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Tang Xiu raised his brows, “You know Yan’er?”
Stunned, Li Juren stared blankly and confused, “Little Brother Tang, who’s Yan’er?”
Tang Xiu calmly replied, “Gu Yan’er.”
Surprise flashed in Li Juren’s eyes. He had never thought that Tang Xiu actually called Gu Yan’er like his children. It had to be known that more than 20 years ago Gu Yan’er looked like she was in her 20s. Thus, wouldn’t it mean that she was more or less around 50 years old now?
“Yes, it’s Gu Yan’er, Boss Gu! More than 20 years ago something happened, an accident in my side that I needed to transport one batch of imported goods from abroad, hence I thickened my face to ask Boss Gu’s help.”
Tang Xiu surprised, “Did she help you?”
Nodding, Li Juren said, “Yes, she did, and it saved me from a huge loss. But she didn’t want to be paid, she just requested two things of me.”
“What did she ask of you?” asked Tang Xiu curiously.
“First, I must not send people to investigate the Everlasting Feast Hall ever again. Secondly, she wanted me to find a man named Tang Xiu and even gave me his picture. Even though you’re also called Tang Xiu, but his appearance is somewhat different from yours.”
Tang Xiu?
Inside, Tang Xiu secretly sighed. The appearance of the man in the picture was certainly different from his. How could his appearance in the Immortal World be alike with his at present?
“It seems Yan’er has really done a lot for me. Elder Li, I hope you no longer send people to investigate me if possible, because even if you do, you probably won’t find anything. Also, it’s been ten years Yan’er is not in a good condition. Hence, she no longer manages the Everlasting Feast Hall. The one who is managing the enterprise is her apprentice, Gu Xiaoxue. Anyways, I might have to trouble you to look after the Everlasting Feast Hall in the future,” said Tang Xiu with a smile after he sighed emotionally.
Li Juren’s expression flickered and replied hastily, “Taking care of the Everlasting Feast Hall, please consider it done. However, how about Boss Gu? Do you need my help to find a doctor? I heard that a divine doctor appeared in Shuangqing Province’s Star city. If you like, I’ll go there myself to invite that divine doctor to Jingmen Island.”
Looking at him with a strange expression, Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he should be amused or upset, saying, “The news about the divine doctor in Star City spread out this fast, even reaching Hong Kong?”
Li Juren laughed, “Recently, I also heard from my old friend in the capital. He said that Tang…”
Suddenly, the smile on his face froze as disbelief filled his eyes.
“What’s with this Tang?” asked Tang Xiu, confused.
Staring blankly at Tang Xiu, Li Juren then asked, “As far as I know, the divine doctor in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital is also called Tang Xiu. That old friend of mine in the capital said that the head of the Tang Family of Beijing, that man… not only had his asthma cured by Tang Xiu, this Tang Xiu is also his biological grandson. You come from Shuangqing province, don’t tell me…”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Please say no more, it doesn’t matter. Now you know much more than those subordinates you sent to investigate me. Yes, the Tang Xiu in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital is indeed myself. But my present status there is not of official doctor. As for the Tang Family, Tang Yunde is my father and Tang Guosheng is my grandfather.”
Li Juren was shocked and terrified by Tang Xiu’s identity.
If Tang Xiu was only the descendant of the Tangs, even Tang Guosheng’s grandson, he would probably not be shocked. But to think that he was also a divine doctor! More importantly, Tang Xiu was also the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall.
With so many identities lumped together, despite he himself possessing extraordinary status, he was still frightened somehow.
“Don’t be so surprised. If I could cure Yan’er, I would have already done it. After all, she’s my favorite apprentice,” said Tang Xiu lightly.
Nodding and recovered from his shock, Li Juren said, “Since you’re also a divine doctor, naturally…”
Once again, his words came to a halt.
An apprentice? Did Tang Xiu just say that? Gu Yan’er is his favorite… apprentice?
Wha… What kind of joke is this?
Tang Xiu explained no further and only watched Li Juren’s shocked expression. He shook his head, “Anyhow, I want you to keep my relation with Yan’er confidential. Also, if you nothing else to say, you can return.”
Li Juren didn’t move. His eyes fixated on Tang Xiu. This young man before him was as though a mysterious being that was shrouded in obscurity.
"Then I’ll take my leave, " seeing Tang Xiu’s intention to send him out, Li Juren got up and replied.
Sending him off, Tang Xiu then turned back and went upstairs. Today’s killing didn’t have any negative impact on him thus far. Hence, he sat cross-legged on the bed and began his cultivation.
Persevering in his cultivation, he could, at any time, break through the Flesh Strengthening stage. As long as he reached this stage, his strength would soar exponentially. He might not be able to call himself invincible all over the world, but there would only be a few people that could be his match.
Tsim Sha Tsui residential area, Hong Kong.
