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Inside the dining area.

The quaint corridors were decorated with hanging big red lanterns, while guests were coming and going out, showing the venue's thriving business. The faint scent of wine and the fragrance of the dishes fluttered in the air, stirring the starving bellies of many guests.

Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu were not familiar with the place, so Ji Mu took the lead to guide them and explained the specific situation of the Red Pavilion to the duo the reason why this place had a good business. The Red Pavilion was not a top upscale venue and neither was it regarded as mediocre, but middle-class guests liked to come and spend their money there. Even the wealthy also came here because of the variety of leisure and recreation facilities in this place.

"Private room 0066."

After Ji Mu who brought the other two arrived, he opened the door and said, "Brother Tang, Miss Han, please go inside and wait for a while. I'm going to see the arrangements and be right back."

"Got it!" Tang Xiu nodded.

The box was quaint, more than 20 square meters wide. Aside from the tables and chairs, two single sofas and tea tables were placed in the corner. Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu had just sat for two minutes when the box's door was pushed from the outside.

"I heard the Feng Shui of #0066 box is great, so we'll be having dinner here tonight." Said Zhou Chong as he pushed the door open and then entered with a smiling face. When he saw Han Qingwu and Tang Xiu sitting on the sofas in the corner, he pretended to look surprised and said "Holy… what a strange… How come this box is occupied? Furthermore… we can't avoid our adversary, huh? To think that I'd bump into the woman who refused to give us face here."

Chen Shuai carefully observed Tang Xiu for three seconds before he determined that he did not recognize the guy. He immediately felt relieved and said with a smile, "I still thought I was trifled with by some icily arrogant woman and was kind of wondering what kind of great dude could have her company! Never thought it was just some teenager, eh? Don't tell me being an old cattle grazing on young grasses is kind of a popular fashion nowadays. But to find yourself such a pretty boy toy to pet on?"

Zhou Chong touched his chin and fanned the flames while smiling, "Well, we really can't judge a book by its cover nowadays, eh? One may look like a pure and chaste icy maiden, but who knows if she has some kind of special fetish? Tell me, how come the two of you are here? Did you book this box? Get the hell out fast if you didn't, but if you have, I'll call the reception desk to prepare another box for you."

Tang Xiu slightly knitted his brows and turned to Han Qingwu, "Do you know them?"

"Little punks who wanted to talk to me," said Han Qingwu.

"Since they provoked you, just throw these foolish things out," said Tang Xiu, waving his hand.

Han Qingwu coldly smiled and thought that Tang Xiu's "foolish things" remark was spot on. After standing up, she directly asked, "Do you want to scram yourself, or do you need me to throw you out?"

Zhou Chong sneered at Han Qingwu and immediately said to Tang Xiu, "Speak some manners, brat! Nobody dares to provoke me, Zhou Chong, in this Changxi City."

"Noisy bugs!" Tang Xiu was too lazy to look at them again.

Han Qingwu strode forward and her hands instantly grabbed Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai's collars lightning fast. She dashed forward and threw them out of the door like garbage.

Bam (Bam!)…

She then slammed the door from the inside, walked back to the sofa and said with a smile, "Well, the world has been cleaned up, so it's peaceful and quiet now."

Outside the door.

Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai who were thrown into a dizzy state and took a while to get up from the floor. The former looked like a drowned mouse while expression of humiliation hung on his face as he kicked the door of the box open. Right as he was about to storm inside, a man's figure appeared a few meters from him and his pace suddenly sped up. Ji Mu directly grabbed Zhou Chong's shoulder and forcefully threw him back, causing the guy to be flung away for a few meters and slam on the floor heavily.


Now Zhou Chong was really enraged, and the pain of his body made him furious. The speed he got up this time was very fast. After shouting a curse, he was ready to rumble.

As for Chen Shuai, his heart instantly sunk the moment he saw Ji Mu. After hearing Zhou Chong's curse and seeing his stance to fight back, he immediately dashed toward him, blocking his path and immediately covering his mouth, then turned around to shout, "Brother Ji, I did not expect you to be here. Zhou Chong drank too much today, so he kinda went crazy!"

Ji Mu's face looked ashen. He glared at Zhou Chong, who gradually ceased struggling, and sneered, "You got drunk and wanted to have a brawl, so you wanted to fight me?"

Zhou Chong was struck dumb at the moment. Never did he expect that the man who just threw him back was actually Ji Mu, and felt deep regret for cursing just now. He then apologized submissively, "I didn't know it was you, Brother Ji. It's just that that man and woman inside that box were loathsome and threw us out. You're a great guy and rarely harbors grievance for a nobodies' past wrongs, so please forgive me!"

"You said a man and a woman threw you out?"

Ji Mu's heart jolted. He grabbed Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai's shoulders and dragged the duo into the box. When he saw Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu sitting on the sofa, he closed the door with his foot and then released them after gifting them some heavy slaps.

