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Just merely this box made of Growth Amelioration Wood was very much unexpected to Tang Xiu since this type of wood was famous as fine lumber even in the Immortal World. The Growth Amelioration Wood was used to manufacture training swords for the Immortal cultivators who just entered the cultivation path. It was very durable, brimming with life activity, and was even able to accumulate life force within, albeit very slowly, bit by bit nurturing the bearer's body along with their growth as well as improving their focus and calming their qi.

Using Growth Amelioration Wood just to store something inside was a luxury even to Tang Xiu! After all, this place was Earth, and it had fewer resources compared to the Immortal World. He looked suddenly forward to the object stored inside the box.

After opening its lid and clearly revealing the objects inside, Tang Xiu saw a writing brush made of weasel's bristles. The silvery brush appeared to have nothing particular or special about it, but as a cultivator, he could keenly feel the clear, spring-like spiritual power strands that surged in each bristle. After a while, he focused his gaze and instantly released his spiritual sense.

"These are…"

It was quite a shocking discovery to Tang Xiu. Despite having a broad and deep knowledge, he had never heard of anyone who would record an ancient manual on the strands of a weasel's bristle brush. The characters written on each bristle were tiny and composed a complete set of cultivation technique.

That's right! It's a record of cultivation techniques!

This weasel's bristle brush had at least several hundred strands, which meant that there were hundreds of cultivation techniques recorded in it. Moreover, every cultivation technique was complemented with combat styles and magical spells it was most suitable with.

"One must use a microscope with at least a hundred magnification levels to be able to see the record written in these strands. In spite of everything, though, who could this powerhouse be? To think that he recorded the cultivation techniques of many small sects on this thing? These cultivation techniques may be ordinary, but they are peerless ancient scriptures to ordinary people. I would be ecstatic getting these ancient manuals if I was not once a Supreme in the Immortal World."

Retracting back his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu then looked at Ji Mu and let out a faint smile, saying, "Do you really want to gift it to me?"

"Yes! What is gifted is equal to spilled water, and cannot be taken again," said Ji Mu seriously.

Tang Xiu snapped his finger and waved to Mo Awu, saying, "Find him a room and teach him to recognize the acupoints and meridians in the human body. I want him to memorize all the channels of the main acupoints and meridians by tomorrow morning."

"Understood!" Mo Awu nodded respectfully.

Ji Mu was speechless. He may be quick-witted, but at this moment his brain was like it was short-circuited. Only after a long while did he finally snap back to his senses, as ecstasy covered his face and he jumped up from the sofa, seemingly about to kowtow to Tang Xiu. However, Tang Xiu stopped him and did not give any chance for him to speak.

Lulu, who sat cross-legged by the table, just watched as Ji Mu followed Mu Awu with an excited expression. Then, she turned her head and ask, "Why did you teach him a cultivation technique so easily? Are these things he gifted you very precious?"

"Each strand of this weasel's bristle brush records a magical spell, combat style, and cultivation technique. The Ji Family have been in possession of a treasure vault all the time, and yet they were unaware of it. Since he wants this opportunity, then I'll give him this chance."

They have been sitting on a treasure mountain and yet were unaware of it?

Lulu glanced at the corridor where Ji Mu left with an expression of being at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh. She then shook her head and said with a smile, "The Ji Family is really interesting."

At this time, Jin Shi strode in and then respectfully reported, "Boss, I just caught a very interesting man."

Tang Xiu blanked and asked with a confused expression, "A very interesting man? What do you mean?"

"He's called Mouse—Shanghai's underground local tyrant to the core," said Jin Shi. "He controls Shanghai's information network. As long as it is an event that occurred in Shanghai, either a woman's underwear being stolen, from small incidents to murders, he will definitely be able to obtain results as long as he wants to investigate it. Interestingly, some chaps from the military sometimes find him to buy information in order to solve major cases. Just before we caught him and brought him here, some guys from the army spent a million to buy information on major crime cases that happened in Shanghai recently."

"What a resourceful guy!" Tang Xiu was astonished. "His information network is better than the state intelligence agencies? Speaking about it, what do you mean by catching and bringing him here?"

"I think you'll need such a talented guy like him, Boss." Jin Shi smiled. "He's very capable, and puts money over his life."

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and said, "Alright, bring him here."


Two minutes later, Jin Shi came to the living room with Mouse. Just as Mouse arrived and met them, he secretly glanced at Lulu, precisely at the jade carving hanging on her neck.

"About 100… no 3 million. How about selling me this jade carving for 3 million?" Asked Mouse with a hoping expression.

Lulu rolled her eyes and mocked him, "Huh? 3 million? Are you dreaming or just got a fever that made you dumb? You can recognize what this made of and its quality, no? Do you think it's worth only 3 million?"

Ugh… Mouse was rendered speechless and reluctantly moved his eyes. The value of this jade carving was not a mere 3 million, and even 30 million yuan was not enough to buy it.

Their exchange suddenly piqued Tang Xiu's interest, feeling rather amused. He looked at Mouse's sly, thief-like appearance and the disappointment shown on his face as he clapped and said, "Well, well. Crafty, cunning, and miserly—traits for capable people in some domains indeed. So, you are Mouse, right?"

