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While looking at Han Qingwu’s bewildered expression, Tang Xiu’s heart was completely chaotic at this moment. He was sure that she should be Xue Qingcheng, albeit vaguely.
Yet, there was something he was unable to figure out. How would Xue Qingcheng have an accident not long after his tragic death in the Immortal World? Logically speaking, they must have snatched his interspatial ring and obtained massive treasures from inside. He himself had even given them the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis cultivation technique. Shouldn’t they be celebrating their victory and immersing themselves in practicing it?
What the hell had happened in the Immortal World in the end? Why did Xue Qingcheng transmigrate and reincarnate here?
"What happened to you, Tang Xiu?" Han Qingwu grabbed Tang Xiu’s hand with an expression full of concern.
Tang Xiu took a deep breath and temporarily suppressed his chaotic feelings. He shook off Han Qingwu’s hand as he shook his head and said, “Teacher Han, I just recalled that I still have some things to do. If you don’t have anything else to say, I can no longer accompany you chatting. So I’ll take my leave.”
“Hey! Hey…”
Ignoring Han Qingwu’s shouts, Tang Xiu strode toward the campus gate.
He needed to calm himself! He dared not say with 100% assurance that Han Qingwu was Xue Qingcheng, yet they were way too much alike. Be it their appearances, words, actions, demeanors and also the same three red birthmarks on their left shoulders. Xue Qingcheng had once told him that her three birthmarks would forever accompany her regardless of herself being reincarnated anywhere.
And now, he didn’t know how he should face her!
_Should I kill her?_
However, looking at her bewildered expression just now, Tang Xiu didn’t have the heart to do it.
_Should I get her back?_
Yet, recalling his death in the Immortal World, his heart was torn by a tearing pain. How could it be possible to get together with her again? How could it be possible to love and have affection for her again?
He was at a loss.
With such a chaotic mood, Tang Xiu returned to Bluestar Villa Complex. He took a bath, put on pajamas and sat on the bed. Right now, he needed to calm himself.
After a very long period of time, he gradually calmed down, albeit slowly. He already made up his mind. If Han Qingwu was really Xue Qingcheng, he would definitely kill her personally. However, before he was 100% sure, what he needed to do was distance himself from her.
_I gotta vent this feeling!_
Tang Xiu dressed up and then dialed Yue Kai’s cell number.
“Where are you?”
“In the dormitory. We’re about to go to the hospital.”
“I’ll be waiting for you at the campus gate. Hurry up. We’ll go to the hospital together.” Said Tang Xiu.
Yue Kai fussed, “Aren’t you dating Teacher Han? How…”
“Don’t shit about me dating Han Qingwu anymore. I really don’t have anything to do with her. If you say any shit again, I won’t give you the belle’s number.” Said Tang Xiu.

“No, no. I promise you I won’t say anything! Wait for us there!” said Yue Kai as he then hung up the phone.
Tang Xiu went out of his villa. He took a glance at the garage door and was somewhat at a loss inside. He didn’t want to be too high-profile, but the four cars in the garage really made it inconvenient for him to take them out; especially to see his classmates. Thinking about it, should he buy a cheap car?
Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu arrived at the campus gate. Yue Kai hadn’t come out yet, so he went to a small supermarket nearby to buy a pack of cigarettes. He took one, lit it up, and pulled a few puffs.
Tang Xiu creased his brows. Someone he didn’t want to see was caught in his line of sight, along with a bunch of hoodlums around him.
“This damn bunch of second-generation nouveau-riches… Can’t you live normally once? Living and spending your youth in stupid idly life like you were drunk all day, really meaningless.” Tang Xiu looked at them from afar, watching them standing beside supercars as he shook his head secretly.
Two minutes later, a BMW came out of the campus. When it stopped at the corner of the campus gate, Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, Zhao Liang and some others got off the car.
“Woot, isn’t this the famous Young Master Yue? Tsk, tsk… It’s so unlike you to be admitted to Shanghai University, huh. Especially, this taste of yours. Seems like you’re getting trashier; you’re even hanging out with a bunch of hillbillies now.” With a cigarette clamped in his lips, Li Zhen leaned on his supercar while shouting aloud with squinted eyes at Yue Kai, who was a few meters away from him.
“Hahaha. He’s really hopeless! Had it not been because Yue Yan covered his ass before, could he even be able to enter the count?” Another yellow-dyed haired youth loudly echoed, full of sarcasm.
As Yue Kai saw Li Zhen’s gang, his expression immediately changed. Anger was written on his handsome face as he shouted back, “Li Zhen, Qin Yusheng. You wanna have a fucking brawl here, don’t you?”
Rolling his eyes in response, Li Zheng taunted, “What if this Big Daddy wants to have a brawl, huh? You wanna play with us?”
Hu Qingsong strode out and looked at Li Zhen and his gang, saying, “You wanna brawl, we’ll accompany you. This Big Daddy has never been afraid of anyone other than my own old man.”
Li Zhen’s complexion changed and waved his hands. Following him, several people walked toward Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong!
Standing in the distance, Tang Xiu watched them. A helpless expression emerged on his face. The reason why he made a bet with Li Zheng before was not entirely because Li Zhen was a sore in his eyes. The main reason was that he would have to get along with Yue Kai in the future. Hence, he hoped that Li Zhen would be far away from him. Thus, he got rid of him to solve the problem beforehand, as to avoid a conflict between these two.
