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After finishing his lunch, Tang Xiu returned back to his classroom.
10 minutes before the first afternoon class began, Kang Xia called. She said that the recruitment for the company’s staff had ended, and the overall framework organization for the company also had been completed. She also texted Tang Xiu the address of the rented building for the company office.
Since it was very difficult for Tang Xiu to go out during the day, he told Kang Xia that he could only go out during the free time given by the school. After the call ended, the first thing he remembered in his mind was the issue with the health care products.
He had the formula for the products. But if he wanted to manufacture those health care products, he needed to match those with Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients as well as making the adjustment for the efficacy and effects. At present, it was not only Kang Xia who was waiting for the sample, but also Long Zhenglin. After all, only after the initial stage product development had been completed could they begin to start the entire production lines. Either it was packaging, marketing, sales, and the rest of the plans.
Tang Xiu spent the three afternoon classes with his mind wandering. His brain constantly calculated the proportion and estimation of the health care products’ formulas, the bottle capacity numbers, the would-be problems for the bottle packaging size and effects, and so on.
“Ring, ring, ring…”
Along with the end of the last afternoon class, Tang Xiu packed up his things and prepared to go to the building Kang Xia had rented for the Magnificent Tang Corporation office. Although he had handed the authority to manage the company to Kang Xia, however, for whatever it is, he was the secret Big Boss behind Magnificent Tang Corporation. So it was unreasonable if he did not know about the company’s location.
"Eldest Brother, I’ll go with you. I wanna eat at your house.”
A trace of an evil smile hung on Yuan Chuling face as he spoke and let out a mischievous laughter.
Tang Xiu snappily spoke to him, “Hey, my house is not a restaurant, go to your house if you wanna eat!”
Thickening his face, Yuan Chuling said, "Who says your house is not a restaurant? You do know I’ve been there! Besides, your housekeeper… ah, who is it again? Ah, that Elder Sister Mu. Her cooking skill is really damn good! If I don’t crave the meals she makes, I surely will have wronged my mouth and stomach!”
"I am coming too!"
Cheng Yannan, who had been hearing their conversation from the front row, turned around and said with a beaming smile.
Tang Xiu let out a forced smile and said, “You’ll have to wait for me to take care of something. It will be quite a long time before I go home.”
Yuan Chuling replied with a puzzled expression, “Where are you going Eldest Brother?”
Tang Xiu said, “I’ll go to the Medicinal Herbs Market first, and to another place afterward.”
Yuan Chuling said, "Eldest Brother, why do I feel like that your whereabouts and actions are very mysterious recently? Could it be that have you done something big in secret? That’s not good! I must go with you. I’m not afraid of not having any meals in the party, but having a meal while you are starving is much more appetizing.”

"Yes, I get the same feeling!" Cheng Yannan added.
Tang Xiu helplessly said, "The two of you are just like the dogskin plasters. I get it. If you really wanna follow me, then fine. But you must never tell even a soul about my business. I don’t want anything to be spread out to other students.”
"No problem!"
Cheng Yannan and Yuan Chuling answered at the same time.
After leaving the school, Tang Xiu caught a cab as the three of them rushed to the Star City Medicinal Herbs Market. He bought a lot of medicinal ingredients according to the composition of the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s formula and prescriptions for the health care products.
"Eldest Brother, what are you buying so many medicinal herbs for? Are you gonna make some hot pot?” Whilst carrying a big bag full of medicinal ingredients Tang Xiu had bought, he asked with a confused expression.
Tang Xiu said, "Some are for the hot pot soup, and some are for other uses. Don’t ask about this matter now, you’ll know about this naturally later.”
Yuan Chuling flipped his eyelids and snapped, “Eh, Eldest Brother, you don’t need to be that mysterious, okay? I could really be hooked by my curiosity, you know!”
For a moment, Tang Xiu was silent and slowly said, “If you wanna know the answer, then less asking, listen and watch more! Only then will you get the answer! Anyway, it’s late already. Let’s go back now!”
Star City Oriental Gold Seat.
The place was the most prosperous business and commercial center in the entire Star City, and it was only a block away from Long’s Dining Hall. The high-rise building had nearly 50 floors, and most of the major group companies rented offices here. Even if they did not set up their General Headquarters here, they would also rent one floor as their Branch Offices.
The Magnificent Tang Corporation rented the 41st and 42nd floor for a 2 years’ contract with each floor’s area about 6,000 square meters. Whether it was the offices or the public working area of the office, they were exceptionally bright and spacious.
Inside the elevator…
Yuan Chuling looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression. His family also opened a Branch Office in this edifice. However, the subsidiary company was running a marketing business and not their core business. It was the advertising company which was set up by his mother.
"Eldest Brother, where do you wanna take us?”
After hesitating for a while, Yuan Chuling finally could not endure it anymore and asked.
Tang Xiu secretly turned supercilious inside. Yuan Chuling was truly impatient and he knew that he would not be able to hold his curiosity and ask. But, Tang Xiu neither had the plan nor intention to explain, and faintly reminded him, “Do you remember what I’ve said before? Less asking, listen and watch more.”
Yuan Chuling raised his middle finger to him, and then turned to the side with a twisted face.
The elevator quickly rose to the 41st floor. When the elevator’s door opened, the delicate and lovely lolita—Andy—was waiting just outside with a smiling expression. The instant she saw Tang Xiu, she gave a 90 degree bow, vividly revealing the deep curve of her chest’s big weapons through her wide-open collar.
