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Ji Chimei regarded Tang Xiu as if he was a Deity. She respectfully replied after hearing his question, “Venerable Lord, only little does this subordinate know about it. What this one knows of is, she has been searching for you for thousands of years with countless hardships. Afterward, Master heard that you’ve been schemed by others and not even your soul was left. Because she did not believe that, she even rushed through a journey to the Ninth Heaven and finally became an unofficial disciple of the Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji and learned the Stars Advancement Divination Art wholeheartedly. After Master had paid an outrageously miserable price, only then was she finally able to divine traces about you.”
“However, because it was not easy to find this place, Master sneaked into Time Island to scheme against the Shade Demon Zhu Wushou and became his successor disciple. She finally obtained the formation chart of the Space Magic Array. Master was done and spent countless efforts and riches before she was finally able to lay down the Space Magic Array. But at that time, the Shade Demon Zhu Wushou found us. He attacked and caused us heavy losses. Master was hit by Zhu Wushou’s Twilight Nightmare.”
A murderous intent flashed from Tang Xiu’s eyes. Then he continued to ask with a sinking tone, “If I remember correctly, Gu Xiaoxue said that you arrived on Earth a few decades ago. But I have only returned to Earth for a year. How could this happen?”
Ji Chimei replied, “Master’s comprehension in regards to Space Time Law has already reached a very profound level. But before we arrived on earth, Zhu Wushou hit us with his Twilight Nightmare, which led to the deviation in the Perpetual River of Time and caused us to arrive on Earth a few decades earlier.”
The questions in Tang Xiu’s heart when he got the answers, dispersed.
He finally understood as to why the Everlasting Feast Hall would have the Water Block Dragon Pen and the Thousand Revolution Array. It turned out to have been arranged by Gu Yan’er. She did everything she could and paid such extreme and painful price only to personally come to Earth.
Tang Xiu’s heart was not made of stone. He was emotionally moved, and the surging tides of emotions struck his heart. Having feelings of love and affections made him hate the Shade Demon Zhu Wushou. He vowed, that if one day he returned to the Immortal World, then Zhu Wushou had to pay the most miserable price.
Standing beside whilst looking at Tang Xiu’s appearance, Gu Xiaoxue’s heart was filled with all sorts of various feelings. She knew the wishes of her Master. She also knew what obsessed her for thousands of years. And now, although her Master was still unconscious, but she was hugged by Grand Master in his arms. It made her wonder, could her losing consciousness Master feel happy?
“Yan’er… ...When can she wake up?”
Tang Xiu turned to look at Ji Chimei and asked with a deep tone.
Ji Chimei respectfully replied, “The last time Master woke up was 3 months ago. According to the regular pattern in the past, she should wake up in 3 months also. Moreover, we are also running out of Soul Tranquilizer Stones, the remaining stones can only maintain Master’s condition for two and a half years. If we can’t obtain more Soul Tranquilizer Stone within this time window, I’m afraid that Master, she…”

Soul Tranquilizer Stone?
The Soul Stone to calm down one's abnormal state of mind or soul, and to protect their life?
Tang Xiu tightly gripped his fists while a firm glint flashed in his eyes. Not only did he have to think of every possible way to find Soul Tranquilizer Stones, but he must also do everything he could to seek Chrono Crystal and Demonic Revival Grass. The Soul Tranquilizer Stones were but only a temporary solution as it would not root out the core of the problem. Only after having found those two items or the other ones with the same effects would Gu Yan’er be completely cured.
“Amongst the two of you, who knows about pill concocting?”
Gu Xiaoxue and Ji Chimei glanced at each other. Then, Gu Xiaoxue immediately said, “Only little do I know about it. Master knows about alchemy, and she taught me once in awhile. But I can’t concoct any pills that are too precious.”
Ji Chimei said, “I can do that.”
Tang Xiu said, "I’ll stay with Gu Yan’er for the rest of today and tonight. Tomorrow, you will accompany me to go back to Star City. I have a Blood Spiral Shell Flower that can be used as the main ingredient to concoct a Spirit Condensation Pill. As for the formula to concoct it, I will give it to you. If you need to find other medicinal ingredients, then you think up of every possible way to find them.”
“Spirit Condensation Pill?”
A surprised and happy expression revealed in Ji Chimei’s eyes.
For thousands of years had she lived in the Immortal World, so she naturally knew about the preciousness and effects Spirit Condensation Pill had. If she really was able to concoct this pill, her Master’s condition could be maintained for 3 to 5 years longer.
“Thank you so much, Venerable Lord.”
Ji Chimei bent on her knees and kowtowed.
Tang Xiu waved and said, “We’re no longer in the Immortal World. From now on, be sure not to bow down and kneel to me in front of others. Besides, I’m no longer the Supreme Tang Xiu from the Immortal World who was aloof and remote. I’m now but a modern person who has to start over again from the beginning. Well, you can go out now!”
Ji Chimei and Gu Xiaoxue replied respectfully.
The temperature inside this exquisite pagoda was tens of degrees below zero. It was even colder several degrees compared to the cold storage warehouse. However, relying on his exuberant vitality and qi, Tang Xiu resisted it and stayed inside the exquisite pagoda for a whole day and a half. He had never seen her for thousands of years, and he could not bear to leave someone who had paid so much for him. Even though she was not conscious, but Tang Xiu still wanted to accompany her.
In the next early morning…
Tang Xiu went out of the exquisite pagoda and returned to the seacoast. Then, he saw Gu Xiaoxue and Ji Chimei who stood together as they had already waited for him for a long time.
“Grand Master, Ouyang Lulu has come.” Gu Xiaoxue respectfully said.
Tang Xiu lightly said, “Since she has come, she can save me a lot of trouble. Ji Chimei, do you have an ID Card?”
