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The law of the jungle. The strong preying on the weak.
Having lived in the Immortal World for 10,000 years, Tang Xiu knew very well about the profound meaning of this rule. Though the present time was not the era of being conquered and prospering and perishing when resisting, yet the essence of the principle that one should not provoke and attack others to avoid being attacked was still necessary to be held.
He was not a ruthless butcher, but he killed without mercy. Firstly, he perhaps would be the one dying today had he not killed them. Secondly, they were not a good people as they had done numerous wicked deeds. They were untouchable by the law due to the formidable umbrella provided by their formidable background. Hence, he had to become a necessary devil who punishes evil, becoming the Punisher to settle their evil deeds.
Someone said that killing a bad guy may be the salvation of the common people.
Tang Xiu’s conscience was clean when killing bad guys, for the life of good people had its value, whereas the evil ones’ were worthless.
However, he also found some interesting facts tonight. Tian Li and Hao Lei, seemingly delicate and weak, were also experts Gu Yan’er had nurtured.
Financial resources were the basic foundation for one’s forces!
The fact that Gu Yan’er had the both of them managing the Everlasting Feast Hall and the Grand Jewelries showed that she had absolute trust on them, so Tang Xiu didn’t question anyone Gu Yan’er had given her trust to.
“You did well tonight. Call Chen Shaohua who is responsible for the antique business as well as Jin Cheng who takes care of the real estate business. Tell them that the four of you are to go back to Jingmen Island and see Ji Chimei! Tell Ji Chimei that under my command, she is to teach the four of you what she taught Mo Awen and Mo Awu!” said Tang Xiu as he slowly stood from the chair with a faint smile.
Tian Li and Hao Lei startled, a disbelieving light bursting from their eyes. A few seconds after, the disbelief turned into an intense ecstasy.
They were excited!
The both of them had always dreamed to learn the cultivation technique to obtain immortality. Finally, this dream had come true!
Ignoring them, Tang Xiu lit up a cigarette as he walked to toward the panicked father and son of the Du Family and said lightly, “Since you chose to wait for me to solve the other two before you speaking, then, do you want to speak now?”
His mouth twitched a few times as Du Changze fiercely slapped Du Yang’s face and bellowed, “Kneel!”
Panicked and scared, Du Yang immediately knelt in front of Tang Xiu.
While wiping cold sweat from his forehead, Du Changze said bitterly, “You’re surnamed Tang, right? That big star seemed to call you that name before. Boss Tang, my son has made a mistake, which is very unusual indeed. Yet I want to ask your forgiveness, please spare his life. I have many businesses, so it’s difficult for me to decide which company’s share I should give you. How about I pay you 2 billion as a token of apology?”

“Three billion. Then you can get the hell out.”
Inside, Du Changze was secretly relieved, since he could solve the problem with money, which in itself was not a big deal. His wealth was worth tens of billions, and even though three billion yuan was an enormous sum, he could still afford it. In regard to this, the 49% shares of Jiang Group and Wanyuan Real Estate were basically the root capital of Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye.
“Might I ask you to give me some time, Boss Tang? I can come up with three billion, but the time is too short.”
“Three days, that’s all I can give you,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.
“Alright, three days is enough,” said Du Changze hastily.
Tang Xiu waved his hand, “Alright, you can leave. Do remember. You may favor your son, but watch him lest he repeat his crime.”
Hastily replying, Du Changze said, “I’ll certainly discipline him after I go back, to ensure that he will no longer do any kind of evil deeds as well as provoke the right and do the wrong.”
Looking at Du Changze and his dozens of frightened men leaving, he suddenly spoke, “Leave all of your guns here.”
Without waiting for Du Changze’s command, seven or eight big guys carrying guns hurriedly dropped them on the floor. For them, Tang Xiu was a fiend, the cruel and ruthless God of Killing. If they dare to go against his wishes, they would perhaps be unable to get out of the Everlasting Feast Hall alive.
A few minutes later, Tang Xiu and the Mo bothers left the Everlasting Feast Hall on the Hummer back to Qianshui Bay Road 13th. He still had to leave for the Nine Dragon Island, so he needed to have a good rest.
At Deepwater Bay 79th Road.
Sipping their teas, Li Juren and Ke Zhentao were having a chat.
A big bodyguard came before Li Juren with a queer expression on his face.
Li Juren furrowed his brows and asked, “How’s the result of the investigation?”
“We have yet to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity for the time being, but I have already talked with my contacts in Shuangqing Province, so we should get the results shortly. However, there was a situation in the Everlasting Feast Hall. According to our findings, Tang Xiu clashed before with a group of young masters. The eldest son of the Jiang Group’s owner—Jiang Yu; the heir of Wanyuan Real Estate—Chen Fei; the young boss of Du Kang Winery—Du Yang; and Qi Changxing from Kangyong Electric Appliances.”
“When Tang Xiu was attending the auction, the General Manager of the Everlasting Feast Hall—Tian Li, took Jiang Yu and Chen Fei away. After Tang Xiu rushed thereon, the Boss of the Jiang Group—Jiang Tianba, the Wanyuan Real Estate’s boss—Chen Jianye, as well as Du Changze from the Du Kang Winery brought along 100 to 200 men to the Everlasting Feast Hall site. Afterward, Tang Xiu also arrived there.”
