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Being friends for decades and having so many contacts, Qi Chengshan knew Du Changze from the bottom up. However, both of them were businessmen. If it was a business negotiation, it was only normal if Du Changze asked him some money; that he could accept and understand.
Only, what important news was it for it to be 1 billion yuan worth?
After transferring the money to Du Changze’s personal account, his mobile rang again. Qi Chengshan then stood in a quiet corner and pressed the answer button.
“Brother Qi, you’d better come to me if possible since it’s inconvenient to speak on the phone. But be quick as time is racing against you,” Du Changze’s voice passed from the phone.
“I’m going now!” said Qi Chengshan heavily.
“Wait, don’t hang up your phone. It’s best to take your son along since the matter is related to him.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t ask. Just come and I’ll tell you.”
As the call ended, Qi Chengshan frowned deeply. After pondering for a moment, he called Qi Changxing’s cell number. Knowing that he was in the vicinity, he told his son to come to him.
At the entrance of the Beverly Hotel.
A Bentley slowly parked outside the entrance as Qi Chengshan stood next to it, gazing at the distance toward a Porsche that was fast approaching. Coldness flashed in his eyes. He could faintly guess that the bad news Du Changze would tell him was probably because a big mess his son had made.
“Dad, you told me to hurry here, is there anything up?”
A faint smell of alcohol emitted from Qi Changxing’s body. After having seen today’s matter, he was shrouded with restlessness, thus he asked some of his friends to accompany him to drink to overcome the feeling. Yet, the call from his father disturbed him somewhat.
Boarding into the car, Qi Chengshan then said heavily, “Get into the car. You must go with me to someplace.”
Giving his Porsche’s key to the entrance security, Qi Changxing entered the car and curiously asked, “Where are you going to take me, Dad?”
“Du Changze called me just now, saying that he wants to sell me some critical news. Do you know how much the news is worth?” Qi Chengshan snorted to him coldly.
Du Changze? Du Yang’s father?
The restlessness inside him grew more intense as Qi Changxing shook his head, “I don’t.”
“1 billion!” said Qi Chengshan.
Qi Changxing stunned as his eyes turned saucer instantly, exclaiming, “Dad, did you agree?”
“I know Du Changze very well. If the news was not valuable, he would never play a prank on me. But before I go see him, I want to ask you. Was it you who did a big mess?”
The already anxious Qi Changxing had his face turn unsightly. After hesitating for a moment, he thought he could hide the truth no longer, saying bitterly, “Dad, I probably made a big mess. Today...”
Telling everything about today’s matter, Qi Changxing finally said, “Though he told me to take you to apologize to him, I think it’s not necessary. I wasn’t the one who caused this matter. I just spoke some things to support them.”

The cold glint inside Qi Chengshan’s eyes grew thicker as he asked in a heavy tone, “Did you really see those two kids—Jiang Yu and Chen Fei being captured by the general manager of the Everlasting Feast Hall—Tian Li?”
Quickly nodding, Qi Changxing replied, “It’s absolutely true. But I was very curious since Du Yang didn’t get seized that time.”
Slowly closing his eyes, Qi Chengshan’s mind constantly pondered about the incident. He knew about the Everlasting Feasts Hall; he was even a regular patron when entertaining his friends there. He also knew a little about Tian Li and met her several times. The woman was warm and approachable, humble and prudent.
The one thing he couldn’t figure out was, why Tian Li had a stark contrast to her usual style, even daring to forcefully take Jiang Yu and Chen Fei away. It had to be known that these two young men possessed unusual backgrounds, with a strength much powerful compared to the Everlasting Feast Hall.
Could it be that Tian Li had no fear of losing her foothold in Hong Kong for the Everlasting Feast Hall?
A few minutes passed by. Qi Chengshan decided to call Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye, asking them about the specific situation. After dialing Jiang Tianba’s cell number, a long time passed before his call was accepted by the other party.
“Brother Jiang, it’s Old Qi. Did I disturb your rest?”
“If you wanna say something, do it quick!” A blunt voice mixed with an angry tone belonging to Jing Tianba came from the phone.
For a moment, Qi Chengshan was startled and confused, as he then asked, “Brother Jiang, I just heard from my kid that your son had a conflict with the people from the Everlasting Feast Hall. What was the matter exactly?”
“Find it out yourself.” The call was dropped immediately after.
Stunned and staring blankly, he listened to the beeping sound of the phone as a thick fog shrouded Qi Chengshan’s heart, causing him to be unable to think it through. He had a good relationship with Jiang Tianba, but what happened to him today? It was like he just ate some gunpowder.
It wasn’t like… he had wronged him, no?
After recollecting himself, Qi Chengshan shook his head and dialed Chen Jianye’s cell number.
“What’s up?” The low and deep voice of Chen Jianye passed from the phone.
Qi Chengshan laughed, “Old Chen, this tone of yours, you seem to not be in a good mood, no? What happened?”
Fuming with anger, Chen Jianye replied, “Had it been you that had lost half of your family’s assets after decades of hard and bitter effort, would you feel happy about it?”
