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Chen Wei angrily said, "Hey, are you a man or not? Are you really still a boy that hasn’t grown hair? If so, then just hurry back to your home and sleep! This great aunt will go even if you don’t!”
“Damn! This father is an old monster who has lived for 10,000 years!”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help but curse inside. But he intentionally showed a look of helplessness as he said, “The pub is kinda unsafe at night, especially the local ones. There are a lot of sexual harassers and they are jam-packed with local thugs and ruffians. If you don’t want to have accidents, you better listen to me and go back to your hotel and rest.”
Chen Wei said with contempt, “Are you taking me for a fool and trying to coax me? Even though I left the country for so many years, it doesn’t mean I know nothing about the law and order here! Fine! Are you coming or not?! Don’t get long-winded with me. If you’re not coming, then scram quickly.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll go.”
Chen Wei happily replied, “Hehe, that’s more like a man!”
Three Feathers Pub! It was the most luxurious and the most visited bar nearby the dining street. Neon signs were flashing as the sound of rock and roll music could be heard even before entering. After entering the pub, the sound was much more deafening and extremely noisy.
Tang Xiu had never liked such places. But since he was here to guarantee Chen Wei’s safety, he couldn’t immediately leave; he could only endure the chaos inside as he followed Chen Wei into the pub.
“Did you see it? That’s an on-the-spot live pole dance performance. That girl’s body is very good and sexy. Such a woman is very attractive to any men, a rare extraordinarily belle. Take a look at that side! Those two girls dancing on the dance floor with two tattoos on their neck? They’re definitely one hell of underbrush flowers. They’re specifically very good on ganging up men’s “stuff”. Their characteristics are kinda good, but I dare say their p*ssies surely already have very rich experience.” Chen Wei moved closer to Tang Xiu’s ear and spoke loudly. [1]
Tang Xiu was really speechless. Facing an exotic flower marvel like Chen Wei who was resembled a fighter jet, it drove his mental nerves to always be ready to receive the challenge.
Chen Wei didn’t seem to realize Tang Xiu’s frowning expression. She stretched out her hand to the bartender, who handed her a cocktail. After drinking a mouthful of it, she wiped the liquor mark on the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and said enthusiastically, “The local pubs are truly better than the ones abroad. But it’s a pity that there are only a few sexy people that can be asked to dance with. Or else, tonight would be very eventful and colorful. Ah, look! Look at the 3 o’clock! That man is very hot! Great body, good skin, gorgeous looks. Damn! He surely has great “stuff” too. Erm… how about I gang up on him to the hotel tonight?”
Tang Xiu straightly turned his face, expressing that he was unfamiliar with this marvel creature.

Chen Wei, on the other hand, finally sensed Tang Xiu’s strange manners. She grabbed him and made him face her as she burst into laughter and loudly spoke, “Ehh, you’re still a little boy, aren’t you? Haven't you had any girlfriend yet? Ah, how about this sister teach you some tonight? So you can hook up a girl and take her to the hotel? Worry not, boy. I’m a woman and naturally, I know what’s inside a woman's mind. Even though you look average and your clothing is kinda ordinary, but if you use my teaching, you’ll definitely be able to easily score.”
“Nope. Not interested!” Tang Xiu said indifferently.
Chen Wei stared with widened eyes. Because after drinking her face was a bit red, it was adding some points of beauty to her. However, at the moment, an inconceivable expression shrouded her whole face as she stared at Tang Xiu and exclaimed, “You’re not interested in women? Are you a gay?”
“It’s you who is a homosexual!” Tang Xiu retorted with a foul mood.
“What’s wrong with being homosexual? I tell you, this young lady is not only a lesbian but also bisexual. I like strong men and I love beautiful women! It’s a pity that this great aunt has a kinda thieving mentality, though. I have no guts to even carry out my indecent intentions. Up until now, I only kissed my boyfriend a little. And that man of mine is kinda useless too. He’s very timid, as though a rabbit!” Chen Wei happily spoke.
A woman’s inner world is truly as deep as an ocean!
At this moment, Tang Xiu finally understood the meaning of this line. He really couldn’t understand her. This woman pricked his nerves as though she was a neuropathy, but before, as she was putting on makeup in the hotel, she was quiet and looked like a well-behaved baby.
“I see. You’re not only bisexual, but you’re also schizophrenic.”
Astonished, Chen Wei replied, “Ehh? How did you know? You can say I’m like a princess during the day, but I’m just like a hooker at night! Don’t you guys love women like me?”
Tang Xiu grabbed the liquor handed over by the bartender and gulped it down in one stroke. Then, he turned his head back to her.
Chen Wei’s face was full of boredom as she rolled her white eyes. Whilst carrying a crystal cup and drinking her cocktail, she looked enthusiastically to the dance floor, at the body of men and women that swayed from side to side. Such debauched pleasure-seeking, and the atmosphere of debilitating love scenes, embracing each other and the restless body rubbings. The pub was full of men and women who were seeking for pleasure with only a wisp of careful thoughts.
A few minutes later.
Chen Wei waved at Tang Xiu. Her slender waist swayed side to side, dancing on the dance floor. Shortly after, several handsome young men came over and bounced together. Tang Xiu only cared about her safety and didn’t care about her self-demise bohemian attitude. As long as she didn’t bring the man back to the hotel and didn’t force him to squat and stand guard in front of her door, he didn’t want to even care about such behavior.
