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Tang Guosheng watched Tang Xiu calmly as a light of wisdom flashed in his eyes. He had experienced countless hardships in life, and he was good at identifying people’s characters. Thus, he was able to distinguish Tang Xiu’s disposition to some extent after a brief contact.
Hence, he didn’t feel angry about Tang Xiu’s remark. Certainly, had it been others daring to speak to him with this attitude, he would have flown into a rage already. But toward Tang Xiu, he owned him far too much.
“Tang Xiu, if you can treat your father, he would be free wherever he goes. If you can’t treat him and insist to take him back to Star City, I would also agree with that. But I have a condition. The medical facilities in Star City are incomparable to the facilities in Beijing. Thus, if you want to take him over I need to send specialists and professional medical staffs along with him.
“As for your remark just now, I know very well about the resentment inside your heart. It was indeed my failure in not finding the both of you—mother and son that year, causing the both of you to endure hardships and suffering all these years. But, you’re surnamed Tang, the bloodline of the Tangs, and the Tang Family is also your family.”
Tang Xiu snorted coldly and spoke no more.
Tang Min looked at Tang Xiu’s eyes before her vision landed on Su Lingyun. She then said with a smile, “Second Sister-in-law, I think you should go to Beijing with us. I believe that Second Big Brother has told you about the situation in our family. Even though the Tangs are a wealthy and powerful family, yet the elders have never intervened much in their children’s marriages, they won’t look down at you. And father, he personally rushed to Star City and stayed here for some days in the past. Even since Second Big Brother has been in a coma, for several years, Eldest Brother took some time to come to Star City to find you.”
Having said that, Tang Min walked toward Su Lingyun. She then grabbed Su Lingyun’s hands as the smile on her face disappeared, replaced with some bitterness, “Second Sister-in-law, do you know the most disturbing thought Mother has always been carrying with her all these years? It’s about the missing grandson she has outside. Oftentimes, when people mention about the Second Big Brother, she would fall into tears, being distressed by her beloved son, yet she also misses her own grandson.”
Su Lingyun’s heart was shivering, a warm feeling gushing inside. Her resentment toward the Tangs reduced a lot. All these years, she had always been thinking and wanting to seek for her husband, yet it was out of her imagination that the Tangs also felt the same for them.
Tang Min spoke again, “Second Sister-in-law, please come with us to Beijing now! Our family is there. If you don’t want to live in the old grand residence of my parents, I will buy you a villa. And if my nephew wants to study, he can study at Beijing University, I will fully support your every need.”

Su Lingyun opened her mouth as her sight fell on Tang Xiu with the intention of asking for assistance.
Tang Xiu said indifferently, “I’m sorry, we’re not accustomed to life in Beijing. Also, we don’t need even a dime from the Tangs. My wealth might be incomparable to the Tangs, but it’s enough for me and my Mom to have a rich life.”
Su Lingyun then added, “Yes! We have a good life here. Xiu’er has grown up now and he also has some abilities, whereas my restaurant business is also very good. So we really have no intention to live in the capital.”
Tang Guosheng said with a heavy tone, “Little Yun, Tang Xiu, no matter where you want to live, I’ll approve. But you can freely speak to me your needs, as long as it is within my abilities to provide. Even if it would heavily damage the welfare of my Tang Family, I’ll do it. You can bear in mind that the Tang Family owes you—mother and child, and we shall compensate you from now on.”
Tang Xiu was startled inwardly. An inconceivable expression flashed in his eyes. He didn’t expect that Tang Guosheng would make such a big commitment. At this moment, his sealed heart slightly cracked a bit, yet for now, he couldn’t make himself feel close and intimate with the Tangs.
“Bring the stuff inside.”
Tang Min shouted toward the entrance of the courtyard before turning around and speaking to Su Lingyun with a smile on her face, “Second Sister-in-law, Father heard that your mother is injured, and he has specially arranged some people to buy some nutrition and supplements. Also, since it’s our first meeting, we couldn’t be careless about the etiquettes, could we? As for those people who wounded her relatives, apart from the County Hospital’s Vice President who disappeared, they will immediately be punished.”
Immediately, the four bodyguards in front of the courtyard quickly carried over a dozen boxes.
Su Lingyun was quite at a loss and didn’t know how to respond.
Tang Xiu then spoke faintly, “Mom, since they have shown good intention, we’ll accept them. Also, we’re don’t hit people smiling at us. They are not looking for trouble, so we shan’t ignore them. Please let them enter the house!”
Su Lingyun sobered up and quickly said, “Ah, you’re too kind, please come inside. My mother is there.”
A while after, Tang Guosheng and Tang Xiu met Zhang Shi. After Zhang Shi learned their identities, she threw curses at them at first, but after she understood the whole story, only then did she show a bit of happiness. She felt happy for her daughter as well as excited knowing that her son-in-law was still alive.
“Xiu’er, grandma knows that your medical expertise is very good, so you have to cure your father. His disappearance for so many years was caused by special reasons, so you can’t blame him any longer. Go to the capital and heal him! Grandma wants to see my son-in-law while I’m still alive.” As Zhang Shi learned about the situation, she called Tang Xiu and advised him.
“I’ll try my best, grandma!” Tang Xiu nodded.
Ten minutes later, Su Lingyun was done with the packing and left the house’s courtyard.
