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Having left the school building, the trio returned to the dorm and then went downstairs. Yue Kai took out his BMW car key and pressed a button on it. Zhao Liang then nearly popped his eyes out as he looked around the corner and saw the lights of a BMW 525 Sedan lit up.
“Good baby! You are a local rich redneck!”
Zhao Liang fixated his eyes on Yue Kai as he gasped in admiration.
With a bit of proud expression on his face, Yue Kai replied with a smile, “Rich redneck? Not really. But we’re studying in Shanghai and we better ride a car instead of stroll around by foot, no? I have a better one at home, but crowing over for myself is not my style. Anyways, I just bought this car on summer vacation. How is it? This car is not bad, right?”
Raising his thumb, Zhao Liang lamented, “‘Not bad’? This is simply a magical object for chasing after hot chicks. All the hot chicks surely will be happy riding on a BMW and Mercedes Benz. I was planning on spending 200 thousand yuan to buy a car and show off! But now, I find it embarrassing to buy it after looking at your car.”
“It’s alright,” laughed Yue Kai. “We’re all buddies, my car is your car. If you wanna drive it to flirt with chicks, you can tell me. So long as you don’t have sex on it, you can use the car as you like, to pick up chicks or go for a ride!”
Having sex on the car?
Stunned, Zhao Liang then immediately exclaimed, “Yue Kai, I only heard about it, but haven’t tried it yet! Don’t tell me you have done it before. If you did, then later you’re my eldest brother.”
Yue Kai coughed dryly as he chuckled to himself, “Nope, I haven’t done it actually. I usually take the girls to a ride and then to the hotel. But having sex in the car, I really never tried it.”
Immediately, Yue Kai looked at the all smiling Tang Xiu. He rolled his eyes and said, “But Big Brother Tang must have tasted it. Just look at his frivolous and fresh appearance. Recalling as how Teacher Han’s attitude of traversing a great distance to pursue him, he’s absolutely an expert on this kind of endeavor. Eldest Brother Tang, your body is neither fat nor thin, having sex in the car should be done in a pulled open posture, right?”
Tang Xiu replied in a complaint tone, “Never tried it.”
Shooting Tang Xiu a contemptuous look, Yue Kai then groaned, “Eldest Brother Tang, you’re not right! We’re all brothers, why would you hide it from us? I called you eldest brother, didn’t I? Just say it! How’s the taste of having sex in the car?”
“I really haven’t tried it yet,” said Tang Xiu reluctantly.
Letting out a dull look, Yue Kai then waved and said, “Let’s get on board and go shopping. We’ll straightly go to the restaurant after buying the things.”
After entering the car, Tang Xiu looked as Zhao Liang drilled himself on the copilot seat and smiled, asking, “Yue Kai, you should be a local, right? Listening to your parents, they had a strong accent of Shanghai locals.”
“Yup, I’m a local,” said Yue Kai with a smile.

“No wonder you’re familiar with Shanghai, so it turns out that you’re a local! Then, you lead the way for us!” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Let’s go!”
Crying out in response to a strange accent, Yue Kai started the car and drove out. He showed off, speeding up with a proud expression, which made Tang Xiu frown. This place was, after all, the interior of the university, and there were many pedestrians carrying big bags due to the new students’ arrival for registration.
“Hey, slow down and be careful not to hit people,” Reminded Tang Xiu out of good intention.
Yue Kai rolled his eyes and hummed, “Relax, dude! This is my driving skill, I’m not joking. I raced with a few dudes of mine in Changxi, the neighboring city. I suppose you don’t have a driver license yet!”
Tang Xiu sighed inside. Though he didn’t like Yue Kai’s young frivolous attitude, he was not his father, thus it was naturally inconvenient to control him. Not to mention that he also knew very well the rebellious mentality young men had, as well as was aware of how young men were concerned about face. Let alone controlling him, even if he continued persuading him, he would perhaps only make Yue Kai livelier.
He didn’t feel like trying so hard for such a thankless job!
When the BMW drove out of the campus gate, through the glass windows, Tang Xiu saw the supercars lined in a row still there, whereas those six or seven young men stood around them, surrounded by several girls.
While pointing to that side, Tang Xiu asked, “Do you know those kids, Yue Kai?”
Turning his head to look, Yue Kai’s expression instantly turned ugly. After being silent for a moment, he bitterly said, “I know. Of course, I know them. They are a group of trash. When my Eldest Brother was not in jail, they were like babies in front of him. Now they are so unbridled and arrogant. But when he comes out, we will clean them up sooner or later.”
Tang Xiu shook his head and sighed inside. He suddenly realized that it was a wrong choice of his coming out with Yue Kai. This fellow was evidently not someone easy to deal with. It was no wonder that his parents wanted him to control and take care of this guy.
Quickly, the BMW was parked in the underground parking lot a few kilometers away from a large shopping mall. The trio got off and bought a lot of things in the mall. After a short half an hour, Yue Kai had spent hundreds of thousands yuan, with Zhao Liang also spending more than ten thousand.
Tang Xiu himself didn’t say anything, even though he didn’t approve of their extravagant spending. He only bought some toiletries.
“Tang Xiu, if you have no money, just tell these buddies of yours and we’ll buy the things you like. We’re dorm mates, so we don’t have to regard each other as strangers,” said Yue Kai in a stylish manner.
