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Tang Xiu took the bag and looked at all the Silver Dragon Grasses inside. After observing for a few seconds, he nodded, “28 strains of Silver Dragon Grass, totaling 28 thousand yuan. Big Brother Ben, please give me your bank account number, I’ll transfer the money to you now. As for how Quan’s share, it’s up to you.”
Su Ben and Su Quan were a bit excited.
A few minutes later, 28 thousand yuan had been transferred to Su Ben’s account.
“That’s right, you found seven strains last night, so I’ll give you another seven thousand.” As honest as he was, Su Ben immediately transferred the money to Su Quan.
Tang Xiu put the Silver Dragon Grass into his car and then looked at Su Quan, saying, “Quan, I’ve talked to Big Brother Ben. He’s preparing to follow me to Star City. What about you? Do you want to go with me to Star City too?”
Without hesitation, Su Quan replied, “Big Brother Ben also talked to me about that. I’ll go.”
Tang Xiu laughed, “That’s great! When the time comes, I’ll arrange to put the both of you together. Big Brother Ben is an honest person and good for safety works. You have got a pretty good head on you, so I’ll arrange another position for you in the future.”
“Well, I feel good following you,” said Su Quan smiled.
“Ring, ring, ring…”
Just as Tang Xiu was about to reply, his mobile suddenly rang. As he took out his cell phone and looked at the number on the screen, he saw that it was Han Qingwu calling.
“Hello, Teacher Han!” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Tang Xiu, quickly check your score. Oh my god! The total score of the CET test is 750 points. You, you… you unexpectedly got a score of 746 points! It’s amazing and unbelievable! You only missed 4 points for the perfect score!” Han Qingwu’s shivering voice came out from the phone.
Tang Xiu was surprised for a moment. He suddenly recalled that today was the release of the CET scores. As he heard the news from Han Qingwu, he knew that she had his CET admission card number and checked the result for him. He then laughed and said, “Teacher, haven’t I told you that I’d make you proud of this year’s College Entrance Test? Anyways, what about Yuan Chuling and Chen Yannan’s test scores?”
Han Qingwu quickly replied, “I haven’t checked theirs yet. But now I’m confident about their results as well. Tang Xiu, congrats!”
Tang Xiu laughed, “I also want to say thanks for you sparing no effort to take care of me from the beginning!”
Han Qingwu laughed and replied, “It’s good that you know. But anyways, where are you now? I want to treat you to a meal to celebrate your good test result.”
“I’m in my hometown. There was an accident here. Alright, I’ll call you when I’m back in Star City,” said Tang Xiu.
“Alright!” said Han Qingwu.
Han Qingwu hung up the phone. Tang Xiu then searched his admission card number to check on his test result. He was quite satisfied. Aside from Literature and Language which he had 4 points off from the perfect result, all other subjects were perfect.

"Ring, ring, ring..."
Just as he was checking his results, his mobile rang again. This time it was Ouyang Lulu calling.
“What’s up, Lulu?”
Feeling good, Tang Xiu asked with a laugh.
Ouyang Lulu quickly asked, “Tang Xiu, the CET results have come out. How many points did you get?”
“746,” answered Tang Xiu.
“What’s the total score? And how are your results?” Puzzled, Ouyang Lulu asked again.
“Apart from Literature and Language missing four points from the total score, which should become from the essay writing section, I got a perfect score on all other subjects.”
“WHAT? You meant that you only missed 4 points to get a perfect score in the CET?” Ouyang Lulu’s scream came out of the phone.
Tang Xiu laughed, "That's right!"
Ouyang Lulu was shocked, “T-Tang Xiu, y-you… you aren’t lying to me, right? Oh, Heaven! This is so amazing. Hey, I remember you seem to like science, right? To get such a high score is truly unexpected. Perhaps the CET top scorer for the science subjects in Shuangqing Province is none other but you.”
“It doesn’t matter. As long as I can pass and enter Shanghai University, it’s fine,” said Tang Xiu laughed.
Ouyang Lulu exclaimed in admiration, “Tang Xiu, I always knew that you were good! But never did I expect that you would be this amazing. Anyways, when will you come to Jingmen Island? I’ll take you to dinner to celebrate.”
Tang Xiu hesitated as he wryly smiled, “When I’m done with the matters here, I’ll go there to find you.”
"Great!" Ouyang Lulu laughed happily.
Standing at his side, Su Ben and Su Quan were shocked and dumbfounded ever since Tang Xiu checked the CET scores. As Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu finished talking on the phone, the both of them still hadn’t recovered from the shock. They were students before, so they naturally understood the meaning of getting 746 points in the CET.
Just as Su Quan was about to speak, Tang Xiu’s mobile rang again.
Tang Xiu looked at the phone’s screen. A wry smile appeared on his face. He looked at Su Quan, shook his head and answered the phone, saying, “Zhengyu, something’s up?”
“Tang Xiu, the CET scores have come out, have you checked yours? How many points did you get?”
"How many?"
"OH GOD ..."
Within the next forty minutes, Tang Xiu received more than 20 calls. All of them, with no exception, were only to ask about Tang Xiu’s test scores. Even the President of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, Li Hongji, also called to ask about it. When they heard that he got 746 points in his CET, each and every one of them was shocked to the point where it was hard for them to recover from it.
