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Jin Xingkui didn’t care about the price. What he cared about was building a good relationship. The others might not know how horrifying Tang Xiu was, but he knew perfectly well that, for him, having a good relationship with Tang Xiu wouldn’t be harmful to him even if he couldn’t get any benefits from it.
“OK! Let’s do it according to Boss Tang’s call.”
“Boss Jin is truly straightforward. I never imagined I would get acquainted with such a frank person when I just arrived in Shanghai. If you don’t mind, just call me Tang Xiu! Or just like Brother Miao calls me will do.” Laughed Tang Xiu.
Overjoyed, Jin Xingkui quickly got up and grabbed a wine bottle. He filled Tang Xiu’s glass and amiably laughed, “Well, thanks for regarding me this high, Brother Tang. This might be our first time meeting each other, but I had the feeling of meeting an old friend the first time I saw you, Brother Tang. Come, let’s drink a cup!”
Tang Xiu didn’t refuse. He toasted with Jin Xingkui and gulped his wine down.
Regarding Jin Xingkui’s naked flattery, Zhang Yueming and Gu Changmin were bewildered. They truly couldn’t see through as to why Jin Xingkui, who was a very affluent figure in Shanghai, would unexpectedly show such good will toward Tang Xiu. He even seemed to be lowering himself in doing it.
He… Did he know something?
They were both perceptive persons. Even though it was hard for them to guess it, but inside, they decided to observe Tang Xiu more intensely.
While holding up his glass, Zhang Yueming said, “Boss Tang, Brother Jin has always been someone with vision. Since he has ordered a lot of wine from you, he should be benefitting from your limelight. I also want to order 50 million, would it be fine with you?”
“I also want to order 50 million in advance,” said Gu Changmin.
“No problem,” laughed Tang Xiu and said, “The three of you can contact Kang Xia, the General Manager of our Magnificent Tang Corp. I will call her about this in advance.”
“The Magnificent Tang Corp?”
“Kang Xia?”
Zhang Yueming and Gu Changmin exclaimed in alarm. Even Jin Xingkui was stunned, disbelief showing on his face.
They all knew the famous business genius Kang Xia who suddenly went to Shuangqing Province’s Star City to set up a corporation. Allegedly, the capital investment was not small either. Yet, they never imagined that Kang Xia turned out to be working for Tang Xiu. They were very sure that, if this news were to come out, perhaps tomorrow’s headlines of major financial and economics medias would definitely cover this young man’s profile.
“It seems you didn’t know about it!” laughed Miao Wentang and said, “That’s right, this Brother Tang is simply someone who asks others to work but does nothing himself. He doesn’t manage the issues in the Magnificent Tang Corp normally. You all know about my investment in the new city development in Star City, right? In fact, the development project coordinator is Brother Tang himself, whereas the rest are just shareholders who are making money alongside him to support their families.”

Stunned, Zhang Yueming, Gu Changmin, and Jin Xingkui were once again hit by heavy news. They naturally knew the large-scale construction project in Star City, especially that complex architectural design. They had their eyes straight when they looked at it, wishing that they could put all of their capital to participate in it to grab some of the cake.
What were their identities?
What kind of insight and vision did they have?
But how could they not be able to foresee the huge profits contained in such a big project?
Only, they never imagined that such a big project, with allegedly 100 billion of total investment, which they couldn’t participate in, turned out to be coordinated by this young man before them.
Zhang Yueming’s lips twitched a few times as he raised his thumb and exclaimed, “Boss Tang, you really make us feel ashamed! We’ve been painstakingly working hard for decades, and even though we did have accumulate a lot of money, yet we are not as daring as you to play in such a big way!”
“Gentlemen, let’s not talk about business. I’m actually a newborn calf who isn’t afraid of a tiger. Even if I were to fail, I can start all over again. Come, let me toast a cup to show my respect to you!” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
The five gulped down the wine in their glasses.
Immediately after, Tang Xiu stood up and said with a smile, “Gentlemen, I still have other things to do, so I won’t disturb your party. Thank you for joining in today. I’ll make sure to instruct Chi Nan to send you the best wine. Big Brother Miao, please come to the restaurant office after you’re done. I have something to discuss with you.”
"No problem!" said Miao Wentang with a smile.
After that, Tang Xiu and Chi Nan left the VIP lounge and headed straight to the restaurant’s General Manager Office. When he sat down on the sofa, Chi Nan, who had a very good eye for good tea, personally served a pot of tea to Tang Xiu.
After he drank the tea, Tang Xiu waved his hand, hinting for her to sit on the sofa, and asked, “I haven’t asked. What’s your name?”
“It’s Chi Nan, Boss. Chi for ‘arriving late’ and Nan for chinese cedar tree,” said Chi Nan respectfully.
“It seems that you’re also a core member of the Everlasting Feast Hall, right? Otherwise, you shouldn’t have seen my photo,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Yes!” Chi Nan said, “Although I joined the Everlasting Feast Hall a few years later than Tian Li and Hao Lei, but I was also brought up by the Boss and she also imparted me my martial skills.”
“You seem to be afraid of me?” laughed Tang Xiu.