Within a hall of a European-style luxurious villa, Du Yang knelt in front of Du Changze with a face full of regret and remorse. Because of a small conflict, their family must pay a compensation of three billion. Though he used to be arrogant and uninhibited, right at this moment, he fully realized he had committed a big mistake.
Prior to this, he had been punished and was forced to kneel. It made him angry and though he admitted his mistakes, yet it was on the surface and insincere inside. But at this time, he didn’t have any complaints.
“Do you know your mistake?”
No longer beating Du Yang again after dozens of hits, Du Changze sat straight on the sofa with coldness gleaming in his eyes, whereas his wife—Bai Yueqin, looked at Du Yang’s swollen face in distress, wanting to speak yet keeping silent.
“Yes, father. I know my mistake,” looking up, Du Yang said bitterly.
“If you know your mistake then redeem yourself. Otherwise, by the time you manage our family’s businesses in the future, all of it will only be wasted by you sooner or later. If it’s like this, I might as well donate the money to charity before I die. Doing this will at least maintain our good reputation.”
Du Yang took a deep breath and replied solemnly, “Father, had this incident not happened today, I might still do the same things like I used to, but now it’s different. What I saw today was the most terrifying and frightening thing in my life. I swear to you that I will no longer blend in with those bunch of hoodlums and neither will I waste time and stay idle anymore. I will help with the work in the company. and even if you throw me to start from the bottom, I’ll accept it.”
Watching the serious and solemn appearance his son put on, Du Changze finally felt gratified somehow. Yet, the three-billion-yuan compensation was something that would create a tremendous impact on his business once he collected the money and gave it to the other party.
"Get up!"
Slowly standing up, Du Yang spoke after being silent for a while, “Father, how much do you know about the Everlasting Feast Hall? What’s this surnamed Tang person’s background and how could he be so terrifying?”
Letting out a bitter and forced smile, Du Changze said, “You ask me, but whom I should ask? Had I known they were this powerful, would I ever take you there? Alas, let’s forget it. At least our family is still fine and kept the majority of our industries and saved dozens our subordinates. But Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye kicked a sheet of iron since they lost at least two-thirds of their family’s assets. You all really can’t let anyone feel relieved.”
Du Yang lowered his head before suddenly looking up, staring blankly for a moment and saying, “Father, there was someone else who was involved in today’s matter aside from me, Jiang Yu and Chen Fei. I still remember Tang Xiu saying that he wanted his elders to come and apologize.”
“Who’s he?” surprised for a moment, Du Changze asked.
“Qi Changxing,” said Du Yang.
Blinking his eyes, a stream of light suddenly flashed from Du Changze’s eyes as he asked in a deep tone, “Don’t lie to me. Was Qi Changxing really involved in this matter?”
“Yes! But he hadn’t got beaten,” said Du Yang with all seriousness.
Du Changze hummed coldly. He took his mobile and dialed number.
Tsim Sha Tsui, at Beverly Hotel.
Holding a crystal cup, Qi Chengshan was attending a banquet of his friend in a luxurious spacious hall. A gorgeous crystal chandelier illuminating soft light with each angle reflected light as though a imaginary kaleidoscopic light in a dream. Stylish European-style tables and chairs and small exquisite bars were painted with a pure white color, exuding an aristocratic ambiance and atmosphere.
"Ring. Ring, ring ..."
His merry chat abruptly stopped by the ringtone of his mobile. Giving an apologetic expression to the people around him, he took his mobile and quickly left his seat after he saw the caller ID on his mobile’s screen. He walked to the outside and laughed, “Brother Du, what’s up?”
“I have a news to sell you,” a solemn voice belonging to Du Changze came out of the phone.
Surprised, Qi Chengshan stared blankly for a moment as his pace abruptly stopped, asking in wonder, “What news?”
“Don’t ask for now. If you want to buy it, you must transfer 500 million yuan to me. After you find out about the matter, you must transfer another 500 million again. I don’t think 1 billion would be too expensive for this news,” said Du Changze deeply.
As Qi Chengshan looked cloudy, he lightly said, “Brother Du, how do I know if this news is worth 1 billion yuan if you don’t tell me about it first?”
“Brother Qi, how many decades has it been since we know each other? Do you really think that I’m the kind of person who likes to cheat and con others? I can tell that if you’re left in the dark tonight and don’t do anything, you’ll probably end up badly, so will your Qi Enterprise. The price you will pay would perhaps exceed 1 billion later.”
“What do you mean?”
Startled, Qi Chengshan knew Du Changze’s disposition for he had never talked without weight.
“Now tell me, will you buy it or not?” said Du Changze.
After being in silent for a moment, Qi Chengshan slowly said, “I’ll agree if the news you provide is truly worth such a high price. But if it’s not, I want my 500 million yuan returned to me, Brother Du. You’ll have the money in your account shortly.”
The call was ended.
### Qi Chengshan frowned and his brows formed a 川 character, as deep concern sprouted inside. Though he was clueless what the problem was, Du Changze evidently knew about some negative news pertaining to his Qi Enterprise, and a serious one at that.

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