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Star City.
After Tang Xiu and Professor Hu arrived at the airport, Chen Zhizhong was personally waiting for them since Tang Xiu had notified him in advance.
“Master, you’re back!” Chen Zhizhong respectfully greeted Tang Xiu and then glanced at Professor Hu immediately afterward.
“Hmm! Since the matter has been handled, I rushed back to save time. By the way, about the following issues, Kang Xia has told me that you’re doing well. As soon as its concluded, quickly invest the capital on the upcoming project. I’m very short on money, I’ll be relying on the project’s conclusion to recover my funds.”
Chen Zhizhong forced out a smile and said, “I’ll bear your message in mind, Master. I’ll urge Long Hanwen and the others.”
Tang Xiu then introduced, “He’s called… ah, forget it. You can call him Professor Hu directly! I just went to Tianjin to see him, whereas he needs to see you to find medicinal herbs. Help him find them as fast as possible. After all, he doesn’t have much time.”
“After you called me last night, I’ve instructed my subordinates to search them. So the results should be coming out in these few days.” Chen Zhizhong replied.
“Alright, you manage this matter! I have to go back to South Gate Town first, so you arrange for his accommodation! If he wants to stay in Star City, find a place for him to stay. And buy him a ticket if he wants to go back.”
“Alright!” Chen Zhizhong respectfully nodded.
Professor Hu was shocked inwardly upon seeing Tang Xiu and Chen Zhizhong’s exchange.
He knew Chen Zhizhong’s identity and his lofty status in the country. When he came home last night, he carried an investigation on Chen Zhizhong and his Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical. From that, he found that his company’s assets were estimated to be at 10 billion yuan, two or three times more compared to him.
At present, he was truly filled with intense curiosity toward Tang Xiu’s identity!
At South Gate Town.
When Tang Xiu came back, he found his mother—Su Lingyun chatting with Gu Yin, whereas a middle-aged woman and a young girl in aprons did the cleaning in the hall.
“Hi, Mom. Has Sister Mu left already?” Tang Xiu put his luggage on the sofa and asked with a smile.
Su Lingyun smiled, “Son, I just knew last night that you were actually outside the town. So, I stayed here with Little Yin. Your Big Sis has already left. She said that she’ll be out of town with her four instructors for a week. Before she left, she also entrusted the staff of the Property Management Office to help us find two nannies.”
Tang Xiu nodded and saw that the two nannies had stopped working. Then he lightly said to them, “There are two places in the villa that don’t need to be cleaned up. One is my study room and the other one is the storehouse at the outside.”
The two nannies nodded and replied.
Tang Xiu turned to look at Gu Yin as he smiled, “And you? How come you’re not studying today?”
“The morning’s course has already ended. The teacher said that studying in the early morning is the time when we can grasp things very clearly. So now we have the courses very early every day. Anyways, Master, can you give me some money?”

“What do you want to do with the money?” Tang Xiu was surprised.
“I heard that the course’s Math teacher said that there’s a sick student in their class. And their sickness is very serious as well, whereas his family doesn’t have enough money. A lot of students in the class have donated. I… I also want to donate some money.” Gu Yin said.
“You didn’t tell your mother about it?” Tang Xiu asked.
“I did.” Gu Yin’s expression turned gloomy, saying with a low voice, “But Mom didn’t want to give me! She said that I need to handle my issues by myself. If I want to help others, then I must work hard to learn from Master. She said I can only help others after I have the ability in the future.”
Tang Xiu nodded. “Your Mom has said a lot of things, it seems. But goodness has to be trained from early age too. Anyways, it’s alright. I’ll give you some money.”
"Really?" Gu Yin’s eyes brightened up, surprised.
Tang Xiu lightly laughed, "When did Master cheat you?"
“Never.” Gu Yin immediately shook her head and said seriously, "Master has never fooled me!"
Tang Xiu pinched her pink little face with a contented expression. Then, he looked at Su Lingyun, saying, “Mom, please stay here! I still have a lot of things to take care of, perhaps I won’t return home until later.”
Su Lingyun smiled, “Alright. I’ll take care of Yinyin here.”
“You don’t have to stay here all the time, though. If you don’t feel relieved leaving the restaurant, you can go there anytime. You can take your time taking Yinyin to play in the restaurant after she finished her morning course. Besides, it’s also no good if she feels bored staying at home all the time.” Tang Xiu said.
“I know. You can rest assured, Son!” Su Lingyun said with a smile.
Tang Xiu nodded. He then grabbed the things he brought to the study room on the second floor. There was a lot of precious objects in his study room. After hesitating for a moment, Tang Xiu decided to buy a large safe box.
The internet was very convenient. Tang Xiu also adapted to use the internet service more recently. After browsing the internet, he chose a half a man’s height large safe. After paying it through the online transaction, he put away his mobile.
