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Looking at Kang Xia’s reaction, Tang Xiu was at a loss whether to cry or laugh. The vigilance in Kang Xia’s eyes was like she was looking at a pervert.
“Have you woken up?”
After clearly seeing that it was Tang Xiu, only then Kang Xia’s vigilance disappeared slowly, replaced by an awkward and embarrassed expression, making her blush.
“B-Boss, you… you’re back!”
Tang Xiu laughed, “Yeah, I just came back and wanted to rest, but I didn’t expect…”
The embarrassed expression on Kang Xia’s face was getting thicker. She knew what Tang Xiu would say. Yet, however, she was here in his room. Last night, after she accompanied Gu Yin to sleep, she had a sudden impulse to go to Tang Xiu’s room. She only intended to play in his room for a while as she later stumbled with drowsiness and fell asleep there.
More importantly, she only put on underwear without covering herself with a quilt. Didn’t this mean that he had already seen almost everything?
Looking at her expression, Tang Xiu only smiled, “It’s alright. Since you feel more comfortable sleeping in my room, sleep here tonight! I’ll go sleep in the guest room.”
Having said that, he then turned around to leave.
Kang Xia was surprised for a moment and promptly called out, “Boss, I’ll return to the guest room. Y-You… you rest here!”
She immediately ran off the bed, putting her slippers and dashing to the door. Yet, when she ran to the door, only then did she realize that she also threw the thin quilt that covered her body in Tang Xiu’s room. She wanted to take the blanket back, but because she was only wearing underwear, for a moment, the usually smart and intelligent woman was unexpectedly caught at a complete loss, embarrassed.
Tang Xiu smiled as he shook his head and said, “Just sleep here!”
Leaving his bedroom, Tang Xiu picked one of the guest rooms. There were bloodstains on his clothes, and though it was not very obvious, he couldn’t wear it anymore. After going to the bathroom and taking a bath, he suddenly realized that he didn’t bring a change of underwear. Without any other choice, he walked out of the room stark naked, sit on the bed and covered himself with a blanket, and then dialed Kang Xia’s number whilst half-leaning on the bed.
“Yes, Boss?”
In the master bedroom on the second floor, Kang Xia had put on pajamas as she sat on the bed, her imagination running wild. As she heard her mobile ringing, she took it and saw that it was a call from Tang Xiu. A slight blush covered her face, but she still quickly answered it.
“Erm… I forgot to get clean underwear and clothes. Can you send them over? I’m on the first floor,” said Tang Xiu.
"Alright!" replied Kang Xia.
Two minutes later, she knocked on the guest room’s door and heard Tang Xiu’s voice, permitting her inside. She opened the door cautiously and saw Tang Xiu’s naked upper body as he sat in the bed head position. With a slight blush on her face, she said, “Boss, your clothes.”
Tang Xiu pointed the end of the bed and said, “Put them there!”

Kang Xia quickly put the clothes on the end of the bed, but a strange thought popped inside her mind, “He obviously had just finished bathing and had yet to change clothes and underwear. Then… he’s stark naked now?”
Tang Xiu’s naked appearance involuntarily popped out inside Kang Xia’s mind. For a moment, her face turned hotter, blushing as though a sunset glow crawling up on her face.
Looking at the dazed expression on Kang Xia’s face, Tang Xiu secretly sighed inside. At the moment, Kang Xia looked especially attractive to him. After all, her thin pajamas were basically unable to cover her perfect delicate body. Even the color of her underwear could be seen clearly under the bright lights.
He wasn’t a wicked and perverted man, yet his body was young and he was in the prime of his youthfulness. It was very easy to fall into impulsiveness. However, he couldn’t give Kang Xia any responsibilities, so he must restrain himself.
“Is there anything else?”
After having been silent for more than ten seconds, Tang Xiu slowly asked.
"Huh?" Kang Xia came back to her right mind. She shook her head with a shy expression. There was panicked look in her eyes as she replied, “Uh, no, nothing. I’m fine.”
Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “If there’s nothing, go back and rest! Dawn soon will come, and if you don’t have a good sleep, you won’t be spirited in work tomorrow.”
As she heard Tang Xiu mentioning this word, her heart was as though poured by a bucket of cold water. Suddenly, a bad mood filled her, feeling as though she wasn’t really attractive enough for Tang Xiu, not able to tempt him. Had it been other men seeing her with only pajamas on her body and sitting on their beds, perhaps they would be already unable to endure it, throwing themselves at her. But Tang Xiu…
He simply turned a blind eye!
Anger was breeding fast inside Kang Xia’s heart as she thought about it. Suddenly, she looked up at Tang Xiu and asked, “Anyway, am I really that unattractive to you, just an employee that can make money for you?”
For a moment, Tang Xiu stared blankly. As low as his emotional intelligence was, he really didn’t understand why Kang Xia suddenly asked him this question. After staying silent for a moment, he then said indifferently, “For any men, you have a strong attraction and allure. As for me, I don’t want to be trapped within the sentiment of love. So I can’t give any you responsibilities. Hence, apart from regarding you as my employee, I really don’t know how to regard you otherwise.”
“What did you say?” Kang Xia’s beautiful eyes stared wide as she looked at Tang Xiu.
He… does he really think of her as only his staff? A money-making tool for him?
Tang Xiu said with all seriousness, “Responsibility is not something I can give to any women whatsoever. It’s not like I’m inconstant in love nor such relationships, rather, I don’t want to be hard-pressed with the feeling. I admit that you’re an extraordinary, perfect woman, yet I can only regard you as my subordinate.”