Yet, now, they unexpectedly ran into each other at entrance of Shanghai University.
While stuffing one of his hands in his trousers’ pocket and the other holding a cigarette, Tang Xiu walked toward the two gangs. When he was ten meters away from them, he dashed and traversed four or five meters forward in an instant.
“Bugger off!”
Tang Xiu glared at Li Zhen and indifferently said.
Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Li Zhen’s complexion abruptly changed. Next to him was a young man who had never seen Tang Xiu, who then rolled up his sleeve and cussed, “Who the fuck are you jumping in here? Why don’t you mind your own fucking business? You wanna get trashed?”
Tang Xiu didn’t stop his pace as he strode before that youth and fiercely slapped him. The slap was fast and also exerted a bit of strength, causing the youth to be thrown four or five meters away before heavily slamming on the ground and fainting.
“Are you not going to get the fucking lost?” Tang Xiu glared at Li Zhen again.
Li Zhen and the seven or eight youths around him had their facial expressions turn unsightly. However, they didn’t make impertinent remarks like the beaten youth and just angrily glared at Tang Xiu.
"Let’s get the hell out of here!"
Gritting his teeth, Li Zhen quickly walked to the fainted youth’s side. After he pulled him up from the ground, he then gave the youth to his gang and left.
“What the heck is this?”
Yue Kai was dumbfounded. Hu Qingsong was stunned, whereas Zhao Liang and the others were left dumbstruck.
The gang that was about to clash with them unexpectedly looked walked away with their tails between their legs?
What was that “we’ll get the hell out” for?
Turning his head to look at Tang Xiu, Yue Kai asked with difficulty, “Eldest Brother Tang, what the heck just happened? That son of bitch Li Zhen… seemed afraid of you?”
Zhao Liang nodded and echoed, “Yeah, how come he was like a mouse bumping into a cat when he saw you?”
“Never mind it.” Tang Xiu let out a pale smile and said, “Maybe I look scarier or something. Or maybe it was because there was another person coming to aid you, so they could only leave with their tails between their legs.”
“No way. Eldest Brother Tang, we are brothers who sleep next to you, so don’t try hiding it from us,” Yue Kai shook his head and said, “I grew up knowing Li Zhen and his gang. This bunch of bastards are not pushovers. Even if someone helped us, they wouldn't be afraid like that. Besides, apart from that kiddo who was hit by you, it was not only Li Zhen who was afraid of you, so were his other gangs.”
“Okay, okay!” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “I was idle and got bored last night, so I went to Laoshan in Changxi City. I bet a wager with him before the race. That was: he must immediately avoid me like the plague were he to see me later. He lost, so he just straightly left. That’s it.”
“You mean… you competed with him in a car race in Laoshan Highway and won?” asked Yue Kai, astounded.
“You can say it was my win. But I was not the champion, though.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I only got the runner-up.”
Yue Kai’s lips quivered before he suddenly said, “Eldest Brother Tang, you really lie low. I only got know this now. You should be very…”
Raising his hand to interrupt him, Tang Xiu then said, “Well, I’m very capable. For you to worship me is normal. Anyways, let’s go to the hospital! Also, your car won’t be able to take all of us.”
Yue Kai’s mouth opened a few times, wanting to say something, yet he gulped the words back. He was not a brainless person; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to enter Shanghai University. From Tang Xiu’s reaction, he could infer that Tang Xiu didn’t want him to speak out the following words.
“Alright, I’ll ride a cab with Eldest Brother Tang! If you arrive at the hospital before us, remember to wait for us at the gate!” said Hu Qingsong.
“Alright!” After a slight hesitation, Yue Kai nodded.
As the BMW left, Hu Qingsong turned his head to Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “Eldest Brother Tang, I know that Yue Kai wanted to say that you were also very rich, right? I was indeed unable to see that you just kept yourself under the radar. It turns out that you’re a second generation nouveau-riche as well.”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help chuckle to himself, “I’m wealthy? I always thought that having money from your family is not as interesting as making money yourself. Hence, apart from the money my family gave me, the rest of the money I spent was earned by myself.”
“You earned it? How?” asked Hu Qingsong, astounded.
“Setting up my own enterprise, selling calligraphies and paintings, and also working as a doctor. Shortly put, I do what I can to make money.” Laughed Tang Xiu.
Hu Qingsong rolled his eyes. He was simply unable to believe everything Tang Xiu said from the start. He just smiled and cussed, “Eldest Brother, I just realized that your big talk is the most powerful amongst us!”
“Hahaha, don’t you think that bragging is also a good skill in itself?” Laughed Tang Xiu and said, “There’s a good saying for that: Having good intentions is not as good as having a silver tongue. You too know that a silver-tongue people is very popular nowadays, no?!”
“What an absurd fallacy!” Hu Qingsong said, “Those whose mouths are hyping about something are people who are usually up to no good. That’s not a good thing at all.”
Not wanting to talk about this topic anymore, Hu Qingsong then said, “Let’s go! Let’s not have Yue Kai and the others wait for us for too long.”
They quickly caught a cab and rushed towards Shanghai Hospital.

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