"B-Brother Ji, you…"

The slaps made Zhou Chong turn dull. He raised his hand to touch his burning face as disbelief appeared in his eyes. Chen Shuai, who also got beaten, looked at Ji Mu but dared not resist. Their families may have big enterprises and wealth that made them scions who commanded respect and prestige in Changxi, but comparing their families with the Ji Family was simply comparing Heaven and Earth; totally not a comparison.

Ji Mu ignored the duo after slapping them and then prudently looked at Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu before asking, "Brother Tang, Miss Han, did these two assholes provoke and annoy you?"

Hahaha. Tang Xiu could not help laughing, "One should not have such a blazing flame of anger at a young age. Anyways, these two chaps may have dirty mouths, but they haven't gone too far either. If anything, it was not me who they provoked, though. They were just rejected by Han Qingwu, hence put on a show off out of anger and embarrassment."

Ji Mu suddenly realized that he was so angry inside that his seven orifices were about to release smoke. Han Qingwu was a distinguished guest to him, and it was highly likely that she was also a cultivator. These bastards, Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai, were womanizer assholes, and even dared to provoke her. This was simply courting their own death!

As he pondered up to there, he directly turned and slapped their faces. Then he turned to speak to Han Qingwu, "Miss Han, you're a distinguished guest of mine, and yet got pestered by these two punks. This is virtually a slap on my face. If you don't want to personally beat them up, let me break their legs so as to make them remember it for a long time."

"Ji Mu…"

"Brother Ji…"

Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai's complexions drastically changed and hurriedly called out. At this moment, they finally realized whether it was Han Qingwu who they used as a gamble between them or that young man were not some easy targets. Even Ji Mu himself had to act prudently in front of them, a fact that made them realize that they were just poking a hornet's nest, annoying great trouble for themselves.

Han Qingwu was not an unforgiving and unreasonable woman, so she looked at Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai, who had been slapped six or seven times already. With a disgusted expression, she waved and said, "Alright, just forget it! Just tell them to scram. It's fine with me. Anyways, let's have a bite so as to avoid delaying our important things."


Ji Mu raised his hand to slap the duo's head and scornfully scolded them, "You two bastards, can you make less trouble later? You're not young men anymore, why don't you mature and find yourselves wives and stay at home? Now, scram! Don't let me see you make any trouble again later, or else I'll beat you to death!"

"Yes, yes, yes. We'll leave."

"Brother Ji, I'm really sorry. Miss Han, I'm sorry. We'll leave."

Zhou Chong and Chen Shuai were like having been pardoned, as they bowed unctuously and replied shortly before running away. Such top dogs who could make Ji Mu value them were not people they could afford to annoy, ever. Now that they did not want to pursue the matter further, they also did not want to be really cleaned up.

How about revenge? That was simply a joke!

With what could they exact their revenge? Wouldn't it be the same as if they were impatient to have these people knock at the door of their families and oppress them?

The duo ran out of the dining area in one breath and only halted their pace after they caught their breaths. Chen Shuai rubbed his burning face and said with a bitter expression, "I did not even fucking see the almanac when I went out today, else how come I would annoy such ruthless stubble, to begin with. Even that fucker Ji Mu solemnly and prudently served those two sacred Lords. Who are they and what are their origins?"

Zhou Chong's expression was bit gloomy, and yet he felt helpless at the same time. When he heard Chen Shuai's words, he had no choice but to comment helplessly, "They are definitely not from Changxi, else we'd absolutely know who they really are. Some big figure from the outside our area, and not only just that but they are also definitely of very deep background."

"Don't you have photos of that woman?" Suddenly asked Chen Shuai. "How about sending someone to investigate her?

Zhou Chong hesitated before nodding silently, and said, "I'll find someone to investigate her tonight after I get home. We both have utterly lost our faces today big time. Let's get the hell out of here! No need to eat."

Chen Shuai nodded and followed him outside. After a few steps, he suddenly asked, "There's an underground fighting match tonight, are we going to watch it?"

"We'll go. But we gotta find some place to take a bath first and change our clothes, to get rid of this wretched luck," said Zhou Chong without thinking.


Inside the private box #0066

"Miss Han, I know those two chaps. They are not bad in nature, but they were born with a gold spoon in their mouths, being spoiled by their families and finally developing such unbridled personality," said Ji Mu with a bitter smile. "Rest assured, though. I'll make them repent and educate them, guaranteeing that they will never act absurdly again later."

Han Qingwu did not take the incident seriously and said with a smile, "Nevermind it. They really did not act too much. Besides, I have packed them up."

Ji Mu quickly glanced at Tang Xiu and then said with a smile, "Miss Han truly has a broad mind, like a heroine. Anyways, let's hit the table! The dishes will be served soon. Ah, that's right. I did not order any wine since Miss Han is going to have a match tonight."

"I drink wine," said Han Qingwu.

"Well, wine is indeed a poison for the intestine, so it's better if you can drink less." Tang Xiu laughed. "Anyways, let's eat the meal fast so as to not delay the important matter!"


During his contact with Tang Xiu all this while, Ji Mu's evaluation toward Tang Xiu was that he did not have even the slightest trace of being a dandy. He was mature, prudent, and unfathomably deep.

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