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Tian Li’s imposing manner was especially overbearing and powerful at the moment. She always had a smiling face, welcoming guests from all over the world, because those people came to spend their money. But now, offending her Boss was a more serious implication, offending her.
She was an elite that had been trained by Gu Yan’er personally. She was once sent abroad and had gone through a life and death training. It could be said that the people she had killed exceeded three digits. Her usual amicable appearance was only a camouflage.
“I’ll give you a chance to scram now. Ask your elders to apologize to my Everlasting Feast Hall, otherwise, your fate will not be much better off than either of them.”
A frightened and alarmed expression hung on Du Yang’s face. He desperately swallowed his saliva, watching the fallen twenty big men. He looked at the six big men brought by Tian Li. After staying silent for a moment, he then said slowly, “Since I had already messed up big time today, I’m afraid that only the elders of my family can come forward. As to whether they’ll come to apologize, I can’t say it for sure. I bid you farewell for now.”
Inside the building nearby, Qi Changqing was dumbstruck as he looked at more than twenty big men that had been beaten savagely. He looked at Jiang Yu and Chen Fei who had been beaten yet again. He also knew who Tian Li was, but never had he ever expected that she actually possessed such a grim side. Those six big guys, he also had seen them as the security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall.
It’s just that he didn’t expect that these six security guards would have such powerful skills.
How much time did they spend just now? It was only half a minute and mostly only a minute!
Six people had actually knocked out more than twenty people in just half a minute. Were they all retired soldiers from army’s special forces?
Suddenly, Qi Changqing felt that he was quite fortunate inwardly as he didn’t involve himself in this matter. Otherwise, wouldn’t he also get beaten savagely by now?
_“However, Tian Li dared to beat Jiang Yu and Chen Fei. Wasn’t the Everlasting Feast Hall afraid of the retaliation from the Jiang Group and Wanyuan Real Estate? Everyone knows that these two forces are much stronger than the Everlasting Feast Hall,”_ Qi Changqing was somewhat puzzled.
On the street nearby.
“Take them both. If the rest of you can still get up, go back immediately to find your employers. Tell them to come to my Everlasting Feast Hall within two hours. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that these two chaps’ limbs will still be intact by then,” said Tian Li in a cold and detached tone.
Having said that, she looked at the distance and waited calmly. She then waved toward two traffic police officers who had just arrived.
“Hello, Ma’am.”
The two traffic police hesitated a bit, but they eventually chose to come.
“I believe that you will also investigate this traffic accident clearly. Do remember to not act as if you don’t know. Don’t even think treating us unfairly because you know the background of these two kids. Now, call someone to take the car. I’ll send someone to contact the police authorities later,” said Tian Li indifferently.

“Understood, Ma’am!”
The two traffic police subconsciously looked at the six big men and nodded in consent.
6 PM.
Inside the Rainbow Auction House’s venue. Hundreds of guests had already come to attend tonight’s auction. The front entrance was closed as most of the lights inside were being turned off, leaving only the bright light shining on the auction block.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.”
A young woman with light makeup and dressed in cheongsam walked casually to the auction block. With a bright smiling face, she spoke, “Does everyone think that me being the auctioneer presiding over for tonight’s auction is rather accidental? Actually, while I’m a singer, I was also an auctioneer in some auction houses abroad for half a year. I… am certified!”
"It’s so unexpected that a big star would preside over tonight’s auction. It seems the auction house has spent a lot of money!”
“Wow! So eye-catching! The longer I look at this girl the more beautiful she looks!”
"Ah, the auctioneer is unexpectedly her!”
In the following seat, Tang Xiu was a bit surprised as he didn’t expect that he would come across an acquaintance while attending this auction.
This acquaintance had once borrowed his mobile and owed him some money which- Zhang Xinya. Undeniably, Zhang Xinya was very beautiful tonight; even comparable to Ouyang Lulu, Kang Xia, as well as Mu Wanying.
Wearing a smiling expression, Zhang Xinya gently raised her white-gloved palm and laughed, “I know that everyone wants to snatch the valuable goods tonight. So, without further ado, I announce that tonight’s auction starts now! The first item to be auctioned is a tea set of ceramic ware from the Royal Kiln of the Ming Dynasty. It is confirmed that this ceramic tea set was once used in the Royal Palace, making this a collection item for everyone who loves tea parties.”
“The reserve price is 5 million, with the bid increment of at least 100 thousand. Now, let the auction begin.”
Immediately, a lot of people began to bid:
“5.1 million!”
“5.5 million!”
In just a few minutes, the price of this ceramic tea set from the Royal Kiln of Ming Dynasty had risen to 8.8 million. Eventually, the ceramic tea set was bought by an old man with a bid of 8.8 million yuan.
