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A disappointed expression could be seen on Cheng Xuemei’s face. She shook her head and said, “I know I can’t. OK. If you don’t want to help us, then forget it and get off! We’re deploying our forces in hopes of successfully capturing the drug dealers.”
Looking at Cheng Xuemei's face, Tang Xiu Wei slightly frowned. He didn’t get off, but was silent for a while as he asked, “Why did you choose me?”
“Because I think if you’re nurtured, then you’ll definitely become an excellent police officer. What I mean is your skill as well as your detection and observation ability. From our analysis in Three Feathers Pub, you have a strong and keen sense of observation toward the surrounding environments. For average people, the first time they go to a pub, it would be very hard for them to find someone selling drugs. In your case, not only were you able to find it, you also contacted us afterward and keenly observed those people’s actions when selling drugs; that helped us greatly.” Cheng Xuemei said seriously.
Tang Xiu shook his head as he wryly smiled and said, “It’s kinda embarrassing to be complemented by you. Alright, so be it then. Looking at your uneasy expression, I’ll help you again. Tell me who are the drug dealers and in which rooms they’re staying. I have some methods to help you clarify the situation inside their rooms.”
“You do? How?” Cheng Xuemei was surprised.
“It’s my personal secret. I can’t tell you that.” Tang Xiu replied humorlessly.
Cheng Xuemei was doubtful as she replied, “Tang Xiu, this is not a joke. A slight carelessness will cost you your life. Those drug dealers are ruthless, and I even heard that this Crown Prince is someone who can kill without batting an eye. Not to mention that the police also have yet to complete the preparations for the deployment since we also have to avoid arousing their suspicion.”
“Relax! I’m well aware of the situation. I’m only responsible to observe the situation in their rooms- this is my specialty. The capture operation is yours.” Tang Xiu said indifferently.
Cheng Xuemei hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s the room #806, #807 and #808. According to the people in Three Feathers Pub who gave the information, there are a total of six people there.”
Tang Xiu nodded and opened the car’s door. After he got off, he said just before leaving, “Wait for my text message!”
A few minutes later.
Tang Xiu arrived at the eighth floor of the Caesar Grand Hotel. After looking for the #806 room, he released his perception and found that the number of people inside was not six, but eight. One of whom was a naked young man with bleached white hair who was having sex with a woman.
However, to hide his spiritual sense existence, he opened #805 room and quietly climbed out from the window and quickly and sharply appeared next to #806 room’s windows. After feigning an act as though he was observing something, he continued climbing toward the window outside room #807 and #808.

Shortly after, he took the elevator and directly dialed Cheng Xuemei’s number and told her about the situation. Then, he finally said, “Do pay attention toward the white-haired guy in the room #806. Not only are there firearms in his bedside cabinet, but also a sniper rifle. It’s similar to the guns I’ve seen on TV.”
“Are you sure there’s no error in your surveillance?” Cheng Xuemei asked with an anxious tone.
“Yes!” Tang Xiu said.
After Cheng Xuemei said thanks, she then hung up the phone.
Tang Xiu put his mobile away. After leaving the Caesar Grand Hotel, he didn’t directly leave but went to the opposite building. After he found an empty room that was not locked, he stood before the window as he quietly watched the movements in the opposite direction.
He could see that two snipers had already sneaked into the building he was in, whereas in the opposite building, a lot of Criminal Police members wearing casual attires were also quietly lurking inside. There was even a large number of armed police forces surrounding Caesar Grand Hotel.
“They came very fast!” Tang Xiu secretly sighed.
However, just after he had just spoken, his complexion slightly changed as he quickly found that at the opposite Caesar Grand Hotel’s room #808’s windows, a middle-aged man appeared and held a mini-binocular in his hand whilst taking a look below.
They had been found!
Tang Xiu quickly grabbed his mobile and dialed Cheng Xuemei’s number. After she answered, Tang Xiu spoke with a deep tone, “If my inference is correct, they must have found your police force deployment! They are using binoculars to observe through the windows, and they surely saw a large number of cops. Move and act now to save time.”
At this moment, Cheng Xuemei had already arrived at the Caesar Grand Hotel’s 8th floor. Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s report, her face instantly turned unsightly. Without her realizing, she had some kind of inexplicable trust toward Tang Xiu inside. So she shouted sternly with no hesitation, “Move and arrest them now! Immediately counterattack if there’s any resistance! Do beware of the three people in room #808. They’re aware there’s something amiss!”
The three rooms’ doors were separately blasted open by two police officers. The other well-trained armed police forces coordinated with each other and swarmed into the room with their guns’ muzzles readily aimed.
"Bang, bang, bang..."
