”
Long Hanwen and Ouyang Lei looked at each other.
Ouyang Lei said with a laugh, “Hahaha, the fish has taken the bait.”
“Considering the fly-like character he has for profits’ opportunities, Zhang Fengxian surely will chase every chance he can see. We have spread out so much rumors about this. If he doesn’t catch the drift, then he isn’t himself.” Long Hanwen said with a sneer.
“Damn! My brother-in-law is truly amazing. He created so many movements that will create a big stir, but he unexpectedly stayed in South Gate Town in these two days. It’s as if he simply has no concerns whether this will be successful or not. But a young man will always think as a young man. He turned out to have secretly hired a number of Internet Water Army. Once we carry out the next stage of the plan, perhaps, there will be overwhelming reports and information on the Internet that will discredit the Zhang Family.” Said Ouyang Lei with a laugh.
"Well, the Internet propaganda is definitely a very influential way of spreading information. My men are also all trying out to investigate the evil deeds the Zhang Family had done recently. So long as they find evidence, they will feed those Internet mercenaries this information.” Replied Long Hanwen with a nod.
“If I were to have children such as Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin in the future, I would make sure to choke them to the death as early as I could. Having such children will only court a disaster for the family.” Ouyang Lei replied with a laugh.
“You can find various kinds of birds in a forest. It’s just like people say- It’s easy to attack a country, but much more difficult to defend one. When troublemakers appear in the family, the entire family will be implicated by them. And these years, the wicked deeds the Zhang Family has done are many, so it should also be the time for their retribution to come.” Long Hanwen replied indifferently.
"Ding dong ..."
The doorbell sounded again.
Long Hanwen nodded to Long Zhengyu as he watched him go to the door and open it.
“Ah, Uncle Zhang?! What brings you here?” Seeing the five people outside the door, Long Zhengyu’s eyes finally landed on Zhang Fengxian as he greeted with a smile.
“Well, I heard that your father was here drinking. How couldn’t this old friend of his not come to join the ride? Anyhow, won’t you let me in?” Zhang Fengxian asked with a smile.
“This…” Long Zhengyu hesitated as he then said, “Uncle Zhang, please enter.”
Zhang Fengxian nodded. After entering the living room of the presidential suite, he then saw Long Hanwen and Ouyang Lei chatting on the sofa.
“Ah, it seems like Brother Long is in good spirits, yes? Anyways, we took the liberty to visit you, we’re not disturbing you entertaining your guest, are we?”

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