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Mo Yi was an old man and had experienced too many surprises in life, so the revelation did not create any ripples in his heart. He followed Lulu and then came to the foreign-style pavilion in the deepest part of Paradise Manor. He got off from the viewing car and looked around with a bit of appreciation, nodded and said, "This Paradise Manor has a good environment. Truly a good place to retire and spend my old age."

Retiring here?

Ouyang Lulu secretly rolled her eyes. This Paradise Manor was the chicken that laid golden eggs for her, who would want to support the elderly who wanted to retire here?

"It's been laborious on you, Professor Mo."

Tang Xiu walked out of the foreign-style building and warmly greeted him.

"You're my Boss now and you want me to come over. How would I dare not to rush over as fast as possible?" Mo Yi smiled. "The transportation means are very developed nowadays, so I don't feel too tired. Anyways, I heard from this young lady here that you have a pleasant surprise for me, is that right?"

A pleasant surprise?

Tang Xiu glanced at Lulu with a strange expression. Did this girl just dig a hole to prank Mo Yi? If Mo Yi saw Shanjenna's vampire appearance all of a sudden, he could become scared to death!

"I don't think it would a be a pleasant surprise to you. It's more likely for you to freak out, to be honest. Anyways, I'll tell you in advance, though. It's not your ordinary living being you will be seeing."

Mo Yi could not help laughing and said, "Not an ordinary living being? Hahaha, relax! I'm already old and have traveled to many places in this lifetime and saw a lot of strange living beings and species as well. I won't frown or freak out even if a ghost appears before me."

Tang Xiu originally wanted to tell him that it was a vampire he was about to see, but he did not expect that this old man turned out to boast, thus making his intention to tell him to die out. He just nodded and smilingly said, "Alright, since Professor Mo is used to seeing strange living beings, let's just go in! I've told her to get prepared and just wait for you to come!"

After entering the multi-story foreign-styled building, Mo Yi shot a curious look at Shanjenna in the living room. But the instant he saw her, his body trembled and his pace staggered, almost slumping to the floor. Luckily, Tang Xiu's reflexes were good and propped him up.

"Are you okay, Professor Mo?" Asked Tang Xiu with an expression of being a loss whether he had to cry or laugh upon seeing his complexion that instantly turned deathly pale and horrified.

Mo Yi's lips shivered, looking at Shanjenna's vampire appearance with a disbelieving expression. The opened pair of wings, scarlet blood eyes, and those two sharp fangs…

Isn't this… a vampire? Like that of in the legends?

After half a minute, Mo Yi's breathing returned to normal, but he still felt lingering fear and forcefully resisted his impulse to run away. He squeezed out a forced smile and said, "T-Tang… B-boss. T-this… h-how is this possible? How come vampires exist in the world?"

"Haven't you seen a lot of strange creatures already, Professor Mo?" Tang Xiu slightly smiled. "Is the existence of vampires on Earth worth making a fuss about?"

"I-I…" Mo Yi almost vomited out a mouthful of his old blood, while feeling a burning sensation on his wrinkled old face as though someone had just slapped him a few times. He felt like he wanted to find a hole to burrow himself into to hide his shame, but too bad there was no crack at this moment. Previously, he thought that even if he did encounter some strange living beings, he would not be freaked out and make a fuss about it given his experience. But… but who could have thought that it was a living VAMPIRE!!!

"Shanjenna, this is Professor Mo, a world-renowned biologist, and a physicist as well," said Tang Xiu with a light smile.

Shanjenna let out a faint smile. As she came forward and saw Mo Yi subconsciously step back, she tried to reveal her gentlest appearance and said, "Hello, Professor Mo. I genuinely admire the so-called professors with their deep knowledge. A teacher of mine once taught me in a very famous university in the United States, and we're also quite close."

Mo Yi's calves were slightly trembling. But when he saw that Shanjenna was so amiable, he barely controlled himself and said with a forced a smile, "Shan… Shanjenna, right? Y-you… y-you're really too much of a surprise, to be honest. I, I apologize first, but you just piqued my curiosity."

"Ordinary humans will definitely react just like you did when they see me." Shanjenna smiled. "The Bloodkin, however, are not allowed to appear in front of ordinary humans in our true form, so I did not scare others before coming here."

After some talk, Mo Yi, who had strong tolerance and ability to accept anything, finally got used to Shanjenna's identity as a vampire. As his fear slowly disappeared, an intense curiosity replaced it. He circled around her and then sighed in admiration, "Incredible. It's really inconceivable. I used to imagine that the existence of vampires… no, Bloodkin is real in this world. Never did I think that the imagination of mine would turn into reality. Miss Shanjenna, may I ask you, how old are you…"

"I'm 200 years old. But according to the life system of the Bloodkin, I'm just about the same as a 20-year-old human girl," said Shanjenna with a smile.

Hiss… Despite having accepted her identity, Mo Yi was still shocked by this revelation.