Intense gunfire sounded from room #806 and #808. At the same time, the two snipers in the opposite building had also already aimed at their target and took a shot. As for the three men in Room #807, the moment the police rushed inside, they were already aimed by guns and didn’t dare act rashly.
Tang Xiu, who was standing before the windows in the opposite building, watched the shootout battle of the modern world whilst secretly shaking his head. Such a trivial slapstick case really couldn’t even change his mood. Under such circumstances with great disparity in strength between the police force and those drug dealers, even if there were any resistance, it would only be a dead end for them. As for the police, there might be some officers who injured or sacrificed, but in the end, those drug dealers would still be completely arrested or killed.
“Well, I’ll go back now!”
Just as Tang Xiu was about to leave, he suddenly caught a figure in his sight that ran from the room #808 of the hotel in front. The man was even holding a rope he hadn’t noticed before. Furthermore, his movements were very agile as though an Ape Spirit Beast as he surfed down the rope and rappelled down extremely fast.
“It’s that white-haired youth.”
The darkness of the night couldn’t block his sharp eyes as he instantly recognized the other’s identity.
“It’s not right. The room’s windows two floors below Room #808 are still open and there’s still someone inside. Ah, it’s that woman…”
Tang Xiu observed and found that the white-haired youth used the rope and surfed down toward the room’s windows two floors below as he immediately kicked the window with his feet. From the inside, a 30 years-old-woman grabbed him and pulled him into the room.
This time, even Tang Xiu himself couldn’t help but admire their good plans and ability. That rope should have long been prepared in advance as an escape route in case they came across dangerous situations, and they used it to flee directly. And that woman also had been arranged to stay there in advance by them, their partner in crime.
“Ah! As long as these two are still in the hotel, the guests will still be at risk. That annoying marvel—Chen Wei is still in her room. If she were to meet bad luck, there’s no way I can answer to Han Qingwu.”
Tang Xiu took a deep breath and left the building quickly.
“Sorry, Sir! The Caesar Grand Hotel is locked down, no one is allowed to enter or leave.” By the time Tang Xiu wanted to enter the hotel, he was stopped by the police officer who was responsible to guard and block the hotel’s entrance.
“I’m Tang Xiu and I also participated in this operation. Call Cheng Xuemei, she’ll tell you.” Tang Xiu said.
The police officer was surprised. After hesitating for a moment, he directly took his intercom and reported to the operation leader. Half a minute later, he received an order to let Tang Xiu go inside.
At the hallway on the 8th floor.
Cheng Xuemei was directing the cleanup of the shootout scene. Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s arrival, she quickly asked, “Why did you come back?”
“Don’t ask me yet. Quickly send some people to check the room two floors below the room #808! That white-haired youth had just escaped. He rappelled down two floors with a rope. There’s also a woman in her thirties or so who’s also with them. If your police force’s blockade is very tight, then… those two must still be in the hotel?”
“How do you know this?” Cheng Xuemei was shocked.
“I just came from the building across the hotel, so I saw everything clearly.” Tang Xiu said.
Cheng Xuemei nodded. With this information, she immediately issued orders, she even didn’t consult the Public Security Bureau Director—Deng Jianmin who had just arrived.
Tang Xiu and Deng Jianmin finally met face to face, but taking advantage when Cheng Xuemei was busy, he quickly left and went to Chen Wei’s room. Shortly after he rang the doorbell, the door was opened as he saw Chen Wei with her all-white pajamas, hanging loose long hair and bare feet, standing on the carpet.
“Hey, haven’t you left already? Why did you come back?”
Chen Wei’s facial expression was a bit pale. Even though she said that, but she quickly walked toward Tang Xiu and pulled him into the room as she then forcefully closed the door and locked it from the inside.
"It’s dangerous here, so I came back." Tang Xiu said.
“I think I really have bad luck. To think that the public security in the homeland isn’t as good as the foreign countries’. For fuck’s sake, this is my first day back in Star City! And here I am, coming across a shootout between cops and bandits. Tell me, do this shit occur in Star City frequently?”
“It used to be very good, actually. But in the past two months, there have been too many homicides occurring. If you’re afraid, you should quickly leave Star City tomorrow.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“Who the hell is scared? This Great Aunt is just not accustomed to this. Besides, it’s just that I didn’t expect to come across this situation in the homeland. I tell you I, your grandmother, am from abroad, I also have come across such gunfights before. Furthermore, I forgot to tell you that I have a black belt in Taekwondo; three or five big guys are not my match at all.”
Tang Xiu looked at her thin arms and legs. He was too lazy to bicker with her and walked straight to the window to watch the scene outside. At the same time, he also released his perception quickly. As long as that white-haired youth was still in this hotel, his spiritual sense would be able to cover everything; and it wouldn’t be difficult to catch him.
“Huh? Strange. Why is he not here?”

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