Startled, Qi Chengshan was dumbfounded, because Chen Jianye also ended the call after he said that sentence.
What was it? Losing most of the family’s assets that were obtained with hard and bitter effort for decades all of a sudden?
Suddenly, a chill invaded his heart as his eyes instantly focused. A ridiculous thought appeared inside his mind: Did Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye suffered a loss in the hands of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people?
The idea fleeted inside his mind for a few seconds before he tossed it away. He thought that it wasn’t possible. Though the Everlasting Feast Hall may have a bit of ability, it would be very difficult for them to face both Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye at the same time.
At Tsim Sha Tsui.
Qi Chengshan took Qi Changxing and arrived at the Du Family’s residence. After he saw Du Changze, he immediately asked loudly, “Brother Du, can you say it now?”
As they shook hands, Du Changze looked at Qi Changxing behind. He then shook his head and said, “Follow me to my room! Speaking about it outside is not convenient.”
Inside the study room, after motioning Qi Chengshan to take a seat, Du Changze began speaking with a bitter expression, sighing, “Brother Qi, I’d never have asked you money had it been before. But the situation is different now, I hope you don’t blame me. The good sons we have raised turned out to have invited trouble and calamity upon us!”
“Tell me!” said Qi Chengshan with a frown.
Speaking in a heavy tone, Du Changze replied, “Since you brought your son over, you should know that these four kids just had a conflict with the Everlasting Feast Hall’s boss, no?”
“I heard a little about that,” said Qi Chengshan with a nod.
Du Changze shook his head, “Tian Li seized Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye’s sons in the Everlasting Feast Hall. So, they immediately contacted me. The three of us brought nearly two hundred people and prepared to teach the Everlasting Feast Hall a lesson. But the result was, more than 100 men under Jiang Tianba and Chen Fei were all decimated. They also got extorted as they had to give up 49% of their companies’ shares, whereas I must pay three billion in compensation to keep the lives of us—father and son, as well as dozens of my men’.”
Qi Chengshan suddenly stood with a horrified look on his face.
Shock! The news was simply like a thunderclap to him!
He knew perfectly well about the inside story of the trio—Du Changze, Jiang Tianba, and Chen Jianye. They were of the wealthy and people with influence. If they were to join forces, they would be able to contend with Li Juren for Hong Kong, albeit being slightly weaker. What sort of existence was the Everlasting Feast Hall? How could the three of them joining up still be unable to contend with it?
“Brother Du, don’t plays a joke with me!”
Twitching his lips a few times, Qi Chengshan asked in a trembling voice.
With all seriousness on his face, Du Changze shook his head and said, “Look at me. Do you think I’m joking with you? Most of the thugs and henchmen Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye had painstakingly nurtured, had all been decimated. They also lost over two-thirds of their wealth. Call them if you don’t believe me.”
Suddenly, Qi Chengshan finally understood as to why Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye replied to him with such manner and attitude when he called them.
They had just fallen into a miserable state!
Just as the thought crossed his mind, Qi Chengshan’s face turned pale as though paper. He suddenly realized something as his eyes violently contracted and hastily asked, “You mean… the other party will also hit me?”
Forcing out a smile, Du Changze said, “Brother Qi, you didn’t see the scene that time yourself. Over a hundred dead bodies with blood covering the floor. The other party is exceedingly ruthless; even the words cruel and merciless are not enough to describe them. Especially the boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall. He was but only a young man in his 20s yet he slew more than 20 people. Do you think your family can walk away while the three of us have paid such an enormous price?”
Qi Chengshan’s mouth twitched a few times. As he turned around, he slapped Qi Changxing’s face as his son staggered backward and nearly fell on the floor.
“Brother Du, I’ll transfer the remaining 500 million to your account after I take care of this matter. I’ll take my leave now.”
Having said that, Qi Chengshan dragged Qi Changxing and left.
At the north wing of the Everlasting Feast Hall, over a hundred dead bodies had been disposed off while the blood-covered floor had also been washed clean, yet a faint smell of blood was still lingering inside the hall.
“Will we return to Jingmen Island tonight?” Looking happy, Hao Lei asked after seeing that the cleaning staff and security guards had left the restaurant.
Tian Li shook her head and smiled, “There’s one other small thing that has yet to be resolved.”
“Huh?” Hao Lei was puzzled, “There’s still something else? What is it?”
The corner of Tian Li’s mouth formed a smile as she slowly said, “Some people didn’t come. So I intend to visit them myself to collect the debt if they don’t come today.”
“Who is it?” asked Hao Lei, surprised.
“Qi Chengshan,” said Tian Li.
Hao Lei’s brows furrowed, “Was Qi Chengshan also involved in tonight’s incident?”
Shrugging her shoulders, Tian Li smiled, “Well, he brought up his good son who turned out to mess up big time, bringing a calamity, so he naturally can never escape from his responsibility.”
Nodding and looking thoughtful, Hao Lei suddenly said, “Tian Li, do you have the feeling that our current boss is kinda like a money-making machine? Only one night of income yet the amount is more than 10 years of the Everlasting Feast Hall and Grand Fortune Jewelries combined together.”

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