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A sports car stopped in front of Huan Yu’s car. Li Zhen’s eyes stared with disbelief as he saw the car stopped at the side, seeing the pale Huan Yu at the driver seat.
What situation was this? Shouldn’t Huan Yu be the first place? How did he stop here?
Could it be… a problem with his car?
Looking to the front and finding that Tang Xiu and Chi Nan’s cars were nowhere to be seen, Li Zhen’s heart sank. He opened the door furiously and ran toward Huan Yu’s car. He pulled its door open and bellowed, “What the fuck happened here? Why did you stop midway?”
After getting out of the driver seat, Huan Yu pointed at the tire marks on the asphalt and dully said, “Were it not because of Tang Xiu, I would’ve already died by now.”
Startled, Li Zheng looked the tire marks around. After carefully observation, his face turned aghast as he found the rotating traces from Huan Yu’s car. The tire’s friction on the ground evidently showed that his car was thrown tens of meters away before finally stopping.
Seeing from the marks… could it be he started from the cliffside guardrail?
Li Zhen ran around to see the car’s front. As he saw traces of damage due to the crash with the guardrail, his complexion changed greatly.
“Huan Yu, was it due to your driving skill…”
“No, the problem was not with my skill,” Huan Yu shook his head and said, “I never thought Chi Nan would be so ruthless. She wanted to kill me.”
Shaken, Li Zhen was startled with disbelief on his face. “Why?”
“I dunno,” Huan Yu let out a bitter smile and said, “If I had to guess the reason, then I’d say she wants to win.”
Li Zhen turned silent.
In the case that he had to choose between losing the game and Huan Yu dying, it was probably a 50-50 split. Thus, he was really at a loss at this moment, and felt contradicted inside.
“Let’s go!”
With a complicated mood, Li Zhen turned toward his car and left.
On the square, several hundreds of car racing fans were waiting. Groups of young men and women gathered in threes or fours as they clamored about who would lose or win.
“I think Huan Yu will win. He’s a pro driver and has won the Asian Racing Championship many times. He’s also the runner-up at the world level.”
“I also think so. Huan Yu has the biggest probability to win. There’s a big difference between pros and amateurs, especially for racers. Chi Nan may have defeated several pro racers, but those had small reputation. She won’t be able to defeat this Junior Racer God.”
“I don’t think so. Chi Nan’s hope to win is bigger.”
“What do you think of that Tang Xiu? The last or the second position from the bottom?”
“Well, he spent nearly 15 minutes to finish the lap before. Though he may be familiar with the track, I don’t think he’ll necessarily be that good on the second lap!”
“That fella is a fool. It will be more shameful when he eventually loses his money!”
“I don’t know where he comes from!”

Amid the chatters, two headlights beamed out in the distance. The entire square turned utterly silent in an instant as everyone’s eyes tightly stared at the approaching cars.
“It’s Boss Ji’s sports car! Chi Nan is driving it. Holy shit! Big Sis Nan got the first place!” One of the youths around Ji Mu immediately yelled after identifying the racing cars.
In an instant, the entire square exploded.
Those who were confident that Chi Nan was inferior to Huan Yu had their complexions turn unsightly. Thinking that they had shamed themselves because of their own comments a moment ago.
“Look, there’s another one quickly arriving from behind!”
All eyes looked at the second car. As they saw the black Lamborghini, they were dumbstruck as disbelief burst out from their eyes.
Tang Xiu?
The one driving that black Lamborghini was none other but Tang Xiu!
All eyes stared wide. They really couldn’t believe that the second place turned out to be Tang Xiu.
"How can it be?"
A lot of people shouted. They could barely accept Chi Nan taking first place. But for Tang Xiu to take the second place, it was nearly impossible for them to accept.
As far as they were concerned, Tang Xiu didn’t come here to race, he was just becoming familiar with the race track. But to think that he could defeat the Asian’s Junior Racer God, wasn’t this too outrageous?
Two minutes later, Li Zhen and Huan Yu’s sports cars came back. Both of them looked a bit unsightly. As they got off, they both looked at Chi Nan and Tang Xiu.
"Why the fuck did you do that, Chi Nan?"
With fury hanging on his face, Li Zhen shouted.
With an apathetic expression, Chi Nan said, “What’s with me? Are you refusing to admit your defeat?”
Furious, Li Zhen angrily shouted, “We are only car racing, not killing. Did you know you almost drove Huan Yu out of the cliff and killed him?”
“Hmph,” Chi Nan sneered and said, “Car racing itself is dangerous. Don’t race if you’re afraid of death.”
Huan Yu raised his hand to interrupt Li Zhen speaking. He looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Back then… thanks!”
