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Tang Xiu left the 40th floor, but he didn’t return to Chen Wei’s room and headed toward the control room on the 4th floor instead. Under the astonished gazes of Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei, he calmly said, “I met the woman from the pair of drug dealers and made her faint because she was going to kill me. In addition, the white-haired guy has already escaped from the hotel. I saw him from the window.”
Deng Jianmin angrily spoke, “Who the hell are you? How can you be so sure that the main culprit has run away?”
Tang Xiu replied with a cold expression and tone, “I don’t need you to believe my words. My task has been completed, and the rest is your responsibility. If there’s nothing else, don’t bother me anymore.”
After having said that, he left the control room.
Cheng Xuemei quickly stopped him as she winked at Deng Jianmin. She forced out a smile and said, “Tang Xiu, Director Deng don’t know you, so he didn’t recognize you. I believe you, but we still have to continue the search and hunt for them. Find a place to rest first, and wait for us to take care of the matter in the hotel. We’ll talk about this again later.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he told Chen Xuemei about Chen Wei’s room number. Then he left directly.
“Ugh, I don’t have the room card.”
Upon arriving at the door, only then did Tang Xiu realized that he hadn’t brought the room’s card. After hesitating for a moment, he kicked open the door. Chen Wei still fainted inside. He then used his backhand to close the door and then walked to the sofa and sat.
Two hours later. Tang Xiu was sitting drowsily on the sofa when the doorbell rang. Since the door was badly battered by Tang Xiu, Cheng Xuemei opened with a surprised expression hung on her beautiful face as she walked inside.
“You guys are…”
With an indifferent expression, Tang Xiu replied, “She’s the friend of my teacher and just arrived in Star City. I was asked to accompany her strolling around the city. You also saw her last night in the Three Feathers Pub. Originally, I was going to go home, but I didn’t expect that when I was about to leave, the matter with those foreign drug dealers broke out, so I came back here.”
“What happened to her?” Cheng Xuemei immediately asked.
“It’s her mistake for not letting me out. So I made her faint. Anyways, let’s stop talking about her. There's some matter between us I need to discuss with you” Tang Xiu said.
Between them?
Cheng Xuemei had gotten used to the confusing tone and words Tang Xiu used. However, since she was also a tenacious and determined woman, she shook her head and said whilst smiling, “I came here to thank you. Tonight, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid we wouldn’t catch those drug dealers and we also would have suffered grave casualties. Furthermore, the woman you defeated, she died.”
Tang Xiu said, “I want to form an agreement with you. You know I just graduated from high school and am going to Shanghai to attend college. So I want you to not disclose my involvement in this case.”

“How can we do that? The Bureau Director—Deng Jianmin already knows about your deeds. He has decided to give you a model citizen reward for this important report. He wants the public to learn from your deeds and encourage them to be law-abiding citizens in order to support the police wholeheartedly…”=
Tang Xiu waved his hand to interrupt her and said with a deep tone, “Keep me out of it. I don’t want to become famous; it will only bring about a lot of troubles to me. If you want to create a model figure, pick someone else. I don’t care about it.”
“There’s no way we can lie that blatantly, no?” Cheng Xuemei let out a forced smile as she replied.
“If you insist to publicize me, then it’s fine with me. But if the media happens to interview me, I’ll say that the police are doing nothing and they’re useless to even use threats for my help in catching those drug dealers. In short, I will discredit your police force. How about I say that?” Tang Xiu replied with a cold expression.
As dumbfounded as she was, Cheng Xuemei looked at Tang Xiu and was at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh. She had never seen such person. He could obviously obtain fame and fortune for doing such a good deed. But he unexpectedly refused the reward for his own efforts. Furthermore, this guy even dared to threaten her?
“Forget it then. I won’t report your involvement in this case. But, I really don’t get why would you refuse such a good deed like this. Had it been others, I’m sure they take it without thinking.”
“Do you really think this is a good thing?” Tang Xiu replied with an indifferent expression.
“Isn’t it?” Cheng Xuemei asked back.
“Don’t forget that one of those drug dealers run away. If I guess correctly, that guy is highly likely the most important person. That woman destroyed the surveillance cameras up to the 30th and 40th floor. She also intentionally committed murder wantonly. She was using her life to attract the police forces to give that white-haired guy a chance to run away.” Tang Xiu explained.
Cheng Xuemei stared blankly for a moment and instantly understood it.
A bitter expression was revealed on her beautiful face as she nodded and said, “You’re right. According to the confession from the drug dealers, the one who escaped was Taylor. The only son of a big shot drug dealer in the Golden Triangle. He is nicknamed ‘Crown Prince’.”
“Thus, if I go forward and receive the attention from thousands of people, do you think that guy won’t harbor any grudges toward me? If he wants revenge, then the first one he will come for would be me, no?” Tang Xiu said.
At this moment, Cheng Xuemei finally understood everything.
With a bit of complicated expression on her face, she then nodded and said, “I understand your concern. This is truly a poor consideration from our side. Please be rest assured that I will make sure to press down on this matter. We’ll never reveal the slightest hint of your involvement.”
