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Under the stars, the night was quiet and peaceful, yet a murderous aura was hidden within. The gently blowing breeze was as though having a faint reek of blood therein.
Wolf Head and eleven veteran soldiers divided into three groups as they moved closer to the abandoned factory. With their mouths biting Mitsubishi army knives, they advanced forward, creeping as though wolves in the thick patches of grasses. They didn’t sense Tang Xiu following them behind nor they were aware of his presence in the surrounding. But the two who were lying amidst the grasses already found a few big guys.
“Eight o’clock direction, two sentries, white males. Another black one is guarding 12 meters behind the holed wall. Two groups, get closer and take care of them.” Wolf Head was lying in a thick patch of grasses. He issued an order after having observed through his binoculars for a long time.
“Roger that!”
The groups’ members replied to him through the wireless earphone.
Very quickly, the four war veterans quietly lurked as though leopards in the night. Having spent half a minute, they appeared near the two white guards. One of them was biting the Mitsubishi army as he moved more vigorously along the wall, crossing to the other side and quietly appearing behind a black guard.
The knife slashed the black guard’s throat as his hand filled with calluses covered his mouth. The movement of his knife changed direction and then deeply pierced the black guard’s heart. The Grim Reaper Scythe mercenary struggled a little before laying still.
"Scythe tattoo?"
The retired soldier opened the black guard’s collar. After he saw the scythe tattoo on it, he finally determined the other party’s identity.
At the same time, the other three war veterans began their attacks as if thunderbolts. Their moves were neat and clean, quickly slaying the other two black guards within two short breaths.
“Wolf Head, they’re members of the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries. I’ve identified them.”
A voice transmitted through Wolf Head’s wireless earphone, rising his murderous intent.
Wolf Head took his binoculars as he hid in a dark corner and issued another order, “Observe the surrounding for any guards left and clear all the enemies in the periphery.”
A few minutes later.
All six sentry guards had been removed. After which, Wolf Head and the other men got two sniper rifles and four light machine guns. They were slowly moving toward the deepest wall of the factory when the mobile in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He quickly hid and grabbed his phone. His brows deeply furrowed as he saw the message on the screen.
On his mobile screen, an open text message showed: “There are two people coming behind you, they are our allies. They will assist you in this operation.”
Wolf Head turned around. Just as he was ready to observe the rear with his binoculars, two figures silently emerged at both of his sides.
“Don’t, they are allies!”
Wolf Head’s face changed greatly. He immediately shouted with a low vice through his wireless earphone.

As he leaned against the wall, he looked at two grim-looking strong men as shock spasmed his heart. It must be known that he had been on guard and vigilant, and was carefully watching his rear and front at all times. But, he didn’t expect that someone could appear at his sides without him realizing it.
Experts! They were definitely fearsome experts!
“What’s your name!”
Wolf Head repressed his shock inwardly and whispered.
"Jungle Wolf!"
The two big strong men answered coldly as they quoted the nicknames they had used when fighting abroad.
Wolf Head was surprised for a moment. The two names were somewhat familiar to him.
Suddenly, his expression changed drastically as his breathing became more rapid, “You’re Shark, an international mercenary? The same Shark who slew the rebel army leader Hagenda in Africa, destroying nearly a hundred of his soldiers and escaping unscathed? And you’re Jungle Wolf, the Gold Medal God Assassin from the Wolf Mercenaries?”
Shark and Jungle Wolf glanced at each other as they looked at Wolf Head with some astonishment.
"Do you know us?" Shark asked in a whisper.
Wolf Head looked at them incredulously. He didn’t expect that it would really be them. One must know that these two were fearsome people in the world, as one of them could cause great turmoil. But how could they be in China now? Why would they become Tang Xiu’s men?
Could it be? They were Tang Xiu’s men then and what they did overseas were all also by Tang Xiu’s orders?
In an instant, Wolf Head became more curious about Tang Xiu’s identity.
A shadow quietly appeared around them, causing their bodies to tense up for a moment, as Tang Xiu’s voice then reached their ears, “It’s me!”
As they saw Tang Xiu, they immediately relaxed.
Tang Xiu nodded, “I’ should tell you a bad news. We’re being surrounded now.”
Wolf Head was startled and asked in a low voice, “How could it be? Won’t we make the other people inside alarmed? Besides, when we lurked here, we also observed the back and we didn’t find…”
He stopped speaking abruptly because even though they had observed the surrounding, they weren’t even aware of Tang Xiu, Shark and Jungle Wolf’s presence.
“These people came after we arrived! A total of more than 40, with black night-coats and fully armed. We have two choices now. First, we commence the raid and get rid of those people inside first and then strike back later. Second, we solve those outside first and clean up those inside later. Choose.”