“Don’t mind it,” Tang Xiu shook his head and dully said, “I just don’t want anyone getting killed because of a car race. However, after this game, you gotta race as little as you possibly can! After all, we only live once. We better don’t wet our shoes when walking in the riverside.”
“I’ll bear that in mind,” Huan Yu nodded and said, “I owe you a favor this time. Let’s exchange our numbers. You contact me if you have any need of me in the future.”
“I think it’s better not to have any relationship between us in the future,” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Let’s forget exchanging numbers! Honestly, car racing is indeed very exciting and soul-stirring. But I won’t play this dangerous game again later.”
Having said that, he looked at Chi Nan and lightly said, “Settle the account. I’ll be waiting in the car.”
Tang Xiu was unhappy with her, and Chi Nan keenly aware of it. But she didn’t regret her actions back then. Though she was quite shocked seeing Tang Xiu’s driving skill; even saving Huan Yu in such a dangerous situation. But, despite making Tang Xiu unhappy, she would still do it for his safety.
To her, at that time, as far as Boss’s life was concerned, it was above all else.
Tang Xiu then looked at Li Zhen and indifferently said, “Do you remember our bet before the race? You’ve lost, and you’d better stay away from me when you see me later.”
A bluish-white color flashed on Li Zhen’s complexion as he angrily stared at Tang Xiu and growled, “Tell me, did we have any grudges between us before?”
“No grudges. I just have seen you and… I just don’t like your domineering and arrogant attitude,” said Tang Xiu lightly.
For a moment, Li Zheng stared blankly as he creased his brows and asked, “Where did you see me before?”
“At the entrance of Shanghai University.”
“You mean, this morning…”
“Well, let’s cut the crap. Let the bygones be bygones. If anything, I just don’t like you and you will not appear before me in the future. Hence, farewell,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.
Finished saying that, Tang Xiu straightly went back to the black Lamborghini.
Ji Mu, who wanted to chat with Tang Xiu, gave up as he saw him entering the car. But he planned to wait for the chance to see him again later.
“Big Sis Nan, who’s Tang Xiu and what’s his background exactly? To even make you accompany him here personally?” Ji Mu curiously whispered.
“It’s best you don’t ask about his background,” said Chi Nan lightly, “Also, handle things for me here since I gotta get back immediately!”
“Big Sis Nan, you don’t have to be so confidential like this!” Ji Mu self-deprecatingly smiled and said, “Please tell me exactly what Tang Xiu’s background is, so I can have a good idea as to how to conduct myself when dealing with him.”
“Like I said before, you’d better not loot into his background unless he’s willing to get acquainted with you,” said Chi Nan indifferently,” Ji Mu, it’s not like I want to scare you off. But if you dare to secretly investigate his identity, you will only have big troubles waiting for you. If he so orders it, even I myself will have to deal with you, including your family. So don’t bother with it so as to avoid inviting a calamity for your own family.”
Ji Mu’s complexion slightly changed. He didn’t think that Chi Nan would say these words to frighten him. So to say, didn’t this meant that Tang Xiu had a terrifying identity? So much so that even his Ji Family couldn’t afford to provoke him?
He asked no longer and quickly paid the money.
Ten minutes later, Chi Nan took a bank card and went back to the Lamborghini. As she sat in the driver seat, she respectfully handed the bank card to Tang Xiu, saying, “Boss, this is tonight’s gambling stake.”
With an indifferent expression, Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “You’re the champion, so it’s yours.”
“Boss, I’m only accompanying you today. The money should be yours,” Chi Nan hesitated.
Tang Xiu creased his brows and said, “I don’t need this money. But I just wanna tell you a thing.”
Seeing that Tang Xiu’s adamant refusal, Chi Nan put the bank card away. She then respectfully said, “Please tell me!”
“Before that, I gotta ask you one thing about the race back then. Did you do it intentionally?”
As clever as she was, Chi Nan was naturally aware what Tang Xiu was asking about. After hesitating for a moment, she nodded and said, “Yes. It was intentional!”
“Why?” Tang Xiu’s expression turned a bit frosty!
“That time, your car’s speed was way too fast, Boss. I mustn’t let you fall into danger. And in order to win, you had to shake that guy off. But there was only one way for that, that was, to let him die!” said Chi Nan solemnly.
“So to say, you did it all for me.”
“Yes!” replied Chi Nan with a straight expression.
A trace of a forced smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s handsome face as he shook his head and said, “Let’s drop it. I don’t have any say in it since you have this kind of mentality. But do bear in mind that you’re not to hurt anyone and endanger their lives like this later. I know you experienced extreme and strict training. I also know that you have killed a lot of people. As far as it’s concerned, you have to bear in mind that each and every human’s life has its own meaning of existence. Being benevolent to others is always better than being evil.”

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