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Unwilling to owe a favor due to damaging Yu Kuizeng's house and ruining many objects in it, Tang Xiu insisted to give compensation. He had a short chat with them since the day was almost over and hurriedly found maintenance workers in the property management office, of whom contacted someone who then spent two hours to patch the holes.

Late at night, around midnight, Tang Xiu left the Tomson Villa Complex. Though Xue Yu wanted him to stay, Ouyang Lulu was still at his home. After Tang Xiu and Xue Yu had a warm moment together, he then walked out of the villa's entrance.

Back at his home, Tang Xiu saw the lights on the second floor lit up. Ouyang Lulu obviously had woken up. When getting there, he saw her leaning on the pillow while reading a fashion magazine and seemingly enjoying it. There was also a red jujube lotus seed soup off on the bedside cabinet.

"How was it? Have you had enough rest?"

Tang Xiu walked to the bed and said with a smile while watching Lulu, who was wearing a white sling that exposed her bare, lotus-like white and smooth arm and her sexy white flesh clavicle cleavage between the proud peaks. At the same time, he put down the clothes he bought for her.

Lulu thought that Tang Xiu would not come back tonight, and she did not expect him to come back late at night; that made her happy and excited immediately. She sat on the bed and smilingly said, "I rested well, so very well and sweet. I dare say this is the longest time I've ever slept in my life, and also the most comfortable sleep I ever had."

Tang Xiu pointed to the electronic clock hanging on the wall and said with a smile, "It's thirty past midnight. If you keep staying up like this, you'll probably end up tired and with no spirit during the day."

"So what? I'll just sleep during the day at the worst," said Ouyang Lulu with a smile. "Anyways, what did you do today, and why did you come back so late?"

"Accompanied a female friend of mine to her company, and then met my lover and went to her place. Shortly put, I did not do anything serious today, though I did meet some trashes. But forget it, let us not talk about that. I need to take a shower and sleep," said Tang Xiu without thinking.

That night, Tang Xiu slept while embracing Ouyang Lulu. Though her smooth and delicate body made him eager to have another rumble, he then recalled that it was her first time "bleeding", and she was also tossed about by him twice, hence why he restrained himself to do so.

Early in the morning.

When the first sunshine shone through the curtain gap into the room, Tang Xiu woke up from his sleep. Just as he wanted to move, Lulu, who slept like a docile kitten in his embrace, was awakened and then opened her eyes, asking, "What time is it?"

Tang Xiu looked at the time and smilingly said, "8:10."

Sitting up, Lulu then saw that Tang Xiu had turned over, got up and then immediately dressed up. She smiled at him and asked, "It's Sunday, what are you going to do?"

"Got no plan as of now," answered Tang Xiu.

"How about accompanying me to the Paradise Manor?" Asked Ouyang Lulu. "You haven't been there for a long time, and my staff kind of thinking that you dumped me!"

Cough, cough…

Tang Xiu coughed twice, looking a bit at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, and said, "Your employees are really salty to worry about some useless stuff like others' business. Anyways, I guess it's fine to go with you today, though! Oh… I bought some clothes for you yesterday. Try putting them on and see if they fit you."

There was a surprised expression on Lulu's face. She took them over and had a look at them, and then asked with an incredulous expression, "Did you buy them for me?"

"Yeah!" Tang Xiu nodded.

"Aren't your eyes way too amazing?" Said Lulu incredulously. "Either the underwear or this coat, the style and color are the kinds I love. Honey, I think you should open a clothing factory directly! Your business will definitely become hot."

Tang Xiu was secretly embarrassed. He indeed bought these clothes, but he did not say he was the one who chose them! But seeing her expression, he did not want to mention Xue Yu, and just let out a faint smile and said, "Alright, hurry up! Let's go to Paradise Manor after breakfast."

"Got it!"

Lulu hurriedly jumped from the bed and quickly took off her underwear. She did not even try to conceal herself in front of Tang Xiu, making his throat dry and the flame start to move into his crotch. So as to avoid the desire from arousing too much, he turned around and left the bedroom.


On the staircase on the first floor, Mo Awu stood silently with a stack of documents in his hand.

"Have you been waiting for me?" Tang Xiu was surprised, "Is there something up?"

Mo Awu handed over the documents and said, "There was a mysterious incident in Minan District. Four women who were on their way to work in the nightclub were murdered. I received the news at four in the morning and caught up to the scene. When I got there, the cops had already blocked the scene, so I couldn't see the exact situation."

"How would criminal cases have anything to do with us?" Asked Tang Xiu with a baffled expression. "You have never reported to me about this kind of information before."

