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Grove Bear was not dead yet. He was still strong although his heart had been blasted since the Life Crystal Core in him was still intact. The dark energy inside it, however, was consumed at a very fast rate, and once its dark energy was completely gone, only death would await him at that time.

Amidst despair and desperation, regret birthed inside him.

Originally, he used his connections to mediate and ask an important figure in the Stygian Club to get the mission to hunt down Shanjenna. Certainly, the rewards he would get after accomplishing the mission were very handsome. But now, he had to wait for death to fetch him up, a feeling that seized him with regret.

Before coming to China, he had heard from that important figure in the Stygian Club that this distant mysterious oriental country had some people with terrifying strength residing there. And yet, he disapproved and did not take it seriously. Only now did he realize that everything said by that bigshot turned out to be true.

"What do you want to know?" Now, Grove Bear's tone was no longer a roar but a weak inquire.

"Your status in the Stygian Club should be quite high given your strength," said Tang Xiu slowly. "I want you to tell me intelligence information on the Stygian Club. I can spare your life if your information is consistent with the investigation obtained by the people I sent. If it is not, you can be sure that I'll immediately treat you and then imprison you with some special means, then you can expect yourself to enjoy suffering and torment for days and nights that will make you want to die, hardly keeping your life and yet you can't ask any of them."

"I'll tell you! Please spare me, Lord!"

The first one to beg for mercy was not Grove Bear, but the Wolfkin Beastman. At this time, he looked very wretched, the pain he felt from the torture had siphoned away his already weak willpower and finally breached his limit.

Grove Bear's swept at him with a contemptuous look, though he immediately concealed it, and said, "I give you my word."

Tang Xiu clapped and smilingly said, "Good. One who knows his situation is a wise man. You opted to treasure this opportunity, so some people will tell me whether what you will tell me is true or not."

With that said, Tang Xiu's feet landed on the lakeside, and he immediately took out the jade pieces to arrange a big Feng Shui array. After having laid out six containment arrays with a soundproof array, he immediately removed the Terra Celestial Bastille array and threw the six assassination agents inside the containment arrays separately.

"I've detained and contained you inside. It's impossible for you to escape from it. Furthermore, I have laid out a soundproof array as well, so no one outside can hear anything you say inside. I will ask you the exact same information I sent my men to investigate on. You can be sure that your death will be very horrible if the answer you give me is different. But if you tell me some secrets my men did not discover, not only will I not kill you, I'll also give you some benefits, and you can definitely leave the Stygian Club after you obtain them." Tang Xiu stood in the middle of the six arrays and said with a smile.

Grover Bear did not trust Tang Xiu a bit. He tried to call the name of his comrades in the other arrays, but no one replied to him. Since things had gotten to this point, he had to remember and think clearly, for he would be found lying if he carelessly made up information.

On top of Mt. Lao.

Ji Mu lied amidst the rocks, holding binoculars to observe the valley a few kilometers below. He dared to swear that he had never thought that such a situation, whether fortunate or not, could happen in his life where he saw that there really were existences like celestial beings and monsters like in the legends in this world.

The most unbelievable thing for him was that he unexpectedly saw some someone he knew, an acquaintance, among that group of people. Someone whom he felt dread and was afraid of…. Tang Xiu.

"Brother Mu, you have been using the binoculars for nearly two hours. Shouldn't it be my turn already?" Next to Ji Mu was a lean young man donned in an outlandish attire. Looking bored, he groaned at him. He had not seen the scene below from the beginning to the end, so he felt strange that Ji Mu kept observing that pitch-dark mountain valley.

"Did you forget what I told you?" Ji Mu whispered. "Do not speak without my permission. This night vision binoculars is too precious and you'll be in trouble if you break it. Just stay still and shut your mouth. We'll wait here and then leave later."

The lean young man rolled his eyes at him and grunted in a low voice. Then, he turned around with a resentful expression and looked up at the black sky, silently thinking about his worries.

As a twilight appeared in the horizon, Jin Mu's expression suddenly changed. He reached out to wake up the lean young man, and then said in a low voice, "Let's leave this place and drive our car to the circuit. But remember, you have never accompanied me here tonight, and I slept at my place."

The thin young man looked baffled and asked, "What the hell happened to you, Brother Mu? Did you get bewitched or something? We're obviously..."

"Just promise me, will you? I'll give you my Bumblebee sports car," said Ji Mu sternly.

The young man's complexion changed and he subconsciously turned his head to look at the valley, but he still couldn't see anything. He then nodded and said, "Okay. I'm also sleeping at my home tonight and did not leave out of the door at all. Alright, Brother Mu, I'll keep your word."


Ji Mu backed up a few meters and then climbed up from the ground and quickly disappeared on the other side of the hill with that thin young man.

At the lakeside of the mountain valley.