She is 200 years old! And yet similar to a young human in his or her twenties? This… Heaven is really unfair!

Mo Yi lamented and sighed inwardly. He then turned to look at Tang Xiu and asked, "Boss, you wanted me to come over to Shanghai to see this Miss from the Bloodkin, what is it for?"

"To study her, of course," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Mo Yi's eyes lit up and his whole being was immediately full of excitement. Studying a vampire? Wouldn't he become the only biologist in the world to obtain this huge opportunity? After studying her, maybe I can find a lot of biological mysteries and obtain a lot of results that are important to human beings.

"I agree!"

"Since you agreed, you can make a list of the instruments you need and give it to me, Professor Mo. I'll assign some people to buy them for you," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "But since Shanjenna's identity is quite special, you can only cooperate with her and conduct the research here. Also, you are not to expose anything about having seen Shanjenna. Even if you do achieve results, you must keep everything confidential."

Mo Yi firmly nodded and said, "Rest assured, Boss. I'll do as you said."


Shanghai, the Bund.

Qin Shaoyang wore a cap and a black windproof coat as he leaned on the guardrail by the river. A smile hung on his face while looking at the slender woman who was coming over from the distance.

"What brought you to Shanghai, Young Master Qin? Why aren't you just staying obediently in Blue City? Are you not afraid that Zhang fella will learn that you're in Shanghai and make you use ointment on your eyes?" The graceful and gentle female wore a mink coat with a light blue scarf as she gracefully walked over in her high-heeled shoes. Her face wore a playful smile, and the faint scent of her perfume could be smelled even before her voice faded away.

Qin Shaoyang stuffed his hands into his pockets and grinningly said, "I heard that the Zhang Family has that guy grounded now. Seems like he has provoked some big shot or something. Else, how could a nobody like me run up to Shanghai which is literally his own turf? Anyways, I heard that Zhang fella has been pursuing you for more than two years. You haven't softened down, have you?"

The graceful woman rolled her eyes and groaned, "I could still consider it if Zhang Zitao really had the ability, but he is just too inexperienced. What about you, Young Master Qin? Do you have no interest at all on this young lady? Don't tell me you don't like women."

Qin Shaoyang rolled his eyes and snappily replied, "Can we have a proper talk, Ni Jie? Besides, you're a few years older than me, can't you just give me some slack?"

"Hehe, I'm kinda enjoying it." Ni Jie laughed.

"You haven't changed even a bit in these years." Qin Shaoyang shook his head and smilingly said. "Anyways, there's something important I need to discuss with you, how about having a chat while strolling?"

"How about going to the coffeehouse nearby?" Ni Jie smiled. "A Civet Coffee is served there, and its flavor is kind of indigenous."

"Your treat!"

"No prob!"


Binjiang Avenue, Podo Coffeehouse.

The elegant coffeehouse was filled with melodious, light music. Though there were only a few guests now, all of them were well-dressed—in a manner and style of successful people. In a spot near the glazed window toward the avenue, Zhang Zitao leaned on the sofa with eyes filled with a burning, fervent expression as he intently gazed at a woman in the corner. That woman was Xue Yu.

He had seen too many beautiful women to count but a woman who gave off an aura like an orchid in a secluded valley was the type he had never seen. She looked so rare, yet noble and beautiful that she was like a mysterious woman who descended on Earth from the Nine Heavens, looking pure and chaste without the slightest contamination.

His heart was palpitating and also moved.

The number of women who could move his heart ever since he was a child until becoming an adult was not more than three, including Xue Yu. The reason why he did not straightly try to speak with her was that he had a ridiculous feeling that this woman could only be seen from a distance, and not to be blasphemed.

"Alright, let's sit by the window!" Ni Jie smilingly said after glancing around. She did not see Zhang Zitao since he sat with his back facing them.

"Alright!" Qin Shaoyang needed to discuss something with her, so he did not care about the spot where they would sit.

However, when they passed by Zhang Zitao's table toward the seats by the window, Qin Shaoyang's complexion froze at this moment, since he saw Zhang Zitao there.

"What happened?" Seeing that Qin Shaoyang's expression was unnatural, Ni Jie turned her head and looked back, and then saw Zhang Zitao whose fervent eyes were intently fixated at the inside corner. A strange expression then immediately painted her face.

"Wow, it's really a small world!"

Qin Shaoyang forced out a bitter smile and immediately walked toward Zhang Zitao, saying with a helpless expression, "Young Master Zhang, I did not have to the intention to make any noise in Shanghai, but I must meet with Ni Jie to discuss an important matter and ask for her help. I just didn't expect that Shanghai would be this small and run into you here."

Zhang Zitao slightly furrowed his brows and turned around. After he saw that it was Qin Shaoyang, he stared at him and immediately beckoned. "Forget about that trivial thing that happened in the past. Besides, you got nothing to do with the matter in the first place. Don't take my threat to your heart. Anyways, go tend to your business. I don't have time to talk to you now."

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