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The next day.
Tang Guosheng personally presided over the process of ancestors’ veneration for Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun, arranging the ancestors’ worship position as well as recording the names of both of them in the Tang Family tree.
Immediately after, Tang Xiu took his parents to board Ouyang Lulu’s private jet and directly flew to Star City. Chen Zhizhong and Gu Xiaoxue were also coming together with them. But Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu drove his Land Rover SUV back to Star City at high speed while Tang Xiu drove all the way to Qinghe County toward the Su Village, checking on his grandmother and fetching Su Ben and Su Quan, then going back to Star City again.
South Gate Town.
When Tang Yunde entered the grand villa, he was shocked. Although he knew from his wife that his son, Tang Xiu, made a lot of money and now lived in a large villa, but he was still stupefied, because he had never imagined that the villa would turn out to be so luxurious.
Gu Yin was sitting on the sofa in the living room, listening to music. As she saw Su Lingyun entering the living room, she was pleasantly surprised and quickly removed her headset and ran over.
At the opposite side of the sofa, Kang Xia was also there. She was reading a financial magazine when she heard Gu Yin’s shout and was also surprised. She knew from Gu Yin that the one she called grandmother was none other than Tang Xiu’s mother.
Looking ahead, Kang Xiu realized that a lot of people were entering the living room.
Smiling, Su Lingyun loosened her hands pushing the wheelchair. She directly hugged Gu Yin, “Yinyin dear, have you been a good girl?”
“Of course, Yinyin is always a good girl. Grandma, I missed you,” Gu Yin laughed.
Su Lingyun stroked her hair, smiling. After that, she put her down on the floor. Pointing at Tang Yunde on the wheelchair, she spoke, “Yinyin, he’s your Master’s father. You may call him Grandpa.”
Gu Yin was stunned, observing Tang Yunde curiously. She then called out in a well-behaved manner, “Grandpa, have you been good? I’m Gu Yin, you can call me Yinyin.”
Tang Yunde had long since learned about Gu Yin and replied with a smile, “Hi, Yinyin. Later on, we’re all one family.”
Gu Yin looked up and then gazed back at Su Lingyun.
Su Lingyun nodded to her and then greeted Kang Xia. It was her first time seeing Kang Xia. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “And you are…”
Recalling what had happened and the relationship between her and Tang Xiu, Kang Xia was felt somewhat disturbed. However, at this moment, she also saw Ouyang Lulu and Gu Xiaoxue behind, her mood turning complicated. She knew that Ouyang Lulu liked Tang Xiu, but she had never thought that aside from her, there was also another more fairy-like woman. Slightly hesitating, she quickly calmed herself and put away her complicated emotions, replying with a smile, “Hi, Auntie. Hi, Uncle. I’m Kang Xia.”
Su Lingyun suddenly understood and seized her hands quickly as she smiled, “Ah, so you’re Kang Xia! Xiu’er and Yinyin often tell me about you, but I’ve yet to see you. You’re truly beautiful and thoughtful. My son told me that you’re the one who manages the business, making you very busy. It’s really laborious for you, isn’t it?”

Feeling Su Lingyun’s amicable demeanor, Kang Xia’s smile got brighter. “This is what I’m supposed to do, Auntie!”
“About the business issues, it’s your and Xiu’er’s matter. But we’ve left Star City for so many days, while you’re apparently also taking care of Yinyin. In this regard, I really can’t thank you enough.”
Kang Xia modestly returned the pleasantries.
Immediately after, Su Lingyun also introduced her to Ouyang Lulu and Gu Xiaoxue. When she learned that Kang Xia and Ouyang Lulu already knew each other, she no longer said anything.
Originally, as Kang Xia saw that Su Lingyun had come back, she was ready to leave. But then, after Su Lingyun learned that she was having her day off, she insisted on her staying. With such intimate and warm manner, Kang Xia was unable to refuse it.
In the afternoon, Tang Xiu had returned to South Gate Town and found that aside from Chen Zhizhong, everyone else was in his home. After chatting with everyone for a while, he then called Kang Xia to his bedroom on the second floor.
“Boss, I’m not happy with you.”
As Kang Xia closed the bedroom’s door, she spoke with a bit of dissatisfaction on her beautiful face, pouting as though a young girl.
“How so?” asked Tang Xiu, puzzled.
“I already know that you treated Uncle Tang, and you almost lost your life. But the others, including Ouyang Lulu, knew about it, but I heard nothing.”
Shaking his head, Tang Xiu smiled, “It was too sudden a matter, whereas you yourself have a lot of things to manage in Star City. Hence, they didn’t tell you. But anyways, I’m okay now, so you can put down your worry.”
Kang Xia scoffed. She then came to Tang Xiu’s side, held his arm and said, “Later on, you’re not allowed to encounter any dangers again. Even if you don’t care, but please do it for me… for the sake of our Magnificent Tang Corporation also. You’re the Big Boss, what will happen if you got on an accident? How will I manage it?”
Tang Xiu and Kang Xia had gotten into an intimate relationship, so he didn’t reject her intimacy. Instead, he patted her arm and laughed, “Rest easy! I’ll certainly pay attention to my safety in the future. Anyways, the reason I called you is that I need to tell you something.”
