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Inside the VIP lounge on the second floor.
Tagger warmly greeted Tang Xiu and Fatty Li and offered them a seat. At this time, Fatty Li himself had a particularly complicated mood inside. He had never thought that his actions to invite Tang Xiu to play in the resort’s casino would unexpectedly end up with Tang Xiu winning 1 billion.
One billion! The net annual income of his big business was perhaps even less than this. Feeling envious and jealous was mostly the genuine portrait of the emotions inside his heart now. Yet, he could also faintly feel that this matter would somehow turn troublesome. After all, the people who opened casinos were not some friendly bunch, they would never hand over such a huge sum of money, more so in such a submissive manner.
_‘Alas. Tang Xiu is still too young. He shouldn’t be able to see the crucial issue here,’_ sighing inside, Fatty Li secretly decided that, were the other party really unwilling to pay, they also wouldn’t make their moves here. A powerful dragon couldn’t pressure the local snake, after all. Cheaply gaining profits inside another’s turf would prove exceedingly difficult.
“Gentlemen, how should we discuss it?”
Sitting in front of the two, Tagger lit a cigarette and put one of his legs atop the nother.
“What do you want to discuss exactly?” asked Tang Xiu back with a tranquil expression.
“We are all smart people. I don’t want to beat around the bush with you. Our casino business is excellent, and we also make quite a fortune annually. Yet, 1 billion is too big a number, I’m even suspecting that you have tampered with the machine. Hence, you won’t take that 1 billion,” said Tagger with a smile.
“Then, you meaning is… you want to renege on the pay, yes?” said Tang Xiu lightly.
The smile on Tagger’s face turned brighter, but the coldness in his eyes turned chillier. He looked at Tang Xiu, shook his head and said with a smile, “What’s your surname, Sir?”
“Tang,” said Tang Xiu.
Still smiling, Tagger continued, “I think you’re a wise man despite your young age, Mr. Tang. Some money is meant to be taken, while some others are not. Though we may give you that 1 billion, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it either. It’s better if you accept 10 million from our casino and this issue will be settled privately by us. What do you think?”
Tang Xiu smiled and sighed in praise, “You’re rather a ruthless man, Mr. Tagger. Taking out 99% for yourself and leaving only 1% for me. Do you think I look like someone who needs 10 million?”
For a moment, Tagger stared blankly before his brows furrowed, “Did you not understand what I just said, Mr. Tang? Some people would kill for this amount. Do you think after you obtained such a huge sum of money you can still leave Saipan?”
Full of self-confidence, Tang Xiu replied, “I think I can!”
The smile on Tagger’s face disappeared completely and was replaced with a bit grim expression. He deeply smoked his cigarette, observing Tang Xiu with squinted eyes. There was not a chance that Tang Xiu would be able to leave Saipan alive after he got 1 billion; it was impossible for him to leave the city with the money.

He knew who his boss was. A rich and powerful man with evident ruthlessness.
More so that several shareholders behind this Lao Bay Resort were also powerful characters in Saipan, with each possessing formidable strength and energy. It could be said that nobody in Saipan dared to mess with them were they to join forces.
“Where’s the man?”
Outside the opened VIP lounge, Jasmine’s voice transmitted to the inside.
“They are in this VIP room,” the low and deep voice of a man replied.
As Jasmine’s figure appeared in the door, a faint smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s face while Fatty Li looked somewhat worried since he didn’t know whether Tang Xiu’s face was big enough to make Jasmine let him get that money despite regarding him as a distinguished guest.
When Jasmine entered the VIP room and her eyes landed on Tang Xiu and Fatty Li, she looked slightly surprised for a moment. She immediately approached Tang Xiu and said with a smile hung on her face, “Were you the one who just won 1 billion in the casino, Mr. Tang?”
Tang Xiu let out a light smile and said, “When luck comes, even if one wants to stop it, they can’t block it. It’s kinda accidental, though. Yet, the people in charge of this resort are rather amazing! To think that the casino manager himself wants to renege on the debt. Also, if I’m not misunderstanding it, he’s also threatening me.”
As for Tagger, who saw Jasmine’s arrival, he immediately stopped smoking and stood up with a respectful expression. However, he stared blankly and was slightly surprised for a moment after he heard Jasmine and Tang Xiu converse. He didn’t expect that Jasmine would know Tang Xiu.
Jasmine slightly frowned. She turned and looked at Tagger, speaking in a heavy tone, “Apologize to Mr. Tang.”
Tagger knew who Jasmine was, and he was afraid of her since she was one of the Boss’s woman and also his most trusted confidante.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Tang.”
Letting out a faint smile, Tang Xiu then shifted his sight to Jasmine, “May I ask whether I’m entitled to receive the money I just won?”
For a moment, Jasmine fell into hesitation before she respectfully said, “Mr. Tang, I also don’t have the authority over this issue. Could you give me some time to ask instructions from my boss?”
“It’s fine, please do,” replied Tang Xiu and made a ‘please, after you’ gesture.
At Redsand Bay Port.
Tom Reggie was wiping off beads of sweat on his forehand, overseeing the laborers who were pushing the cruise liner into the sea. He could finally feel relieved. Right at this moment, his mobile suddenly rang.