Li Juren squinted his eyes and slowly asked, “And the result?”
The big bodyguard forced a smiled, “Jiang Tianba, Jiang Yu, Chen Jianye and Chen Fei left the Everlasting Feast Hall first with some injuries, but their men who had followed them inside didn’t come out with them. As for the father and son—Du Changze and Du Yang, they also brought dozens of men there, but all of them came out from the Everlasting Feast Hall’s front door. And... Du Changze hit his son, and seemingly quite hard at that.”
Li Juren’s brows furrowed deeply and asked in a heavy tone, “So your point is, the Everlasting Feast Hall have Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye’s men as hostages, no?”
The big bodyguard said, “No. They died.”
Li Juren and Ke Zhentao suddenly stood, looking shocked.
All of them died?
100 to 200 men entered the Everlasting Feast Hall and, aside from Du Changze’s men who came out, did the the over a hundred men die inside the Everlasting Feast Hall’s site?
“Knock, knock…”
The door was knocked. A panicked big middle-aged man strode into the room and said hastily, “Boss, the dozen men we sent to the Everlasting Feast Hall to monitor the situation there, just cut off their communication with me. However, before I lost contact, one them told me two words.”
“What are those two words?” asked Li Juren in a deep tone.
Ke Zhentao asked: "What two words?"
"Save me!" said the big middle-aged man in a sinking tone.
Li Juren took a deep breath as he smiled bitterly and shook his head, “This is the same with the situation in the past. I didn’t expect to repeat the same mistake again. It seems I’ve to make a trip there yet again.”
Having just woken up from his shock, Ke Zhentao quickly said upon hearing it, “Uncle Li, you mean that you will go see Tang Xiu personally to ask him to release your men?”
Forcing out a wry smile, Li Juren said, “Except for that, what else can I do? The former Boss Gu was powerful, but she rarely commanded a wanton slaughter. Tang Xiu actually… Alas! I should do everything I can!”
“I’ll go with you, Uncle Li,” Ke Zhentao said quickly.
“No.” Li Juren shook his head, “I better go there myself! It won’t be good if you follow me. Send someone to find out Tang Xiu’s residence.”
The big bodyguard said, “We have found his residence. It’s the Qianshui Bay Road 13th.”
Nodding, Li Juren brought along two big bodyguards, boarded the car and left quickly, quietly followed behind by several cars.
At Qianshui Bay Road 13th.
After coming back, Tang Xiu took a shower and changed his clothes. Just as he prepared to immerse himself in cultivation, his room’s door was knocked.
“Is there something?” asked Tang Xiu after he opened the door.
Mo Awen respectfully said, “Boss, Li Juren is visiting.”
Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and instantly understood the reason and intention of his arrival. However, Li Juren’s status alone was rather distinct. Despite having no interest in his wealth, Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Take him to the living room, I’ll be there shortly.”
Mo Awen replied and left.
Pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu then put on his shoes as he turned and walked out of the room. It wasn’t easy to conceal what had happened in the Everlasting Feast Hall today. After all, a series of gunshot sounds would surely attract others’ attentions; it may even have alerted the police. Li Juren, who had been living in Hong Kong for most of his life, must have a personal connection in the political field, and it was surely because he wanted to preserve the lives of those subordinates under his command.
After having ordered the nanny to prepare good tea, Tang Xiu went to the living room.
“Little Brother Tang, we meet again.”
Having just sat on the sofa, Li Juren stood again as he smiled upon seeing Tang Xiu.
Letting out a light smile, Tang Xiu replied, “It seems the fate between us runs rather deep since we’re meeting twice within this short night.”
Forcing out a smile, Li Juren said, “It’s quite deep indeed. Not only with you, I’m also fated with your Everlasting Feast Hall! Anyways, I sent some people to investigate the Everlasting Feast Hall in Jingmen Island in the past. The result was that those men of mine had all been captured and sent to a mining area somewhere in Africa, becoming coolies there.”
“So, you know what happened tonight?” asked Tang Xiu lightly.
Nodding, Li Juren replied, “Yes, I heard about it, so I came to ask if Little Brother Tang needs my help. Either business or politics in Hong Kong, I do have some means to get through.”
The corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth slanted as he smiled, “It seems that Elder Li came for my help! Such being the case, I’ll take your kindness! Come, let’s have some tea.”
Glancing at the nanny who came to serve the tea, Li Juren hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “Little Brother Tang, my men…”
Waving his hand, Tang Xiu said, “Elder Li, my tea may not be as good as yours, but please don’t refuse it. After you have tasted this tea and then returned back to your home, I’m sure those men of yours should have returned already.”
Taking the hint and understanding its meaning, Li Juren felt happy and laughed, “Little Brother Tang, to be frank, I also still owe a favor to the Everlasting Feast Hall. It’s been more than 20 years since the last time I saw Boss Gu. Has she been well?”

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