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Qinghe County was the most remote county in Star City. Its economic development was also the most backward with a population of hundreds of thousands of people and nearly a hundred kilometers from Star City.
A Land Rover SUV was traversing on the bumpy roads with dim street lights, driving fast toward the county’s hospital.
12 o’clock, midnight.
The SUV went to county’s hospital’s entrance. The two lazy security guards at the entrance were shocked, even modestly saluting.
"Mom, we’ve arrived."
Tang Xiu was weary as he called out to the drowsy Su Lingyun with a low voice.
Su Lingyun sobered up. She looked at the scene under the dim light outside and was surprised, “We arrived so quick?”
Tang Xiu said, “Qinghe County isn’t far from Star City, and I had driven for more than two hours. If the road was good, perhaps it wouldn’t take one and half an hours. Mom, call the neighbor—Second Aunt to ask which ward grandma is in.”
Su Lingyun was as though waking up from a dream. She took out her mobile phone, dialed a number and spoke with the other side for a while. Her expression turned very ugly as she looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Your grandma, she… she’s still waiting for the doctor in the ward for surgery! It seems that her leg is broken.”
Tang Xiu looked at Su Lingyun with disbelief. It was already three to four hours that his grandma got injured, and it takes only half an hour from the village to the county. Why hadn’t she had the surgery until now?
Tang Xiu’s expression was grim. He said with a heavy tone, “Mom, let’s go in now.”
Su Lingyun nodded heavily. She opened the door and got off the car, hurriedly running toward the treatment building. A few minutes later, the mother and son then arrived in front of the operating room’s door on the fourth floor of the treatment building. In the corridor outside the operating room’s door, he saw his grandmother lying on a wheeled stretcher, along with her neighbor Second Aunt and her son, Su Ben.
“Sis Lingyun, you finally came. Auntie, she’s heavily injured but now there’s no queue for the surgery!” Upon seeing Su Lingyun, Chen Huiying was pleasantly surprised and greeted immediately her.
Su Lingyun quickly asked, “Huiying, what happened? Are there a lot of people having surgery today?”
Forcing out a smile, Chen Huiying said, “I dare say that except for the few doctors in this operating room, there’s no patient undergoing surgery. They’re just intentionally delaying. There’s a total of six people wounded from our village. The others have been taken away by their families, saying that we must change hospitals. But Little Ben had just called them and found that the other hospitals are also deliberately delaying. So they sent them to Star City under desperation.
“Why? Isn’t it the hospital’s duty to help the dying and heal the wounded? Is it because it’s too late…”
Chen Huiying interrupted her, wryly smiling, “Someone brought trouble to our village. He’s also the one who injured the villagers, at the same time also injuring two others more. I heard he’s from a rich and powerful family. No matter if it’s the Public Security Bureau or the Health Bureau, they’re their people. So they must be the ones pulling the strings.”

Tang Xiu interrupted, “Second Aunt, what’s the reason for the conflict?”
Looking at Tang Xiu, Chen Huiying squeezed out a smile, saying, “The government wants to levy our village’s land, saying that they will build an industrial park. It was a good thing initially, but… but it turns out that each household and family’s land, it’s only priced 20 thousand yuan per Mu. Tang Xiu, you’re educated and can think clearly. You tell me, would 20 thousand yuan be enough for anything nowadays? We’re just ordinary people relying on farming to eat. With that amount of money, once we’ve spent them, we can only drink and eat the wind later!”
Tang Xiu took a deep breath with anger suffusing in his eyes.
He knew his aunt was right. People in rural areas depended on their lands. If they didn’t have their lands, how would they live in the future?
20 thousand yuan?
Houses in Qinghe County were already priced two to three thousand per square foot. Would 20 thousand yuan even be sufficient to buy a house? It wouldn’t be enough! Furthermore, the price for the expropriated land and indemnity was definitely a dozen times or even a hundred times more than 20 thousand yuan.
Looking at his grandmother on the stretcher with a tight frown, his murderous intent raised upon seeing her pained expression.
Taking a deep breath and repressing the hatred inside of him, he lifted the thin quilt covering his grandmother. Gently holding and placing her on the chair, he then looked at Su Ben, saying, “Brother Ben, help me hold grandma. I’ll examine her injury.”
Chen Huiying anxiously said, “Tang Xiu, don’t do unnecessary things. Your grandma not only has a broken leg, that bunch of bastards also kicked her a few times. We don’t know whether her bones are dislocated.”
Tang Xiu looked at her and shook his head. As Su Ben propped up his grandmother, he gently ripped her trouser leg. After it was torn up to the leg bend, the swelling looked to have subsided, and it was obvious that the bone was fractured, causing Tang Xiu turn a bit distressed.
"Ah, it’s… you, Xiu’er!”
