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Whilst pointing at Ouyang Lei and trying to suppress his excitement, Long Hanwen said, “Didn’t you hear clearly that Kang Xia owes him a favor? Do you think she’ll refuse if he wants her to repay it? Lest that Magnificent Tang Corporation’s business could be said as only a minor one, the capital being invested in it also not worth mentioning. So, if we can pull her company in this, I believe Kang Xia will also be willing to be the CEO.”
“Kang Xia is someone who lives up to her words and I’m sure that she will definitely comply if I ask; albeit perhaps we will have to pay quite the price.” Ouyang Lei said confidently.
“Price? With all due respect, I truly want to know how much she’d demand. We all know who she is and how much money we can get by relying on her if she becomes the CEO!” patting the table, Long Hanwen loudly spoke.
At the moment, Zhang Fengxian was also excited. He knew that a lot of domestic major corporations had tried to hire Kang Xia, only to receive her refusal. And now, the fact that she owed Ouyang Lei a favor, and in the case that he was really able to invite her, it meant that they only needed to open the mouth, whereas the money would come to them by itself.
“Whatever demands she has, we’ll comply.” Zhang Fengxian said with a firm tone.
A few minutes later.
The doorbell of the presidential suite sounded. Long Zhengyu opened the door as he quickly and politely welcomed Kang Xia inside.
“Oh, it’s very lively here! I’m not disturbing everyone with my visit, am I?” Looking around everyone inside the room, Kang Xia asked Ouyang Lei with a beaming smile.
Whilst smiling, Ouyang Lei also got up as he gently hugged her. After loosening his hug, he said, “No, no. We were just talking about you! Anyhow, you didn’t tell me you set up your own business even though we’re old friends, it’s kinda unbecoming of you to look down on me, no?”
“How so? You’re in Jingmen Island, not Star City. It’s not like I ought to wait for you to come from Jingmen Island, right? Anyways, why are you in Star city today? Any important business here?” Kang Xia said with a smile.
“The old gentleman of my family said to open new businesses for the Ouyangs. He also promised me that, if the next investment project I manage bring about a lot of profits, then the position of the Family Head will be mine. What do you think? I’m pretty good, aren’t I?” Ouyang Lei replied with a smile.
“Ugh, even with strangers around, you still fart with that smug smelly look, eh!?” Kang Xia chided.
Ignoring the remark, Ouyang Lei waved and said, “It’s alright, they’re not strangers. Old friend, when we were in the US before, you said you owed me a favor. Isn’t it about time you settle the account?”
Kang Xia was distracted for a moment. Her expression immediately turned serious as she nodded and said, “Each drop of graciousness shall and ought to be paid. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve already died in that car accident. So tell me, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you.” Ouyang Lei replied with a chuckle
Kang Xia’s face turned red as she chided, “Go to hell. Don’t talk such a rubbish.”
Pretending to look serious, Ouyang Lei said, “Well, I do really want you. Uncle Long, Uncle Zhang and I have been preparing a joint venture for a construction project, and I want you to become our manager.”
Kang Xia’s brows wrinkled. She pondered for a while before she forced out a smile and said, “Old friend, if you told me about this a few months back, I may have agreed with you without hesitation. But now…”
“Chief Kang, as far as I know, your Magnificent Tang Corporation is doing cosmetics business, yes? But you’ve yet to buy your own factory, much less having your products hit the market. I think you aren’t that busy right now. Furthermore, if you want your company to join in the project, the four of us can cooperate as well. We’ve been preparing to invest quite a lot of funds in this project and I can assure you that the profits are extremely high. Do you have any interest?” Long Hanwen said quickly.
“Not interested.” Kang Xia replied and shook her head.
Long Hanwen forced out a smile as he raised his hand and touched his bridge nose. However, he winked at Zhang Fengxian the moment Kang Xia didn’t pay attention to him.
Zhang Fengxian nodded whilst keeping his composure as he said with a smile, “Chief Kang, capable persons can do and handle more jobs. We’re all business people and we always pursue high the profits, the more the better. I believe you’ll be interested if you know about our project. Besides, we won’t treat you badly if you become our professional manager.”
"What project?" Kang Xia replied with a curious expression.
Ten minutes later.
Through the presentation, Kang Xia knew the whole project’s blueprints. Her eyes turned particularly bright, before a somewhat struggling expression appeared on her face.
Upon seeing it, Zhang Fengxian immediately said, “Chief Kang, now you already know about the whole plan, considering your ability in business analysis you should be able to see the huge profits it could bring about. So, what do you think? Are you willing to cooperate with us?”
Kang Xia’s face changed continuously. After quite a long while, only then did she shake her head and said bitterly, “To tell you the truth, the kind of project that can pique my interest are only a few. But I admit that I’m tempted by this project. However… I don’t have the money. Even if I want to invest in this project, the most I can invest is only a few hundred million yuan; whereas this project of yours is a huge one.”
Long Hanwen quickly asked, “Chief Kang, how much can you invest?”