They all knew that Tang Xiu was amazing. Amazing in every aspect!
But not even in their dreams had they ever thought that Tang Xiu’s good academic performance would be so terrifying to this extent!
However, Tang Xiu also knew from Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan about their CET results. Yuan Chuling scored 663 points, and according to the previous year undergraduate passing grade, it would be easy for him to pass a university entrance exams’ undergraduate course. Even if he couldn’t take the test for a top university, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to enter the second-grade ones. As for Cheng Yannan, her CET result was 674 points, she was more likely to be able to enter a top university than Yuan Chuling.
At this time.
Su Lingyun came out from the kitchen. As she saw Tang Xiu speaking with Su Ben and Su Quan, she immediately smiled, “Su Ben, Su Quan, both of you stay for lunch. Also, Xiu’er, I just recalled that there’s something very important happening today, yet I forgot what it is. You said that our family…”
Tang Xiu interrupted her with a smile, saying, “Mom, I just checked my CET score. From the total score of 750 points, I got 746 points.”
Su Lingyun stared blankly for a moment as her eyes turned sauce-like immediately after. Disbelief burst out from her eyes. Her hands quickly rubbed her apron as she dashed toward Tang Xiu, grabbed both of his arms and hurriedly shouted, “How many? How many points have you got on your test?”
“746, mom! It’s just four points off the perfect score.”
Su Lingyun stared at Tang Xiu in a daze. Her two eyes were brimming with tears. As she loosened his arms, she squatted on the ground and cried.
Tang Xiu squatted down and gently hugged her shoulders. He knew that his mother was crying out of extreme happiness. He didn’t say anything to console her and gently hugged her, letting her vent everything she had inside.
Su Ben and Su Quan looked at each other and quietly left.
Only after a minute only did Su Lingyun stop crying. She looked up with a hazy face full of tears and said excitedly, “Sonny, you’re the best!”
Tang Xiu laughed, “Mom, you’re the best one in my heart!”
At Star City First Public Hospital.
Sun Wenjing was holding the examination report in her hands. She went out of the hospital building in a daze. Outside the building, all the Sun family’s members were standing and waiting. All eyes firmly watched her, staring at the copy of the report in her hands. Looking at her expression, a bad feeling aroused inside the hearts of the whole Sun family.
“Wenjing, what’s the result?” Sun Jianhai strode to her and anxiously asked.
Sun Wenjing handed the examination report to him and replied with a blank expression, “Take a look at it yourself, Big Brother.”
Sun Jianhai quickly took it. A disbelieving expression was written on his face when he read it. The expression lasted for a few seconds before a look of ecstasy took over his face.
“There’s no cancer cells! Her cancer has been cured!”
The same disbelieving expression was also cast on Sun Jianjun, Sun Wenmin, and the old lady’s face. They quickly dashed to read the report as looks of great happiness immediately appeared on each and every one of their faces.
At this moment, Sun Wenjing finally woke up from her shock. Tang Xiu’s handsome face appeared in her mind. She clenched her fists strongly as she called out, smiling, “Our entire family has to thank Tang Xiu very well! People say that he’s a divine doctor, but even though I know he’s very skillful, I didn’t believe it completely before. But now, I truly believe that he’s a Divine Doctor, one that is much more powerful than ordinary Divine Doctors.”
Sun Jianhai solemnly nodded, “Indeed. Being able to cure a middle stage liver cancer, he’s definitely the world’s most powerful Divine Doctor. However, he doesn’t want us to publicize this matter and must keep it confidential for him. To be honest, I agree with his decision, because if this matter is spread out, that he can cure cancer, great benefits will come to him, yet it will also bring along it huge trouble.”
Sun Wenmin said, “I know that Tang Xiu doesn’t want anything from us, but his benevolence of saving our mother’s life is not something that we can fail to pay! Oh, right. Didn’t Big Sis say that even though he gives medical services in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, yet he’s also a student that just participated in the CET? Well, the CET scores just came out today. If he didn’t get a good result, I’ll call my contacts to let him enter one of the top universities. I have an old friend, a classmate. She teaches in one of the top universities in Beijing, with her husband being the Dean of that university. So he should have a special quota.”
Sun Jianhai thought for a moment before nodding, “Wenjing, call Tang Xiu and ask him how many points he got in his CET. If his score is not high enough, then let Wenmin call her friend to take care of it.”
Sun Wenjing nodded and dialed Tang Xiu’s number.
About two minutes later, a shocked expression covered her face as she hung up the phone.
Sun Jianhai frowned. He then asked with a deep tone, “What is it? Is his result very poor?”
Sun Wenjing looked at her family members as she shook her head and smiled, “It’s not poor, on the contrary, it’s way too good! If it’s not because I believe that Tang Xiu won’t lie, I really wouldn’t believe that he would get such a high CET score. He got 746. Four points off from the total score.”
Each and every one of the Sun family members was stupefied upon hearing it. This news shocked them greatly.
After a long period of time.
Sun Jianhai let out a forced smile, “Since we can’t help him in this aspect, let’s think about another way! We’ll just have to bear in mind his benevolence to our Sun Family.”

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