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Sure enough! Chen Wei angrily glared at Cheng Xuemei and the other police officers. While taking out her ID Card from her bag, she muttered, “It’s so fucking annoying! These cops truly have nothing else to do but eat to the fullest. You’re really messing with this great aunt’s good time. I thought I could enjoy myself to the full today.”
The girl in her embrace, however, had a somewhat tense expression. She quickly looked at Chen Wei and whispered, “I need to go to the restroom.”
“You want me to go with you?” Chen Wei asked.
“No need!” The girl’s answer was fast.
Tang Xiu squinted his eyes. Looking at the back of the girl leaving hastily, he said with a thoughtful expression, “Big Sis, the girl you hooked up with, looks like she has an unusual identity! She looks very nervous, and if she hasn’t done anything illegal, then her identity is surely very sensitive.”
“How do you know?” Chen Wei was surprised.
“It’s just a guess.” Tang Xiu said.
Chen Wei grunted, “What guess?! Are you a ghost or something? Quickly, take your ID Card out. You should be considered as an adult, no? I remember Qingwu is a 3rd-year teacher, and her students have already taken the CET. Since you’re her student, you should also have taken the CET and have an ID Card.”
Tang Xiu laughed without wanting to, and then said, “What you say does have a strong logic as well as accurate reasoning. But I have always had a face that even the police won’t check my ID Card. Do you believe me?”
Chen Wei laughed with ridicule, “You followed me for a night, but only now did I found out you love bragging!”
With an uncanny tone, Tang Xiu replied, “How about we bet? Not only will the cops not check my ID, I even dare to tease a policewoman officer. Did you see the one who spoke before? She’s very imposing, yes? She should be an officer with quite a high position.”
“Hmph, relying on you? Your balls are even smaller than a rabbit’s; you’re even afraid to approach a girl. Saying that you dare to tease a female officer is kinda a lame joke, no?” Chen Wei said with contempt.
“Answer me, you wanna bet or not!” Tang Xiu said.
Chen Wei snorted and replied, “Hmph, bet with you? Why not? If the cops don’t check your ID and you dare to tease that female officer, I’ll do anything you tell me!”
“Are you sure?” Tang Xiu asked.
“Sure as hell I do!”
Tang Xiu clapped and said with a smile, “Then, you wait and see!”
After having said that, he grabbed the cocktail on the table and gulped it down cleanly. After that, he walked in large strides toward Cheng Xuemei. To witness it first hand, Chen Wei followed behind him closely as they quickly came to Cheng Xuemei’s side.
“Hello Princess, you read the text message I sent you, yes?”
Cheng Xuemei, who had just seen Tang Xiu, nodded and said, “I did. Some officers have gone over there to search it. I really should thank you for this.”
“Well, keeping peace and order is always the responsibility of us, dutiful citizens. By the way, you haven’t told me what kind of reward I’ll receive from this, have you?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Hey! Be more decent and serious, will you?!” Cheng Xuemei angrily replied.
“Ehh? Haven’t I always acted properly and decent enough? Don’t tell me that a person doing good deeds has no right to get some good payback, no? If so, why should I cooperate with the police in handling the cases in the future.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
With a helpless expression, Cheng Xuemei said, “Then tell me, what reward do you want?”
Tang Xiu’s expression slowly turned serious, saying, “How about my previous proposal? You wait for me for a couple of years, then, you’ll marry me after I graduate from college! And when the time comes, you give birth to a few kids for me. As for how many kids you should give birth to, you should ask my Mom. If she wants a few, then you give birth to a few kids, whereas I’ll be sure to cooperate with the both of you!”
Chen Wei, who was behind Tang Xiu, couldn’t help but be amused and laughed. Although she already knew that Tang Xiu was just goading her to dig her own pit to jump into, she wasn’t angry at all. She realized that she unexpectedly couldn’t figure out the big boy who was following behind her butt for this one night.
As for Cheng Xuemei, her complexion came to a halt for a moment. Her heart was filled with the feeling of being at a loss whether she should laugh or cry. She quickly glanced at Chen Wei, before she intentionally showed an angry expression as she stared at Tang Xiu and said, “Didn’t I tell you that you mustn’t spit out such rubbish? Watch it, or I’ll beat you up and drag you to drink some tea at the police station!”
Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Ouch! Fighting and cursing and then making up is the proof of love, no? Although I don’t quite understand this line, I think if you really take me to the police station to drink some tea, that means that what I’ve hinted is spot on, yes?!”
Cheng Xuemei helplessly shook her head before she said with a sigh, “Your glib talk truly is much more difficult to deal with than facing you in person. Anyways, I heard that you’re going to apply for Shanghai Uni, are you sure your CET’s score can be accepted?”
“Yep! I’m sure of it!” Tang Xiu raised his head up spiritedly.
“I too wish you can be accepted. Alright, it’s already very late, and even if you’ve just finished your CET and wanted to indulge yourself, don’t come to this messed up place. Go home now and rest early. If the investigation really founds what you’ve reported, I’ll treat you to a meal the next day.” Cheng Xuemei nodded and said.
“You’re going to treat me to a meal before returning to the Capital?” Tang Xiu asked.
