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The Sun siblings were pleasantly surprised upon hearing it. If the discharged substances were really cancer cells, it meant that their mother’s condition was highly likely to be cured
Half an hour later, the twitching of the old lady’s body had greatly reduced, but the stench coming out of her body was disgusting. Black viscous substances were discharged o all over her body’s surface, her face and hair was no exception.
"Let go of her! Wait for a few minutes and then clean her body.”
Having spoken, Tang Xiu pulled out the nine silver needles from the old lady’s body. After disinfecting them with alcohol cotton, he then turned around to leave the room.
Following him out of the room, Dai Xinyue asked curiously, “Master, what method of treatment did you use? You dropped a few drops of medicinal liquid and pierced nine silver needles. That's it?”
“The medicinal liquid I gave her is very special. Only very few people in this world aside from me can make it. As for the nine silver needles, I just sealed the vital acupuncture points in her whole body to prevent the spreading of the toxins as well as reducing the amount of the discharged substances.” Answered Tang Xiu.
“What will the effect be?” asked Dai Xinyue.
“I haven’t diagnosed her, so how would I know! Just wait until her children wash and clean her body, then I’ll examine her condition again.” Said Tang Xiu.
Shortly after, Sun Jianhai and Sun Jianjun came out of the room. Looking at Tang Xiu who was sitting on the living room’s sofa, Sun Jianhai hesitated for a moment before asking, “Dr. Tang, my mother, she…”
Tang Xiu interrupted him, shaking his head, “I don’t know yet. Wait until I check her, only then will we know about the effects of the medicine. Don’t worry, though. Just sit down and wait for a while.”
"Alright!" Sun Jianhai nodded.
After sitting in front of Tang Xiu, he asked curiously, “Dr. Tang, have we met before? It’s just that I somehow feel that you’re familiar. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I’m intentionally doing this to become friends with you. It’s just that I have a particular skill that allows me to memorize people’s face well. I’m definitely sure that I’ve seen you somewhere before.”
Tang Xiu laughed, “Well, I’m also good at remembering people, but I don’t recall having met you before.”
Involuntarily laughing, Sun Jianhai said, “Perhaps it’s my memory failing me! But, as young as you’re, yet you can become an on-duty medical expert in our Star City’s Chinese Medical Hospital. Truly, heroes come out of the young!”
“I just hung my name there and rarely give medical services, neither am I an official doctor.” Said Tang Xiu.
"What?" As surprised as he was, Sun Jianhai said, “Didn’t you start working yesterday? How would…”
“I’m a student. And I just finished my CET and happened to have some time on this summer vacation. Back then, it was difficult to turn down Li Hongji’s passionate offer, so I agreed to give medical service in Chinese Medical Hospital until I begin university in September. Perhaps, I’ll have to go to Shanghai University by then,” said Tang Xiu.

Sun Jianhai looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief. Even in his dreams, he didn’t expect that such a superb medical expert would unexpectedly be a student who just finished his CET. Hesitating for a moment, he then asked curiously, “Dr. Tang, with such superb medical expertise, why didn’t you apply to any medical colleges or universities?”
Tang Xiu shook his head and replied, “No. I have never thought of becoming a doctor in my whole life. I have a lot of things to do. Whether it is my academic life, running my small business, all of them makes me busy.”
Amazed, Sun Jianhai asked, “You also run a business? Could you tell me what business it is?”
Silent for a moment, Tang Xiu shook his head, saying, “It’s just some cosmetics and health products. The company has just recently set up, it’s inconvenient to tell you the name.”
Sun Jianhai nodded. Suddenly, his expression changed greatly, exclaiming involuntarily, “AH! I remember! No wonder! It’s no wonder that you seemed familiar before. Yes, your name is Tang Xiu, the legal owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation as well as the big boss, am I right?”
“How do you know?” Tang Xiu was surprised.
Shocked, Sun Jianhai asked back, “You’re really the big boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation?”
"I am!" Tang Xiu concealed it no longer as he saw that Sun Jianhai could guess it.
Forcing out a smile, Sun Jianhai said, “Young and promising, truly! Anyways, I work in the Finance Bureau as a Deputy Director. A while ago the Bureau of Industry and Commerce’s director—my old classmate, had a drink with me and mentioned you. Out of curiosity, I asked information about your company and saw your name and photo on the documents. But, I really have never thought that the divine doctor of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital is unexpectedly the big boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.”
Dao Xinyue at the side was looking at Tang Xiu, dumbfounded. Although she knew that Tang Xiu’s family was rich to be able to live in South Gate Town, which was the most upscale villa complex in Star City, she had never thought that Tang Xiu would be the big boss of the recently greatly famed Magnificent Tang Corporation.
Heaven! In the end, did she just come under a powerful Master?
At this moment, Dai Xinyue inwardly rejoiced. Feeling fortunate of becoming Tang Xiu’s assistant as well as rejoicing that she put forward a plea to worship him as a teacher. Having such an amazing Master, a lot of people probably would wake up from their dreams laughing!
