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A smile was outlined on Tian Li’s mouth as she said, “What is it? Do you think it’s too bad or the boss is way too ruthless?”
“I’m fine with him being ruthless, or else how could we fight against so many opponents? It’s been several years since Big Boss last appeared, leaving the Little Boss to take care of the business. You know how she was rather indifferent in matters of important and necessary issues. Regardless of the matter, she delegated most of the jobs to us. I was kinda worried that her indifference would hamper the later expansion and development of the Everlasting Feast Hall if it continued like that. Now it seems that my worry was unfounded,” said Hao Lei with a laugh.
Nodding in approval, Tian Li said, “I thought the same as you. I’m content with the current boss, especially his way of doing things which kinda suits my appetite. I believe our Everlasting Feast Hall will get better under his leadership.”
Taking back her smile after there were only the two of them inside the hall, Hao Lei whispered, “Are you curious about our new boss?”
“I’m dead curious,” said Tian Li slowly after a moment of silence.
“Yea! He’s unfathomably mysterious. He appeared all of a sudden and suddenly became the boss of our Everlasting Feast Hall. Though he’s very young, yet we know nothing about who and where he is from. I have a hunch that he comes from the same place as Big Boss.”
Faintly smiling, Tian Li looked at her and asked, “Don’t tell me you know where Big Boss comes from?”
“No, I don’t,” said Hao Lei as she shook her head.
Tian Li took a deep breath and spoke in a deep tone, “Regardless of Boss’ origin, we only need to remember that our lives were bestowed by Big Boss, so we must carry out her every command unconditionally. Also, our current Boss may look amicable on the surface, yet he is cruel and ruthless in his bones. So we gotta keep our respectful manner toward him at all times.”
“But of course! Boss gave us that opportunity, even if he wants me to stake my life, I will never shrink bank. Also, we…”
She didn’t finish her words since a big, strong guy appeared at the hall’s door in a hurry.
“General Manager, Chief Hao, the Qi Enterprise’s CEO—Qi Chengshan, came with his son—Qi Changxing. They are waiting outside now,” said the big guy in a deep tone.
Tian Li raised her brows and sneered, “Did this father and son came by themselves?”
“Yes. They are alone!”
“He heard the news, it seems. Let them in!” said Tian Li lightly.
The big strong guy complied and quickly left.
Hao Lei shrugged and laughed, “I’ll leave this matter for you to deal with! I’m going back to get some rest and take care of things in Grand Fortune Jewelries tomorrow. We’ll leave for the Headquarters in Jingmen Island the day after tomorrow. Oh god! I’m excited.”
Nodding, Tian Li said, “Boss will leave tomorrow, so we can go back the day after.”
Two minutes after, Tian Li sat alone in the hall, wearing a cold and detached expression as she looked at Qi Chengshan and Qi Changxing.

“Chief Tian!”
Forcing out a wry smile, Qi Chengshan came before Tian Li.
“Is there something?” asked Tian Li lightly.
Qi Chengshan took a check from his pocket and handed it to Tian Li, saying, “I just heard about the matter tonight, Chief Tian. Please accept this 1 billion check as a token of apology to your Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss.”
“Who told you the news?” Tian Li didn’t receive the check but asked instead.
“Du Changze told me and asked me 1 billion yuan for the news,” said Qi Chengshan.
Tian Li slanted her brows and sneered, “Du Changze just ripped you off, eh?! Anyways, since you bought the news for such a high price, I believe you already know the about the aftermath, no? Do you think our Everlasting Feast Hall cares about a mere 1 billion?”
“Chief Tian, I can’t come up with more money for now. Prior to this, I paid 500 million yuan to Du Changze. I’ll borrow the remaining 1 billion from my friend to pay the rest. The Jiang Group and Wanyuan Real Estate have more capital than me, so coming up with this amount of money is the limit of my capabilities.”
“Consider this over. You can go!” upon hearing it, Tian Li replied and received the check.
Secretly relieved inside, Qi Chengshan hastily said, “Then, I’ll no longer disturb you. I’ll take my leave, farewell.”
Tian Li suddenly smiled, “Remember to convey my message to Du Changze after you leave. For him to gain 1 billion with no reason at all, it’s atypical.”
Qi Chengshan’s eyes flickered as he immediately took the hint, saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll convey your message.”
As he left the Everlasting Feast Hall, a sneer was revealed on Qi Chengshan’s face. He took out his mobile after sitting in his car and dialed Du Changze’s cell number. After his call had connected, he bluntly spoke, “Brother Du, thanks for the information you gave me. Because of it I resolved the matter. However, as I was about to leave, Tian Li wanted me to convey a message to you.”
“What is it?” asked Du Changze in an urgent tone.
“She said that you don’t have to eat such poor food alone.”
Keeping the food for himself?