Mouse's expression changed. He let out an obsequious smile and said while saluting, "Have you been well, Boss? You can be sure that Mouse will always follow you from behind, Boss. I also recommend myself to manage a mountain of gold and silver if you have it since I'm very confident that I have what it takes to manage it. Also, this Mouse will never steal anything even if I have the chance."

Hahaha. Tang Xiu could not help laughing and said, "Anyways, I heard that you have quite a resourceful information network in Shanghai. Tell me about it. The more you can tell, the more it will prove your value as well as how competent you are. I need to assess your ability if you wish to seek a living here."

Mouse straightened up his chest and said, "I can say Shanghai receives money from me. There are more than 200 thousand people who are willing to supply me with information, whereas the number of people who have earned intelligence fees from me can be counted in the tens of thousands. Unfortunately, Shanghai is way too small, so I can't display the entirety of my talents. If not, even the world's famous Darkwind Organization is nothing but a fart to me!"

Hahaha. Tang Xiu slapped the table and laughed loudly, and then said, "Great, it's just great that you have such boldness and vision. I'm starting to like you even though it's our first meeting. Anyways, can you tell me who's the real culprit behind the murder cases that happened in Shanghai recently, Mouse?"

Mouse glanced at the fine tea served on the table, grinning, "I'm kinda thirsty, Boss."

"Just drink!" Said Tang Xiu quickly.

Mouse picked up a small cup and gulped down the fragrant tea inside. He then used his dirty sleeves to wipe off the water left on his lips and said with a grin, "I can't really figure out the background of the other party as of yet. But I know who's the leader of the pack. The guy's named Austin Cole, and he has some unfriendly bunch who are seemingly not easy to deal with. They are now staying in a motel on the Ye Street in Jingning District. It's a very ordinary motel and you don't need to use your ID card to check in and stay there as long as you spend more money. Also, he was recently in contact with Xie Zhiqiang, the owner of Brain Assembly Biotech. But I don't know the details of their meeting, though."

Tang Xiu frowned and said, "Austin Cole meeting the owner of this Brain Assembly Biotech is nothing particular, but why did he engineer murder cases in Shanghai?"

"I dunno about that." Mouse shook his head. "I only control a small turf, areas overseas are out of my reach."

Tang Xiu then looked at Jin Shi and said, "Go look for the one in charge of the Everlasting Feast Hall's intelligence in Shanghai. Also, call the men who are in charge of the ten closest cities to Shanghai."

"Understood!" Jin Shi knew that Tang Xiu was about to make a big move and immediately left to execute his orders.

A light flashed in Mouse's eyes as he squinted his eyes and asked, "There's something I wanna ask you, Boss. But, I don't know whether I should."

"Just speak it out. I dislike talking in a roundabout way," said Tang Xiu lightly.

"What kind of existence is the Everlasting Feast Hall, Boss? Isn't it… just a normal restaurant?" Asked Mouse.

"Do you really want to know about it?" Asked Tang Xiu smilingly. "You will forever be tied up to my chariot once you learn about it."

Mouse was taken aback and subconsciously, he did not want to hear Tang Xiu's answer at all. However, he hesitated, and eventually decided and asked again, "I still want to know about it."

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile. As his right arm slowly lifted up, an invisible current of qi swirled around Mouse, instantly making him float. The latter was horrified and struggled in panic. Tang Xiu made him hang in the air a meter above the floor and made dozens of movements in one breath.

"You can say that the people from the Everlasting Feast Hall can't be called as mortals. The capital and power possessed by the Everlasting Feast Hall can destroy any colossal organization in the world, while the wealth it will have in the future will surpass countless financial institutions. I can tell you that the Everlasting Feast Hall's status in the future will be above any country and dominate any organization in the world."

Every word said by Tang Xiu was so strong and powerful that it drilled into Mouse's ears, shocking him to death.

"You… A-are y-you a-a human or a ghost?" Mouse screamed.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and threw Mouse out of the door. He fell down in the courtyard and rolled for several meters before stopping. A stream of qi then wrapped and pulled him back to the living room. While looking at the dizzy look on his face, Tang Xiu said, "I'm an immortal cultivator and so are the core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Have you seen Xianxia movies? Those who can control flying swords in it cannot even show 1% of our ability."

Mouse's pupils contracted, looking panicked and horrified. When Tang Xiu retracted back the stream of qi that wrapped him and his feet landed on the floor, he instantly knelt in front of Tang Xiu and exclaimed loudly, "Daoist Immortal… No, Boss. I'm willing to be work for you, and this Mouse's life is yours. If you order me East I will never go West, and if you command me to fly to the sky I'll never drill into the ground."

Tang Xiu just watched with a faint smile and did not say anything.

Seemingly afraid that Tang Xiu did not trust him, Mouse stretched out his finger and vowed, "This Mouse begs you to make me into an immortal cultivator, Boss. I swear that you'll have my absolute loyalty and devotion… for real…"

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