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Tang Yunpeng watched his father’s constantly changing expression with eyes full of curiosity, whereas Tang Min and Tang Dong looked confused, as they were clueless about what kind of situation they were in.
“Why aren’t you chasing him!”
Tang Guosheng came out from his daze and immediately called out as he saw that his children were still there.
Tang Yunpeng hesitated for a while. Then, he turned around and walked out of the ward. As he entered the corridor outside, he was still figuring out the whole process. He waved to a bodyguard in casual attire and asked, “The young man who just came out of the ward, where did he go?”
The guard pointed to the stairs, “There!”
Tang Yunpeng nodded and strode toward the stairs. Just as he reached there, he saw Tang Xiu leaning on the wall, looking gloomy and smoking a cigarette.
“Divine Doctor Tang, I want to know the reason you acted like that.”
Tang Xiu looked at him with a cold and detached expression, “You have neither the right nor the qualification. Even your father doesn’t have that right either. If I’m not mistaken, at that time, Tang Yunde was expelled from your family and then came to Star City alone, am I right?”
Tang Yunpeng knitted his brows as he asked, “How do you know so much about my youngest brother’s situation?”
Tang Xiu shook his head, “I know very little, but these are enough for my family to detest your Tang Family. So I’m telling you to not provoke me. Your Tang Family might be big and powerful, but if I want to destroy you, it’s still within my capabilities.”
The frown on Tang Yunpeng’s face grew deeper as he continued asking, “You seem very hostile toward us. Do my Tang Family and yours have any hatred and grudges?”
Tang Xiu sneered, “A grudge? How I wish that it was only a grudge! Just forget it, I already told you that I cannot treat your father’s illness. Do your best to deal with it yourself.” Having said that, he walked downstairs.
A loud voice reverberated. It wasn’t Tang Yunpeng but Tang Guosheng who came with someone propping him up.
Tang Xiu stopped and looked at him coldly.
Tang Guosheng stopped in front of Tang Xiu. He prudently looked at Tang Xiu’s features for a long while before muttering, “You look like him, at least 60 percent! Twenty years ago, I almost turned Star City inside out, but still, I failed to find my youngest daughter-in-law, a woman called Little Yun. Since Yunde suddenly got injured and turned into a vegetative state, it’s already been twenty years that I’ve been hoping for him to wake up, so he that can tell me personally that woman’s full name. At that very same time yesteryear, he told me that she was already pregnant and lived here!”
Tang Yunpeng and Tang Xiu exclaimed out in alarm without them realizing. Even Tang Dong’s eyes turned wide, disbelief shooting out from his eyes.
They all knew about this matter, and it had been a long time they had been seeking for the answer!

Could it be…
The three people’s eyes looked at Tang Xiu intensely.
Tang Xiu was silent. He knew nothing of the actual facts that had happened that year. If that man suddenly went missing because he was severely injured and turned into a vegetative state and then was brought back to the capital, should he hate him for this?
Finally, Tang Xiu slowly raised his head and looked at the excited Tang Guosheng, saying indifferently, “That’s your family’s problem, nothing of it is related to me whatsoever. I may help and treat your illness, but I want you to never again appear in Star City afterward.”
Tang Guosheng walked forward a step and said with all solemnness, “If you’re my…”
Tang Xiu waved his hand to interrupt him and said with a cold and detached expression, “No! The more I hear that hated name, the more extreme I’ll respond to it. Furthermore, I’m already twenty-two and I shall have nothing whatsoever related to you. So, just go to the ward and I’ll treat you there.”
Twenty-two years old?
Tang Guosheng frowned deeply. If Tang Xiu’s age became the reference, he couldn’t be his own grandson, yet his response and appearance were too unusual. Even if he wasn’t his grandson, perhaps there was an unseparated relationship between him and his daughter-in-law.
“Tang Xiu, you know about my youngest son’s situation and your response is way too unusual. So, I’m very sure you must know something. Please tell me, my Tang Family will certainly thank you for this.”
While walking toward the ward, Tang Xiu replied with a cold and detached voice, “I couldn’t care less about the gratefulness of your Tang Family. You’d better not to think about this messed up shit and rather focus on your asthma. If you want me to treat you, then cut the crap. If you don’t want me to treat you, then don’t shit much longer here and go the hell back to Beijing.”
Tang Guosheng wore a complicated expression on his face. The more unusual Tang Xiu acted, the more he was certain about his suspicion. Tang Xiu must know a lot about his youngest son and his wife. Yet, with the apparent hostile attitude Tang Xiu had toward him, he felt that he must not act with undue haste.
A strange light glinted from Tang Dong and Tang Min’s eyes even though they kept silent. Tang Yunpeng, however, frowned and said with a heavy tone, “Tang Xiu, you’d better pay attention to your attitude.”
“Hmph,” Tang Xiu snorted coldly, “You think that my attitude isn’t good enough? If you feel so, then get the hell out.”
Tang Yunpeng was incensed. He was a man with a prominent position and also a high-ranking official of the region. No one dared to speak to him with such attitude for many years. Furthermore, his father had a more distinguished status and was someone of equal status with the few senior statesmen of the country. Now, however, a 20-year-old young man humiliated him, causing him to want to act against Tang Xiu at once.
Tang Guosheng raised his hand to stop Tang Yunpeng as he glared at him. Only then did he look at Tang Xiu and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you for this, Divine Doctor Tang.”