Ji Chimei shook her head and said.
Tang Xiu looked at Gu Xiaoxue and said, “You help her get an ID card. Having it while we live on Earth will reduce a lot of trouble. Well, take me to see Ouyang Lulu.”
“Grand Master, do you want to make her your coachwoman again?”
A full smiling expression was outlined on Gu Xiaoxue’s mouth.
Tang Xiu began to walk while he also asked back, “Ji Chimei has yet to have ID card, don’t you think that she can board her private jet and quickly rush with me to Star City?”
"As Grand Master says!"
The smile on Gu Xiaoxue’s face was getting thicker. She knew Ouyang Lulu’s personality. She had long found and known that the spoiled little princess of the Ouyang Family was very proud and had a sky high pride, but her Grand Master was even able to tame her to be that docile. Was his charm that big? Or could he be the bane existence for Ouyang Lulu?
A few minutes later…
At the parking lot of the Everlasting Feast Hall, Ouyang Lulu’s eyes opened wide as she stared with full of anger at Tang Xiu and shouted, “WHAT? You want me to be your coachwoman again? In your dreams! This Great Aunt has always been the one who commands others, and never once have I let others command me! Tang Xiu, even if you say that you want to lay bare the great heaven, I will NOT do what you want!”
Tang Xiu replied with a profound and meaningful tone, “Lulu, I remember what you said before. We are friends. Shouldn’t friends help each other? She doesn’t have an ID card, and wanting to take a plane to Star City for her is an absolute nonsense. Otherwise, how about this time I, as a friend, sincerely asks you as my friend to rent your private jet?”
Ouyang Lulu did not expect that Tang Xiu would even use her words as a gun to strike at her. Her heart was full with unwillingness, but she was much more reluctant to lose Tang Xiu as a friend. Lacking other better options, she used her old trick again to struggle to get some of her face again, saying, “Helping you actually can be done. But what I like the most is listening to praises. I can arrange your flight immediately and even personally escort you to Star City if I feel good enough with your praises.”
Tang Xiu said, “Lulu, you are one of a kind beauty and very beautiful, you have a good bearing and everyone loves you, just like seeing a blooming flower to behold. You… you have a Buddha heart. Now you can take us to Jingmen Island, right?”
Gu Xiaoxue at the side could not help smiling as she made laughing sounds.
Ouyang Lulu’s mouth twitched a few times as she said with a scowling anger, “Tang Xiu! You are intentionally doing this, aren’t you? You think that I have a bad memory, don’t you? And playing as a slippery guy to trick me? I still clearly remember. Those are the words of praises you have said to me before! And… those words are not bad.”
She finally said "those words are not bad." And saying that with a very heavy tone.
Tang Xiu was silent.
Gu Xiaoxue then opened her mouth and said, “Lulu, please don’t make things difficult for Grand Master, would you? Besides, Elder Ji has important things to do with Grand Master in Star City. Come on, help them, okay?!”
Ouyang Lulu gave Tang Xiu a big supercilious look as she said with a snort, “Hmph, Consider it done. I won’t bicker with you this time as to give Xiaoxue some face. Let’s just go now! In any case, I still have unfinished discussions with Chu Yi, so I’ve prepared to fly to Star City again; and bringing you along, is just convenient!”
"Thanks a lot!"
Tang Xiu nodded and said.
It was already noon when Tang Xiu returned to Star City. He gave the Blood Spiral Shell Flower to Ji Chimei from his villa in South Gate Town and left her to find Ouyang Lulu on her own. Then, he took a cab to go to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. He initially planned to go to Star City First High School early in the morning to report himself but decided to delay it. Moreover, since he was in Jingmen Island last night, he also missed the remedial plan for Yuan Chuling and the others.
As he came to VIP ward, Tang Xiu looked at his mother who was about to eat her meal and asked, “Mom, how’s your body now? Do you still feel any pains or sores?”
Su Lingyun said with a smile, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Xiu’er how did you come? You’re not busy with the school classes?”
Tang Xiu said, “Actually, the curriculum at school has long been finished, and we’re using the rest of the months for reviewing. My grades are quite good, and I have mastered the contents in the textbook. Also, teacher Han knows about your condition, so she thought that my study won’t be delayed if I come out to the hospital to see you.”
Su Lingyun smiled and said, “Mmm, Mom knows. Yesterday evening your Teacher Han came here and also talked about your grades. She too raised her thumbs up for you! I know that my Xiu’er has a promising future. Ah right, have you eaten yet? Care to have a meal with your Mom?”
Tang Xiu waved and said, “I’m not hungry Mom. Besides, I won’t be long since I need to go back to school. I can eat later when I get there. Anyways, you said that Teacher Han came? But I didn’t tell her your ward’s number!”
Su Lingyun said with a laugh, “She should have asked around from the others!”
Whilst they were speaking…
The VIP ward’s door sounded as President Li Hongji was standing there with a full smiling face. He was holding a documents’ bag in his hand.
“Ah, President Li came! Please sit down quickly!”
Su Lingyun did not have much time to eat, and she quickly struggled, wanting to get up.
Li Hongji quickly said, “Please, you need not such ceremony. Just sit well. Anyway, Tang Xiu, I have successfully managed to get you the permit for your medical practice certificate. The Health Bureau’s higher ups were quite critical, though. But since I gave them my name as a guarantee, they happily gave their approval. Later on, you won’t be just a doctor in a name but also in reality. So, when will you prepare to come and give medical service in our Chinese Medical Hospital?”
Tang Xi took the portfolio. Then, he took and read the certificate from the inside and said, “Wait until I’ve finished taking my College Entrance Test first! Besides, Mom probably won’t agree if I have to give any medical services now.”

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