“What?” asked Kang Xia curiously.
“Firstly, I’ll be going to Jingmen Island and then abroad directly from there. If all goes well, I’ll be back within 10 to 15 days. If there are special circumstances, I’m afraid it’ll have to wait until September 1st for the Shanghai University starting classes,” said Tang Xiu.
Kang Xia had already known that Tang Xiu was going to the private island he had bought. Thus, she nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of the company, Auntie and Uncle. I’ll be there if there’s anything they need.”
Nodding, Tang Xiu then asked the matter he wanted to know the most, “What about the winery? Is Scarblade Qiang done with the winemaking?”
Upon hearing it, Kang Xia’s eyes turned bright immediately and said happily, “He’s done brewing, and the taste is better than the previous ones. That good wine… absolutely can be called the world’s finest. Also, I’ve thought of the brand name for the wine. It will be called “Gods’ Nectar”. The other company leaders and I have also discussed the fixed price for it, 18888 yuan per bottle.”
Tang Xiu laughed, “The price is just. We have just set up the winery. The scale is too small and the wine production will be limited. Thus, we have to take the high-end route. In addition, of our company’s several products, the drinks will be the most profitable products entering the market. As for the promotion, marketing and sales, it will be yours to manage.”
Hearing that, Kang Xia also laughed happily, “Anyways, by September 15th this year, a three-years event of domestic Wine Tasting Conference will also be held in Shanghai, so I’ll be taking our Gods’ Nectar to participate in the event. I’m sure that it will be a sensational blockbuster. Also, I’ve decided to set the sales date for the Gods’ Nectar on September 18th.”
Whilst walking toward the cloakroom, Tang Xiu then said, “You call the shots for this decision.”
Having gotten Tang Xiu’s approval, Kang Xia felt happy and sweet. She followed him to the cloakroom. As she saw that Tang Xiu was about to change clothes, she quickly asked, “Boss, when will you go to Jingmen Island?”
“After the dinner. I’ll also bring Yinyin with me. Ah, right. I also have brought along Su Ben and Su Quan from my hometown, Qinghe County. Put them to work as security guards on the winery first. I grew up with them so I know their personalities. Su Ben is an upright and honest, consistent and diligent person. He’s a good candidate to be trained as a Security Captain. As for Su Quan, he’s a smart, creative one. Place him in the security corps first. After a period of time, transfer him to the company’s Sales Department and let him start from the bottom. If his performance is good, promote him properly.”
"Understood!" replied Kang Xia with a nod.
Tang Xiu swiftly picked a few pieces of underwear and a casual jacket and stuffed them into his suitcase as well as putting a few pairs of shoes and socks into it and pulled the zipper. He then turned around to look at Kang Xia, saying, “If there’s nothing else, you can go down! I wanna take a bath and change my clothes.”
A smile was revealed on the corner of Kang Xia’s mouth. She moved away from the door and asked, “Do you want me to rub your back for you?”
“You wanna bath with me? No problem. Buy some clothes for changing over, so when you want to have a couple’s bath, then come to find me,” said Tang Xiu with an odd expression.
“Bah… who the hell wants to have a couple’s bath with you?”
Kang Xia’s attractive face blushed as she quickly turned around and left.
In fact, she was indeed tempted. After they had slept together, that taste of climaxing kept appearing inside her. However, there were Tang Xiu’s parents, Ouyang Lulu and Gu Xiaoxue downstairs. Even if her skin turned thicker, it was impossible for her.
At evening, Tang Xiu and everyone else had dinner at home. Then, he took Gu Yin along with Ouyang Lulu and Gu Xiaoxue to Star City Airport and boarded Ouyang Lulu’s private jet to Jingmen Island.
Counting the days, he hadn’t been back to Jingmen Island for about one or two months, and he also didn’t see Yan’er in this period of time. Sitting comfortably on the private jet’s couch, Tang Xiu looked through the windows the dark sky outside. An eager and anxious mood suddenly emerged inside his heart as he wanted to see Gu Yan’er as well as accompanying her to chat.
It was 9PM when the private jet landed at Jingmen Island’s Airport.
Having exited from the Airport, Tang Xiu suddenly stopped. Looking at Ouyang Lulu, he then said, “Lulu, thanks for going to the Capital to see me. I won’t say anymore thanks, but I will treat you to a meal after getting back from abroad.”
After hesitating, Ouyang Lulu suddenly asked, “Tang Xiu, what is the relationship between you and Kang Xia?”
With a serene expression, Tang Xiu replied, “It’s just a relationship between a boss and his employee.”
Even though Ouyang Lulu somewhat didn’t believe it, but she still nodded. Her mood was quite bad since she saw Kang Xia in Tang Xiu’s home in South Gate Town. She always wanted to find an opportunity to ask about it but held it back until now, as she then finally asked him.
After having parted ways.
A car from Everlasting Feast Hall came to fetch them. When Tang Xiu, Gu Yin, and Gu Xiaoxue had boarded, Gu Xiaoxue then spoke with a strange expression flashing in her eyes, “Grand Master, Lulu likes you.”

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