Zhang Shi woke up in pain. When she saw that the one squatting in front of her was her grandson, Tang Xiu, a smile was squeezed out on her wrinkled face. As she spoke, she also stroked Tang Xiu’s head with her skinny palm.
Tang Xiu began to act supinely as he looked up and smiled, “Grandma, please endure the pain while I examine your injuries. Mom knows that I learned a medical skill recently and am also a skilled doctor at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.”
Su Lingyun came to Zhang Shi’s side and said with worry all over her face, “Xiu’er, can you do it? Don’t let your grandma’s injuries worsen.”
“Don’t worry, Mom!” said Tang Xiu.
Having said that, his palms gently pressed Zhang Shi’s swelling leg and found that her leg bone was fractured. If other doctors were to treat it, perhaps it would be very troublesome. After all, grandma was old and it would be very difficult for her bone to be healed. But, this state of injury was not a problem for him.
“Auntie, how did you come here?” Tang Xiu looked up and asked.
Chen Huiying said, “Su Quan brought us here with his car. He drove the others to Star City.”
Tang Xiu nodded and looked at the operating room. He knew clearly well that a few doctors in white coats were inside. As Chen Huiying said, there were no patients in the operating room, only three doctors playing Dou Dizhu.
"Let's go!" Tang Xiu propped Zhang Shi up and spoke with a heavy tone.
Su Lingyun hurriedly asked, “Xiu’er, where are we going? Aren’t we going to wait for your Grandma’s surgery?”
Tang Xiu sneered, "Don’t you see it, Mom? Someone bought the people in this hospital, they won’t perform the surgery on grandma. I’ll settle the account with them later. We’ll take Grandma and go home first. I have a way to cure her injury.”
"You really have a way?"
Although Su Lingyun knew that the President of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital personally hired Tang Xiu, but she had never seen her son treat patients, so she was a bit apprehensive.
Tang Xiu said, “I can it, Mom, don’t worry! I won’t joke with Grandma’s injuries.”
Su Lingyun nodded. She looked at Chen Huiying and said, “Huiying, let’s go! Since Xiu’er can cure Mom’s injuries, then we’ll leave.”
Chen Huiying hesitated for a moment. She looked at Tang Xiu and then at Su Lingyun, only then did she nod with a wry smile. She was actually a bit annoyed toward Tang Xiu because he knew the situation. He was obviously only a high schooler, where would he have any medical skills? Even if he had studied it from others, wouldn’t it better to stay and wait for treatment in the hospital?
However, since Su Lingyun said to go, she also couldn’t say anything.
Tang Xiu held Zhang Shi, leaving the hospital and going straight toward the parking lot.
Su Ben quickly said, “Tang Xiu, we’re going the wrong way. That way is the parking lot. Let’s go back and head outside to get a car.”
Tang Xiu shook his head and went straight to the parking lot. He told Su Lingyun to take out the car key from his pocket and taught her how to unlock it. Then, after the door was opened, he carefully put Zhang Shi in the back seat, saying, “Mom, you and Second Aunt seat at grandma’s sides. Brother Ben, you take the co-pilot seat.”
Upon seeing Su Lingyun taking the car key from Tang Xiu’s pocket, Chen Huiying and Su Ben were dumbfounded as the car’s lights flashed. The car in front of them was really too luxurious. Su Ben, in particular. He was 23 years old now. Although he usually tagged along with the construction team to build houses everywhere, he still knew that this car, the Land Rover Range Rover.
“Tang… Tang Xiu, is this car… yours?”
Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, only then did Su Ben awake from his dazed state and asked stutteringly.
“Yes. It’s mine!” said Tang Xiu.
Su Ben swallowed his saliva and said with shivering lips, “This Land Rover… is from the Range Rover series, isn't it? I saw a big boss driving this kind of car and he’s very rich, with tens of millions in assets. This car, at the cheapest, costs more than 1 million, right?”
Tang Xiu said indifferently, “Let’s not talk about the car, we’ll go back first.”
Su Ben hesitated for a moment and clenched his teeth as he opened the co-pilot’s door and quickly drilled into it. Feeling the spacious space and cozy seat, he felt like he was dreaming; he had never taken a ride in such a good car. He didn’t even know where to put his hands and feet.
Tang Xiu started the car, driving out of the hospital skillfully and heading toward the Songlou small town, to the Su family village. The Su family village was not far from the center of the county, taking only a dozen minutes to get there. However, due to the bad road, Tang Xiu drove slowly in order to prevent his grandmother receiving too many tremors.
A dilapidated house with a shabby courtyard.
Zhang Shi lived here. Even the Su Family had lived here for generations. All the villagers of the Su Village, aside from the wives they married, were all surnamed Su. Almost every family was related in kinship and was regarded as their own family.
“We’ll get grandmother inside first. I need to prepare something,” Said Tang Xiu.
Puzzled, Su Lingyun said, “Xiu’er, what needs to be prepared? Tell me, I’ll go find it.”

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