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The undercurrents were secretly surging and brewing in Shanghai, while those who had sinister motives were ready to move and make trouble. While the recent major criminal cases had garnered the attention of countless people, it was all nothing but the flavor of life to Tang Xiu. As a matter of fact, it all would never affect him whatsoever even if he did not involve himself in the matter.

At present, his top priority was to make money and to cultivate. His cultivation had skyrocketed as a result of chancing upon repeated fortuitous encounters. If he had just returned to Earth, he would have felt that he could sweep all outstanding figures around the world with his current strength. But since he met other cultivators in Kanas, only then did he finally realize that Earth also had hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Being with his family and immersing himself in cultivation.

This was his plan when he just returned to Earth. The yearning to be with his mother for 10,000 years, the family love he always wanted, and even the existence of his father and other family members... he had obtained more than he wanted. But his cultivation was something he built anew after losing the old one. He became a mortal again, and yet now cultivated a much stronger cultivation technique, the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, that suited him the best now, whether it was its cultivation progress rate or its explosive might.

After cultivating all night long, Tang Xiu woke up from his meditation the moment the sun shone on Earth. Though he had not slept overnight to cultivate, he recalled the progress rate of his cultivation in Nine Dragons Island, missing it. Inwardly, he silently thought whether he could spare some time to go to Nine Dragons Island again in the near future.

Having washed his face and brushed his teeth, he had yet to have breakfast as he received a call from Han Qingwu remembering his agreement to accompany her to Changxi City to participate in the underground mixed martial arts fighting. After agreeing to meet at the entrance of Shanghai University, Tang Xiu directly rushed there without eating a breakfast. What surprised him was that, by the time he arrived there, Han Qingwu was already waiting for him.

"Have you had breakfast?" Asked Han Qingwu.

"Not yet, what about you?" Tang Xiu shook his head. "If you haven't, let's find a place to fill our stomach first. That reminds me, what time does this fighting competition begin?"

"I haven't eaten either." Han Qingwu shook her head, and then said, "It starts at 8 PM."

Tang Xiu blanked for a moment. His expression was that of being at a loss whether he had to cry and laugh. "Big Sis, are you not mistaken about it? The fighting match starts at 8 PM, but why did you ask me to come now? Do you want to rush to Changxi City now and wait until evening while looking at each other in consternation?"

Han Qingwu looked a bit awkward. The reason why she called Tang Xiu early in the morning was that she was afraid that he would suddenly come across something and be unable to accompany her. Also, there was a tingling wish she had inside to be with him and spent some time together. Ever since the freshmen welcoming party in September last year, there was a figure carved deeply inside her mind whose appearance was nearly identical to Tang Xiu's.

There was something even more unbelievable to her! Tang Xiu's face often appeared inside her mind. And questions kept popping up inside her mind. What is Tang Xiu doing now? Has he eaten yet? Will he come to the campus today? Can I see him today? As for the time when she saw him, despite Tang Xiu's mannerism that made her feel a bit uncomfortable, yet she still rejoiced at seeing him. She could not help but feel blissful and happy.

She had never been in love. Only hearing it from others, reading it on books, or watching it on TV. Yet, she could tell that she had fallen deeply in love with him. No… it should be said that she had fallen deeply into the river of love. Worst still, it was the worst crush of an unrequited love.

Sometimes she too thought that it was inconceivable, for the one she was in love with was her own student. Moreover, he was several years younger than her. But when she recalled his actions and behavior she gradually felt relieved, because Tang Xiu was not purely a student. Even those professors at the national level were not up to par with his abilities, how many people left worldwide who could be comparable to him?

And yet, she was also very distressed, as Tang Xiu's luck in women was really abundant. Only she herself realized that the number of girls, whether it was their great figures or good looks, whose temperament and ability was better than hers, who lined up for him were too many to count.

This was what an unrequited love felt like! Sweet and bitter.

Therefore, ever since a cultivation technique inexplicably emerged inside her mind and the danger she encountered in Jingmen, she began to work herself to death to cultivate, going all out to become stronger. She did not hesitate to take risks to participate in the underground fighting arena to go all out in her cultivation, so as not to be left behind by Tang Xiu.

"It's because I have a sister in Changxi City whom I haven't seen for half a year. So I want to go ahead of time to see her first." Somehow, Han Qingwu's reply felt weak.

"But me going with you to see your good sister is kind of out of place, no?" Said Tang Xiu helplessly. "As such, just go to Changxi City by yourself first and then I'll catch up with you in the evening. I will call you again later, and then we'll meet at the place where this underground fighting match is held. Is that okay with you?"

Pain and bitterness filled Han Qingwu's heart. There was the hopeful look on her face as she said, "I'm just going to have lunch with my sister, isn't it fine us going together? Besides, she knows that I'm still single, so I'm afraid that she'll introduce some of her boyfriends when I meet her."

Tang Xiu was not a fool and instantly understood Han Qingwu's intention. She just wanted to use him as a shield and excuse. He hesitated for a moment before nodding, and said, "Alright, then! I've got nothing important to do today anyway. But you're gonna have to treat for lunch."

