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Waving toward everyone around, motioning them to retreat, Tang Xiu then gently moved his hands and feet as he smiled and said, “I haven’t had a chance to work out for some time, so I’ll accompany you to play today. Anyhow, there are more than 20 of you, I’ll be taking all of you by myself. If you can beat me, then you can live. But if you can’t beat me down, you will die. Hence, I hope you can display your real abilities.”
Everyone was stupefied, looking at Tang Xiu with an indescribable expression.
Pointing toward Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye who had knives at their necks, Tang Xiu continued, “I give you my word that my subordinates won’t bother you any longer if you can kill me; even your bosses will be fine and safe. They’re so filthy rich, they surely won’t treat you badly later. Come at me! I’m giving you an opportunity, so you gotta try and see whether you can seize it or not."
Greed was one of human’s nature, whereas the instinct to survive would drive one to bring out their potential to the fullest.
The 24 big strongmen quickly exchanged looks and nodded. Right at this moment, circumstances had forced them into a hopeless situation. The next fight would determine whether they lived or died.
The 24 men dashed toward Tang Xiu aggressively, as though a pack of wolves. Pairs of big fists whooshed and punched, hoping to kill Tang Xiu directly.
Instead of retreating, Tang Xiu entered the fray as his right leg moved like a whip, crushing one of the strongmen’s fist and breaking his hand with a kick; following by hitting another man’s hand and forcing him to stagger down to the other's body.
"Peng, Peng..."
Tang Xiu moved and acted very fast, with a speed at least several times faster than the enemies. In an instant, he had kicked five times and punched seven times. Along with the sound of breaking bones, seven or eight strongmen screamed out and flew upside down.
At this time, Tang Xiu’s figure suddenly appeared as his pair of fists changed into fingers and seized the throats of the other two men, directly crushing them.
It was simply a massacre. A one-sided slaughter!
As though a tiger rushing into a flock of sheep, for each time Tang Xiu moved, it resulted in dead or disabled enemies.
In the entire hall, everyone was aghast and stupefied watching Tang Xiu moving everywhere; even the powerful Tian Li and Hao Lei were no exception. They possessed powerful strength and experienced countless fights since the brutal training in childhood, yet Tang Xiu was still in his 20s?
Such powerful young man at his 20s was exceedingly beyond their expectations.
Tian Li exclaimed wholeheartedly.
At this moment, a solemn expression could be seen on Hao Lei’s face as she said in a heavy tone, “Boss possesses a powerful strength. Were it myself fighting him, I’d only last three moves before he killed me!”
Turning her head, a faint smile was outlined on Tian Li’s mouth as she said, “Don’t forget who he is. For Boss, he needs not give his all to kill these ants.”

Relieved, Hao Lei forced out a smile, “That’s true. How could Boss be compared to the average people? If Little Boss was also here, I’m hella sure she would be able to kill them in a flash.”
At present, the both of were impatient to get an opportunity, since once they could get that chance to get a peerless divine cultivation technique, they would also become a carp who would leap through the dragon gate.
In a stark contrast with the thoughts of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people, Jiang Tianba, Chen Jianye, as well as Jiang Yu and Chen Fei, the four of them were already deeply drowned in fear. They knew they were finished. Because the present Tang Xiu and those security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall were simply not humans.
Not only was their combat force exceedingly powerful, but they were also ruthless. Now that the situation had come to this, they perfectly aware that their lives would come to an end.
They could only regret, regret provoking them. Had they known that Tang Xiu and the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people were this terrifyingly powerful, never would they dare to provoke them even if they possessed thousands of points of courage.
“May the heaven over us and the earth be my witness. If I don’t die today, I must strangle this good-for-nothing son to death myself,” Chen Jianye slowly closed his eyes as he whispered.
After having killed the last strong big guy, Tang Xiu flung the blood on his hand before he turned around and looked at Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye. Then, his vision shifted to Jiang Yu and Chen Fei.
"Are you both mad now?" asked Tang Xiu smiled faintly.
At this time, Jiang Yu and Chen Fei were already frightened and weakly slumped on the floor. They were Hong Kong’s playboys; arrogant, domineering and acted unbridled. But at this time, watching the death of hundreds of people, they were truly frightened and scared shitless. Where would they dare to be arrogant any longer?
Suddenly, Chen Fei was as if filled with strength. He got up and knelt toward Tang Xiu, repeatedly kowtowing and crying, “Brother, I was wrong. Please have mercy and spare me! I promise I’ll cross the street immediately when I see you later. I beg you. Please don’t kill me.”
Jiang Yu kept still, but he was also crying just like Chen Fei, kneeling and begging for mercy.
