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Tang Xiu faintly smiled, “You’re good enough. The enemies were very fierce, yet they were unable to fight back against you. Anyway, be prepared and take their guns! Wait outside for the upcoming attack.”
Wolf Head hesitated before saying, “Boss, it’s better to take the initiative to attack rather than passively remain on the defensive.”
Tang Xiu shook his head. He then took out his mobile and dialed Zhong Tiekui’s number, asking, “How much time do you need?”
"Ten minutes at the most."
Tang Xiu ended the call. A thick murderous glint shot out from his eyes as he said with a heavy tone, “The enemies will come rushing in ten minutes. We’ll defend first, and then counterattack. I hate those who intrude our land and kill our people. All the invading enemies must leave their lives here.”
Wolf Head said, “Boss, the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries have a total of more than 40 people in their ranks. They have been maintaining this number for more than a decade, whereas we’ve killed more than 20 of them. But you say there are more than 40 behind us... I suspect they’re another force, coming behind the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries.”
Shark also said with a heavy tone, “The people from the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries should have died. We killed 20 of them before, also killing the other 20 here. So the people outside should be from another force.”
Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “No matter who they are, as long as they dare to shoot at us first, we’ll claim their lives. Do remember my words, I’ve never have taken action against those who don’t attack me, but if they do, I’ll make them pay hundreds of times the price.”
Wolf Head licked his lips. He suddenly felt that his future life would be extraordinarily splendid if he followed Tang Xiu. He was used to his blades, shedding blood and dodging bullets. Having experienced six months of ordinary life made him uncomfortable and tortured. And tonight was his starting point to return to those splendid days.
At the periphery of the abandoned factory.
Ichiro Yamamoto took his binoculars and observed the situation inside the factory. Next to him was a fabulous body of a masked woman, exuding a chilling aura into the air. While behind them, were four masked men in black carrying Western knives, as if they were the Japanese Ninjas in TV series.
“Kuwako, your target is Tagore. I want him alive, he absolutely mustn’t die.” Said Ichiro Yamamoto as he retracted the binoculars and spoke in a deep tone.
The masked woman replied in a cold voice, “I’ll commit suicide if I can’t accomplish the task.”
Ichiro Yamamoto shook his head, “You don’t have to make such a promise! Do remember that you’re the sole heir of the Yamamoto clan as well as the future Schoolmaster of the Northstar One Blade School. Anyone can die, but you mustn’t.” [1]
The masked woman was silent, yet the firmness in her eyes was extremely thick.
Ichiro Yamamoto secretly sighed. He waved and ordered, “Attack and kill those Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries and grab Yuan Zhengxuan.”

Instantly, the silhouettes in the surrounding dim lights of the night silently infiltrated the interior of the factory. Their movements were very strange. There were three in the group moving in coordination as they soon arrived at the deepest part of the factory.
Ichiro Yamamoto stopped his pace around tens of meters away from the factory and ordered the halt through his wireless earphone. In front of him, the dead bodies of two members of the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries had yet to become cold.
“They died from the wound on their necks and their pierced hearts. They were killed by someone wielding a Mitsubishi army knife. Judging from the footprints on the ground, their number should be two or three people. The other party is very strong. At the least, they are experts in the assassination, because these two should be the sentry guards.” The masked woman spoke in a deep tone.
Ichiro Yamamoto said with a heavy tone, “Check the perimeter and see if there are other dead bodies of the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries.”
"Report, one dead body found."
"Report, two dead people here."
"Report, a dead body here."
Reports were transmitted to Ichiro Yamamoto’s ears through his wireless earphone.
His face turned a bit unsightly. The people he sent to monitor the members of the Grim Reaper Scythe Mercenaries had given him a report saying that they had returned with only 20 remaining. He thought they had grabbed Yuan Zhengxuan and was about to seize the chance of them having suffered serious losses and then launching a surprise attack. He would then exterminate these people and became the final winner.
However, this sudden development made him at a loss and didn’t know how to react.
After half a minute of thinking deeply, Ichiro Yamamoto quickly hid behind a big tree and shouted, “Tagore, are you still alive? This is Ichiro Yamamoto!”
Inside the factory.
Tang Xiu furrowed his brows deeply as he heard the voice coming from outside. He turned to look at the others and asked, “Ichiro Yamamoto? Japanese?”
A cold glint flashed in Wolf Head’s eyes as he said with a heavy tone, “He’s the patriarch of the Yamamoto clan from Japan. A very distinguished and high standing figure. Also, he has another identity. He’s a Master in Northstar One Blade School.”
Tang Xiu had a bad opinion of the Japanese. The people from this country had a very strong and aggressive attitude; it could be said that it was the venereal disease of attitude. Throughout history, their nation bullied the weak and feared the strong. They had also invaded and encroached upon China once and left their bloody reign of terror on this land.
Tang Xiu took out his mobile and called Yuan Zhengxuan. He then learned from him that these Japanese were one of the forces that had tried to snatch the core data and information from him.
"Get ready to leave none of them behind!"
Tang Xiu ordered with a grim tone and expression.
