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The shemale, Wu Tong, was a cruel and ruthless character, having committed many killings and climbed out of the pile of dead bodies countless times, and there was never an occasion that made him desperate. He used to believe that the Heavens would never seal off all the ways out, for there would always be a chance to preserve his life as long as he sacrificed everything to fight for it.

At this moment, however, he was despairing. He could tell the graveness of the situation as he seemed to have trespassed the dangerous Dragons pond and Tigers den—courting trouble on someone he could not afford to. Just the appearance of the two men in front of him and the other one on the roof gave him the tingling sensation that he was trapped in the camp of a mighty army. What was unfathomable to him was that the seemingly ordinary man turned out to have a dreadful power.

Speed and strength were originally his forte, but the blitzkrieg, thunderblast-like actions of these people made it difficult for him to breathe.

"You… are all of you Tang Xiu's men?"

Wu Tong wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and stared at the two men around with vigilance, and asked with a sharp tone. However, just as his voice faded away, his pupils suddenly shrank when he saw Mo Awu floating down from the roof. That's right, he was floating—defying the physics and going against scientific reasons. It was like gravitation had no effect on him as his feet trod on the ground as though he was walking on cotton.

Mo Awu's cold eyes gazed at him as he indifferently spoke, "Give up and be obedient if you don't want to suffer more pain. Follow me."

"Where to?" Wu Tong clenched his fist.

"To see our Boss," said Mo Awu.

Wu Tong quickly grabbed three darts from his waist and coldly said, "Do you really have the confidence to make me stay here? I'm sure I can bury you with me if I fight with all I have."

Mo Awu looked at him with contempt and lightly said, "You don't want to cooperate? Let's do it in a rough way, then. Stun him down. I'll go to see the Boss first."

With that said, he left under Wu Tong's glaring gaze.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two figures instantly flashed toward Wu Tong. Their speed was extremely fast and even faintly reached the limit the naked eyes could see. Amidst the flashing afterimages, Wu Tong clenched his teeth and threw the darts in his hand. Dart throwing was a unique skill he was very confident about, as he never missed to kill the target within a ten meters' range.

Schhwaff! Schhwaff! Schhwaff!

The darts pierced the afterimages as the two auras of Jurassic beasts shrouded him, followed by the terrifying speed and strength that were vividly displayed by the punches of these two men. Wu Tong felt like he had become a human sandbag without the slightest strength to fight back. He could only feel the constant heavy blows hitting him, causing his injuries to become more severe.


He was in complete despair and wanted to yield, but the man's fist hammered his mouth and he could not spit out another word. After ten seconds of staying firm and strong, he lost consciousness in despair and fear, as heavy punches knocked him down.

Inside the General Manager Office of the Paradise Manor, Tang Xiu sipped hot tea while embracing Lulu's tender body. He had released his spiritual sense to observe the scenes outside, watching as Ladyboy Wu Tong got beaten. Inwardly, he was rather surprised. Why would the runner-up of the underground fighting secretly track him?

"There's a situation here, Boss." Mo Awu's voice came outside the door.

Tang Xiu patted Lulu's thigh and said, "Bring him to me! He has been following me for quite long. I'll talk to him."

"Understood!" Replied Mo Awu, and then there was no other sound anymore.

Tang Xiu then found that Ouyang Lulu did not get up, and instead held his arm that coiled around her neck. With the special fragrance of a woman, yet nestled herself in his arm like a lazy kitten made Tang Xiu be at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, and said, "Lulu, get up! I gotta deal with an important matter."

"They are not here yet!" Lulu coquettishly said. "Nesting in your arm is very cozy, you know. I really don't wanna move. Honey, tell me. If we become fossils like this and maintain such a posture until the oceans dry up and the rocks decay, it would be very great, right?"

Tang Xiu faintly smiled and replied, "Assuming our feelings grow for a long time, they will last for all eternity."

Ouyang Lulu was stunned and immediately kissed Tang Xiu's face and sweetly smiled, "I never thought such a sentence would jump out of you. Alright! I'll sit at the side to watch."

After a while, Mo Awu came to the office with the fainted Ladyboy Wu Tong. Under Tang Xiu's order, he woke up Wu Tong and then immediately walked to the side.

"Where's this?"

After Wu Tong regained consciousness, he quickly observed his surroundings and instantly determined that this place was where Tang Xiu and his woman were staying in.

Tang Xiu took out a cigarette as Ouyang Lulu swiftly grabbed a lighter and lit it for him. After taking two puffs, only then did Tang Xiu set his eyes on the badly battered and a swollen-faced Wu Tong who still looked very vigilant, and said, "The runner-up of the underground fighting competition, Ladyboy Wu Tong. I'm quite curious here, what made you come here all of a sudden, more so that you've been stalking and monitoring me?"

Wu Tong shot a deep gaze at Tang Xiu. He had seen countless Big Bosses with amazing wealth, deep and strong backgrounds, and a lot of experts under their employment. But none of them could make him dread them. However much he tried to observe Tang Xiu, he could not find anything special about this guy at all.

"If I were to tell you that it was just out of curiosity, would you believe it?" Wu Tong was silent for a while before asking.

