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Grove Bear gave highfalutin remarks on his own audacious and shameless words. But the bloody cruelty among the words and between the lines with the burning ambition within had revealed his genuine state of mind.

Mankind. This existence in his eyes was probably nothing but ants. He believed that he was standing at the top of the food chain, and yet, was being ruled by the human world. The unwillingness to curb his bloodthirsty nature eventually became the cause for him to become an assassination agent, hiding under the dark sky and mercilessly harvesting lives.

Desperation filled Han Jintong's heart, and yet, he suddenly unleashed the thought in his innermost heart of being in a desperate strait with not the slightest opportunity to live. Having defeated his own fear, he proudly straightened his chest and retorted, "This great country of mine, China, has been in existence for five millenniums. During which heroes and wise sages have been unyieldingly clinging onto with their everything in every era. I always believed in the first line stated in the Three Character Classics, that man is fundamentally good in nature at birth, but yours is what the Chinese call 'evil'. Since the ancient times, evil can never prevail over good; for why the reason for the pathetic you who have a military force and yet is an evil heathen, can only drag out your feeble existence and hide in the dark as a result."

An evil heathen?

Grove Bear clenched his fists, and the killing intent inside him surged out from all over his body. He abhorred this name because those bastards from the Luminance Castle liked calling them by it.

"KILL HIM!" Grove Bear snarled in fury. "I want to see his minced flesh and his blood raining down. Make his soul suffer and scream!"

In the distant mountain forest, two blurry figures stood behind the thick trees, watching the scene in the valley through their binoculars. The night was dim, but they could see everything clearly with the binoculars, and yet, their faces were that of restlessness and their eyes would shift away from those "breeds of evil and demons" from time to time. They wanted to leave them and yet kept staying not far away.

And there! There were four existences lying dormant, ones that they needed to look up to.

"What should we do now?"

"Just wait!"

The four lurking middle-aged men communicated through gestures. They still did not move although the werewolf-like Beastman wielded his sledgehammer from his shoulder and hideously grinned as he walked toward Han Jintong, whereas the other vampire took out a black bottle exuding an evil aura.

They would not rashly move and act without instructions, thus would wait until the Boss arrived and give them instructions.

"It's really a pity!" Jin Shi sighed inwardly.

He had been abroad for more than a decade, yet he was of a Chinese descent with Chinese blood within him. He felt pity and sympathized upon seeing the white-haired, scarred Han Jintong, who straightened up his chest and unyieldingly spoke those heroic words he approved of, was about to be killed.

Han Jintong had no weapon, thus he just watched the stocky demi-human stride towards him. He gritted his teeth to mobilize all the True Essence he had left. He would not sit still for death to come. Despite the current dire situation, he secretly vowed that he would make this thing pay a grievous price even if he had to die in this thing's hands.

"I can guarantee that you will never leave China alive. Just wait! A terrifying powerhouse who will make you shudder will appear in front of you and utterly obliterate you all."

Han Jintong roared and did not glance at Shanjenna, who was flying back to him. His body was as though a straight arrow that shot towards the Beastman. His blood was boiling, muscles tightening to the limit, and his power constantly transmitted to his limbs in order to blast out the most strength he could muster at this moment.

"What a stupid human." A mocking expression painted the Beastman's face. He flipped his wrist and created a howling sound as he brandished his sledgehammer down. His hammer was extremely fast, even the Iron Man would be smashed to a pulp if he was hit.


The sledgehammer only struck an afterimage as it heavily slammed on the cold ground. Han Jintong himself did not evade it. He was as though a berserk rushing bull, dashing barbarically to strike at the Beastman, as he quickly pulled out a sharp fruit knife from his body and fiercely stabbed the Beastman in the chest. Just as the Beastman retreated, he sent a somersault kick to the side of the Beastman body.

The sharp fruit knife broke into two pieces and was only able to pierce the Beastman's skin without much damage. The Beastman was kicked and staggered for a few meters before he stabilized his footing. On the contrary, the moment he staggered to the side, he threw his sledgehammer on Han Jintong's hand, breaking his arm and also striking his body.


Shanjenna flapped her wings and instantly dashed to where Han Jintong fell. She opened her wings and covered Han Jintong, while a heavy killing intent burst from her scarlet eyes. She was already 200 years of age, similar to a 20 years old human girl according to the vampire age. Han Jintong was her teacher, and respect toward Han Jintong had grown in her after so many years in contact with him.

The Beastman casually wiped off the blood seeping out of his chest and let out a strange grin as he said, "Your level of strength is very powerful for a human! Unfortunately, you have no sharp sacred objects and my skin is even harder than diamonds. So… you can't kill me, but I can slaughter you easily. Shanjenna, get the hell of my way, you damn little bat! Else, I'll smash you first."

