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After lunch, Kang Xia left South Gate Town in a hurry. The Magnificent Tang Corporation was exactly at the initial stage and there was a lot of things she had to manage personally. Even if Tang Xiu gave her a day off, she wouldn’t agree to it.
Tang Xiu left his villa’s courtyard and found his Land Rover parked on the roadside outside. He went back to the villa and took the car keys. After that, he drove to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. His fellow villagers came to be hospitalized in Star City and even though he made a call to arrange everything for them, he still had to go there and see them. They watched him as he grew up, after all.
At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.
Tang Xiu parked the car in the parking area and walked toward the Inpatient Department. On the way there, he called Dai Xinyue and asked her the ward number for the five injured villagers.
At the President’s office.
As Li Hongji was reviewing the documents he was suddenly struck with happiness as well as feeling quite regretful. It was regretful that the hospital only had a few rooms, whereas there were a lot of patients being admitted every day. It was joyful because Star City Chinese Medical Hospital became quite famous now, even the big and more famous hospitals in the country had contacted him.
“If only… Tang Xiu could forever stay, it would’ve been great. Sigh! If he was willing to stay I’d really willing to give the president position to him.”
As he finished reading the documents, Li Hongji shook his head and sighed.
“Ring, ring, ring…”
As his cell phone rang, his brows furrowed. He took the mobile and saw the caller ID. His eyes suddenly turned bright. After he answered the call, he spoke with a very amiable tone, “Hello Xinyue! Is there something you need? Is your Master coming to our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital?”
“Yes! My Master is going to the Inpatient Department to visit his fellow villagers there.” Dai Xinyue’s voice came through the phone.
A happy expression was written on Li Hongji’s face as he immediately said, “Did you tell him my request to report if he came to the hospital?”
“Yes, I did!” said Dai Xinyue.
The smile on Li Hongji’s face became thicker. Since Tang Xiu didn’t disagree, that meant Tang Xiu wouldn’t mind seeing him. When he thought up to there, he immediately said it to Dai Xinyue as he hung up the phone and came out of the President’s office.
Inside the Inpatient Department ward.
Su Jiande was half-leaning on the sickbed while eating a piece of an apple peeled by his daughter. At the same time, he spoke to the patient on the next bed who was just being admitted with a joyfully satisfied expression, “The Divine Doctor you just mentioned, I know who he is. Not only do I know him, I also know where his family lives!”
The patient on the next bed was a white-haired old man with a son and daughter at his bedside. Upon hearing Su Jiande’s words, the old man’s daughter replied quickly, “You know where he lives? Really? I heard that this Divine Doctor comes and goes without giving notice. He also has no fixed time for his medical service in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. My dad has asked the hospital’s president, and he didn’t even know when Divine Doctor Tang would come over to give medical services.”

Su Jiande smiled at her, replying, “Considering that you know the president, I can tell that you’re not an ordinary person. Do you know why we can stay in this ward? It’s because Tang Xiu made a phone call to the hospital’s leader. Also, I watched him grow up. That child is sensible, thoughtful and intelligent, so it’s no wonder that he became a Divine Doctor. Hahaha…”
“Uncle Jiande, you’re overpraising me way too much. It kinda makes me embarrassed.”
A voice came from the outside as Tang Xiu’s figure appeared at the door.
A pleasantly surprised expression was immediately written on the faces of Su Jiande as well as the other Su villagers. Su Jiande was struggling to get up, but Tang Xiu stopped him.
“Uncle Jiande, you’re injured, so don’t get up. We’re relatives, after all, so we can cut ceremonies between us. How is it? Have your injuries recovered?” Tang Xiu smiled at him and asked.
Su Jiande said excitedly, “The recovery is great. The doctors said I only need ten to fifteen days before I can leave the hospital. Tang Xiu, it’s really you! But, weren’t you going to Qinghe County? How come you’re back in Star City now?”
“Everything has been handled well at home, and the culprit who injured you has apologized and admitted their mistakes. They also paid compensation. So that’s the end of the incident. As for me, I have things to take care of, so I came back to Star City.”
Immediately after, Tang Xiu greeted the other villages inside the ward. Although he was rich and powerful at present, as well as being hailed as a Divine Doctor in this hospital, he didn’t act arrogant and his attitude was as modest as always.
On the next sickbed, the white-haired old man who was half-seated on the bed head was looking at Tang Xiu with a curious expression. His children were also doing the same. They had heard that Divine Doctor Tang was very young, but it was out of their imagination that he would be this young.
Seeing Tang Xiu and the fellow Su villagers greeting each other, the old man then smiled and said, “Heroes truly come from the youth! I have heard that Divine Doctor Tang is a young man, but to be this young is beyond my imagination. Divine Doctor Tang, you come and leave as if it’s a coincidence, might I ask you to check my sickness right now?”
Tang Xiu looked at the old man with a slight vigilance in his eyes. Just when he came to the Inpatient Department, he realized something unusual. In the entire Inpatient Department, there were at least 20 men in casual suits watching the stairs and elevators. There were also several stern-looking men at the ward corridor who seemed to be martial arts experts who were also intentionally watching the ward.