“You’re the Boss, the one who we pledged our loyalty to,” said Chi Nan as she hesitated, “So it’s a given that I’m afraid of you.”
“Don’t be. I’m not a big tiger nor am I an evil murderer,” laughed Tang Xiu and said, “In fact, I also hope to become friends with you so we can become close comrades.”
Chi Nan lowered her head and didn’t speak.
Tang Xiu looked at her and said, “Well, you don’t need to wear such a cautious and solemn face in front of me. I always treat my own people sincerely since I want to be their close comrade. Hence, I’ll sincerely regard you as my closest comrade as long as you do the same.”
“Is that true?” asked Chi Nan as she looked up.
“Of course it’s true!” Said Tang Xiu with a smile, “Although I have always been merciless and ruthless to my enemies, I always treat my own people sincerely. The world is way too complicated as it is, and it’s not easy having my own people. Hence, I cherish talented people very much. As far as it’s concerned, you’re a very smart and talented person.”
Feeling happy inside, Chi Nan smiled, “Praising me like this will make me proud, Boss.”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “It doesn’t matter if you’re proud, but don’t become arrogant.”
“No worries, Boss. I know it well,” said Chi Nan with a smile.
Nodding to her in response, Tang Xiu then waved his hand, “Alright, go busy yourself! I’ll be here for a while. After Miao Wentang is done with his stuff, guide him here directly.”
“Understood!” Chi Nan nodded as she got up and left the office.
At the VIP lounge on the fourth floor.
After Tang Xiu left, Zhang Yueming finally couldn’t help looking at Jin Xingkui and asked out of curiosity, “Brother Jin, why did you act like that? I know that you wanted to get acquainted with Tang Xiu, yet it shouldn’t be that obvious, no?”
“You don’t understand,” said Jin Xingkui with a smile out of his good mood.
“Brother Jin, we’re not strangers. You’ve just seen that Tang Xiu has a good personality and is easy to get along with. So, tell us! What reason did you have to even make to so anxiously build a good relationship with Tang Xiu?”
Hesitating, Jin Xingkui looked at Miao Wentang.
The latter was silent for a moment, as he then then slowly said, “Brother Jin, since Brother Zhan asked about it, just tell him! I might know a lot about Tang Xiu, but I don’t know that much. We promise you that we will never disclose half a word of anything you say today.”
“That’s right.” Zhang Yueming quickly nodded and said, “We’ll absolutely keep it to ourselves. Only the four of us who will know this matter.”
Gu Changmin, who was also eager to know the whole story, followed, “Don’t worry buddy, I’m not a talkative person.”
A forced wry smile appeared on Jin Xingkui’s face as he said, “Since you all said so, I won’t conceal it anymore. However, this is a very important matter. If it were to be spread out, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to trust you again later.”
“Rest assured!” said Miao Wentang.
With a solemn face, Jin Xingkui said, “You should all know Wanyuan Estate’s Boss—Chen Jianye in Hong Kong, right?”
“I know him.” Said Miao Wentang, “He’s a rather affluent figure.”
“Brother Jin, isn’t he your cousin?” asked Zhang Yueming, surprised.
“Yes, he’s indeed my cousin from my paternal aunt. But a month ago in Hong Kong, he had an accident.” Laughed Jin Xingkui bitterly.
“Was it related with Tang Xiu?” asked Zhang Yueming with a flickering expression.
“Yes.” Jin Xingkui nodded and said, “It was because of my nephew. He offended Tang Xiu and was beaten up as a result. The Everlasting Feast Hall there even caught him. That cousin of mine, as head-strong as he is, had a conflict with the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people, and Tang Xiu was also there at that time. It was what he did back then that makes me scared.”
“What happened exactly?” asked Zhang Yueming hastily.
“Don’t be anxious, will you?” Jin Xingkui growled in a low voice and said, “Just listen and I’ll tell you slowly. The ones who offended Tang Xiu were originally four young men, namely…”
About four or five minutes later, Jin Xingkui had told the whole story. At the end, he smiled bitterly and said, “The Wanyuan Estate had to pay 49% of their shares as compensation, and most of my cousin’s underlings, who he had painstakingly nurtured, were killed, whereas the others were just as bad. You tell me, is Tang Xiu a fearsome character or not?”
“He’s horrifying!”
Zhang Yueming and Gu Changmin gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Their voices quivered a bit.
Even in their dreams, never did they thought that the Everlasting Feast Hall would have such powerful force. Moreover, they never imagined Tang Xiu would be so ruthless. It was hundreds of lives! He also killed many people just by ordering it.
“If it was only the Everlasting Feast Hall’s security guards, I wouldn’t have been so afraid of him,” Jin Xingkui sighed and said, “But according to my cousin, Tang Xiu also acted and killed more than twenty by himself. A single man against than twenty people!”
“So terrifying?”
Zhang Yueming and Gu Changmin were already shaken to the point that it was hard for them to digest more.
Yet, Miao Wentang was only a bit surprised. He knew about Tang Xiu’s strength. Even though he didn’t know how much progress Tang Xiu had in the last two or three months, but considering his previous ability, killing twenty ordinary people was a cinch for him.

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