Du Changze hadn’t rested yet and his complexion turned unsightly. After falling into silence for a long period of time, he slowly said, “I know what to do.”
“See you again later!”
As he ended the call, Qi Chengshan turned his head to look at his son—Qi Changxing, who sat next to him. Were he not his son, he would have choked him to death himself for having to waste 2 billion in just one night.
It was 2 billion yuan! Though the Qi Family had a big enterprise and possessed a lot of assets, taking out 2 billion all of a sudden would still create a lethal effect!
“Dad, I made mistake. I promise I won’t cause any more troubles in the future,” knowing his father’s temper, Qi Changxing quickly spoke.
Qi Chengshan took a deep breath, repressing his anger.
Obtaining a lesson by spending money. If by spending 2 billion yuan his son could get rid of his bad habit and then study well to take over the family’s business, it would be fine. However, it was too huge a price!
The next morning, Tang Xiu woke up. He meditated for four hours last night and then went straight to sleep. With his current cultivation level, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to stay awake for fifteen days. Still, he chose to sleep for several hours to rejuvenate his spirit.
Having finished his shower and leaving his room, he went to the hall on the first floor and found Tian Li waiting for him there.
Getting up from the sofa, Tian Li greeted him respectfully.
“Have you handled the matter last night thoroughly? Did anything else happen?”
“Everything has been taken care of. Also, Li Juren called me last night and with his help, we hadn’t encountered any problems thus far! As long as Jiang Tianba and the others don’t babble about it, everything is on track,” said Tian Li.
Tang Xiu sneered, “They will never speak even half a word about it, unless they’re tired of their lives. Anyways, have you had breakfast yet?”
“Not yet, Boss,” said Tian Li and shook her head.
“Come and have breakfast with me! I will catch the plane after the meal.”
Complying, Tian Li then followed Tang Xiu to the dining room.
The villa had many maids and the meals had been prepared as they served the dishes on the table after Tang Xiu and Tian Li sat down.
“Boss, Qi Changxing’s father—Qi Chengshan, came to the Everlasting Feast Hall after you left last night. He brought his son to apologize and gave me 1 billion yuan as a token of apology,” said Tian Li while eating.
Tang Xiu nodded, “Take the compensation money to Jingmen Island and give it to Gu Xiaoxue. I have many things to take care of, so I’ve little time to manage things in the Everlasting Feast Hall. You can find her If anything comes up later. Only call me if you can’t manage the issue.”
Tian Li was surprised for a moment as she then said, “Boss, that means you will not manage the Everlasting Feast Hall’s issues as per normal?”
“I’m still a student and just finished my CET this year. My score is rather acceptable as well as the top scorer for the science subjects in Shuangqing province. Also, I’m going to Shanghai University to study.”
Tian Li’s eyes stared wide, almost popping out. The fact that Tang Xiu was a student who just graduated and became a freshman was out of her imagination. More unthinkable was that Tang Xiu even earned first place for the CET science subjects in Shuangqing province.
“Boss, is it necessary for you to go to college in your mind?” probed Tian Li cautiously.
Forcing out a smile, Tang Xiu said, “If you ask my thoughts about it, it’s unnecessary. Yet, my mother’s greatest dream has always been me being admitted to a prestigious university. For her, it’s an imperative wish.”
A light burst out from Tian Li’s eyes. She lowered her head to conceal it and spoke again, “Boss, might I ask you something? You may ignore my question if you don’t want to answer it, though.”
“Just ask! You don’t need to put on such a cautious look before me. I may create rivers of blood and leave countless dead bodies for my enemies, but it would be absolutely unlikely for the people under me. Have a little confidence,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Big Boss raised us since childhood, Boss. If she was not there we definitely wouldn’t be able to live now. Big Boss has told us ever since our childhood to seek someone called Tang Xiu regardless of anytime or anywhere. I think that person should be you, no?”
“That’s right, it’s me!” said Tang Xiu.
“Then, your relationship with Big Boss is…” asked Tian Li.
“Yan’er is my apprentice,” said Tang Xiu lightly.
“What?” Tian Li suddenly stood with disbelief all over her face.
Letting out a light smile, Tang Xiu said, “Some things are meant to be kept a secret, for you don’t have the qualifications to know about them as of now. Someday in the future, when your cultivation can follow me to another world, you will understand.”
Another world?
Astonishment covered Tian Li’s face as she looked at Tang Xiu, aghast. It was as though a storm rose inside her heart, because she had never thought that there existed another world besides Earth.
“B-Boss… what and where is that other world you’re talking about?”
With a serene expression, Tang Xiu said, “For now you don’t need to know. When you reach the realm of immortals I’ll naturally tell you. Anyways, let’s stop here. You’re not to tell another soul about what I just told you.”
“Yes!” said Tian Li respectfully.
Waving his hand, Tang Xiu motioned her to sit down and continued eating breakfast.

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