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Huan Li slightly knitted his brows as he saw Li Zhen keeping him guessing. In actuality, he didn’t like him, but Li Zhen found him and promised to give him a rather significant amount of money. Hence, he agreed to come to Changxi City to help him win the game. He may not like the man, but he liked money.
Thus, he asked, “Because of what?”
“Don’t tell me you haven’t sobered up yet?” laughed Li Zhen as he said, “If he knows the track, why would he want Chi Nan to accompany him? Tell me, if he drives for a few kilometers and then Chi Nan replaces him, and then quickly change places again before coming back, can he get here in time?”
Astonished, Huan Yi stared blankly for a moment and then said, “You mean they’re cheating? But if they do, what’s the point with familiarizing himself with the race track?”
“You don’t know some people are just like that, do you?” laughed Li Zhen and said, “Many people simply don’t care that much, as far as their faces are concerned. If he can return within the allotted time, it’s like he can prove to everyone else that he got great driving skills. Hence, he naturally can garner people’s admiration. But if he were to fail, he can easily find an excuse, such as not feeling well, a little problem with his car, anything… Cutting it short, telling he wants to familiarize himself with the track is just a means to prove his strength, while winning or losing may be unimportant to him.”
“He’s way too retarded if he really does that,” Huan Yi couldn’t help retorting.
“But this kind of idiocy is exactly why I like that punk!” Li Zhen grinned, “Not only will he give us a lot of money, but he’ll also give us a chance to step on him and get more attention. Where else can we chance upon this kind of good thing, of having double benefits at one strike?”
"True that!" Huan Yu nodded slightly.
Time passed and there was only half a minute left to 11:00 PM. Yet, there were headlights appearing at the distance in Laoshan Highway.
“He didn’t come back in time!”
The same thought filled everyone’s mind at present.
However, at this moment, at the end-point of the U-curve in the distance, two headlights beamed out and approached lightning fast.
“No shit! He’s back in time?”
“Well, well, he came back. And his speed is so fast!”
“This Tang pretty boy is quite good, isn’t he? The number of those who often car race here and can return within 15 minutes are perhaps no more than twenty.”
“He didn’t cheat, right?”
Some people marveled in wonderment while some others questioned it.
Missing eight seconds to 11:00 PM, the black Lamborghini burst into the square as though a lightning bolt and then stopped with a beautiful drift and rapid braking.
Tang Xiu then opened the door as he looked at Ji Mu, Li Zhen and the others who were coming over. He then laughed and asked loudly, “I’m not late, am I?”
“Humph,” Li Zheng coldly snorted and said, “You aren't. But you still have delayed the game time. It’s exactly 11:00 PM now. If we want to guarantee the game time to be finished in an hour, I suggest we start in 10 minutes.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “It’s fine whatever time it is.”
Raising his thumb, Ji Mu exclaimed in praise, “You’re really great, Brother Tang! You can complete a lap within 15 minutes in your first time on Laoshan Highway. Even for me, my first time here wasn’t as good as yours!
“That’s overpraising,” laughed Tang Xiu.
“Alright, let’s take a break and get ready.” Said Ji Mu.
There were a total of seven people participating in tonight’s racing. Apart from Tang Xiu and Chi Nan, there were Li Zhen and Huan Yu, whereas the other three people were unknown to Tang Xiu. Originally, Ji Mu was also one of the contenders, but since he lent his car to Chi Nan, therefore, he was acting as a referee.
Seven luxurious supercars lined up, each worth more than several million. It looked rather spectacular when the cars stopped in a horizontal line.
While holding a colored flag, Ji Mu blew a whistle and waved the colored flag in his hand.
In a flash, the seven supercar roared and darted as though arrows released from its bows toward the exit in front of the square.
Driving the black Lamborghini, Tang Xiu’s initial speed was not fast, coming seventh out of the square exit. However, since he had memorized the roads of Laoshan Highway, coupled with the high-end configuration of Chi Nan’s sports car, he directly powered up and sped up the moment he entered Laoshan Highway.
“I must get at least in the first three before the first U-curve.”
Squinting his eyes, Tang Xiu controlled the steering wheel and switched gears with sheer accuracy. As he pushed to the highest gear, he pressed the accelerator pedal sufficiently. Half a minute later, he had bypassed the Porsche in front of him and overtook another supercar two minutes after.
“Chi Nan’s driving skills are quite good!”
While watching the other four supercars ahead of him competing, a smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth. He rapidly speed up as two sides of the terrain brushed backward. Quickly, at the moment he was about to pass the U-curve, he fiercely controlled the steering wheel, releasing the hand on the gear to grab the handbrake and then pressed the brake with his foot. After a beautiful drift, he counter-steered the wheel as his foot deeply pressed the accelerator to slip through the space between another supercar and the cliff.
Ahead of him, Li Zhen was driving a red Ferrari and going all out to chase the two cars in front. He knew that the two racers ahead were Huan Yu and Chi Nan. At this time, Huan Yu was first and Chi Nan second.