Zhang Xinya laughed, “Congratulations to the #0246 gentleman. You can now go to the backstage to carry on the transaction, or you can wait for the auction to end before going there. Next, we’ll auction the second item. It is…”
Under Zhang Xinya’s auspicious ceremony, the auction was carried out in full swing. She possessed excellent eloquence and was good at inciting everyone’s emotions. So almost every item had been sold at a very high price.
Two hours later.
After having auctioned an antique calligraphy and painting, Zhang Xinya said with a smile, “The next item to be auctioned is a mysterious ore. This mysterious ore is very unusual, even our appraiser experts were unable to identify it. What I can tell everyone is, this ore has a magical effect for whoever wears it. It will have a kind of peaceful and serene feeling and even make them feel comfortable. Originally, our auction house’s Big Boss wanted to keep this ore, but this item belongs to the consignor who entrusted us to auction it, after all. Hence, we can only do what the client wants. So, if the Big Boss wants it, I’m afraid that you’ll have to buy it through the auction.”
“The reserve price is 1 million, with a bid increment of at least 100 thousand yuan for each bid.”
At this moment, Tang Xiu had released his perception and quickly wrapped the ore on the tray held by Zhang Xinya. Along with his sensing, he already determined that this ore was indeed the Soul Tranquilizer Stone and also of the best quality.
_“Earth certainly has a deep connection with the Immortal World, or else it’d be impossible to have so many valuable treasures from there.”_
Thinking and sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu immediately bidded. He had once participated in an auction and knew perfectly well that if someone really wanted to buy something they liked, they would only begin to show their capital later.
“1.1 million!”
"1.2 million!"
After the bid from two visitors, the venue went quiet.
Seeing this situation, Zhang Xinya didn’t lose heart and rather smiled, “Well, as the ancients said, jade can nourish people. Our auction house’s appraiser experts believe that his ore is also able to nourish and keep people healthy. So, I hope everyone bids enthusiastically. After all, the things that can bring good benefits for us are really scarce and rare.”
“2 million!”
As she finished speaking, someone immediately bid.
“2.5 million!”
“2.8 million!”
"8 million!"
In just a few minutes, the price had raised to 8 million. Eight times more than the floor price. Finally, the people participating in the bidding were far fewer and there were only two to three people still raising the price.
Tang Xiu turned and nodded to Ji Chimei. Then, she raised her placard and spoke in a deep tone, “10 million.”
“11 million!” a voice sounded.
“20 million!” Ji Chimei lifted her placard again.
“50 million!”
The other party voiced his bid again in a deep tone. At the same time, the old man who just bid in the front row turned his head to look at Ji Chimei.
As indifferent as always, Ji Chimei lifted her placard again and said, “100 million.”
The old man’s complexion changed slightly, looking upset. After staying been silent for a moment, he lifted his placard and said, “200 million!”
“500 million,” Ji Chimei lifted her placard and bid.
Suddenly, the whole venue burst into an uproar, all looking toward Ji Chimei. Originally, they couldn’t care less about a piece of ore as the reserve price was only 1 million. But in just a short time, its price had risen to 500 million. This kind of capital was the first time to occur in this auction until now. The most incredible fact was that the current bidding was no longer within hundreds or millions yuan increment in the bids, but soared to hundreds of millions!
“Ah, it that stone really a treasure?”
Many people secretly guessed.
At the moment, the old man showed a forced and wry expression. A lot of people knew him. He was one of the rich big bosses in Hong Kong. The entertainment bigwig, Gu Weidong. He was also one of the shareholders of the Rainbow Auction House. He didn’t expect that that for such a bizarre, mysterious ore, someone would spend so high a price to compete with him.
500 million was nothing to him, but he could see that the other party’s manner was to absolutely win it. Hence, he was perfectly aware that even if he increased the bid, the other party would bid higher. And perhaps, because of this auction, he would have a fallout with them.
Then let it be! It looked like he wasn’t fated with that piece of ore!
Gu Weidong shook his head and gave up.
At this time, Zhang Xinya’s eyes didn’t lock on Ji Chimei but looked at the direction of the voice as she saw Tang Xiu sitting there. She didn’t expect that she would see Tang Xiu here.
When she discovered that Tang Xiu was also looking at her, the smile on her face turned more brilliant. Unnoticed, nodding slightly at Tang Xiu, she said with a smile, “It seems that someone has a keen perception to identify a pearl! The #0125 lady has bidden 500 million. Is there someone else who wants to bid higher? If not, this precious ore will belong to the #0125 lady!”

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