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Sun Wenjing looked a bit awkward. But for her mother, she braved herself forward even if she had to disgrace herself. She smiled, “Dr. Tang, I’m really sorry for what I did before. I’m too shortsighted and judged you by your appearance. In these two days, I’ve heard that your medical expertise and ethics are equally good, so please don’t stoop yourself down to my level.”
A surprised expression was revealed in Tang Xiu’s eyes when he heard it. He originally thought that Sun Wenjing came to pick a quarrel, but she unexpectedly came to apologize. Since she sincerely apologized, it was not good for him to give a cold face. As the saying goes, hit not the people who are smiling at you, instead reach out your hand to them. Therefore, he waved and said, “Let the bygones be bygones. But pay attention to it later.”
Sun Wenjing was secretly relieved. “I must keep this lesson in mind, to not judge people by their appearances, and strive to face everything with an amiable and modest attitude.”
“I’ve received your words of apology. Take a seat and have lunch with us!”
“Dr. Tang, actually, there’s one matter that I want to ask you,” said Sun Wenjing.
“What?” knitting his brows, Tang Xiu asked.
Sun Wenjing said, “well, recently I’m in a bad mood because my mother is ill and hospitalized in our hospital.”
Tang Xiu asked with a puzzled expression, “What’s her illness?”
Sun Wenjing looked pained, “Liver cancer, medium stage. The cancer cells already spread out.”
Tang Xiu raised his brows, “And your meaning is, you want me to treat her?”
Nodding, Sun Wenjing answered, “Rumors have it that you’re a divine doctor. Even President Li admits that he’s inferior to you. He said to me that if anyone in this world can save my mother, that person must be you. Also, President Li told me out of his own selfishness, since he wants to witness a miracle occur in the medical field.”
For a moment, Tang Xiu fell into silence. He then slowly shook his head, saying, “I’m not as good as people say in the rumors. I’m afraid that I can't do anything for your mother’s illness. I’m really sorry to disappoint you and President Li.”
Sun Wenjing begged, “Would you please give it a try, Dr. Tang? Please! No matter what requests you put forward, I’ll try my best to fulfill them. Rather, we—brothers and sisters, will fully cooperate to meet your requests. My mother has brought us up, the four siblings, by herself until we grew up. She spent her whole life taking care of us and our children. You can say that she has yet to enjoy her life, and now, she has cancer. I really don’t want to see her leaving us in pain and suffering from illness. So please, I beg you, try it!”
Looking at Sun Wenjing’s desperate begging as well as taking a glance at Tang Xiu, as kindhearted as she was, Dai Xinyue hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “Dr. Tang, would you give it a try? The elderly are quite pitiful. Even if you can’t cure her, the doctor won’t blame you either.”

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. He didn’t like Sun Wenjing, but her filial affection touched his heart. After staying silent for a moment, he slowly said, “I have three requirements.”
“Please tell me!” Sun Wenjing’s eyes brightened up and quickly replied.
“Firstly, no matter what it is, the matter of me treating your mother must not be disclosed to anyone, not even Li Hongji. You must keep it confidential.” Said Tang Xiu.
"I can do that!" Sun Wenjing nodded heavily.
Tang Xiu said, “Secondly, prepare 100 thousand yuan and donate it to the hospital for poor patients. As for the people you want to donate to, find them yourself!”
“No problem,” said Sun Wenjing without hesitation.
Tang Xiu continued, “Thirdly, discharge your mother from the hospital and return home. I’ll come to your house every night afterward. If there are any medical instruments needed, you must buy them.”
Sun Wenjing hesitated a moment, asking, “Dr. Tang, how long will you need for the treatment?”
“My time is limited. If I can’t cure her within 10 days, continuing the treatment is no longer necessary.” Said Tang Xiu.
After thinking for a few seconds, Sun Wenjing said, “I’ll prepare the discharge procedure for my mother this afternoon and we’ll be waiting for you at home in the evening. As for my home address, I’ll text it to your mobile phone!”
"Alright!" Tang Xiu told her his phone number and sent her away.
Dai Xinyue looked at Tang Xiu curiously and whispered, “Dr. Tang, I know you for only a short time, but I can tell that you’re a very confident person. Since you asked that doctor to take her mother back home, could it be that you have the confidence to cure her mother’s cancer?”
Smiling mildly, Tang Xiu replied, “You’re thinking too much!”
“No. I’m not thinking too much. I really admire your medical expertise. I can even say that you’re simply omnipotent in the medical science area. From yesterday until today, I’ve been counting. There were a total of 168 patients that came to see you for consultation and treatment. 57 of whom had been cured on the scene, whereas the rest had their condition turned for the better. I myself believe that it wouldn’t take long for their condition to be fully restored.” Dai Xinyue shook her head and replied.
“You remember that clearly?” Tang Xiu was surprised.
With a light smile, Dai Xinyue said, “The subject I’m actually most interested in is numbers, to begin with. I was applying for a math-related major in college when I was taking my CET. But my grandfather didn’t want me to take it. Instead, he wanted me to take the medical school. So, I took math as a hobby and I’m very good at remembering numbers.”
“I got you. But since you’re that confident in me, I’m afraid that I’ll let you down if I fail to cure her mother’s illness. But be at ease! I’ll try my best to treat her mother for you to keep your amazement toward me.” Tang Xiu said with a laugh.