Tang Xiu shook his head. These silk pants hedonistic sons of rich parents who lived in extravagant life since childhood were only chaps who had nature of fearing the strong and only dared to bully the weak. If you didn’t hit them fiercely, they would never know what pain was.
Yet, in actuality, the reason as to why Tang Xiu acted was not to kill, but to frighten, detering his subordinates from the Everlasting Feast Hall. Looking at Tian Lei, Hao Lei, and the Mo Brothers who watched him in respect and worship, he knew that his purpose had been achieved.
Thus, Tang Xiu didn’t plan on killing Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye. After all, too many people had died today. He had almost no personal contacts in Hong Kong and he didn’t have the means to handle the collateral aftermath, as he was also too disinclined to waste time here.
Before heading back to the chair, Tang Xiu looked at Zhang Xinya who was frightened and looked pale, asking, “How was it? Are you afraid?”
She stepped back half a step, lowered her head and didn’t reply.
Shaking his head, Tang Xiu calmly said, “I asked you to leave before, yet you didn’t want to. I’m afraid that you are not suited to see this kind of situation. Anyways, I’ll send you back!”
Zhang Xinya slowly looked up as her eyes fell on Tang Xiu. After being silent for a moment, she said, “Tang Xiu, killing people is not something good to do.”
Tang Xiu turned around and pointed the dead bodies everywhere and said, “These people are damned and evil. Were it not because I’m strong enough, the one to die would be me instead of them; even you’d also become a victim. Don’t tell me that we're in a peaceful era, yet the law of jungle where the weak are the prey for the strong would still be there no matter what time it is. This path is the road that I will walk in the future, so don’t use the concept and thoughts of ordinary people when you look at me.”
Zhang Xinya opened her mouth yet didn’t know what to say.
“I’ll send someone to escort you back! It’s already late and I think you no longer have the appetite to eat. Forget what happened tonight. Have a good sleep after you go home, there still a new day tomorrow.”
After a moment of silence, Zhang Xinya silently nodded.
Afterward, Tang Xiu sat back on the chair, receiving a clean towel handed by a big guy. He wiped his face, his hands and looked at the pale Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye, saying with a smile, “How about you two? Is there anything you wanna say?”
Chen Jianye didn’t say anything.
Slight bitterness painted Jiang Tianba’s face and sighed, “The winner is the king, and the losers will always be the villains. We have lost, and the loser must accept the defeat. If you want to kill, then kill us!”
Raising his thumb, Tang Xiu praised, “Good. You have self-awareness. You obviously know that you must die today. It’s good to be tough in the face of death. However, I don’t want to make your wish come true. And sometimes, even if one wants to die, it would be very difficult for them to get their wish!”
Coldness filled Jiang Tianba’s heart as he growled, “What do you want then?”
“It’s not much. I’m going to let you go,” said Tang Xiu.
Letting them go?
Jiang Tianba dazed with disbelief in his eyes; even Chen Jianye looked at Tang Xiu with an indescribable expression, thinking that he misunderstood what he heard.
“It’s actually very simple. As long as you accept several conditions, not only will you avoid the suffering of being beaten, you will also keep your life. And you’ll have your old and comfortable life you’re used to have.”
Taking a deep breath, Jiang Tianba asked in a heavy tone, “What conditions?”
Tang Xiu said lightly, “49% shares of the Jiang Group and Wanyuan Real estate are the first conditions!”
“No problem!”
Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye answered without hesitation.
Wealth was but merely worldly possession compared to life. Let alone the shares in their enterprises, everything would be gone once they died.
“The second condition is: their death has no relation to us. You’ll have to take care of the collateral aftermath as well as put the news to the void. If any of this is leaked and there are any slightest mistake, I’ll send some people to massacre all of your families,” satisfied with their answers, Tang Xiu continued.
Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye looked at each other and unanimously replied.
“If the Everlasting Feast Hall and the Grand Fortune Jewelries need some help from you in the future, you must do everything you can to help them. The time limit is ten years. If you do well within these years, not only will I write off everything that happened today, I will also give you some rewards.”
Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye replied again.
“The fourth and the last request is: send your two good-for-nothing sons abroad, staying in the country will only make them waiting disasters!”
He waved his hand and looked at Tian Li, “Assist them to dispose of the dead bodies. As for the aftermath, you’re also responsible in assisting them. Also, you are to take care of the deal about the shares with the both of them. You will also decide whether to sell the shares or take the annual dividends.”
"I’ll sell them!"
Tian Li said without hesitation.
Tang Xiu smiled faintly, "Like I said, it’s your call."

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