"I could kill you easily if they were not here, stupid wolf!" Shanjenna shrilly yelled. "SCRAM! Else I'll drag you to death with me."

The Beastman shot her a contemptuous look, as though it was the funniest thing he heard in the world. He raised the back of his hairy hand, pointed at his nose and asked, "You wanna drag me to death with you? What a bluff you, little bat. Aren't you a real idiot? Do you want to explode your Core Nucleus? You won't be able to kill me even if you do that!"

Shanjenna knew that this Beastman was right. The strongest killing move she could unleash was indeed to explode her Core Nucleus. However, she would also be blasted into smithereens and directly die.

HAHAHA. The Beastman maniacally laughed and said, "Are you scared? Get the fuck lost to this Granddad! Else, this Granddad will blow up your fucking balls!"

Suddenly, a discernible voice was heard and its tone was full of sarcasm, "Whoever says that the Beastmen have wisdom later, I'll definitely think that person is an idiot. How come a female vampire has… Hahaha…"

The Beastman's face changed and quickly turned around and took a fast glance at the surrounding, shouting, "Who the hell are you? Get fucking out and face this Granddad!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four figures streaked from the woods like a zap of lightning, along with flying swords hovering around them. As they waved their arms, the swords were as though four long rainbows that shot forward to strike at the Beastman. Despite the latter's extremely swift reflexes, the four flying swords still tore his skin and left four bloody slits on his body.

Tang Xiu's figure came floating. Behind him was Mo Awu and six other experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall, as they appeared in everyone's sight in the blink of an eye.

Jin Shi's group of four retracted their flying swords back and intently stared at the Beastman with cold expressions. They only needed Tang Xiu's order to unleash their fiercest strike without hesitation.

Grove Bear, who originally thought that victory was imminent, had his pupils suddenly contracted violently. A bad premonition suddenly emerged inside his heart the moment Tang Xiu and the others appeared. It was said that there was a special kind of human being in the mysterious ancient oriental country called Daoist cultivators by the Western forces of darkness.

In an instant, he determined that these people were absolutely those so-called cultivators because their speed was fast to the extreme, and they wielded weapons the likes of Darkfiend Artifact and Lightsacred Artifact, all of which could be controlled by special means to kill the enemies.

However, he did not offend them at all. What forces did they belong to, and why did they want to meddle in this matter?

"Who are you?"

Unwilling to provoke trouble so as to accomplish his mission, Grove Bear employed a cautious approach. The strength possessed by cultivators were something that many races dreaded. For example, the old geezer who was protecting Shanjenna. Though his strength was mediocre, he should be a cultivator as well.


Grove Bear's countenance suddenly changed, and his bad premonition grew more intense. Do these people come from the same place as this old geezer who is protecting Shanjenna?

Tang Xiu ignored Grove Bear completely but blinked toward Han Jintong, who was guarded by Shanjenna. He would have straightly helped Han Jintong had he known that this old man asked him to deal with these Western races of darkness without him regarding it as a favor.

"Take this!" Tang Xiu flipped his hand, took out a porcelain bottle and threw it to Shanjenna.

Shanjenna was like a bird startled by the twang of a bow-string. The arrival of Tang Xiu and the others was a joyful thing to her, and yet also made her anxious. She was joyful since these people attacked the Beastman, but what worried her was that she did not know what were their origins. If they just acted because the other party said something audacious, she and the professor would still be facing imminent doom.

"What is this?" Asked Shanjenna with difficulty.

"Take it and give it to that old man so that it can treat his injuries," said Tang Xiu faintly.

"This…" Shanjenna hesitated. She did not know if she could trust this man. If the contents inside this porcelain bottle were poison, the professor would be poisoned.

Han Jintong's aura was chaotic, but the desperation in his eyes had vanished without a trace when Tang Xiu and his men appeared as ecstasy replaced it.

"Give it to me, Shanjenna."

Han Jintong pushed her wings and reached out to pick the porcelain bottle. After opening it, he poured the Holy Healing medicine directly into his mouth. As scarce as the remaining True Essence flowing through his meridians, that pill turned into a surging torrent that flowed to his four limbs and five bones in an instant, as its special efficacy constantly healed his injuries.

"Thank you, Mr. Tang," said Han Jintong gratefully from his heart.

Tang Xiu hummed coldly at him and said, "Do remember my words. I, Tang Xiu, never need others to pay me anything for saving their lives, for I never condone business deals over this matter. I can help you get rid of these foreign divergent races, but you must answer some questions of mine."

Han Jintong finally realized why Tang Xiu flatly refused his plea for help and did not even try to listen to why he asked for help. It turned out that he had made Tang Xiu disgusted of him due to his tone about making it as a business deal. As he realized this point, he could not describe what he felt through words other than forcing out a wry smile.

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