"Hi, Boss!"
Tang Xiu slowly nodded. He stepped out of the elevator and asked, “Where’s Kang Xia?”
With sparkling eyes, Andy gave out a shallow smile and said, “Chief Kang is in her office. We’ve properly cleaned up and arranged this 41st floor, so we can use it temporarily. As for the 42nd floor, we’ve just started to clean it up. We’ll be able to use it in the next few days.”
Tang Xiu said, "I feel relieved that you’ve managed these things.”
The little smile on Andy’s small face was getting thicker as she cheerfully replied, “Thanks for the trust, Boss! We’ll definitely complete it!”
Tang Xiu did not speak again. As for Yuan Chuling, he stared at Andy with eyes opened wide as a saucer, and then looked at his Eldest Brother with his mouth opened wide and a shocked expression. He did not pay even the slightly attention to the dialogue between Tang Xiu and Andy. But Cheng Yannan actually could hear their words clearly.
Boss? Tang Xiu was actually the Boss here?
Wasn’t he obviously a high schooler? How come he suddenly became a Boss in this place?
With a look of disbelief, Cheng Yannan looked at Tang Xiu as a familiar name then emerged inside her mind: _‘Kang Xia?’_
_‘Where have I heard that name before?’_
Cheng Yannan slightly glanced to the side and found that Yuan Chuling was in a daze as he stared at Andy without even blinking. She immediately hit him with her elbow fiercely. When he finally sobered up, she asked in a whisper, “Have you heard this ‘Kang Xia’ name?”
Yuan Chuling asked back with a confused expression.
Cheng Yannan gave him a big supercilious look before she whispered again, “I said that ‘Kang Xia’ name, have you heard about the name? It’s somewhat quite familiar, I think.”
Yuan Chuling quickly swallowed his saliva as his eyes swept over Andy’s body again. He shook his head and said, “No. There are so many people with the same name. Actually, I haven’t heard about that name. What is it? Is there something wrong?”
With her keen observation, Cheng Yannan could see to what direction Yuan Chuling’s eyes stared at to. She grunted inside and spoke no longer.
Inside the General Manager's Office...
Kang Xia was sitting at her desk and looked at the documents in her hands. In front of her, Wei Zhongfeng was holding a stack of documents and said, “As for the factory site, I’ve sent some people to survey it. On the list, there are three factories, one of which was a private workshop, while the other two belong to a cosmetics company. From the survey results, I think that the private workshop is better than the other two. However, I haven’t gone there to survey it myself on-site, so I’m not sure about the details.”
Kang Xia said, "I’ll go there tomorrow personally. As for you, you have other tasks to do.”
Wei Zhongfeng asked with a puzzled expression, "What tasks?"
Kang Xia said, "Although the Boss has assigned you to the Sales Department as a front basic-level sales staff, but we’re precisely in need of more staff at present. So I think that the more capable people should do most work. Firstly, you are to help me manage something else. If the results of the investigation from those people I’ve sent are valid, there should be a Silver Orchid Security Company in the provincial capital. Whether it’s credibility or ability, they are extraordinarily good. Tomorrow you’ll go to this Security Company and conduct an on-site survey. If you think that they are good, you’re to hire 20 security personnel from them.”
Wei Zhongfeng was puzzled and said, “Hiring security personnel now?”
Kang Xia nodded and said, "We will soon establish a factory, so the security issues are our top priority. During daytime when we’re still here, we won’t have to worry about anything, but when we leave at night and someone breaks into our office to steal our company’s important data, then our actions later will turn extremely passive.”
"Let me take care of this security issue!”
Tang Xiu’s voice resounded from outside of the door.
Shortly after, Tang Xiu—with Andy behind him—walked into the office, followed by Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan.
"Hi, Boss!"
Kang Xia and Wei Zhongfeng greeted.
Tang Xiu waved his hand and saw that Kang Xia stood up from her desk. He bluntly sat on it and knocked on the table with his fingers, saying, “Kang Xia is correct. The company’s important and confidential data must not be stolen. And the most important for this issue is that we must have powerful security personnel. So, I’ll handle those needed 20 security personnel.”
With an astonished expression, Kang Xia asked, “Boss, you can find people that are better than the Silver Orchid Security Company?”
Tang Xiu took out his mobile, dialed a number and asked, “Xiaoxue, how is the security team of the Everlasting Feast Hall? Are they credible and trustworthy?”
"Grand Master, half of our restaurant’s security personnel are experts who are trained by Master. Although they are not people who take the cultivation path, however, their martial art’s foundation is very deep. Each and every one of them is comparable with those of the martial art Grandmasters.”
"How many people do we have?”
"Half of them are trained by Master. As for the rest, they’re trained by me.”
"Send me 20 men. Have them rush to Star City tomorrow and wait in the villa area of South Gate Town. I’ve set up a company and need trustworthy security personnel.”
Tang Xiu hung the phone as he looked at Kang Xia and said, “I’ll send those security personnel to you tomorrow. Give me the current progress report of the company.”
Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu deeply and said, “Since we’ve solved the security personnel issue, we are now lacking a factory. We’ve investigated a dozen factories related to cosmetic businesses and finally have screened out three of them. I’m preparing to survey those three tomorrow personally, after which, I’ll make the plan accordingly…”

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