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Tang Guosheng’s expression changed drastically as anger was cast on his face. Starlight Group was a corporation belonging to the Tang family, and it brought billions of revenue to the Tang family annually. It could be said that the Starlight Group was one of three major sources of wealth for the Tangs. It would bring tremendous losses to the Tang family once it was destroyed.
“Who did it?”
“It hasn’t been investigated clearly. The security guards who were trapped in the HQ building have contacted the security guards in the control room. But they have yet to find out who did it. Also, if the firemen don’t arrive soon, the entire Starlight Group HQ will be burnt down. By that time, the security guards trapped inside will also be buried inside.”
Tang Guosheng took a deep breath and replied in a low voice, “Contact the security guards inside immediately. Leave two people inside to continue finding clues, whereas the rest must immediately find a way to escape. Also, tell those staying behind that we will provide their family members the best treatment and livelihood.”
Tang Yunpeng replied and immediately hang up the phone.
Putting back the mobile on the tea table, Tang Guosheng then fell into silence. His eyes flashed as he silently thought as to solve the problem.
“Eldest Brother, let me go there!” said Tang Guoshou in a deep voice.
Slowly raising his head, Tang Guosheng shook his head and said, “You and I can’t go. The enemies will think that we can’t afford to lose it if we couldn’t sit still here. By that time, their attacks will be more rampant.”
At this time, two people came inside. It was Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun.
“Father, how’s the current situation?” As Tang Yunde came in, he straightly approached Tang Guosheng and rapidly asked.
“Some people have just started a fire on our Starlight Group’s HQ. If my guess is correct, it’s them who did it!” said Tang Guosheng in a deep voice.
“Do you want me to go there?” asked Tang Yunde, his expression changing.
“For the time being, no.” Tang Guosheng shook his head and said, “Your eldest brother is already taking care of the situation there. By the way, you told me you arranged some hidden chess pieces back then. How big is it right now?”
“The one in Saipan is inconvenient to be moved since it’s currently a crucial time for him to be promoted. Once he’s successfully promoted, he’ll become Saipan’s top leader. In due course, some others will even be able to have several other distinguished identities. This will bring about huge benefits when the time comes. However, we can use the one in Macao. After many years of development, the company there already owns nearly a hundred billion in capital, while also training a lot of loyal and devoted subordinates.”
Tang Guosheng’s eyes squinted as he inquired, “Let your big brother deal with the problem first. If he can’t solve it, then you can use your people from Macao! The force that has been secretly trained by our Tang family must not act rashly for the time being. They must stay hidden if there’s no life and death crisis.”

“No problem,” Tang Yunde nodded and said, “But how should we manage the Starlight Group’s situation? Since the HQ is burned, I’m afraid business will be delayed for quite a period of time even if we move to a new office.”
“If it’s really no good, we’ll just commence a full withdrawal from Guangyang and Fukang. Although the Starlight Group’s HQ resides in Guangyang, there are also several Starlight Group’s branches in several neighboring provinces. We can first use a branch as the temporary Starlight Group’s HQ when the time comes.”
Tang Yunde nodded.
Suddenly, his expression slightly flickered. He remembered what his son just told him on his way here. After hesitating, he then spoke it out, “Father, Xiu’er had just contacted me.”
“You told him about our family’s situation?” Tang Guosheng frowned and asked in a heavy voice.
“Yes. He’s also a member of our Tang family.” Tang Yunde nodded and said, “Since he took the initiative to ask, I didn’t think it unnecessary to hide it from him. He has grown up, and I don’t want to hide it from him either!”
“Hmph, he indeed has grown up, but he’s still a child in our eyes.” Tang Guosheng snorted and said, “I want him to finish his studies well and not be concerned about our difficulties. We, the Tang family, owe him way too much. We only want the best for him in everything, whereas we will shoulder the other problems by ourselves.”
For the first time, Su Lingyun interrupted and said, “Father, I think Yunde is right. Xiu’er may be still very young, but he’s very sensible and thoughtful. There’s no need to hide this from him. Since he’s also has the blood of the Tangs, he must advance and retreat alongside the Tang family. Also, I heard him saying that he’s made a lot of money now and he wants me to tell him should the family need his assistance.”
A trace of anger flashed on Tang Guosheng’s face even though he finally did not flare up. If it were his son—Tang Yunde speaking, he would have scolded and cursed him. But the one speaking was the Tang’s daughter-in-law whom they had abandoned for two decades. Hence, he didn’t feel right being angry with her.
Only after suppressing his anger did he reply, “It’s true that Xiu’er is also one of the Tangs, but he’s still studying now. It’s also true that he must advance and retreat with the Tang family. But not at this time. We’ll wait until he finishes his studies. After he graduates from university, I will arrange the best path for him regardless of anything he wants to do. If he wants to enter the family business, then I will also slowly hand over the authority of our Tang family’s business to him. I will also pave the way for him if he wants to take part in politics and the government. But remember, not now!”
Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun exchanged glances. They could feel the favor and love in their father’s tone toward their son. However, tough and unyielding a man as he was, Tang Yunde’s courage and boldness of vision didn’t wear off despite having been comatose for two decades.
Furthermore, despite being in comatose for two decades and having gone through loneliness in the darkness that could make anyone insane, he survived it with his unyieldingness. Hence, he was very much tranquil at present.
“Father, you’ve spoken your mind. But I must tell you what Xiu’er has been thinking about.” Said Tang Yunde seriously.
Tang Guosheng was dazed for a moment before he asked, “What Xiu’er has in mind?”
“He told me to inform him right away should the Tangs need anything. He also told me he has the power I do not know about. Though, frankly speaking, I myself am quite shocked by what I already know.”
“What power could Xiu’er possibly have? Is it his business in Star City?” asked Tang Guosheng with creased brows.
Tang Yunde forced a smile and said, “It’s more than that! Though I don’t know how much wealth Xiu’er has in detail, but it should be no less than three to four billion, I suppose.”
Tang Guosheng and Tang Guoshou blankly stared for a moment. Even Tang Min was also dumbfounded, an incredulous look on her face.
Three to four billion? How could it be possible?
Tang Guosheng had sent some people to investigate the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s assets. At the most, the enterprise only had one billion. How could it be possible for it to have several times more all of a sudden?
Suddenly, Tang Guosheng realized something as he said, “You mean… aside from the three or four billion worth of assets Xiu’er has, that you know of… He still has forces you don’t know about?”
“That’s right.” Tang Yunde nodded.
“Then tell me, what other assets does Xiu’er have beside Magnificent Tang Corporation?” asked Tang Guosheng in a deep voice.
“Xiu’er bought an island in the Pacific Ocean for 2.5 billion yuan. He initially borrowed the money from his disciple—Chen Zhizhong. However, I don’t know from where he got 2.5 billion yuan to repay Chen Zhizhong. Also, he recently went abroad to rebuild the island. I supposed he must have spent quite a lot of money in the project!”
Shocked, Tang Guosheng asked, “He actually bought an island in the Pacific Ocean? For what purpose?”
“He said that the island will be our Tang family’s supreme base in the future,” said Tang Yunde.
An island in the Pacific Ocean as a supreme headquarters?
Tang Yunde’s word shocked not only to Tang Guosheng but also to Tang Guoshou and Tang Min. Tang Xiu said that he would make a supreme headquarters for the Tang family? Would there be a time that the Tang family would be unable to stay in their home country and must hide in the vast sea?
After a long period of time, Tang Guosheng beckoned and said in a heavy voice, “Regardless of Xiu’er’s power, he’s still too young and won’t be able to help much for now. Hence, we must first resolve the immediate crisis.”
Shanghai, Bluestar Villa Complex.
Tang Xiu didn’t immediately rest, nor did he cultivate. After pondering for quite a long time, he then dialed Gu Xiaoxue’s cell number.
“Are you looking for me, Grand Master?” Gu Xiaoxue’s light and lively voice was transmitted from the phone.
“Xiaoxue, I have some issues I need to ask you.”
“Please do say, Grand Master!”
“Are there any branches of our Everlasting Feast Hall in Guangyang and Fukang?” asked Tang Xiu.
“We have Grand Fortune Jewelries and True Faith Real Estate Group branches there. But our Everlasting Feast Hall only has a small of number people in those two provinces.”
“How many Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts can be moved currently?” asked Tang Xiu.
“All of them can be moved out at any time. Grand Master, I can immediately send them to Guangyang and Fukang should you order me so. That’s right, I also recalled that some people in Fukang owe our Everlasting Feast Hall a favor.”
“Who are they?”
“It’s the Huang family of Fukang. Master had once saved the Huang’s family head. Also, the reason why he was able to become the Huang’s family head was also part of it; due to some assistance from Master. So the Huang family will fully support you should you have any need there.”
“Does this Huang family has a big influence in Fukang?”
“If they can’t be ranked as the first, they should be second. In the past ten years, the family head of the Huang family has visited our Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ every year. He always wanted to see Master but went back disappointed every time. But…”
“But what?”
“To make the Huang family feel grateful to our Everlasting Feast Hall, I had once issued a decree that the Huang family can send three of their most outstanding family members to study at our Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall every three years. We can say that we have trained a lot of their experts in these ten years.”
“Since we have the Huang family there, then we don’t need to send our Everlasting Feast Hall’s people to act. My family has encountered some troubles and I need some people to act in Guangyang and Fukang. Send me the Huang family’s head contact number!”
“At once, Grand Master!”

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