Vaguely smiling, Tang Xiu said, “Well, the director of your Bureau of Industry and Commerce leaked my information, shouldn’t I sue him?”
Sun Jianhai stared blankly, an embarrassed expression donned on his face. He quickly said, “Doc,… Dr. Tang, please don’t! He can tell me because we’re bros. We grew up together and were classmates from our childhood until becoming adults. Afterward, as we entered the bureaucracy, we advanced and retreated together. He will never tell anything if it were other people.”
Smiling, Tang Xiu said, “It’s alright, I’m just joking. However, please tell your classmate to not disclose my situation to anyone. Although I’m the boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, I don’t like to be in the limelight. I also have given full authority of managing the company to General Manager Kang Xia, so I usually don’t meddle with the management.”
“I’ll make sure to convey your message,” Sun Jianhai nodded and said.
Very quickly, Sun Wenjing and Sun Wenmin had helped their mother shower and put on clean clothes. Sun Wenjing then came to the living room with a peculiar expression, saying, “Dr. Tang, would you come inside and have a look? My mom, she…”
“How is she?” Standing up, Tang Xiu asked.
Sun Wenjing replied, “She said that her body is very comfortable; like she became tens of years younger. Although her limbs are still weak, the pain caused by her cancer cells has completely disappeared.”
Tang Xiu nodded and walked into the room as he saw the old lady leaning on the bed with a rosy complexion.
“Elderly lady, I’m going to check your pulse to examine the condition of your body.”
The old lady replied gratefully, “Thank you, Dr. Tang. I feel much better now.”
Tang Xiu smiled faintly and checked her pulse. Using his spiritual sense to observe her, he found that two-thirds of the cancer cells inside the old lady’s body had been eliminated, with one-third still remaining inside. Furthermore, her physical fitness at this time was no less vigorous than a young person.
_“It’s quite unexpected. The effect of the Body Refining Liquid turned out to be so big for ordinary people! If I were to sell this liquid, wouldn't even a drop be sold for a huge sum of money?”_
Tang Xiu secretly shook his head. But his action caused the Sun siblings to turn anxious and tensed up.
Sun Jianhai quickly asked, “Dr. Tang, how is she?”
Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Two-thirds of her cancer cells have been killed and excreted. As for the other one-third, I think they need to be eliminated slowly. Hence, I’ll give a bottle of this medicinal liquid to you. Follow my instructions from before, taking three drops and mixing them with water for her to drink. After the medicinal liquid in this bottle runs out, I think the cancer cells inside her body will be completely eliminated, but…”
The Sun siblings were immediately overjoyed.
“But what, Dr. Tang?” asked Sun Wenjing.
“But, you have to be mentally prepared. Once the cancer cells inside her body have been completely removed and she returns to a normal condition, I’m afraid she’ll be able to live for 20 years more at least. So the four of you should do your best to be filial to the elderly lady.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“T-T… twenty years?”
Sun Wenjing stutteringly asked. She knew that her mother was nearly 80 years old. If she could live for more 20 years, wouldn’t she be able to live to 100 years?
Tang Xiu laughed, “Yes. At least 20 years more.”
Sun Wenjing swallowed her saliva. Looking at the bottle handed by Tang Xiu, she hesitated for a moment and asked, “Dr. Tang, might I ask you about this medicine…”
Tang Xiu said, “This is my secret medicinal liquid which will be very hard for outsiders to get it. Making this secret medicinal liquid in itself is a very daunting task. So I don’t want your mother’s treatment to be disclosed to anyone. Otherwise, it will only bring about great troubles for me!”
“We won’t do that, absolutely!” The Sun siblings quickly promised.
Sun Wenjing spoke again, “Dr. Tang, about your visiting fee…”
Tang Xiu waved his hand, saying, “About the money, just keep in mind my conditions. Alright. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back now. Do remember to wait for a few days. If you don’t feel relieved about the old lady’s condition, you can take her to another hospital for an examination.”
Another hospital?
The Sun siblings instantly understood Tang Xiu’s meaning as they nodded and replied in unison.
After leaving the Sun’s residence.
Tang Xiu, along with the not yet recovered from shock Dai Xinyue, just left the complex’s entrance. They stood on the roadside, waiting for a taxi. Tang Xiu then said, “Well, you’ve seen the treatment today. As for the effect, you should also pay attention to it closely. Also, you must never tell about the old lady’s cancer to anyone. I want you to promise me.”
Dai Xinyue finally sobered up and promised with all seriousness, “Don’t worry, Master! This matter will absolutely never come out of my mouth.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “I’m afraid that I can only give medical services in Chinese medical hospital for three days more at the most. Afterward, I won’t go there again. As for teaching you medical skills, you must use the next three days to seriously study. Later, after I have free time, I’ll teach you again.”
A bit of disappointment showed on Dai Xinyue’s face upon hearing it. But she nodded and said, “Master, I know that you’re a busy man. Don’t worry, though. I’ll definitely seriously learn from you.”

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