Hence, he already guessed that the old man’s identity was definitely extraordinary. Furthermore, he felt that the old man was somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him.
After a moment of silence, he asked, “What is your illness?”
The old man smiled wryly, “It’s asthma, a chronic one for many years. It’s getting more and more serious nowadays. Hence, when I heard that Star City Chinese Medical Hospital has a Divine Doctor on duty, my children brought me here from Beijing.”
“How should I address you?” Tang Xiu nodded.
The old man laughed, “My family name is also Tang, our whole family should come from the same line about 500 years ago.”
Family name Tang, from Beijing?
Tang Xiu’s brows furrowed. Although Su Lingyun didn’t disclose too much information about his father to him, yet she had told him that his father came from Beijing and was also surnamed Tang. However, he shook his head secretly, because he didn’t believe that such coincidence could happen in the world.
Furthermore, that father who had no affection for him whatsoever should have nothing to do with them. This family’s background wasn’t simple. If he was related to this family, would he even possibly take a liking to his mother who was only an ordinary woman from the countryside?
Tang Xiu looked at the old man’s smiling face and lightly said, “To be honest, I have no good impression on the people surnamed Tang. If I could, I really wanted my surname to be Su. Anyways, asthma is very easy to treat. The illness’ problem is inside the lungs. Please wait until your family takes you to the consultation room and I’ll treat you there.”
“Knock, knock...”
The door was knocked as Li Hongji, accompanied by two hospital’s leaders, strode inside. When he saw Tang Xiu, he immediately spoke excitedly, “Tang Xiu, you really came! You know, I’m really excited as well as in distress right now. If you didn’t come, I’m afraid that I’d have to visit you.”
“Ah,” Tang Xiu said with a puzzled expression, “Is there something you need me for?”
Li Hongji forced a smile, “Of course there are matters that need you! Because of you, our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital has become well-known throughout the country. You’ve cured those hard-to-treat internal illnesses and also treated a lot of patients who came from other regions of the country, who can't be treated by the outstanding doctors from many large hospitals. Hence, you’re the most dazzling supernova in the medical world. Don’t tell me that you didn’t realize it when you come to the hospital? This Inpatient Department is already filled with patients coming from all over the country, even each corridor on every floor is temporarily filled with sickbeds. The 50 beds we bought yesterday are far from adequate; there are a lot of patients lying in the corridors.”
Tang Xiu was dazed and said with disbelief, “The fame of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital has really become so big?”
Li Hongji forced out a smile and said, “It’s absolutely true!”
Tang Xiu touched his nose and said lightly, “It seems that I ought to lessen the number of times I give medical service here. Tall trees attract the wind, whereas I myself never liked to stand in the limelight.”
He then turned his head and spoke to the old man, “How about this, let your children take you to the consultation room? I’ll examine you there. Afterwards, you can save the time and leave right away.”
Li Hongji looked at the old man as an unusual light flashed in his eyes. He then quickly said, “Senior Chief, since Tang Xiu is willing to give you treatment, you’ll finally be able to be cured of your asthma!”
He believed in Tang Xiu because he knew one thing- Sun Wenjing’s mother. She was an old lady who was suffering of a middle stage liver cancer and was cured by Tang Xiu!
It’d simply be a joke if a divine doctor who had been able to cure a middle stage liver cancer of an old woman was unable to cure asthma. Hence, he was pretty confident in Tang Xiu.
Senior Official?
Tang Xiu frowned. A picture suddenly flashed inside his mind. He suddenly understood as to why he felt that this old man looked somewhat familiar. He was one of the top leaders of the country and could be grouped within the top 10 influential figures throughout the country. He used to watch him on TV news before.
The old man frowned and replied in a low voice, “President Li, haven’t I told you to not call me that? It’s fine calling me Old Tang.”
“Ah, yes, yes, yes!”
Li Hongji quickly let out an obsequiously smile and said.
The old man looked at Tang Xiu as he smiled and said, “Divine Doctor Tang, I’ll have to trouble you then. If there’s anything to be prepared in advance, you can tell President Li directly.”
Tang Xiu nodded slightly, “Prepare a basin of warm water and clean towels. Also, prepare for me some medical alcohol along with alcohol cotton.”
The hospital leader who accompanied Li Hongji behind immediately said, “I’ll go prepare them at once.”
Tang Xiu waved his hand as he then spoke to Li Hongji, “I must take a trip abroad for a few days. If I can handle the matters ahead of schedule, I’ll still have some time before college starts, so I’ll come to the hospital and give medical services for a few days. But if I come back late, I won’t be able to give medical services here anymore! I'll only have time again when vacation comes. About those patients coming from all over the country, the hospital still has other doctors, so you can let them handle it!”
As Li Hongji heard it, a bitter and sour expression immediately covered his face. The hospital had received so many external patients. If Tang Xiu was to put down his workload, perhaps he, as the top leader, would be unable to withstand it! After all, there were a lot of people among the patients that had extraordinary backgrounds. Even though they paled in comparison with the one in front of them, some people were really not good to offend.

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