Kang Xia was quite irritated upon hearing Tang Xiu’s argument. Anger and a feeling of loss mixed in her heart at the same time, causing her to turn incensed. Under Tang Xiu’s gazing eyes, she gritted her teeth, taking off her pajamas as she stood in front of him and said, “If- what if I don’t want you to be held responsible for me?”
Tang Xiu was at a complete loss, looking awkward.
Coldly watching him, Kang Xia lifted her legs onto the bed and straightly uncovered the quilt on her body. Just as she looked at Tang Xiu’s stark naked body, her expression dazed for a moment, yet she still pressed herself onto him directly.
Tang Xiu’s body turned stiff. He felt Kang Xia’s lips kissing his chest as a sudden stream of heat flowed from the place under his abdomen. Facing such temptation, all the idealistic thoughts inside his mind sunk as he only pondered for a few seconds before standing up and pressing his body to hers.
“It hurts…”
Along with tender and delicate cries, the bedroom suddenly plunged into a charming and romantic atmosphere.
An hour later, Tang Xiu’s sweat dripped as Kang Xia’s body was all tired and devoid of strength. Tang Xiu felt helpless, yet he had done it. But he didn’t regret it. He might be unable to give any responsibility to her, but he could give her atonement through other means, such as giving her money, or cultivation resources…
“It’s your first time, isn’t it?” asked Tang Xiu suddenly.
Lying down under Tang Xiu, Kang Xiu nodded silently.
“You don’t regret it?” asked Tang Xiu.
Kang Xia’s heart was struck down with all kinds of emotions. The feeling was so complicated that it was hard for her to describe it. She didn’t know how to answer Tang Xiu’s question.
Did she regret it?
If truth be told, she did, a little! Yet, things had already gotten to this point and she could only choose to accept what happened. She constantly consoled herself that it was only a one-night stand with Tang Xiu, nothing ever happening after dawn.
Tang Xiu no longer asked. He knew nothing about women’s thoughts and way of thinking. Moreover, he didn’t want to delve into the bottom of it seriously. What was done had already been done, and it was unnecessary to ask about regret again.
Regardless of Kang Xia‘s reluctance, Tang Xiu hugged and picked her up, bringing her to the bathroom. He cleaned her body and then put her back on the bed. After he covered her with the blanket, Tang Xiu put on his clothes and straightly left the room.
Inside the room, it was filled with a deadly stillness!
Kang Xia could hear her own heartbeat. She could feel a pleasurable feeling as well as a lingering pain after what had happened. In the truest sense, a woman’s first time was a kind of mesmerizing experience, for the ecstatic emotion was as though the taste of flying high in the clouds. It made her cheek feel hot.
“His disposition… it seems like, he isn’t totally irresponsible?”
Imaginations ran wild inside her mind as she gradually fell asleep.
Tang Xiu returned back to his room. He immediately went to bed. He might have an excellent physique, but after fighting and working in bed for an hour, he almost couldn’t bear it anymore.
Shortly before noon.
Tang Xiu was awakened by his mobile's ringtone. As he took his mobile and looked at it, finding that it was a call from his mother. He took the call and said with a smile, “Hi, Mom. Something happened last night, so I drove back to Star City. I didn’t tell you because it was late night.”
Su Lingyun’s voice came, “Indeed. I was wondering why you hadn’t gotten up, so I went to your room and you weren’t there, even your car wasn’t in front of the house. Anyways, when will you come back, Xiu’er?”
“I won’t go back there for a while, Mom. Anyway, I’ll call Su Ben and Su Quan to come to Star City since I promised them a job. Also, I might be out of town not long from now and I don’t know when I’ll be back. But please don’t worry. I’ll be back before school starts,” said Tang Xiu
Su Lingyun was surprised, “Out of town? Are you going traveling or is it a business trip?”
“It’s kind of a business trip. But I also plan to go out and play. Ah, right. I’ll also take Yinyin with me, so you don’t need to worry about her,” said Tang Xiu.
Su Lingyun laughed, “Alright. If there’s anything, call me. I’ll be taking care of your grandmother for a few days more before going back to Star City. That’s right, Su Xiangfei is also coming back.”
Tang Xiu’s face changed as a chilling light burst out from his eyes. Su Xiangfei never went back to school after his family had an accident nor did he participate in the CET. Tang Xiu also knew that something happened with the Su family. After their assets were confiscated, Su Xiangfei and Su Yanning’s traces disappeared.
And now, he was back to their hometown in Qinghe County. What was he going to do?
“Mom, did that guy trouble you?”
“No. He seems to have changed into a different person. He’s very sensible and thoughtful now. Not even half a word did he mention about what you did to his family. Don’t you worry, Xiu’er! Although Xiangfei was spoiled by his parents, his nature is good. As long as he thoroughly repents for his mistakes and becomes a better person, it’s no problem for me. Besides, he’s my own nephew, after all,” said Su Lingyun.
Tang Xiu said, “Mom, I know he’s your nephew. But the only person in this world who will never hurt you is me! We mustn’t lose our guard as we don’t know people’s hearts, so you must pay attention to your safety. How about I help you find two bodyguards later to protect your safety. And please don’t object this, Mom. Later on, when I run my business, I might offend some people. The business world is no different than a battlefield, and you’re my biggest weakness. I want to guarantee your safety so I can do my things without worries.”

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