"I would never bother you with ordinary criminal cases," said Mo Awu. "But the incident this time is different since those four dead bodies had all their blood sucked clean, all of them. Also, unusual traces of a fierce fight could be seen there from the photos taken from the scene. I have seen these fighting traces before, it should be caused by those divergent races."

"A divergent race?" It was a term Tang Xiu had never heard of after he returned to Earth, so he asked with a curious expression. "What exactly is this divergent race? What is their special trait, exactly?"

"You also know many special species exist in the world. For instance, the fierce beasts who gain sentience," said Mo Awu. "Also, there are some non-human existences, like the Demi-humans such as vampire bats that can turn into humanoids, which are famously called as Vampires. There are also Demi Beastmen who are the half-breed of men and beasts, as well as wizards and magus who practice special arts or cultivation techniques… those divergent races are mostly real human beings that possess extraordinary abilities."

Tang Xiu looked at the photos in his other hand, and also saw that it indeed had many unusual traces of a fierce fight. Such as the ripped wall, and the scattered paw prints with phosphorus powder, some kind of feathers and hairy flesh…

"So, what you mean is that the murderer who killed those nightclub girls should be one with claws and feathers among the divergent races?" Asked Tang Xiu slowly.

"They should be." Mo Awu nodded. "I can tell from this information and photos that the ones who were involved in the fight have at least one from the Beastman, one of the Wingman, and a vampire."

Tang Xiu frowned and commented, "Aren't all these things you told me coming from Western mythology? What are they doing in China? There are only a handful of cultivators in China as far as I know, and a few people with special abilities. How come I have never heard of these creatures from overseas before?"

"These divergent races are also rare existences in foreign countries, but they really do exist in our world," said Mo Awu. "Once in a battlefield I witnessed one of the Beastmen slaughter many mercenaries, and also encountered a vampire in an old castle during an assassination mission with my four comrades. Other than me and one of my companions, the other three were all slaughtered in the hands of that vampire. My comrade and I injured that vampire with an anti-tank grenade before we were able to assassinate the target, and then escaped smoothly."

"You said these creatures are evil?" Asked Tang Xiu with a frown.

"Our Everlasting Feast Hall conducted a secret investigation, some other people even purchased this information from the Darkwind Organization. Though we didn't obtain much information, it's conjectured that some of these divergent creatures are indeed inherently evil, but some others are not committing evil, nor indiscriminately killing innocent people. As a matter of fact, if not because of the chaotic situation in certain foreign countries, these divergent creatures would have been understood and been able to conceal themselves better than cultivators. Let alone ordinary people, even powerful figures with a formidable background would not be aware of their existence."

Tang Xiu pondered for a short while, and then slowly asked, "With your current cultivation, how is your chance of defeating that Beastmen you saw in the battlefield or that vampire you met in that old castle?"

Mo Awu scrunched up for a moment before shaking his head and then said with a forced smile, "I can't answer that. I was far away from that Beastman then. Also, I saw him through high-end binoculars. His speed was very fast and he possessed powerful strength, as well as was being proficient in killing techniques. Simply his momentum and vigor were enough to destroy dozens of heavily armed mercenaries in just half a minute. As for the vampire, maybe I can kill him if I exert all my strength."

"That being the case, are they actually more powerful than middle-rank fierce beasts?" Commented Tang Xiu in surprise.

"They should be." Mo Awu nodded. "After all, they have the same level of intelligence as human beings, to begin with. Even some of those divergent races have higher intelligence than human beings, while in terms of speed and strength as well as attacking techniques, they are indeed comparable to middle-rank fierce beasts."

Tang Xiu's eyes instantly lit up after hearing his explanation. He needed all sorts of natural resources for cultivation. If he could kill those vampires and Beastman and then obtained the materials in their bodies for cultivation resources, then it would be great. Yet, the one thing that must be noted was that he must possess formidable strength since, in contrast, these divergent creatures also had their own cultivation systems. Their powerful strength and formidable bodies were a result of practicing their cultivation system, and thus, the materials that could be obtained from their carcasses would be better as well.

"Awu, how deep is the intelligence network built by our Everlasting Feast Hall in Shanghai?" Asked Tang Xiu quickly.

"It should be at least several times stronger than the national intelligence agency," said Mo Awu. "Though I don't dare say we have covered the entire Shanghai, I can say that we have assigned our intelligence personnel in nearly all the areas here. This is why I can receive information about murders by the divergent races and rush to the scene in a short time."

"If so, immediately send our people to investigate these divergent creatures," said Tang Xiu in a deep voice. "Find them, whether they are vampires, Beastman, or Wingman ones, since they will be a threat to the people. I will be personally involved in this matter and deal with these things."

"I'll arrange it at once." Mu Awu replied and turned around to leave.

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