Having been inside the pub for half an hour, Tang Xiu found several pairs of drunk men and women who he didn’t know before, leaving with arms on each other’s shoulders. Those men and women, if not for wanting to play one-night standings, they might want to take advantage of taking it for granted. However, he also realized from some scenes, that someone was selling drugs here.
His curiosity was sparked. He had no intention to leave Chen Wei alone, but Tang Xiu was suddenly struck with inspiration. A wonderful plan appeared in his mind. Along with a curving smile on his mouth, he went out of the pub, took out his mobile, and then dialed a number in a nearby hidden corner.
At Star City Public Security Bureau, inside the meeting room of the Criminal Investigation Division.
Cheng Xuemei and a dozen officers were simultaneously analyzing the case. Up until now, the shooting case that took place near South Gate Town was yet to find its murderer. Yet, it was followed by the collective disappearance of the Zhang Family members, the corruption case in the tripartite joint venture’s collective funds of the construction project by the Long Family, the Ouyang Family and the Magnificent Tang Corporation by the Zhang Family, as well as the incidents with internecine strife in a lot of entertainment venues in Star City. Such rush of incidents caused her to be quite badly battered and busy.
“I believe that there are absolutely a handful of black hands pulling the strings behind the Zhang Family’s case- we must investigate this case clearly. Otherwise, our superiors will never let us live good, peaceful lives anymore.”
“Ring, ring, ring…”
A mobile phone’s ringtone interrupted Cheng Xuemei’s words.
She knitted her brows and grabbed her mobile. As she looked at it, an astonished expression could be seen on her face, since the caller ID turned out to be Tang Xiu, which she regarded as a very mysterious person in her heart, whereas he himself looked like a very ordinary fellow. After a moment of hesitation, she finally accepted the call and spoke with a deep tone, “Tang Xiu, is there something you need?”
“Captain Cheng, I have important findings I want to report to you. If this matter is true, will there be any rewards?” Tang Xiu melodious voice came out of the phone.
“Say it! I need to know what kind of report first!” Cheng Xuemei said.
“I’m now at Three Feathers Pub! You should know the place, yes? It’s near the Star City Food Court area. I saw some people selling drugs here, and the volume is kinda huge! I’ve been staying here for more than half an hour, and I can tell that they have sold at least several tens of thousands of units. I suspect that…”
“You suspect that it’s psychotropic-narcotics?” Cheng Xuemei said with a deep tone.
“I don’t know if it’s narcotics or not. How about you guys check this out? If it’s really narcotics, you can also track the clues and arrest the traffickers.” Tang Xiu said.
For a moment, Cheng Xuemei was silent. Then, she said, “Continue watching. Don’t alert their them. And do pay attention to your own safety! We’ll immediately send people!”
Tang Xiu quickly complied and happily hung up the phone.
As he went back inside, Tang Xiu was struck dumb and speechless, because Chen Wei now was unexpectedly hugging a 17-18 years old girl, drinking and chatting merrily. Looking at their intimacy, even if someone was ignorant, they would think that the two were a lesbian couple.
"Another round of wine!"
Even though Tang Xiu couldn’t drink the cocktail well; however, he must do as the Romans do in Rome. He ordered another cup and gulped it down again as though he was thirsty.
Chen Wei turned her head. Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s appearance, she said with a beaming smile, “Hey handsome, where did you just go? I thought you dumped me back then! Just look at this young sister at my arms, what do you think? She’s the type I like. Cute, smart, sweet, and her mouth smells good.”
Tang Xiu glanced at the smiling girl. He shook his head and said, “If you like her, just continue hugging and kissing her!”
Chen Wei smiled tenderly and said, “Why? Don’t you to taste this young sister’s small mouth also? It’s really very sweet! I promise you she’ll definitely make all your desires come true.”
"Nope. Not interested!"
Although Tang Xiu also admitted that the lass was quite pretty, however, the thick makeup she had on her face didn’t give him a favorable impression. If he ever wanted to taste a woman’s mouth, he might as well look for the little enchantress, Ouyang Lulu! Or, the Lolita—Andy who smelled good all over her body; she even had many points with her two proud big rabbits!
Chen Wei cast aside curling lips and harrumphed, “Hmph, you’re really not a man! People say that young men are impulsive and easily aroused in that area. You’re just a loony!”
Tang Xiu was way too lazy to respond. What he wanted to see now was how efficient the City’s Criminal Police Division was, so he silently counted the time inside his mind.
15 minutes later.
A dozen of Criminal Police squads as well as a large number of police officers from the Public Security Bureau arrived. Cheng Xuemei took the lead and commanded overall situation, and quickly blockaded all the passages to the pub. When the rock and roll music stopped playing, along with the disappearance of the flashing lights, the light was replaced by a bright crystal lamp as Cheng Xuemei then shouted:
This was the taboo word everyone avoided in their hearts.
Upon hearing Cheng Xuemei’s words, the discontented expression on the visitors’ faces immediately turned into a well-behaved one. However, there were still 4-5 young men carrying packages, who hastily stuffed them into the couches.
Tang Xiu could see everything clearly and secretly typed a message on his mobile and sent it to Cheng Xuemei. After doing that, he looked at Chen Wei with a joyful mood. He knew that the trip to the pub tonight had come to an end.
* * *
[1] The raw said underbrush flower and Black Fungus. The first is the slang for girls who have slept with many men, and the latter is the slang for girls whose [sorry if it sounds offensive] vaginas have rich experience. For virgin girls, the slang is Pink Fungus. Welp, I don’t know how to translate this line in a much “nobler” way. Don’t ask me more though, I’m a married man, so I know nothing much. LOL. Chinese slang is not my forte, to begin with.

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