Wolf Head looked at Shark and Jungle Wolf, not uttering a word. Although he was powerful, he had no assurance in a full victory against them.
Shark thought for a moment and then slowly said, “Boss, you decide. We’ll definitely obey your orders.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “If we solve the ones outside first, I’m afraid that the enemies inside will be alarmed. Our main target for this operation is to kill the enemies, but more importantly, is to save my friend. I suspect that my friend was kidnapped by someone inside. So, I’ll sneak inside first and deal with the enemies there, and then go outside to clean up the newcomers.”
“What’s the operation plan, Boss!” said Wolf Head.
Tang Xiu shook his head, “Wolf Head, I’ll leave the commanding of the team to you. These two will be under you, while I’ll be responsible for the assassination and rescue. You don’t need to manage me.”
Wolf Head was slightly excited. Shark and Jungle Wolf were experts, after all, and putting them under his command boosted his confidence in this battle.
Tang Xiu said, “This factory is quite large and there is a total of 22 people inside. There are two men at the door who are responsible to warn the others inside of there's an attack. I’ll take the responsibility to kill those two sentries while you guys will take care of the rest.”
Wolf Head was astonished, “Boss, how did you know…”
Tang Xiu interrupted him and said indifferently, “You don’t have to know how I know about the situation. You just need to know that I’m not mistaken.”
Wolf Head recalled Tang Xiu’s strength and nodded slowly. He then re-analyzed the ad-hoc combat plan he had brewed and planned inside his mind. He then issued the strike orders.
The factory’s gate was made of two detachable thick iron gates.
At this moment, the large iron gate was closed and two foreign mercenaries, armed with light machine guns, were chatting in low voices, talking about what was happening tonight. Their commander was missing, maybe killed along with their other superiors, causing all of them to be at a loss and tensed up.
Tang Xiu darted very fast and heavily trampled on the two detachable heavy iron gates. This time, he used all of his strength, so the two detachable iron gates crashed down, smashing the two foreign mercenaries that were caught off guard. Even if they didn’t die, these two foreign mercenaries would be ruined.
Four light machine guns and two sniper rifles opened fire nearly at the same time. Inside the factory, more than ten Grim Reaper Scythe mercenary members who were gathered together had yet to react to what happened when they were shot.
At the other side, Tang Xiu had already gone into hiding. He had already used his spiritual sense to observe the factory; there was an office in the factory where Yuan Chuling was tied up inside. A black man was also there wiping his dagger as he sat on the couch.
Furthermore, there was also one foreign mercenary in the toilet who had escaped the killing as well as another four mercenaries inside. At this time, the four mercenaries already responded and counterattacked.
The window glass of the factory was shattered. Tang Xiu instantly passed through and dashed toward the toilet’s direction. At that moment, the foreigner inside the toilet held his gun and walked toward the toilet’s door, but by the moment the door was opened, a sharp Mitsubishi army knife pierced his heart.
Tang Xiu appeared outside the office door and observed the surrounding with his perception. The foreigner mercenary expert holding a knife had already grabbed a pistol and got up quickly as he dashed toward the door at the side.
Tang Xiu chased after him. Just as the man affixed his body to the door, Tang Xiu fiercely punched the door, his fist hitting the foreign mercenary’s body, causing him to fly out upside down. He then opened the door and sprinted inside, catching his body that was about to land on the floor.
Tang Xiu then slashed the knife up and down, slaying him.
Yuan Chuling, who was tied up on a chair, secretly saw the scene. He was so shocked that his eyes almost popped up. Tang Xiu’s storming violent strength and ruthless actions made him look at Tang Xiu as if looking at a strange monster.
If his mouth wasn’t sealed up with a tape, he would’ve interrogated Tang Xiu loudly- Is this the real you?
Tang Xiu smiled faintly. He looked at Yuan Chuling’s shocked expression and walked toward him to tear open the tape on his mouth. He then used the Mitsubishi army knife to cut off the rope tying him, saying, “Wait here. There’s still a fight at the outside, so you’ll be in danger if you go out rashly now. If you want to say anything, wait until the enemies outside have been solved.”
Yuan Chuling hesitated for a moment and nodded silently.
Tang Xiu grabbed the pistol on the floor. He then moved out of the office through the side door and found the four foreign mercenaries resisting stubbornly. Two of them had been killed, whereas the other two were hiding in the corner and counterattacking.
The two men’s position was completely exposed in front of him. So, without a moment’s hesitation, Tang Xiu fired twice at the two men, blasting their heads.
“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”
Lines of silhouettes quickly shot toward Tang Xiu.
Wolf Head glanced at the foreigners who were shot dead and exclaimed in admiration, “Boss, if you were to enter the army, you’d definitely become the most powerful marksman there.”

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