A splendor flashed from Dai Xinyue’s eyes. At the same time, a cunning light also flashed from her eyes as she smiled, “If you can cure that doctor’s mother, I’ll worship you as a teacher and I’ll study medical skills from you with all seriousness.”
Wanting to be an apprentice to study medical skills?
A strange expression was cast on Tang Xiu’s face. He did take some disciples, but those apprentices of his were learning cultivation from him. It was the first time someone asked him to be his apprentice just to learn medical skills!
Suddenly, his interest was piqued. He suddenly imagined his apprentice eventually becoming a prominent great figure in the medical field. The thought was really interesting.
Looking at Dai Xinyue’s elegant face, Tang Xiu nodded, “To be honest, I have never had any thoughts on receiving a disciple in this field. Alright. If I can cure Sun Wenjing’s mother, that will prove that my medical expertise is good. By that time, I’ll take you as a disciple and teach you my medical skills.”
Dai Xinyue, who was originally probing, was suddenly pleasantly surprised upon hearing his reply. “Thanks, teacher. I believe you’ll be able to do it.”
Waving his hand, Tang Xiu said, “No need to be that anxious to call me teacher. You still have to wait until I cure the patient before you address me like that. Also, the address should change.”
Changing the address?
“How should I address you as then?” Dai Xinyue asked curiously.
Tang Xiu said, "Master!"
Dai Xinyue’s eyes turned bright. She was so excited she almost jumped. As intelligent as she was, how could she have never heard the profound meaning of the word ‘Master’?
A person, especially from the modern era, might have many particular teachers; however, the number of Masters was but very few. To be a genuinely formal disciple to a Master, that meant that one would become a direct, successor disciple.
“Hurry up and finish your meal! We still have to give medical services in the afternoon.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
In the evening.
Tang Xiu had just finished the consultation of the last patient. He hurriedly left the hospital, with Dai Xinyue tagged along like his shadow behind his back, rushing toward South Gate Town.
“Master, your family lives here?” Dai Zinyue’s face was full of shock as she visited the villa.
“You came inside with me. If this place wasn’t my home, someone would have already reported to the cops. Anyway, take a sit. I’ll get something first.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
As he came to the second floor, Tang Xiu took the Body Refining Liquid he concocted before. He had learned about the conditions of the various cancers and the Body Refining Liquid definitely had a magical effect on the illness. While this liquid could strengthen the patient's body, on the other hand, it could also exterminate the cancer cells inside the patient's body.
However, the efficacy of Body Refining Liquid was rather too strong and not something ordinary people could withstand. Due to this reason, he needed to dilute the liquid, only then would he bring it to Sun Wenjing’s house. The silver needle he brought from the hospital would also be of great use as complementing silver needles with Body Refining Liquid would be more effective.
Back to the first floor, Tang Xiu then saw Gu Yin standing in front of Dai Xinyue with curiosity drawn on her face.
“Yinyin!” Tang Xiu called her.
Gu Yin turned around. As she saw Tang Xiu, she immediately ran over. Grabbing his hand, she said, “Master, she said that she’s also your disciple. Is it true?”
“She’s going to be! She hasn’t yet formally become a disciple, though. But I’m preparing to accept her as my disciple.” Said Tang Xiu.
“Are you going to teach her a cultivation technique too?” asked Gu Yin.
Tang Xiu shook his head, “No, she’s going to learn something different from you. She wants to learn medical knowledge, to become a great expert in traditional Chinese medicine in the future.”
“Master, the people I like the most are people who learn medicine. Being ill is very uncomfortable. And it’s a good deed being able to cure patients.” Gu Yi suddenly understood and said with a smile.
Having said that, she followed Tang Xiu in front of Dai Xinyue. Raising her small face, she said, “Big Sis, my name is Gu Yin. You can call me Yinyin later. Since we’re apprentice sisters and you’re my Junior Sister, you can tell me if someone bullies you. I’ll help you to vent back at them. Ah, right. I haven’t given you any gifts yet!”
As surprised as she was, Dai Xinyue was dumbfounded, looking Gu Yin ran off. Her mouth twitched fiercely a few times. Why would she have to call that little girl call Senior Sister? What was this? A joke?
Tang Xiu serenely said, “What she said is right. You’ll be studying under me later than her, so it’s right that you’re only a Junior Sister. But since you have yet to officially acknowledge me as your Master, you still have a chance to withdraw.”
Dai Xinyue replied with a peculiar tone, “Master, just now she… Senior Sister said something about cultivation technique. What does it mean? Are you teaching different subjects to the both of us?”
“Yes. It’s different. You don’t need to ask what I teach your Senior Sister. If you perform well in the future, I’ll tell you, and perhaps I’ll teach you that subject as well. But if you don’t, then you can only learn medical skills from me.” With a calm expression, Tang Xiu replied.
While suppressing her curiosity, Dai Xinyue nodded, “I’ll bear it in mind, Master.”
Amidst the chatter, Gu Yin returned to the living room, holding a picture scroll in her hand and handing it over to Dai Xinyue, saying, “Junior Sister, I have nothing good to give you for now. But I’ll give you my own painting! Please don’t refuse it!”

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