"I don't buy it." Tang Xiu shook his head. "You're in a bad state and situation, while loads of those rich men in China are probably looking for you as of now."

Hmph. Wu Yi contemptuously spoke. "What skills do they have? They are simply dreaming of they want to find me."

"Self-confidence is not equal to being conceited, mind you. It seems that you have quite the energy and confidence," said Tang Xiu. "So, did you notice me because of Han Qingwu?"

"That's right." Wu Tong nodded. "Ice Phoenix is very formidable and her strength and combat strength are beyond the limits of human cognition. I quietly followed her leaving with you after the underground fighting competition a couple of days ago. But then I had to stay low and avoid the harassments of some suicidal clowns for some time. Afterward, I came to Shanghai and found that you have a deep relationship with Ice Phoenix. But she just went back to her routine, going to work and home, so I just planned to observe you. Never did I think that… you're actually not an ordinary person."

"When did you start stalking me?" Asked Tang Xiu.

"This afternoon," answered Wu Tong.

This noon?

Tang Xiu's brows were slightly pressed and a light flashed in his eyes. He first noticed Wu Tong stalking him after finishing lunch and on his way to the Paradise Manor. Little did he expect that this guy had been keeping an eye on him from noon. Apparently, this man was very skillful in tracking and concealment.

Tang Xiu then asked, "So, what is your purpose in tracking Han Qingwu and me?"

"I just wondered whether you know things about Han Qingwu, and where her Master is," said Wu Tong with a serious expression. "She's very young, so her master must be very formidable. I want to become stronger, thus I want to become his disciple."

To be stronger he wants to become a disciple?

His answer was an unexpected surprise to Tang Xiu. After carefully scrutinizing him, he shook his head and said with a smile, "What she learned is not something you can learn. Your body has been damaged. It can be said that you have a mild deformity. Hence, I'm afraid you can only stop here on your martial path if there is no huge fortuitous encounter."

"You are saying…"

Wu Tong looked down and then quickly looked up and stared at Tang Xiu.

"That's right." Tang Xiu nodded and explained, "Your Yang Qi has been leaking out, while the pseudo-Yin Qi incessantly impairs your body by consuming the system of your vital essence, Qi, and spirit, and thus greatly lessening your lifespan. You should be less than 40 years old at present, meaning you have passed your prime. I'm not afraid to leak out the heavenly secret if I must, but you have only a decade or two to live. It's best for you to take care of yourself well!"

One or two decades? To live less than 60 years old?

Wu Tong's heart shivered as he glared at Tang Xiu and said, "You just want to freak me out!"

"If you think I'm just scaring you, I can't do anything about it. Off you go then! Just think about it when you've calmed down, whether there's something getting worse and worse in your body in recent years. Your condition can never be compared with the previous state in your prime regardless of how hard you try. After you've thought it through later, just find a comfortable place to enjoy your old age and wait for death to come!"

A shiver came over Wu Tong's heart. He did not have to calm his mind to realize that Tang Xiu was correct. The state of his body was getting worse in recent years, and even the strength he could unleash at present was much worse than the power he erupted with when was on the death line several years ago. To keep drifting along abroad for more than 20 years otherwise became unlikely and he eventually returned to China, so much so that it was unlikely for him to even take part in the underground fighting competition.

He wanted to return to the peak and wished to fight other martial arts experts to sharpen himself. The result was that his recovery rate was getting slower and slower, and the power he could unleash was getting worse.

"… You… how did you learn about it?" Wu Tong constantly changed his expression and finally asked.

"Ah, I forgot to introduce myself." Tang Xiu smiled. "Maybe you only know that my name is Tang Xiu, but you don't know one of my identities. I'm a Chinese medical practitioner, and I'm also hailed as the Young Divine Doctor."

A miracle-working doctor?

Wu Tong's body trembled as he incredulously looked at Tang Xiu and exclaimed, "How is this possible? I know a bit about the situation of the Chinese medical field in China. How could one become a Divine Doctor in his twenties? Even Hua Tuo and Bian Que were not able to achieve such a feat!"

"You should have heard the sentence that the universe has no limit and knowledge is infinite, while there are always people better and stronger than you, however strong you are," said Tang Xiu with confidence. "Something that others can't do doesn't mean it applies to me."

Wu Tong only stared at Tang Xiu for a long time, before he knelt down in front of him under the watchful gazes of Mo Awu and Ouyang Lulu. With a pleading and begging expression, he said, "Divine Doctor, please save me."

Eh, he bought it?

Tang Xiu wore a strange expression when he looked at Wu Tong and was at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh inside. Though he was indeed very confident in his ability to treat illnesses, yet it was not something worthy enough for Wu Tong to act like this, no?

Tang Xiu lowered his hand as a stream of qi wrapped Wu Tong and instantly pulled him up. After that, he said, "I can't help you, so off you go! But if you can find some medicinal herbs that could treat your yin deficiency, reinforcing body fluids, nourishing the blood and your kidney, your body can be nursed back to health and warmed up, and thus can increase your lifespan. Be it so… with learning this martial art!"

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