Cheng Xuemei frowned as she quickly glanced around. After she found that there were no other colleagues listening, only then did she feel a bit relieved and said with a low voice, “Don’t say it here. I’ll call you myself a few days later after I handle this matter!”
Tang Xiu promised with a chuckle. Then, he quickly turned to Chen Wei, giving her a provocative look, and left the Three Feathers Pub quickly! On the way back to Caesar Grand Hotel, he said, “Well, you remember the bet between us, right? The fact is, you lost!”
“No, it didn’t count as one. You cheated.” Chen Wei shook her head and said.
“When did I cheat?” Tang Xiu glanced at her with a contempt and asked.
Chen Wei angrily chided, “YOU! You knew that police officer. Besides, it’s you who brought those cops! You clearly knew that and you intentionally set up a trap for me to jump into. Like hell, I’ll accept that!”
Tang Xiu said indifferently, “Without having full confidence, would I even make a bet with you? Let’s cut the crap here. Do you accept that you lost the bet or not? If not, well, I have nothing to say. I can only say that your character is messed up.”
“You’re the one whose mental! Fine! I accept that I lost! What do you want me to do? This great aunt has long been ready for any sacrifice tonight. You scared away my young belle before, even if you want me to serve you all night long, I’ll do that!” Chen Wei angrily roared.
Tang Xiu shivered with fright down to his spine. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s forget it! I’m not interested in your body. My request is very simple though. For tomorrow and the day after, you must obediently stay in your hotel room. You’re not to get out even half a step. If you’re bored, just play with your mobile phone or watch TV. If you’re hungry, just call the hotel cafeteria and they’ll send the meal to your room.”
Chen Wei’s stared with wide eyes. So much so that she straightened up her chest. Even though she had a good figure, a guitar-like slender waist as well as long legs, however, her chest was quite flat. She did want to show off her capital, but she was finally unable to come to and eventually snorted twice with a resentful expression.
“I don’t like this request of yours. I’ll make sure to complain to Han Qingwu when she comes back!”
“That means you don’t want to accept your loss.” Tang Xiu said.
Chen Wei was angry. However, recalling Tang Xiu’s line just now, she swallowed it back. Her eyes rolled as she spoke forthrightly, “You want me to agree to your request, that’s fine with me. But since Han Qingwu entrusted me to you, you should be responsible for this. If you want me to stay in the hotel room, you also have to accompany me. I’m afraid of being alone.”
“Who would believe you, eh!”
Tang Xiu recalled all sort of things Chen Wei had done. She was extremely bold in the pub, flirting with the others, either men or women. Would she even be afraid of being alone in the hotel room?
However, as long as Chen Wei didn’t go out of the hotel and not make some trouble for him, it could be said that it was a satisfactory result. So as to complete Han Qingwu’s request, he nodded and said, “No problem. I’ll come every morning and go back at night. But, are you really not afraid of me eating you?”
“Do you even have the balls?” Chen Wei sneered.
Tang Xiu no longer spoke. He realized that a person with a thick face as though a wall such as Chen Wei would turn a corner in dispute. And the one who would eventually be defeated would be himself. She was as though a strong, high-spirited horse and needed someone else to conquer her. However, he had not the least bit of interest doing that.
After escorting Chen Wei back to the hotel room, Tang Xiu then bade farewell to leave.
“You really won’t stay?” Chen Wei leaned on the room’s door as she looked at Tang Xiu whilst smiling a smile that was yet unlike a smile.
Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “It’s already too late. Have a good rest! Do remember the agreement between us. You are not to leave your room’s door even half a step without my permission.”
Chen Wei fiercely closed the door from the inside angrily.
Tang Xiu smiled smugly. He secretly felt wonderful for having brewed up such a plan tonight. After he left the hotel and was about to catch a cab, a police car slowly stopped at his side. When the car’s window was opened, Cheng Xuemei spoke with all seriousness, “Get in the car!”
Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment before he circled the car’s front and went straight toward the co-pilot seat, opened the door and sat.
“Something’s up?”
“Yes, important and urgent. I just came from the Three Feathers Pub! We did find a batch of drugs just after you left. Also, there are more than a dozen people in the pub who attacked the police blockade. Not only they had controlled-authorized cutting weapons and firearms, even two of our comrades were wounded and taken to the hospital. However, we also caught those criminals.” Cheng Xuemei answered seriously.
“Since you already caught them, why did you look for me? It’s already very late, I have to go back and sleep.” Tang Xiu asked.
“I know that you’re very skillful. Can you help us arrest several other major drug dealers? We’ve just gotten the intelligence that there’s a group of drug dealers from outside of China, and they are staying in some rooms of this Caesar Grand Hotel. One of them is a young man called ‘Crown Prince’ who comes from the Jinshan region of South-Eastern Asia. Not only does his family have a private army, they also have a guarded wide expanse of poppy opium plantation, which is absolutely a vicious figure.”
Tang Xiu snapped with a foul mood, “Great Lady Cheng, aren’t you making a mistake here? I’m only a third-year student who just graduated and not even entered a university, yet you unexpectedly want me to act with you in such big case? Just in case something happens to me, can you even afford to be held responsible for it?”
* * *
I used an abbreviation for College Entrance Test to CET. Kinda lazy to type it since it’s too long and mentioned in the raws for too many times.
About drinking tea in the police station, you can read this article.

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