After lunch.
Tang Xiu left South Gate Town and drove to the abandoned winery he had bought. The site had changed greatly as a lot of broken machinery had been pushed out to the trucks that came and left unceasingly from the winery’s door.
“Given this scale, I might as well buy a newly built winery!”
Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled wryly before dialing Scarblade Qiang’s cell number.
"Hello, Boss?"
Scarblade Qiang’s voice came out.
“Yes, it’s me! I’m at the winery’s front entrance. Where are you?” Tang Xiu said.
“I’m inside! Wait a bit, Boss, I’ll go out immediately.” Scarblade Qiang said.
A few minutes later.
With dirt all over his body and drenched in sweat, Scarblade Qiang dashed from inside, whereas two men wearing safety helmets, of whom Tang Xiu wasn’t familiar with, followed behind Scarblade Qiang.
“Boss, you came to inspect the work?” Wiping the sweat from his face, Scarblade Qiang laughed.
“Yes, I want to have a look at the progress. By the way, who are they?” Tang Xiu said.
Scarblade Qiang quickly introduced them, “They’re the master technicians Chief Kang sent. This is Li Yang and the other one is Lu Wei. They’re really great! Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to renovate the winery and would only get a headache!”
"Hi, Boss. It’s a pleasure to see you!"
Li Yang and Lu Wei greeted him at the same time.
A shocked expression could be seen on their faces. They had never thought that the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation would be this young.
“Nice to see you, too! Anyway, how is the progress of the winery? Tell me when the winery will finish the renovations. Has the initial work been completed?” Tang Xiu nodded and asked.
Lu Yang said, “The initial stage will be completed in around two months at the most. After that, we’ll test the machinery and the production line.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. He then slowly shook his head and said, “It’s too slow. Tell Kang Xia to add another engineering team. The winery’s renovation must be completed within half a month. And the first batch must be produced in a month. Tell her to not be afraid of spending money in this initial stage. Once the first batch has been produced, I can recover all the funds invested.”
Li Yang and Lu Wei looked at each other, doubting Tang Xiu’s words.
Scarblade Qiang, on the other hand, trusted Tang Xiu a lot. Looking highly spirited, he seriously said, “Boss, I’ll pass your message to Chief Kang and we’ll also firmly obey your order to finish it at the scheduled time.”
“Take me inside and show me around!” Tang Xiu patted his shoulder.
For an hour, accompanied by Scarblade Qiang and the other workers, Tang Xiu inspected the winery. He was also fairly content with it. Most of the machinery in the winery had been demolished, with a few parts still usable. Even the office building and the staff quarters could also be utilized.
Finally, the four came to a stop at the unmodified plant.
“Boss, this one is the original machinery of the winery. Although it looks shabby from the outside, the inside has been cleaned up, we’ll have no problem using them for another eight years. As per your request, recently, Chief Kang has also purchased a number of wine-producing machinery, while I have also practiced the winemaking technique you taught me, as well as experimented with the wine recipe dozens of times. That brewed wine is truly great.” Scarblade Qiang explained.
“You still have samples?” Tang Xiu asked.
Scarblade Qiang said, “Yes. We still have two casks inside this plant!”
“Take me there. I want to test the flavor.” Tang Xiu said.
Scarblade Qiang complied and took the lead into the workshop. After that, he quickly took out a cask of wine and opened the sealing and cautiously poured him a bowl. He handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, “This the result after dozens of tries, Boss. Please, taste it!”
Tang Xiu took the bowl and tasted it a sip. He shook his head and said, “The flavor is good, but it’s far from my expectations. Did you really follow the recipe I gave you?”
Scarblade Qiang nodded, “Exactly the same.”
Tang Xiu said in a strange tone, “It’s strange. If you followed the recipe exactly, the brewed wine’s flavor should be better than this, by many times. What could the problem be?”
Scarblade Qiang replied with a puzzled expression, “Boss, this liquor you said, how could it exist in this world? I think apart from the heavenly Jade Nectar Wine, there’s simply no other wine like that, no?”
Jade Nectar Wine?
Tang Xiu keenly caught the name from Scarblade Qiang as his eyes suddenly turned bright. He turned to around to send Li Yang and Lu Wei away. After they left, he said with a deep tone, “Replace the grain used to brew the wine and try experimenting with glutinous rice. Then, find some fresh bamboo leaves and soak them in the brewing water. Remember, the bamboo leaves must be fresh, be sure to wash it cleanly before you put them into the brewing water.”
Scarblade Qiang nodded, “Understood! I’ll do it later and try it a few times after I buy something.”
Tang Xiu nodded, saying seriously, “Scarblade Qiang, my other business will be very difficult to make a lot of money in a short term. This period is precisely when I need money the most, so you must be very meticulous. I promise you that I’ll definitely make you a millionaire if you follow me.”

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