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On the way back to the castle, happiness still filled Tang Xiu’s mind. He had, after all, been stuck in the Skin Strengthening stage for a long time and finally had a breakthrough now with the help of the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi. His strength soared by several times as his overall strength became twice as powerful than before at the least.
Prior to this, when he first met Viviani, he felt that he wasn’t her opponent. After all, she possessed an unusual terrifying aura. But now, he had the confidence to fight her even if Viviani was an expert martial artist. He might not be able to beat her, but he still could injure her if he paid a price.
_‘If I were able to absorb this Supreme Emperor Purple Qi every day, wouldn’t I probably be able to advance to the peak level of the Flesh Strengthening stage?’_
Tang Xiu then made up his mind to cultivate in this place every day before he left, striving to have an early breakthrough to the peak level of the Flesh Strengthening stage.
Three days later, just as Tang Xiu finished drawing the sketch for the reconstruction of Nine Dragons Island, the cruise liner that carried the residents of Southern Bird Island back returned.
“Awen, accompany me to Saipan. We might need Tom Reggie’s help to reconstruct Nine Dragons Island,” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice while taking the reconstruction drawing.
“We can trust him, Boss. I will fix him myself if he dares to mess up,” said Mo Awen with a nod.
Tang Xiu smiled, “Let’s go! The rest of you will stay here. I planned to look for a construction team in Saipan, but I changed my mind now. I called a friend of mine who’s in the real estate business in the mainland, and he has agreed to bring his construction team here. I hope Nine Dragons Island's reconstruction can be carried out smoothly.”
Two days later, the cruise liner docked at Saipan port.
After assigning the docking procedures to the crew, he and Mo Awen then headed to Lao Bay Resort.
"Hey, I'm here."
"I’m in Seaview Villa #17."
"Got it!"
After contacting Long Zhengyu, Tang Xiu immediately went to Seaview Villa #17. Tang Xiu gave Long Zhengyu a big hug after seeing him and then said in a deep voice, “Let me introduce you. He’s Mo Awen, my man. Awen, this is Long Zhengyu, my friend.”
The two men shook hands as Mo Awen then immediately said, “Boss, Tom in on his way. He should be here soon.”
“Then I’ll wait for him. Anyways, you wait for him outside, Zhengyu and I need to discuss something!”
Immediately after, Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu went inside. After taking a seat, Tang Xiu straightforwardly said, “Tom Reggie is Mo Awen’s friend, a fierce and experienced character who has gone through life and death situations. He’s also this Lao Bay Resort’s majority shareholder and kinda has a big influence in Saipan. He can help with the reconstruction of the island I bought.”
Squinting his eyes, Long Zhengyu said, “I can let him buy some shares.”

“I know you will make money, but I’ll be struggling and short on it. Nine Dragons Island’s reconstruction is a huge project, and I have to invest a huge sum on it.”
After hesitating for a moment, Long Zhengyu then seriously asked, “Tang Xiu, we’re brothers nevertheless, but I still wanna know what kind of concept you have devised to reconstruct Nine Dragons Island?”
Tang Xiu handed the reconstruction design plan he brought to Long Zhengyu and said, “Nine Dragons Island already has some buildings, but I need to expand the area and build more buildings—which has a lot of special requirements. Have a look, you’ll get it.”
Opening the reconstruction design plan, Long Zhengyu spent a few minutes observing it as a burst of shock suffused in his eyes. After a long while, he then looked at Tang Xiu, yet the shock still hadn’t left his expression, “I wanna know something. Why are you spending so many funds in this project?”
“This place is gonna be my domain later. A domain that truly belongs to me, where I’m the highest existence there,” Tang Xiu laughed.
Long Zhengyu forced a smile and said, “Say, Brother Tang, you want to found a state, eh!”
Tang Xiu laughed, “Build a fart country? Bah, it’s just dozens of square kilometers!”
Long Zhengyu asked, “Tang Xiu, I know you have a lot of money, though I don’t know how much. But you don’t have enough, right? Also, this project is rather huge, so how much do you need to invest for the initial period? First of all, us being brothers aside, business is still business. The best I can do for you is by taking only the minimal earnings in the construction project, but I can’t provide the funds for the advance payment. You already know that my Long family has nearly spent all our funds in the joint cooperation project.”
Stretching out a finger, Tang Xiu lightly said, “I’ll give you 10 billion in advance for you to manage. Contact me again when the money runs out.”
Astounded, Long Zhengyu asked in astonishment, “Where did you get so much money from?”
“I bumped into some trouble in Hong Kong but also got an unexpected fortune. I won’t tell you the details, though. In short, I can transfer you the money anytime, but you must guarantee the quality of the project,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Sure!” said Long Zhengyu solemnly.