Tang Xiu looked at the pile of intelligence data after the whole interrogation, and a smile appeared on his handsome face. After the interrogation in the middle of the night, he had already dug out a lot about the Stygian Club. The most important information was that the Stygian Club was not composed purely by human beings. The person who held the most authority, power and force there was someone named Angus from the Beastman's Reynard Clan, one who was also known as the first powerhouse of the Stygian Club.

The Stygian Club itself was a place of interlacing forces. There were a total of eight powerful figures under Angus, who controlled many forces and clans, while those forces and families were also separated by ranks…

Furthermore, other than these forces of darkness, he also learned about the situation of another faction, the Luminance Castle located in Europe. This force was one who was dedicated to exterminating the creatures of darkness. It was very powerful and was the faction who operated the second most powerful organization in the world, the League of Archcrusaders.

"Release us!"

Shouted Grove Bear inside the array.

Tang Xiu nodded to Mo Awu. After he turned all the six arrays off, Mo Awu and the other five men moved and struck like a lightning, killing the six assassination agents directly.

Nearby, Shanjenna was tongue-tied and dumbfoundedly as she watched the killing scenes orchestrated by Mo Awu's group of six. After Tang Xiu stored the six dead bodies into his interspatial ring, she seemed to have woken up from a dream, and turned to lean on Han Jintong with an apprehensive and alarmed expression, as she then said with a shivering voice, "P-Professor, d-didn't he say that he'd spare Grove Bear and the others? Why did he take back his words and kill them?"

With his sharp hearing, Tang Xiu did not wait for Han Jintong to answer her. He turned his head, let out a faint smile and said, "What I said was very clear. I gave them a chance but I did not promise anything that my men can't kill them, did I? Don't tell me you are pitying these wicked bastards?"

"No no no. I did not pity them." Shanjenna shook her head. "I even wished I could kill them myself. If anything, I thank you for saving us, Mr. Tang. I'll tell my big brother in Salzburg of the bitter experience I just had today. I think my big brother will thank you, too."

With a greatly interested look, Tang Xiu asked, "Now that you said that, how will your big brother thank me, exactly? Just wagging his tongue for some glib, or would he present me with gifts?"

"About that…" Shanjenna was rendered speechless.

Tang Xiu shook his head, as his eyes then fell on Han Jintong and lightly said, "Just count it as I have paid back the favor I owed you. Thus, we don't owe each other from now on."

"No. The grace of saving lives is greater than the firmament." Han Jintong shook his head. "It's the kind of benevolence that I, Han Jintong, will always remember in my heart. Feel free to call me at any time if you ever need me in the future."

Tang Xiu could not help but smile and said, "Anyways, she won't be able to stay in China. If you want to avoid unnecessary trouble, you had better think of a way to get her outside and do it fast. Maybe it won't take long before some fellas from the state's Special Department to rush to Shanghai."

Han Jintong was taken aback, and then he immediately said with a grateful expression, "I'll keep it in mind and deal with it fast."

Tang Xiu did not speak again and led Mo Awu and the others to leave quickly. He had accomplished his purpose in coming tonight and was rather anticipating to study the bodies of these Beastmen, vampire, and Wingmen. When he was in the Immortal World, a lot of Demon cultivators used the bodies of various races and all walks of life as medication, and some even used them as living specimens. Tang Xiu himself was not a Demon cultivator, though his cultivation technique, the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, was the best cultivation technique in the Demon Realm.

As a matter of fact, there was no significant distinction between the cultivation systems of the Immortal and Demon cultivators, but only the difference in personality and conduct. One would not be notoriously hated by the public despite being a Demon cultivator as long as he had a benevolent character. Likewise, evil and wicked Immortals would also become the target of hostility and hatred.

Good and Evil!

Immortals and Demons!

In the flesh, Tang Xiu could be said as cultivating a Demon God body, yet keeping virtuousness and benevolence inside his heart.

In the valley.

While looking at the back of Tang Xiu as he departed, Han Jintong muttered to himself, "I knew that his strength was not normal, but never did I think that he was so strong to this degree. Anyways, the feeling to be able to go on living is… really great."

Shanjenna, who stood next to him, took back her vision and asked, "Who exactly are they, Professor? Though I already knew that you're very powerful, never did the thought that some people could be more powerful than you crossed my mind. That is, we're putting my divergent races aside since we already possess strength far beyond humanity since birth, to begin with."

Han Jintong snapped back from his reverie and said with a forced smile, "Do not ask about his identity, it won't bring you any good. Shanjenna, what is the most important now is to help you return to Salzburg and go back to your big brother's side. Else, no one else can help us again if more assassination agents from the Stygian Club were to find us."

"But you know these people, Professor," said Shanjenna quickly. "Can you ask them to escort me back? I'm willing to pay to hire them."

"Do you think you can hire powerhouses with money?" commented Han Jintong with a wry smile.

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