After returning to the ward.
Su Jiande saw Tang Xiu returning and quickly asked, “Tang Xiu, are you alright?”
Tang Xiu squeezed out a smile as he shook his head, “Uncle Jiande, I’m fine.”
Su Jiande calmed himself down from his tensed-up state.
He was a typical countryside layman. All of his relatives were also local farmers there. They also thought that Tang Guosheng looked somewhat familiar before, and at present, they suddenly realized they had seen him on TV. He was one of the bigshot leaders of the country.
As good-hearted as he was, he wished to urge Tang Xiu to not offend this kind of bigshot. But then, he swallowed the line that was already on the tip of his tongue.
Tang Xiu pointed the to the sickbed and spoke with a deep tone, “Take off your coat and get down with your face to the floor.”
Tang Guosheng did as he was told and lied at the end of the sickbed. Although he didn’t know how Tang Xiu would treat him, with the title of Divine Doctor, then it surely wouldn't be a prank.
Tang Xiu’s fingers pressed Tang Guosheng’s chest center acupoints and rubbed it for half a minute. Then, he took the alcohol and alcohol cotton handed over by Li Hongji and rubbed that acupoints over and over again while his fingers pressed all the acupoints on Tang Guosheng’s lungs.
Asthma was also known as bronchial asthma. It was a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs, which involved a variety of cells and respiratory parts. If the conditions become more serious, it could lead to pneumonia.
The chronic airways inflammation oftentimes was accompanied by the increasing of hyper-responsive respiratory tracts, leading to repeated wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. If one wanted to cure it, besides treating the bronchial obstruction, on the other hand, one would have to ease the inflammation of the lungs.
Tang Xiu actually had a more effective treatment method. However, Tang Guosheng’s age was, after all, already advanced and not suitable for quite radical treatments, even though the effect of such treatment method was extremely excellent. Therefore, Tang Xiu could only choose the gentle method with a slightly worse effect than the first method. Yet, despite the method being gentle, it still frightened the people around.
As one of Tang Xiu’s hands took the alcohol and alcohol cotton from Li Hongji, he also took back his other hand from Tang Guosheng’s lungs’ acupoints. Along with the flow of his star force into the palm of his hand, Tang Xiu began to hit Tang Guosheng’s back repeatedly.
Each and every hit he did it, it caused his star force to enter Tang Guosheng’s body, as he controlled the surging force toward the internal organs, lungs, and trachea until his star force gradually seeped into them.
“Cough, cough, cough…”
A severe cough made Tang Guosheng’s body tremble. His eyes turned bloated and his face turned red. Even the green veins on his forehead protruded.
The crowd around were trembling as they watched the scene scared shitless. The Tang Family, in particular, had a thought sprout in their hearts: Tang Xiu had said that he wouldn’t treat this old man, yet, would he be possible to take the chance to retaliate at this time, and then cause the old man to suffer?
About ten minutes later, Tang Guosheng was no longer coughing. Tang Xiu slowly retracted his hands. He then washed his hands with the warm water and said indifferently, “Let the senior Chinese medical doctor from the hospital make a Chinese herbal medicine prescription to raise the qi and moisten the lungs. Drink the medicine for three to five days. Anyways, President Li, he’s fine now, he can already be discharged! The hospital has insufficient wards, so we might as well have it unoccupied and not delay the other patients.”
Li Hongji hesitated.
Tang Guosheng slowly got up from the sickbed at this time as he sat there, stroking his chest. A faint excited expression was revealed on his old face. He could clearly feel that his breathing was particularly smooth, very different from his usual struggle to breathe. Even his brain was much soberer and clearer than before.
The effect that satisfied him the most was that he could feel that his body was very comfortable, as though he got a few decades younger. His body now felt a lot more relaxed.
“Leave the hospital and take care of the administration formalities immediately!”
At the moment, Tang Guosheng’s voice brought with it a lot more strength than before.
Li Hongji dared not to offend Tang Xiu or Tang Guosheng. And now, he immediately felt relieved inwardly upon seeing Tang Guosheng compromising. However, his eyes had a lot more admiration when he looked at Tang Xiu now.
Who was Tang Guosheng?
He was one of the senior statesmen of the country! Someone with an honorable status and above hundreds of millions of people.
Yet, Tang Xiu dared to have such attitude toward him, even Li Hongji couldn’t help but slightly worship him!
After Tang Xiu had treated Tang Guosheng, he no longer stayed at the Chinese Medical Hospital. By now, he only had one thought, that was, to immediately rush to his hometown in Qinghe County to see his mother. Prior to this, his mother had never wanted to tell him anything about this and he also didn’t want to disturb and make her awkward about the matter. Yet, now was different. Since that man was still alive and also in a vegetative state, for whatever it could be, he must tell this issue to his mother.
As for what his mother would do, he could only respect her decision.
On the way back, he called Su Ben and Su Quan, telling them to not leave for Star City as he wanted the both of them to wait for him in the Su Village.
Two hours later, Tang Xiu had driven back to the Su Village. When he had just parked his car outside his grandmother’s courtyard, Su Ben and Su Qian came out from the house.
“Tang Xiu!”
Su Quan called him out.
Tang Xiu waved at him and said, “You two wait for me outside. I have something important to discuss with my mother. After we talk, I’ll chat with the both of you.”
Su Ben and Su Quan nodded at the same time.

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