“I won’t have much time to stay and inspect the reconstruction of Nine Dragons Island. So if you also don’t have much time, it’s best to send your most trusted man to take the helm and stay there. Also, you don’t need to worry about trouble since some of my men will be responsible for the security there,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
“Got it!” Long Zhengyu nodded.
Moments after, Tom Reggie and Mo Awen arrived.
“I’m really glad to know that you came back, Mr. Tang! By the way, this friend is…” Tom Reggie warmly shook hands with Tang Xiu as he then turned to look at Long Zhengyu.
Tang Xiu introduced, “He’s a friend from my country. I especially called him here to discuss a business cooperation for a certain project. It’s also exactly why I invited you to come since I’m going to ask you whether you’re interested to earn some money from me.”
“From you?” a puzzled expression appeared on Tom Reggie’s face.
Tang Xiu explained the matter and then finally said, “You’re a local tyrant here in Saipan, you can handle things more conveniently than Long Zhengyu. So if you wanna join us in this, you gotta make a decision now.”
Shock suffused in Tom Reggie’s eyes as he inquired, “But can you really… come up with more than 20 billion funds, Mr. Tang?”
“20 billion may be a huge sum of money, but it’s not a problem for me. What I care about is the progress of the work and the quality. I can get the money as long as you have the ability,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“That’s all right.” Tom Reggie nodded heavily, “I’m interested in this profitable project anyway. What’s more, I’m doing a business with a big boss such as you, Mr. Tang. Anyways, Mr. Long, since this is Mr. Tang’s project, do you have any ideas in mind for cooperation?”
“About the earning share issues, let’s have a separate negotiation later,” said Long Zhengyu.
“Alright!” Tom Reggie nodded and laughed.
“I don’t want to know about the issues between the two of you, so you can discuss it between yourselves,” said Tang Xiu. “In short, you just need to handle the project quality and its progress for me. By the way, do you both want to see the island I bought?”
“Certainly. Besides, we don’t know the current situation on the island yet. So we can arrange the specific and concrete construction project after we have finished the fieldwork survey,” said Long Zhengyu.
“How about now? This matter shouldn’t be delayed, right?” asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
Long Zhengyu looked at Tom Reggie.
The latter had a difficult to describe expression as he said, “Would you please wait for a while, Mr. Tang? I have some important things I have yet to deal with. Give me half a day. After I have finished handling my matters we’ll leave early in the morning tomorrow. Is that fine with you?”
“Alright then. I’ll be resting here today!” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Tom Reggie immediately said, “I’ll arrange accommodations right away.”
Waving his hand to him, Tang Xiu said, “I’ll stay here. Long Zhengyu is one of us anyway, no need for the civilities. You can go busy yourself! Let’s have dinner after you’re done with your things.”
“If so… I’ll take my leave first.”
With Tom Reggie leaving, Long Zhengyu squinted his eyes and said, “This Tom Reggie is not bad, Tang Xiu. Seemingly a straightforward man to me.”
“If he has no boldness and resolution, how can he do a big business? Tom Reggie has an unusual identity and used to be a very fierce man. His mind and decision making abilities are good, so get along and speak openly about whatever you have in mind with him,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Relax! Besides, the most important thing in a cooperation is integrity and trust, which I can vouch for myself. Anyhow, have you contacted your family since you left Beijing? I heard from Ouyang Lulu that your paternal aunt was looking for you, but she couldn’t contact you.” Long Zhengyu laughed.
Paternal aunt?
Tang Min’s face appeared in Tang Xiu’s mind as he then shook his head and said, “I haven’t contacted anyone. Aside from contacting several important people after I came abroad, I haven’t called too many people. But, what did she contact me for?”
“I dunno,” Long Zhengyu shook his head. “Call and ask Ouyang Lulu if you want to find out about it. Or you can call her directly.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment as he nodded, “I’ll contact her later. Let’s go! I’ll take you to a Thai massage. This place has a good one. That’s right, I also made an acquaintance here, a very vigorous and heroic-spirited person as well as generous and loyal.”
“Who?” asked Long Zhengyu.
“I don’t know what he does since I didn’t ask him.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “But he should be a Big Boss, though. He called himself Old Fatty Li, so I called him likewise.”
“Old Fatty Li?” astonishment covered Long Zhengyu’s face. “Are you saying he’s the Northeast Steel Magnate—Li Laoshan?”
“Yea, he seems to be called Li Laoshan,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Raising his thumb up, Long Zhengyu exclaimed with a sigh, “Damn, I really didn’t expect you would meet and make acquaintances with Li Laoshan here. That fella is a terrific guy, notoriously proud and haughty in the country. Unless you can fascinate him with your skill, otherwise he would have normally ignored you.”
“Eh?” Surprised, Tang Xiu said in astonishment, “You mean… he’s crazy?”

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