Kang Xia thought for a moment as she stretched out two fingers and said, “At the most, I can only cut 200 million from the non-essential investment fund in my Magnificent Tang Corporation.”
“If you can invest 200 million and you become our CEO, I promise to give you 10% of the shares. What do you think?” Long Hanwen spoke with a resolute and decisive tone.
Zhang Fengxian stared blankly as a look of slight astonishment was revealed on his face. He didn’t expect that Long Hanwen would be this generous. With Ouyang Lei’s five billion, the amount of investment from he and Long Hanwen should also be no less than that. This meant that the total investment from the three of them would be 15 billion yuan; and 10% was equal to 1.5 billion!
“I’m talking about profit shares!” Long Hanwen added.
In the next moment, Zhang Fengxian calmed down. If it was only the shares from profit, then he had no objection.
Ouyang Lei looked fervently at Kang Xia and said, “Old friend, take it! No one in the country is more competent and suitable than you to take this position.”
Kang Xia didn’t answer right away. She quietly thought deeply for a few minutes before she looked up and asked, “How much is the total investment for this project?”
“I can come up with eight billion, which is all the money I can use including loans from the banks.” Said Long Hanwen with a deep tone.
“I can put out five billion.” Ouyang Lei said.
Kang Xia then turned to see Zhang Fengxian.
Zhang Fengxian thought for a moment and slowly said, “I also can put out five billion. And if the later stages of the project still need some funds, I also have no problem with that.”
Kang Xia slowly nodded. After thinking about it, then, she said seriously, “I want 15% of the shares. If you agree, then I’ll join. If not, then take it that today’s matter never happened.”
Long Hanwen and Zhang Fengxian exchanged a look before immediately nodding quietly, whereas Ouyang Lei also nodded and didn’t object upon seeing it.
Late at night. At South Gate Town’s villa complex. Tang Xiu was sitting near the window while reading the financial report in his hands. At this moment, the lights from the distant came over, so he raised his head and looked toward the outside.
A Lamborghini stopped at the courtyard as Kang Xia came out of it.
“Up here!”
Tang Xiu motioned his hand at her.
Kang Xia gave an OK gesture and then went upstairs toward Tang Xiu’s room. After she arrived, she said with a smile, “You’re really carefree, Boss! While we carry out the plan and rack our brains, you take everything leisurely.”
“That’s a given, I cannot rush to the front in order to not alert the enemy. By the way, how’s today’s results?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
Kang Xia, “Well, we’ve invited the gentleman to the boiling pot, and now we’re waiting to sign the agreement. Ouyang Lei did a good performance. They have agreed to sign the deal two days later in the Long’s Dining Hall.”
“Long Hanwen has said it correctly. Regardless if the situation is chaotic or peaceful in this world, everyone will still pursue profits and benefits. Zhang Fengxian has a good sense in business opportunities, but it’s a pity that he hasn’t seen through everything, that this move is but only a trap for him. Otherwise, his Zhang Family would surely will rise to a higher level once this project is completed.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“Hahaha, that’s why the Bible has stated that Greed is one of the Original Sins.” Kang Xia laughed and said.
Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Human have endless desires, as they always have. As long as they can see the benefits, pursuing it they dare and will. Ah, right. Did you bring the information I need?”
Kang Xia handed over a document holder to Tang Xiu and said, “Our men have been tracking them and clearly investigated all the movements from every member of the Zhangs. But someone is missing and we can’t find him for now.”
Tang Xiu asked, "Who is it?"
"Zhang Yongjin!" Kang Xia said.
“Find him! No matter what means, we must find his whereabouts. Exterminating the grasses without removing the roots will only leave a disaster for us later.” Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled as he said with sinking tone.
“We’re already on the move. However, I suspect that Zhang Yongjin is not in Star City.” Kang Xia said.
Tang Xiu thought for a moment before he slowly said, “When you see Long Hanwen and Ouyang Lei tomorrow, tell them to move their men to help search. Contact Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen also. No matter in which rat hole Zhang Yongjin hid himself, even if we have to dig three feet deep, we must dig him out.”
“Understood!” Kang Xia nodded.
At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.
The hospital building was brightly lit and illuminated. At the door of the operating theater room in the 4th floor, the family members of several patients were anxiously waiting. When the operating room’s door was opened from the inside, two doctors with surgical masks came out with their bodies sweating profusely.
“How’s my wife, Doc?”
A middle-aged man immediately rushed to ask upon seeing them.
“We have tried, but we still have no means to take out the steel nail from her body. The location of the nail is too close to the artery and the heart. Any slight mistake and she’ll die on the operating table. Although she’s still alive from the wounds for now, but it will threaten her life at any time.” The doctor forced out a smile and replied.
“Then, what’s to be done? Don’t tell me it’s going to end like this?” The middle-aged man impatiently said.
“We’re really helpless. The Dean spoke to us about this also, so we’ll naturally do our best.” Forcing out a smile, the doctor replied to him.

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