“I don’t lack anything, what I wanted to buy was just these toiletries,” laughed Tang Xiu.
Yue Kai no longer spoke. He didn’t care about money anyway. Whatever Tang Xiu wanted to buy, and didn’t want him to pay for it, he didn’t bother to stress himself over it.
After buying everything, Yue Kai smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go. I just called and booked a box at Riverwood Restaurant. Let’s drink fine wine there this noon. That reminds me, I don’t know whether those two dorm mates of ours arrived, but if they do it will be livelier.”
“If they have arrived and want to get along well later, I believe they will catch up with us after reading the note you left behind,” said Tang Xiu.
11 AM.
The Riverwood Restaurant was particularly hot as its first floor was almost jam-packed. When the trio arrived there, they found that there were many people still entering.
Zhao Liang sighed, “This is an upscale restaurant and should be rather expensive, right?”
“Yup. Even though I have some money, I’m afraid I can only have a round of sumptuous meal here every few weeks. Although this restaurant can’t compare with Yueyang Edifice, Taihe Restaurant and Everlasting Feast Hall, of which are true upscale restaurants, but at least it can be ranked as an upper class one,” said Yue Kai.
“Shanghai also has an Everlasting Feast Hall?” asked Zhao Liang, astounded.
“What do you mean by ‘also’? Does your Jingmen Island also have a Everlasting Feast Hall there?” asked Yue Kai back, surprised.
“It does, and it has a rather high threshold also. I used to go there with my old man. It’s a pity my old man is not a VIP there, though. Otherwise, he could have enjoyed a kingly treatment,” said Zhao Liang.
Laughing involuntarily, Yue Kai then said, “I’ve also been to Shanghai’s Everlasting Feast Hall a couple of times and the place is indeed great, though it’s a pity that it’s a bit far from here. If it were not due to the consideration of our other classmates’ arrival, we could have gone there.”
Everlasting Feast Hall?
The corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth curved as a slight smile was painted on his handsome face. He didn’t expect that he would hear this name from his fellow students’ mouths when he just arrived in Shanghai. He did have the intention to visit and have a look at Shanghai’s Everlasting Feast Hall.
Ten minutes later, the trio had taken a seat in the box. The food and wine had also been served. At that time, Yue Kai’s mobile rang.
“Yue Kai here.”
“Hi, it’s Hu Qingsong here. I live in the Shanghai University’s male student dormitory #428. I saw the note you left here,” a voice with thick Northeasterner accent was heard from the phone.
Yue Kai’s brows raised as he said with a smile, “We’re in Riverwood Restaurant. After you leave the campus, call a taxi and you’ll be able to get here after a short while.”
“Wait for me there!”
The phone was hung up.
After putting away his mobile, Yue Kai then said with a smile, “Our dorm mate—Hu Qingsong has arrived. He said that he will catch up with us here. Judging from his accent, he seems to be a Northeasterner. Alright, open the wine first. In celebration of our encounter out of millions of people and becoming buddies, let’s start by drying our first cup!”
Zhao Liang raised his glass and laughed, “Though you and I are not in the same dormitory, our dorms are only separated by a corridor in the opposite entrance. So we’re brothers in the trenches as well. Yue Kai is treating us this time, so I won’t snatch this honor from him. When our dorm buddies finally arrive this evening, in addition to your dorm mates, both of our dorm buddies should gather together and I’ll treat you to a party.”
“Cheers!” Exclaimed Yue Kai with a smile.
Tang Xiu didn’t say anything. He just raised his glass, toasted and gulped it down.
“Is the wine good? It’s just that I stole my old man’s fine wine when I came over and hid it in the trunk. You two are you lucky to have a chance to taste such a good thing!”
“Wait for a while. I’ll give you two bottles of wine better than this,” laughed Tang Xiu.
Staring blankly for a moment, Yue Kai immediately smiled. He thought that Tang Xiu was not a scion of a rich family since he was so economical in the shopping mall before. Hence, he treated Tang Xiu’s words as a saving-face act only and didn’t put it in his heart.
Half an hour later, when all the dishes were nearly up, Yue Kai looked at the time and appeared puzzled as he said, “How come Hu Qingsong didn't arrive yet? Even if he came by foot, he should’ve arrived by now.”
“Knock, knock…”
As he finished speaking, the box’s door was knocked and quickly, a dark-skinned, strong and muscular young man opened the door as he looked at the trio inside the box and grinned, “Yo, I’m Hu Qingsong. Did I come late?”
Yue Kai and Zhao Liang got up, wearing weird expressions in their eyes, whereas Tang Xiu was frowning with a puzzled light in his eyes, because there was a green-purple bump on Hu Qingsong’s face. Even his clothes were dirty with footprints on it. Obviously, the fellow had just fought with some people.
“I’m Yue Kai. Hey dude, who were the people you just played with?” asked Yue Kai as he waved and pointed at Hu Qingsong’s face.
“It’s nothing,” chuckled Hu Qingsong as he said, “I just encountered a small trouble on the way here. It’s been solved, though.”
Zhao Liang put out his hand and said with a smile, "I’m Zhao Liang, from Jingmen Island. I live in the dorm on the opposite side and am classmate of yours."
"Tang Xiu, from Star City,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

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