"No problem!" Han Qingwu rejoiced inwardly and replied happily. They quickly walked to the red BMW parked outside as she then opened the front seat's door and personally opened it for Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu shook his head secretly. After boarding in, he then asked, "By the way, is there only one cultivation technique that appeared in your mind?"

Han Qingwu started the car and silently nodded.

Tang Xiu knew what kind of cultivation technique Han Qingwu had been practicing, so he only shook his head and sighed, "Your grandfather also wants to get a more advanced cultivation technique. But since you don't have one to give him, then I'll find time to impart one to him! But still, he won't have much success in the future even if he has a more advanced cultivation technique given his age. Nonetheless, he would still have decades to live more if he were able to have another breakthrough, though."

"Huh?" Han Qingwu looked surprised. "Cultivation can increase our lifespan?"

It was Tang Xiu's turn to become speechless. Never did he expect that Han Qingwu did not know about this common knowledge. But as he recalled that the memory that appeared in her mind was just fragmented, he felt at ease and explained, "For Daoist cultivators, their lifespan increases along with the promotion of their cultivation level, and so will their longevity unceasingly increase. Your cultivation level should be at the Peak of Qi Refining Stage now, so if there's no accident, you should have 120 years of longevity. When you break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage or even reach this stage's peak, it's not impossible for you to have 200 years' lifespan."

Fortunately, Han Qingwu's mind was firm, else she would definitely crash the car due to the shock. Despite so, her heart still shivered, and she was keener than ever on going further in her cultivation.

As time went by, the car passed through the highway tollbooth and finally entered the highway. After which, Han Qingwu asked, "Is everyone in the Everlasting Feast Hall also a cultivator?"

"Only the core members. About 100 people," said Tang Xiu.

Han Qingwu gaped. It was beyond her imagination. She imagined the spectacle where she saw Tang Xiu with such a huge force under him, and she gasped with amazement.

In the case that… he wished to expand his power and wanted to gain greater rights and privileges, he probably only needed to use this force and his power and influence would soar by ten times, or even a hundred times.

Ten in the morning.

Han Qingwu and Tang Xiu had arrived at Changxi City. Since the time she had agreed with her sister had yet to arrive, Han Qingwu parked the car near a shopping mall and then turned her head to look at Tang Xiu and asked, "Is there any place you want to go?"

"No." Tang Xiu shook his head. "This is my first time visiting Changxi City, so I'm unfamiliar with the place. You decide! I'm just a guest today, to begin with."

A shadow of a smile appeared on Han Qingwu's face, and she immediately proposed happily, "Why don't we go to the movie studio near the college? I didn't have the chance to visit it the last time I was here since I was full that time. I heard there are a few movie production crews making a movie over there now."

Tang Xiu had no interest in making movies, but he did not feel like objecting since Han Qingwu had proposed it. The duo arrived at the movie town about half an hour later.

The weather in March and April was still somewhat chilly despite Changxi City being located in the Southern region. There were a lot of people in this movie town. After briefly inquiring around, they learned that there were indeed several movie production crews making movies there. However, there seemed no famous celebrities involved.

"I heard that there's a chance for people to play a small role in the movie production team. A couple of years ago, that good sister of mine liked to come here and join in the fun, hence she became an extra in some TV series and movies. Care to give it a shot?" Han Qingwu looked somewhat eager.

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and quickly stopped her, saying, "No can do. There's only an hour left from the agreed time with your sister. Even if you want to become an extra and play a small role, an hour or two would probably not be enough to get it finished, no?"

"Ah. You're right." Han Qingwu finally gave up her idea after giving it a thought, looking a bit regretful.

Tang Xiu secretly pouted, not wanting to entertain Han Qingwu's idea at all. Though he was not someone from the entertainment industry, he had formed a partnership with Qin Shaoyang and Chu Yi to set up his own entertainment company and even invested several billion in it. Not to mention that Qin Shaoyang may have signed in with quite a handful of stars at present, of whom were probably top superstars or a tier below. As a Boss himself, wouldn't he be a laughingstock if Qin Shaoyang and Chu Yi were to learn about him playing in some minor roles?

The duo wandered around until it was finally 11:30. Han Qingwu had called her sister prior to this, so the latter came directly to the venue and was now standing in front of the duo.

With a 1.8m height, wearing flat shoes and having a good stature, she looked a bit ordinary but had white skin. People said that whiteness could cover up shortcomings, and contrary to what one might expect, this strong point added a lot more to this woman.

"Handsome guy, are you the man who Little Wu has been yearning for, for days and nights?" While folding her arms and carefully observing Tang Xiu, Yu Hong asked with a faint smile.

Ugh… Tang Xiu glanced at Han Qingwu and found that her pretty face was blushing. He then coughed twice and said, "How do you, beauty? By the way, I'm Teacher Han's student. I heard that her good sister was still single, so I come here to meet her in person. Anyways, you are not bad. You got the stature and figure, as well as style and looks. How about having a date with me and watch a movie now?"

"Holy shit…"

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