At the outside, Ichiro Yamamoto’s furrowed his brows deeply. There was no reply from the inside, giving him a bad premonition. However, he had an arrogant attitude, and the manpower he brought along this time were all Northstar One Blade experts. Therefore, after waiting for two minutes, he immediately issued the order to advance.
Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!
Tongues of flame were shot out as four Northstar One Blade ninjas were directly killed by sniper rifles.
“Fuck! Be careful!”
Ichiro Yamamoto cursed. He took out his pistol from his waist holster and then continued to advance toward the factory.
The gunfight started.
Both sides were firing, but the situation remained at a stalemate. The people inside the factory didn’t come out, yet the experts brought by Ichiro Yamamoto couldn’t break through the net of fire and were unable to storm into the factory. Ichiro Yamamoto was angry at the moment as the two ninjas besides him suddenly fell to the ground, their heads pierced by bullets.
Never in his dreams had he ever expected to there be still enemies behind. At the moment, fear sprouted up inside his heart. Before he could issue the retreat order, a ghost-like figure rushed out from the factory, the gunfire instantly becoming several times more intense.
“FUCK! Retreat quickly! Kill and blaze out our path with blood!”
Ichiro Yamamoto fell into a panic. He recalled the ancient saying of the Chinese that they were like turtles in a jar, completely stranded and trapped. He felt that they were the ones in such situation.
A strange silhouette appeared next to Ichiro Yamamoto. It was the masked woman. She said with a heavy tone, “Master, leave with me.”
Ichiro Yamamoto rejected the masked woman’s suggestion and scolded, “Idiot! Woman, you’re so timid and afraid of danger! Even if the enemy has us surrounded, we’ll blaze out our path with blood. Everyone! Move your ass to me. Move closer!”
The masked woman shouted as her figure disappeared instantly.
At this moment, Tang Xiu had already darted out from the factory. He fired three consecutive shots and killed three Japanese ninjas. As he looked at the enemy leader, he suddenly tightened his brows. In his spiritual sense, he found that those ninjas were all moving in a certain direction, whereas a vigorous figure was rushing to the side. Furthermore, the figure’s speed was extremely fast. In addition, he hadn’t seen anyone amongst cultivators apart from him who could have such a fast speed.
“Want to escape, eh?”
Tang Xiu’s shadow flashed as he rushed toward the masked woman.
About ten seconds later, Tang Xiu had blocked the masked woman’s path. The gun in his hand was also aimed at her. He pulled the trigger.
“Bang, bang, bang…”
The three bullets were blocked by a half-moon blade, causing sparks to flash everywhere. The masked woman moved with a strange footwork as her body flashed constantly. A moment after, she was already seven or eight meters away.
Tang Xiu’s face turned more serious. The other party was able to catch the trajectory of the bullets and was even able to escape the moment she blocked them. This indicated that the strength of the other party was even more powerful than he had thought.
“You can never escape. If you don’t want to die, obediently surrender!”
Tang Xiu stuffed the pistol into his pocket and took out the Mitsubishi army knife, rushing toward the masked woman. His speed was almost twice faster than hers. Within just a few breaths, he blocked her path once again.
“Hai yah…”
The masked woman shouted loudly in a tender voice. The half-moon shaped blade in her hands created layers upon layers of blade shades as it tried to slice off and hack toward Tang Xiu. Her blade play was extremely uncanny as it attacked in a straight course and aimed at all vital points on Tang Xiu’s body.
“Clang, clang, clang…”
Tang Xiu evaded the attacks and continued using his dagger to block it. In a blink of an eye, he took back his dagger, seven or eight cracks appearing on it.
Tang Xiu circulated the star force throughout his body and stopped the blade slashed at him by the other party in an instant. His body dashed toward the masked woman and moved as though a shadow following her body, whereas the Mitsubishi army knife in his hand blocked her attacks toward his vital points and then pierced her left shoulder. Tang Xiu’s another hand formed a fist and exploded into the woman’s abdomen severely.
The masked woman’s body flew upside down, blood spraying from her mouth as she then smashed to the ground heavily. Tang Xiu’s body flashed and appeared in front of her, quickly sealing several of her acupoints in a very fast movement and picking her up.
“I told you, you can never escape.”
Tang Xiu reached out toward the masked woman’s mask, turning quite surprised immediately after. The masked woman had a breathtaking beauty, and there was also a fingernail-sized butterfly pattern between her eyebrows. The pattern coupled with her beauty caused her to look devilishly enchanting.
“Kill me!”
The masked woman spoke in an ice-cold voice. Even though she was shocked to find that she couldn’t move her body, but she felt that falling to the enemy’s hand was no different than death. At this point, what she most regretted was that the poison capsule in her teeth had already been forcefully taken out by her father a year ago.
Tang Xiu coldly smiled, “You wanna die? Even if you want to, wanting to die is very difficult after falling into my hands. I forgot to tell you, I’m also a doctor. Even if one were to bite their tongue in front of me, trying to commit suicide, cutting off their own throat or stabbing their own heart, I can still make them live for hours. So you can give up on killing yourself, else, I’ll make you taste the most vicious and painful torture in this world in the last hours of your life.”

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