“I gotta catch up with them. Even if I can’t win against Huan Yu, but I must overtake Chi Nan.”
Li Zhen gritted his teeth and moved the steering wheel, pressing the accelerator deeper. However, just as he went all out to overtake Chi Nan, a black Lamborghini had beautifully counter-steered and appeared at his rear.
Furthermore, what made him slightly lose his concentration was that, the speed of the black Lamborghini on the curved arc of the road was even faster than his. Within just two seconds, he was overshadowed and overtaken.
“FUCK! The one driving it is Tang Xiu!”
Li Zhen was furious inside. He pressed the accelerator pedal to the maximum.
Time fleeted by.
Relying on his skillful driving control technique, precise judgment and extraordinary reaction rate that was beyond that of an ordinary person’s, Tang Xiu had shaken off Li Zhen in just five minutes. The Lamborghini he was riding also began biting Chi Nan’s tail.
“The road ahead was an S-shaped one. It will be a good chance to overtake her. After the end of the S-shaped road, there are still two small U-curve arcs. This means I only have three chances to overtake the two cars in front.”
Tang Xiu had just relaxed pressing the accelerator pedal when he forcefully stepped on it deeper. Chi Nan and Huan Yu’s cars were chasing each other, continuing their sprint and blocking each other, while Tang Xiu was precisely calculating their car’s driving direction and its routes.
Stepping on the accelerator pedal, Tang Xiu instantly slipped through the space between the two cars and placed his car in a straight line with Huan Yu’s at the forefront. Furthermore, his black Lamborghini was on the side of the mountain wall, while Huan Yu’s sports car was closing right up against the cliff’s guardrail.
“Except for that last U-curve, there is no need to slow down even if it’s an S-curve road.”
Tang Xiu revealed a slight smile. After sprinting with Huan Yu for half a minute, he finally overtook him on the S-curve road. However, he was a bit helpless at the small U-curve ahead as Huan Yu exerted his superb driving skills to overtake him.
“I only have one last chance!” As Tang Xiu slightly narrowed his eyes as at this moment, Chi Nan’s sports car abruptly caught up and maintained its side-by-side position with the Lamborghini.
Inside the sports car, a worried look was written on Chi Nan’s face. Tang Xiu’s speed was too fast, and she could barely catch up even though she went all out; even though the configuration of this sports car was slightly better than her Lamborghini.
One must know that Tang Xiu was the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall—her Big Boss. As far as she was concerned, she preferred Tang Xiu losing the game than getting into an accident. And at Tang Xiu’s current speed, it was very easy for him to have an accident.
She could never let Tang Xiu have an accident. Were it to happen, not only would she ruin her chance, she would also be severely punished by the Everlasting Feast Hall’s higher-ups, perhaps even losing her own life.
_Gotta think of a solution! Even if that sports car in front runs out of the cliff, but I must never let Boss have an accident._
Thinking up to there, Chi Nan steeled her heart. She pressed the accelerator to the deepest. After she overtook Tang Xiu, her car began to close on Huan Yu’s supercar.
At the front was the largest U-curve, and also the spot that was much easier for an accident to happen. However, as Chi Nan realized that Tang Xiu was not slowing down his speed in the slightest, a cold light shot out from her eyes.
The car rubbed and squeezed the guardrail on the cliffside.
Tang Xiu’s eyes suddenly shrunk as he clearly saw the situation of the two supercars racing in front. He could vaguely guess Chi Nan’s intention the moment Chi Nan overtook him, as Huan Yu was now in a dangerous situation.
Sighing inside, Tang Xiu pressed the accelerator yet again. Just as Huan Yu’s sports car was braking and deviated from the track and quickly about to hit the cliffside guardrail, Tang Xiu’s car severely hit the right side of Huan Yu’s sports car, causing him to turn and rotate. At the same time, Tang Xiu frantically released his spiritual sense to wrap his Lamborghini and instantly pulled it over. Although it was only able to alter the risk of his Lamborghini to roll over, he quickly seized the moment to dash through the channel gap and slipped out.
The tires rolled and frictioned the ground.
The moment Huan Yu stepped on the brakes, after his sports car sled for more than ten meters, it finally stopped and leaned against the mountain wall. At this time, his complexion faintly paled. It was a crisis and a near-death experience, giving him cold sweat.
He was a professional racer, thus he was perfectly aware of the car’s speed and terrain he just passed. He knew that Chi Nan, who had just squeezed out to overtake him, would make him drive out of the guardrail and fall into the cliff had nothing else happened. Whereas the sports car that Tang Xiu drove accidentally hit his car, rotating it and making him come back to the road.
Chi Nan intended to kill him! Whereas Tang Xiu wanted to save him!
As skillful as he was in driving, Huan Yu could only force a bitter smile out. He was in the game just for the money, yet never did he expect that a fatal disaster would almost befall upon him. He suddenly regreted promising Li Zhen to take part in the game.

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