“Do me a favor, would you? I must go home now, so send some police officer to stay guard here. I’ll come again tomorrow morning.” Tang Xiu said.
"Alright!" Cheng Xuemei nodded.
Tang Xiu left the Caesar Grand Hotel. But he somewhat regretted not asking Cheng Xuemei for someone to send him home. Feeling vexed, he waited for a long time on the roadside before he caught a taxi.
After coming back to South Gate Town, Tang Xiu found that Mu Qingping hadn’t rested yet. She was sitting in the living room, reading a book. Recently, he realized that Mu Qingping had changed a lot compared to the past. She was quite different from before, either her manner, speech or habits.
“Big Sis Mu, you haven’t rested yet?” Tang Xiu asked casually.
Mu Qingping looked up. She immediately got up upon seeing Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “Those instructors recommended me a few books, so I took the time to read them. By the way, have you eaten yet? You want me to prepare a midnight snack for you?”
“No need, thanks. I had dinner this evening. Anyhow, how’s your training course with those instructors? Good?” Tang Xiu shook his head and replied.
“It’s great. They are indeed worthy of their internationally renowned reputation. Everything in regards to their teaching is very good. Tang Xiu, can I discuss something with you?” Mu Qingping said with a smile.
“What is it?” Tang Xiu asked.
“Some of the instructors intend to take me to the outside for a week to learn more comprehensive contents, such as management and maintenance of private aircraft, yacht’s staff arrangement, the layouts, and…” Mu Qingping said.
Tang Xiu interrupted her, “Just go! I’ll take care of Yinyin. I’ll get a driver’s license in the next few days, so I can pick up Mom; she also can take care of Yinyin while convenient.”
“Thank you!” Mu Qingping replied with a grateful expression.
Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “I’m her Master, this is what I should do. Also, please don’t always say thanks, will you? We’re a family, it’s unnecessary.”
Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s expression changed as an upset look could be seen on his face.
“What is it?” Mu Qingping was keenly aware of Tang Xiu’s changing expression and asked.
“It’s just that I had to go to the driving school today. I’d forgotten about it.” Tang Xiu answered with a wry smile.
“Hahaha, it turns out to be this matter! Just go there and see the school’s instructor. It will be fine.” Mu Qingping replied and laughed.
Tang Xiu said reluctantly, “It’s because the South Gate Town’s Property Manager, to be frank. She’s the one who helped me find a driving school and see its principal. So I must go to see him and... Ah, forget it. I’ll go there tomorrow.”
The next morning.
Rays of sunshine had risen from the Eastern horizon.
Tang Xiu woke up and took a short bath. After having breakfast at home, he went out and bought breakfast for Chen Wei, as he then went in a hurry to Caesar Grand Hotel.
At the hotel.
Chen Wei was still sleeping soundly. Upon seeing her sleeping form on the bed, Tang Xiu knew that she must have woken up last night. He put the breakfast package on the tea table casually and then booted the computer and began to browse the internet. He rarely touched a computer. He went to the Internet café very few times as he usually only went there for his computer class from school.
Shortly after, he found a lot of news on the Internet that covered the news about Star City’s Zhang Group. Along with it, there were all types of curses and slanders, which especially flamed the Zhang Family.
“Ah, right. I can also search for precious ore news on the Internet, can’t I?”
Tang Xiu’s expression moved and immediately began to use the mighty Baidu as he searched information related to ores. Browsing through the text information and pictures, Tang Xiu did find several good ores. Unfortunately, since he was not skilled in computers, he didn’t know how to access the link to the ores’ addresses.
“Ah! Precious ores’ trading network?”
Tang Xiu clicked the hyperlink as his eyes turned bright in the next moment.
“Wintertide Fluorite? Star Fragment Stone?”
After browsing for more than half an hour, Tang Xiu found these two precious ores. Especially the Star Fragment Stone, he didn’t even dare to imagine that such a precious ore existed on Earth. One must know that this precious ore was extremely rare even in the Immortal World. It was a treasure of which every Master Refiner could only dream about.
Tang Xiu took out his mobile and typed the number on the page as he dialed it.
“Who’s speaking?” A voice belonging to an old person came out of the mobile.
“I saw something on the Ore Trade Network. Do you still have this Star Fragment Stone? If you still have it, I’ll buy all the stock.”
“How much do you want?”
Tang Xiu replied, “Just like I said before, all of the stock.”
“Since it’s a bulk trade, come to Tianjin City!”
Tang Xiu’s brows raised and spoke in a deep tone, “I still have something to take care of in these two days, so I can’t go there now. At the latest, I can go three days from now. I hope you can preserve it for me.”
"Alright, rest assured!"
Tang Xiu hung up the phone and dialed another number on the page. What made him frown was that the same old person turned out to be the one who answered his call, even though the number was different.
“I’ll be waiting for you in Tianjin City within three days.”
After he finished speaking, he then directly hung up the phone.
Tang Xiu was quite puzzled. Since the other party was selling the Star Fragment Stone and the Wintertide Fluorite, why would he give two different phone numbers on the network?

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