“Yup. What’s up?”
“Boss, Mr. Tang is in our casino and just won 1 billion. What instructions do you have regarding this?”
Tom Reggie had a change on his expression and fell into silence.
He didn’t tell Tang Xiu and Mo Awen that the Lao Bay Resort was one of his businesses, of which he owned 51% of the shares. Hence, Tang Xiu shouldn’t be intentionally winning money in his casino.
Furthermore, he was very curious about Tang Xiu’s true identity. He believed that his identity was by no means simple for him be able to take Mo Awen as his subordinate. He knew perfectly well who Mo Awen was. Compared to him, Mo Awen was a character who was much more terrifying. There was once a time when their strength was equal; that was when they first met each other. But Mo Awen got more powerful a few years later, to the extent that he wouldn’t hesitate to yield and give up.
Not to mention that the moment he saw Tang Xiu and the others, he found something that made him faintly restless and disturbed. There was another big guy beside Mo Awen who looked like Mo Awen, with a dense aura exuding from his body, which made him feel apprehensive secretly.
He could tell that the man was also a formidable individual.
He didn’t care about the money. What he cared about was Mo Awen’s friendship as well as Tang Xiu’s identity.
For half a minute, Tom Reggie was lost in his reverie, before he slowly said, “Give him the money. If he still wants to keep playing in the casino, let him.”
“But Boss, how would we explain this to the others?” asked Jasmine with knitted brows.
“I’ll inform them that this 1 billion is on me,” said Tom Reggie heavily.
Jasmine was startled inside as a shocked expression burst out from her eyes. She never thought that her Boss would make such a decision.
What identity did Tang Xiu possess to even make her boss spare no effort to send 1 billion?
“Got it, Boss!”
Jasmine replied and then went back to the VIP room. The smile on her face turned thicker as she spoke to Tang Xiu in a more respectful manner, “Mr. Tang, our Boss has told me that if you still want to keep playing in the casino, you can enjoy yourself there to your heart’s content. Also, please give me your account number, I’ll have someone transfer 1 billion dollars to your account later.”
Shocked, Tagger was shaken, looking at Tang Xiu in disbelief along with fear inside. Never did he ever thought that the Big Boss would actually give the money to the other party, more so in such a submissive manner… Who was this young man in the end? Did he have a terrifying identity and background?
“Look for Mo Awen and transfer the money to his account later! But I’m not playing in the casino anymore. Also, please convey my message to Tom Reggie: He’s not bad.”
“Alright!” Jasmine nodded and smiled. Suddenly, her expression changed and spoke softly, “Mr. Tang, since you like gambling, why don’t you stay and watch the unrestrained gambling later? It seems one of them is someone from your country.”
Unrestrained gambling?
Recalling what Geezer Fatty Li had said before, Tang Xiu suddenly showed a bit of interest. Meanwhile, Fatty Li himself had his curiosity toward Tang Xiu’s identity soared to the extreme. Were he not in front of Jasmine and Tagger, he would have inquired about it again. At this moment, when he heard Jasmine speaking about the unrestrained gambling, his eyes turned bright and quickly said, “Brother Tang, an event such as this unrestrained gambling is a rare show to behold. Especially with that guy from Qingcheng Mountain participating in this, which is a rarer occurrence. So, shall we take a look at it?”
After pondering for a bit, Tang Xiu then nodded and said, “Let’s have a look then!”
Jasmine smiled, “There’s still half an hour left before the unrestrained gambling begins. Would the two of you want to have a meal first? If so, I’ll let the kitchen arrange it.”
Recalling that he had a dinner appointment with Tom Reggie tonight, Tang Xiu immediately shook his head, “No, thanks. It’s just half an hour, I’ll just accompany Fatty Li playing down there.”
“Fine, then!” said Jasmine. “When the gamble is about to begin, I will send someone to fetch and guide you to the VIP lounge.”
As Jasmine and Tagger left, Fatty Li immediately stared at Tang Xiu with an unusually serious expression as he asked solemnly, “Brother Tang, this old fatty brother of yours has been sincere with you, yet you’re still holding back? Tell me, who are you exactly? Why did the Big Boss of this Lao Bay Resort seem to fear you?”
“Like I said to you, the owner of this Lao Bay Resort is a life-and-death friend of my subordinate,” said Tang Xiu.
Shaking his head, Fatty Li said, “People who would give hundreds of millions to their friends in present society are only a few, I think.”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Well, if you’re really sincere to your friend, will you give him 1 billion?”
"But of course!" Fatty Li replied without hesitation.
Shortly after, he dazed for a moment and then let out a wry and bitter smile, saying, “Bah, forget it. Since you don’t wanna say it, then I’ll give up. In any case, I thought you were just a young fellow countryman on vacation when I got acquainted with you the first time. So our revolutionary friendship is very pure. Very, very pure.”
“It is indeed a pure one. However, I seem to recall that someone wanted to compete with me in the casino back then. Besides, you wouldn’t be giving up so easily, would you, Fatty Li? Of course, someone like you who’s frank and straightforward would freely admit defeat if you really lost, right?” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile.

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