“You drive the car and lead the way. Mom will sit in my car.” Tang Xiu put their suitcases into the trunk as he spoke to Tang Guosheng and the others.
Tang Min quickly said, “I’ll also take your car so I can chat with Second Sister-in-law on the road.”
A trace of a smile showed on Su Lingyun’s face, “Alright!”
Tang Xiu didn’t prevent her. All in all, for whatever Su Lingyun decided, he wouldn’t object to it. After getting in the car, he saw Tang Min affectionately holding his mother’s arm as they chatted in the back seat. He then started the car and followed the two black Audis as they quickly left the Su Village. Although he just got his driver license, he followed the two cars at high speed and drove northward.
Beijing, Famous Garden Villa Complex.
At this time, the third elder of the Tangs, Tang Guoshou, was reading the information in his hand. In front of him, two middle-aged men in military uniforms were standing straight, with one and two stars’ ranking on their shoulders.
The door was thrust open forcefully as Tang Guoshou’s son, Tang Yunqingm strode inside the room in a rush. Panting and short on breath, he shouted, “Father, it’s a big event!”
Tang Guoshou’s brows knitted as he snorted coldly, “Even if the sky is falling down, you still must be reverent and steady as Mt. Tai. Look at yourself now, what’s got into you to act improperly like this?”
Tang Yunqing replied urgently, “No, father. It’s really a very important matter. Uncle and the others are coming back to the capital in a hurry. I just received the call from the eldest brother saying that we must rush to the ancestral residence within four hours.”
Tang Guoshou was startled, “We need to rush to the ancestral residence? Did Yunpeng tell you what happened?”
Tang Yunqing said, “The Second Big Brother’s son has been found, and now they’re returning with the mother and son to Beijing. Also, most importantly, this time uncle went secretly to Star City to seek for the Divine Doctor surnamed Tang, and the said doctor turned out to be the Second Big Brother’s son, Tang Xiu.”
Tang Guoshou’s expression changed, a light bursting out from his eyes. He didn’t expect that his direct nephew would be found. The person that the old madam of the family had been missing the most all these years, the one and only grandson who lived outside the family whom they never knew if he was still alive or died.
“Great! Yunqing, quickly informs the others and tell them to hurry to the ancestral residence in four hours. I really didn’t expect that the missing grandson turned out to be a Divine Doctor! If… if he can cure Yunde’s sickness…”
As Tang Guoshou thought up to there, the excitement on his face grew more intense.
Tang Yunqing quickly said, “Father, I’ll immediately go inform everyone.”
Beijing, Royal Dragon Club.
Tang Wei was holding a crystal bottle as he savored red wine. Around him, two young men hugged an attractive girl each as they drank and had fun joyfully. The two young men, one was called Zong Lu and the other Zhang Hongnian. Both of them were scions from giant families in the capital as well as Tang Wei’s best buddies since childhood.
The deluxe box’s door was kicked open from the outside as a lovely girl in a dress strode inside. As she saw the people sitting on the sofa, particularly the two attractive girls accompanying Tang Wei, her expression changed immediately. She sprinted toward Tang Wei and, under everyone’s surprised gaze, she grabbed Tang Wei’s arm and quickly spoke, “Big Brother, quickly come. Grandpa has decreed that all family members must return to the ancestral residence. We just had a major event.”
Tang Wei was at a loss as it was both funny and embarrassing. He rolled his eyes as he replied, “Tang Tang, the sky has yet to collapse; it’s still atop of our head. What are you anxious for? Besides, hasn’t grandpa just gone outside of the city? What kind of matter would happen anyway? Ah right, how did you know I was in this place?”
Tang Tang quickly pulled him out the box. After that, she quickly spoke, “That doesn’t matter. Come with me now, the Second Uncle’s son has been found, and now he’s on the road back to the capital along with Grandpa. Hurry up, will you! If we arrive late and Grandpa arrives and find that we’re not in the ancestral residence, he will be angry with us!”
Second Uncle’s son?
Tang Wei fell into a daze as his expression suddenly changed.
He broke from Tang Tang’s hold and went back into the box. He looked at Zong Lu and Zhang Hongnian as he said, “You should’ve heard it, yes? There’s an urgent matter, so I gotta get back home. You just continue playing here, I’ll look for you after I got time.”
Zong Lu and Zhang Hongnian looked at each other and nodded. They knew Tang Wei’s Second Uncle who had been in a vegetative state due to an accident twenty years ago. But they didn’t expect that he had a son outside.
“Big Brother Tang, off you go, quickly!”
Beijing, in a PLA military unit.
Inside an olive-green barracks, the commander of the Special Forces Unit, Tang Ning, was supervising the drill in the shooting range. At this moment, a young man in military uniform ran toward him and handed a mobile phone, saying, “Commander, it’s a call for you.”
Tang Ning took the mobile over expressionlessly. He then spoke with a deep tone, “Tang Ning speaking.”
“Return to the family’s ancestral residence at once.”
Tang Yunqing’s voice transmitted through the phone.
Tang Ning frowned, “Fourth Uncle, I’m still training my team members, what matter could it be that you can’t say it on the phone?”
“Your Second Uncle’s son has been found and Old Father is bringing him home from Star City now.”
"What? I’ll go back immediately!"

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